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February 2023

Backstage at Madison Square Garden ⁦@TheGarden⁩ New York City at a #deeppurple concert. This was the first time that I wore my White Satin Suit in NYC, I bought it that day in Greenwich Village https://pic.twitter.com/h2Bvsjwqoz

Portugal. It's been a while !

MAY 2023

10 @CasinoEstoril - Estoril, PORTUGAL
11 @ColiseuPorto - Porto, PORTUGAL

Tickets @ https://bit.ly/3XZQz5D

Can’t wait to see you, & perform in your country again. It's time. Stay tuned for more show announcements & touring schedule. https://pic.twitter.com/rjsbClf3Vq

So happy to announce these Spanish shows as I return to my Solo career. More to come...

MAY 2023

13 Auditorio Del Mar - Vigo, SPAIN
14 Teatro Palacio Valdés - Avilés, SPAIN
16 La Riviera - Madrid, SPAIN
17 Razzmatazz - Barcelona, SPAIN

Ticket info @ https://bit.ly/3YcshF4 https://pic.twitter.com/Bqlgk3vkqt

Mom, it was six years ago today, that you crossed the river. As I do every day, I'm thinking of you, & thanking you for the life you gave me. Rest easy, beside my Dad https://pic.twitter.com/xmaY5oblcv

January 2023

My hair is now at the length it was in the 70's with DP. Not sure how long I want to grow it, but every 6 years I get it cut. At the RRHF ⁦DP ⁦@rockhall⁩⁩ induction in New York in 2016, I had very short hair , & I challenged myself to grow it again. 2023 is a long hair year? https://pic.twitter.com/skcmsEk3ux

The Messenger in Paris... create a beautiful day loved ones https://pic.twitter.com/nkfdYvmasw

Singin' & Smilin' wearing Red Velvet in Dallas, Texas https://pic.twitter.com/2cmaBwotnz

Yours truly standing in front of my Big Rig. It may not have Been water that I was drinking in this pic at #californiajam https://pic.twitter.com/aevihGcb5d

It's a new Day, a new Dawn. The best is yet to come... Pic : @EricDuvet⁩https://pic.twitter.com/xlgteio7fn

Farewell, to the King #goat I'm shocked and saddened. There will never be another like you, my old friend... RIP Jeff https://pic.twitter.com/Bnzof3uikx

Backstage with our kid ⁦@davidcoverdale, somewhere, sometime ago. This Summer, 50 years ago, Burn was written at Clearwell Castle in the Forest of Dean, UK & recorded in Montreux Switzerland. Create a beautiful day everyone & The best is yet to come https://pic.twitter.com/uxbaf7qkgj

5 Years Ago Today with brothers @JBONAMASSA @Jason_Bonham @DerekSherinian @bccommunion @EventimApollo London #GlennHughes #JoeBonamassa #JasonBonham #DerekSherinian @KevTheCave #BCC #BlackCountryCommunion https://pic.twitter.com/Pcskfwey3v

5 Years Ago Today w/ @bccommunion "One Last Soul" @TheHallsWolves in Wolverhampton, UK #GlennHughes #BCC #BlackCountryCommunion https://pic.twitter.com/Btlzmcei8a

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