Save Me Tonight (I'll Be Waiting)
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Transcribed by: Emerson Klimach dos Santos - Porto Alegre-RS-BRASIL

G  Em  C  G
G  Em  C  G

D			  C9
I don't know where I'm goin'

G But I know where I've been
D C9 They say love conquers all
G So please let me in
D C9 You say that you want me
Em C9 D Til' the end of time
G Em I know I've been wrong
C9 Let me be right
G I'll be waiting
Em Now I'm on my way
C9 Save me tonight
G I'll be waiting
D C9 Just a little bit of faith
G And a whole lot of trust
D C9 G In a world filled with peace that belongs to us
D C9 And you know I would die for you
Em C9 D And you know it's the truth
D C9 So why don't you give yourself to me
G Em I know I've been wrong
F G And it really doesn't matter
F G B7/F#(2x4242) And I know you'll see
Em Em7M (021000) Em7(020000) A/C#(x4222x) But with your hope and your faith and destiny
Bb9(x13311) D Save me
G# Fm C# G# G# Fm C# G# G# Fm I know I've been wrong
C# Let me be right
G# I'll be waiting
Fm Now I'm on my way
C# Save me tonight
G# I'll be waiting Go Back B7/F#=2x4242 Em7M=021000 Em7=020000 A/C#=x4222x Bb9=x13311 C9=x32033 G#=466544 C#=x46664 Fm=133111