A Selected Discography

Here a selected Glenn Hughes discography is presented. The focus is on Glenn's solo albums. Read Glenn's comments below before going to the pages with more detailed information on each of the albums. For a more complete listing of all Glenn Hughes recordings go to the full discography.


We had around 4 months to write this album, and I think the results speak for themselves. All four of us wanted to make a record that stood up to the first three albums, however, the new album is more of a progression, as we wanted to be careful not to repeat the previous albums. A lot has happened since we last recorded the Afterglow album in 2013, so, in many ways, the new album shows BCC with a much harder, riffier and bigger and bolder sound. All the songs were written with a topic. This album is about walking through the fear, having faith, hope, the killing of dolphins, which I'm against, of course. If you're looking for a folk album, this ain't the one. I wanted the new album to physically shake your soul. It's a wake-up call.



My new album is the first kind of a complete Glenn album... it is a ROCK album for ROCK fans & it's HEAVY. It's my first solo album in 8 years. Everybody needs to know that this is absolutely a return to rock music as a solo artist for me. My work is very varied. Groovy, funky, soulful, although the genre has always been rock. But this album is probably THE heaviest record I've done in at least 25 years with acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars and drums... all organic vintage instruments, making it the most grounded rock album I've made to date. It's dense. It's dark. There's some aggression on this record. This could be the album I think my fans have been waiting for. I've put every single piece of love and soul and heart into this record and every bloody track is begging to be played live.



Built around the foundation of legendary vocalist-bassist Glenn Hughes, drummer extraordinaire Jason Bonham and 23-year-old newcomer guitarist-singer-songwriter Andrew Watt. Mixing massive riffs, gutsy vocals and gale force rhythms, this powerful three-piece band recorded "California Breed" in Nashville and features equal co-writing credits among the three-man lineup. Glenn Hughes comments, "It's proper rock, but at the same time it's very now. Andrew is as influenced by Mick Ronson as he is Jimmy Page". Jason Bonham continues, "This kid is amazing, the first time we met I thought he looked like the white Jimi Hendrix. And he plays in the studio like he's on stage!". Glenn Hughes adds, "I live in the moment, it's all about NOW. CALIFORNIA BREED is exactly where I live, breathe and where my freak flag flies."



"My song 'Afterglow' was written in February of this year : the Band hadn't heard it 'til the day we recorded the track in June : I felt it would be the title. So with this next album, I've had the luxury of time being able to write for it. With the first album I had six weeks, and the second one was about four months. But I've had a lot more time to write this one. It's kind of a continuation - there's some darker stuff because the lyrics I've written are kind of dark. There are some moments of drama in there - I like drama in the music. So the songs are definitely a continuation of [the first and the second albums]. There are signatures that people will understand of what we are, but there also nuances and a little quirkiness in the songs that are new to us. It's a deeper album musically, for me, but it does not step away from the genre of which we are. If you look at Joe's schedule, he doesn't even have time to wipe his nose. I've been left as the keeper of the keys to write these albums."



"Musically, I'm embracing riff-rock in a way I never have before. On a lot of my solo records, my feet were planted firmly in a lot of funky soul and R&B. On BCC 2, we're going with a classic British rock vibe, without sacrificing groove and melody. And when you're lucky enough to play with musicians this talented, groove and melody are never in short supply. There's energy and passion on every track, but there's also something more important: a real band. We felt like a band when we made the first album, but this time out, there was no question that we belonged together. The first album was done in a flash - Kevin Shirley likes to work fast and capture raw energy. I don't think he likes music to sound artificial; he likes to hear a band play a song like it's their first time doing so. That's pretty much the case with us! I think we recorded 14 songs in 10 days - that's five days longer than we spent making the first album - and the 11 best tracks made the record."



