BLUES (1992)

Release date:
"L.A. Blues Authority - Glenn Hughes - Blues" released in 1992 by Roadrunner Records RR 9088 2
Blues Bureau International Issued under license from Shrapnel Records Inc., 1992

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1. The Boy Can Sing The Blues

2. I'm The Man

3. Here Come The Rebel

4. What Can I Do For Ya?

5. You Don't Have To Save Me Anymore

6. So Much Love To Give

7. Shake The Ground

8. Hey Buddy (You Got Me Wrong)

9. Have You Read The Book?

10. Life Of Misery

11. Can't Take Away My Pride

12. A Right To Live


Glenn Hughes: All Vocals and Bass on songs 1,3,10,11,12.
Tony Franklin: Bass on songs 2,4,5,6,7,8,9.
Gary Ferguson: All Drums
Craig Erickson: All Rhythm Guitar
Mark Jordan: Keyboards

Guest Appearances:

John Norum: Guitars on 1, 2
Warren DeMartini: Guitars on 1, 2, 5
Mark Kendall: Guitars on 3, 5
Richie Kotzen: Guitars on 4, 12
Darren Householder: Guitars on 7, 9
Paul Pesco: Guitars on 8
Mick Mars: Guitars on 9, 11


Produced by: Steve Fontano and Glenn Hughes
Co-Produced by: Mike Varney
Executive Producer: Ken Ciancimino for KORE Productions
Engineered by: Steve Fontano
Assistant Engineer: Brooks Larson

The album was recorded and mixed at Total Access, Redondo Beach, CA,
and mastered at Rocket Lab, San Francisco, CA by Kenneth K. Lee, Jr.

Art Direction: Calef Studios and Stephens Design
Photography: Pat Enyart
Direction/Management: George Sewitt for The Swift Group


On September 1st, 1992, I got a call from Mike Varney and Ken Ciancimino. They asked me if I would like to do a blues album. In the last couple of years, I have received many letters from fans who would like to hear me sing the blues. I thought what a great idea for me to write and sing about the serious changes that have taken place in my life over the past year. I made some calls to some close friends and they came down to the studio and jammed with me. This album was recorded and mixed in the first two weeks of October, and is dedicated to all my fans all over the world. This record is just the first of many new Glenn Hughes albums to come. It's good to be back, one day at a time. /Glenn


To my Higher Power, The Lord Jesus Christ who has bathed me in his divine white light. Christine - My love, my best friend, my soul mate, eternally together. Sheila and Bill Hughes (Loving Parents), Nan Ball (my guiding light), The Ehlert and McCarty families, George and Linda Sewitt, Mike Varney, Ken Ciancimino, Joe O'Neill, Mark (Martin Chivers) Putterford, Malcom (Nobby Stiles) Dome, Dave (Alan Ball) Ling, Dave Feld, Pat Enyart, Michael McConnel, Andrew Attwod, Ann Leighton, Gail Flug, Morris Price, Marc & Gigi Benno, Bill Hibbler, "The Motley Crue Boys", Mick Mars, Mike Amato, Bobby "The Fly" Oberdorsten, and Doug Thaler at Top Rock Mgt., Mark Kendall, Alan Niven, Gary Ferguson, Craig (Wunderkind) Erickson, Tony Franklin, Richie Kotzen, Warren DeMartini, John Norum, Paul Pesco, Darren Householder, Mark Jordan, Steve Fontano, Brooks Larson, Wyn Davis, Leslie Berman, all the staff at Total Access, Pete Thea, Alan Freeman, Mel and the Custard Beast Gang, John Ogden, Chris Jeffcott, Jon Finnegan, The Geordies, Anders Tengner, Jon Sutherland, Tim Olayos, India Palace in Torrance, CA, Health Cafe in Cannock, England, The Murray Family, Tommy Nast and Album Network, Sludge, Carolyn Longstaff, Bradlee Conn, Mark Whittenburg at Fender, Ken Hensley at Ampeg, Rich Friedrich at Dean Markley Strings, Simon Robinson, Sally Emerson, Dick Rao, Gordon Perry, Keith Olsen, Teresa Conboy, Tom Noland at Fender U.K., Annie, Tommy Taylor, Ace and the video crew at Canock Chase Tech, Steve Bull and all the Wolves Supporters, Mel, Dave, and Tony may the Trapeze swing forever, Robin-Godfrey Cass and all my friends at Warner Chappell Music, and The Members of the Deep Purple Appreciation Society. Go Back

I would also like to thank the staff at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, CA., especially my counselor, Ginny Arnold who has taught me how to live again. My recovery brothers: Marcel, Bill, Dennis, Keenan, Jim, and Mike from Pocklington Hall, my doctor Dr. Robert Tamaki, and the good people of my home town Cannock, Staffordshire, England for their love and support.

Gary Ferguson Thanks: Zildjian Cymbals, Anne Marie Vaccaro, Mike Morse, Ian Croft (U.K.), Grover Jackson, and Gypsy at Gibson/Mapex Drums.