"I want to be really clear on this album, this is a big planting of the flag. This is Glenn Hughes returning to rock. It had to happen. I was going to make another funk album, but even before I ended up working with Joe Bonamassa, I woke up one night from some dream and thought. 'I'm going to go back to rock.' I shelved my solo album. I've known Joe for 3 years, so when we got together last November to play, before evolving into the band we now know of, there was only one record I wanted to make. A return to rock... traditional, British rock. There's nothing like it. On this album you get British hard rock with soulful rock singing. There's two Glenn voices - there's the Californian softer voice and what I call the British turbo voice, full on... just there, that sort of Steve Marriot thing, that big voice that I was given as a gift to sing with. It's the return of that. It's a big flag in the ground, hence the lyrics to the first track: 'I am a Messenger, this is my Prophecy - I'm going back, to the Black Country'."



"I spent so much more time, writing, arranging, producing - the whole gamut - on this record. It's more of a Glenn album than ever before. I wrote it in the house and in the studio. It's just a very complete Glenn Hughes record; a very complete tapestry of where I'm at, where I've been, and where I'm going. This album is very personal. I can't wait for everyone to hear it because it's a big statement for me, a very musical statement. 'Glenn Hughes is rock, soul and funk', I like to think of it as a big gum ball. You distill it together and all those three ingredients make up the flavor of my music."



"The 'Soul Mover' record really showed me how an album should be made, so we've carried on the same method of working for 'Music Of The Divine'. It's kind of groovy, retro funky Rock n' Roll. I'm like a kid in a candy store right now because I'm playing together with these amazing musicians. I've played with some of the greatest guitarists in the world, now here I am working with John Frusciante. It's just incredible."



"I went over to England to record it. It was kind of done under the carpet at first.....because I think a lot of people were of the opinion; "do Glenn and Tony have anything to offer?" I know going into it that I was on a creative roll. I love to write songs and we wrote Wasted Again and I Go Insane in the very first session, so we knew we were onto something straight away."



"This album has all the secret formula of Glenn Hughes. It is a hybrid of Rock, Funk and Soul. A real honest record. I believe I have created my own style. I think it's important for me as an artist to deliver records that are honest and that will have longevity."



"I'm happy again and of course I love being up there on stage. You've got to see Glenn Hughes on the boards to really understand him. I'm so excited that rock in general is coming again into a good head of steam and I also feel really good about where I am personally."



"When you have two former members of Deep Purple and Rainbow, you have a pretty strong idea of your orientation. I think that today, if I were still a member of Deep Purple, this is the album that I would have written with them. I'm going to say something a bit pretentious: this is the album that Deep Purple would like to write, but they aren't capable of doing it."



"Songs in the Key of Rock was written with a 70's vintage frame of mind. I surrounded myself with 70's stuff: 70's clothes, 70's everything, and I found myself back in 1973. The sounds you will be hearing and the songs are trippy and hard and greased up rock."



"The songs in this album were basically written by myself and JJ Marsh within two days. I had a strict idea on how this album should sound. During a two-day period, I was very creative and concentrated on writing. And, now I think that this album grasps completely what type of musicians myself and Joe are. You can hear the big vocals. This album is truly unbelievable."



"I felt good going into the process of making this CD. I threw a lot of my ideas into the universe and wasn't concerned with any pre-production nerves. I believe this album is the most solid album as far as songs, that I have done in the last 10 years. They literally jump out and grab you."

Favorite song - Out On Me
Favorite ballad - Big Sky



"I chose to produce the Xmas CD in a R&B, Jazz style, because this is the way I really heard them in my head. It also gave me the opportunity to once again sing in my 'other voice'. The one that is appropriate on these songs. My fave track 'Soulful Christmas', took 5 minutes to write, as did 'Coast to Coast'. It is the real GH. I didn't hear Donny Hathaway's original version of 'This Christmas'. He is one of my all time fave singers, (check out his 'Extensions Of A Man' CD). I had to listen to Gloria Estefan's version to write the chart out, and believe me, Hans' and my arrangement is waaaaaay better than hers!! I couldn't find a Donny Hathaway recording of this song. I know that he would be proud. Stevie Wonder told me that he could hear Donny's influence in my voice."

Favorite song - Soulful Christmas
Favorite ballad - This Christmas



"R.O.C.K. is going to be difficult to decide on my favorite track so I will pick three; Midnight Meditated, This Life and Switch the Mojo. These three songs give balance to what the album is all about. This is how I feel. I only write songs about how I feel. I try to keep it simple and human. The only ballad on the album this time is Days of Avalon a great song and an unbelievable video. Life doesn't get any better than this."

Favorite songs - Midnight Meditated, This Life and Switch the Mojo
Favorite ballad - Days of Avalon



"I&P is one of my favorite works for obvious reasons: it signifies the essence of Glenn Hughes. The music does the talking. My favorite track is Double Life. The vocal is unlike any other I have sung before. The outro chorus is like butter. My favorite ballad is Jolayne, simply because of its simplicity. The air and the super cool smooth jazz arrangement makes me feel good."

Favorite song - Double Life
Favorite ballad - Jolayne


THE WAY IT IS (1999)

"I stand behind this album as one of my faves. It has tremendous depth. Not as serious as some of my past work, but that's fine with me. This CD will grow on you. A well-recorded album with an immense understanding of pre-production. Jocke and myself were locked away in my house in Los Angeles in November of 1998. I want to thank him for that healing period."

Favorite song - The Way It Is
Favorite ballad - Curse



"Back to big rock again. I wanted the edge back. It was a dark period for me - relationship issues, acceptance issues, denial and anger - a perfect time to record this album. Marc, Mike Scott, and Jocke did a fine job. I sang with raw emotion, spitting out lyric after lyric of torment and destruction. 'I Don't Want To Live That Way Again.'"

Favorite song - Down
Favorite ballad - I Don't Want To Live That Way Again


FEEL (1995)

"I made this album for myself. I got tired of being told what to do, so this is where Glenn stepped in. I loved making this CD. I loved everything about this project. My band - with Pat, Matt, and Fergie - was groovin'. I fell in love with singing all over again. There are a lot of Feel fans out there. If you are one of them, I know what kind of person you are!"

Favorite song - Coffee & Vanilla
Favorite ballad - Does It Mean That Much To You?



"Recorded in Tokyo in the Summer Of 1994. A brilliant concert, my band played incredibly, the audience was fantastic. I felt my Creator present while singing Still In Love With You on this live recording. It was one of those nights that was like a dream. The crowd gave me tremendous energy. My fans are my songs, they are my lifeblood. Turn this one up really loud!"

Favorite song - Into The Void
Favorite ballad - Still In Love With You


FROM NOW ON... (1994)

"While living in Stockholm in the Summer of 1993 and touring with my Swedish band, I hired Bruce Gowdy to make my 'AOR' record. Looking back and hearing the album again, it definitely holds a place in my heart. A well-rounded record. There are a lot of my fans who have said that this is their favorite. This is a rock album, with the appropriate band backing yours truly."

Favorite song - Walkin' On The Water
Favorite ballad - If You Don't Want Me To (Allyson's Song)


BLUES (1992)

"My first album since finding my Higher Power. I choose to call him God. I used to call him Glenn, but that pissed him off. When Mike Varney asked me to put together a blues project, I thought it would be a challenge, something that I love. This CD deals with my personal demons. It is a healing album, written and recorded in three weeks. It's raw, and it's real."

Favorite song - Life Of Misery
Favorite ballad - So Much Love To Give



"I have lost count of the many people (and musicians!) who have put this CD at the top of their playlist. I am very proud of this project. Pat and I are an incredible team. He is the guitar player who understands me the most. Pat is a craftsman. There is a definite vibe on this gem. Movies could be made about the making of Hughes/Thrall."

Favorite song - Who Will You Run To
Favorite ballad - Coast To Coast


PLAY ME OUT (1977)

"I started writing this, my first solo album, while writing Come Taste The Band, then finished it while recording it basically alone. Mel Galley and Dave Holland came in and played their parts, but I wanted and needed to be alone in the studio. To this day, this album holds its ground. It is the most 'free' album I have made. You can hear the laughter and the tears, and the growth of an artist who had just been given the gift."

Favorite song - LA Cut Off
Favorite ballad - It's About Time