THE WAY IT IS (1999)

Release date:
"The Way It Is" was released in Europe in March, 1999 (SPV 085-21032), in Japan on April 21st, 1999 (Nippon Crown)
and in the USA (Shrapnel) on July 13th, 1999 (with different artwork, USA only).
Status: Digital download only

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The Way It Is   The Way It Is (USA cover)

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1. The Way It Is

2. You Kill Me

3. Neverafter

4. Rain On Me

5. Curse

6. Freedom

7. The Truth Will Set Me Free

8. Stoned In The Temple

9. Too Far Gone

10. Second Son

11. Take You Down

11. Don't Look Away

12. Freedom (Shagmeister Remix)


Glenn Hughes (Vocals, Bass)
Jocke Marsh (Guitars)
Stevie Salas (Guitars)
George Nastos (Street Funk Guitar)
Marc Bonilla (Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Keyboards, Mellotron, Strings)
Hans Zermuehlen (Clavinet, Piano, Wurlitzer Piano, Keyboards)
Keith Emerson (Organ)
Matt Sorum (Drums)
Gary Ferguson (Drums)


Produced by: Glenn Hughes and Michael Scott (except Track 2 and 10)
Co-Producers: Steve Salas (Track 2 and 10) and Marc Bonilla (Track 8)
Executive Producer: Ken Ciancimino
Associate Producer: Gordon Perry
Remix: Laurence Tolhurst ("Freedom") Engineered by: Mike Scott & Dave Ahlert
Mastered by: Kerry Crafton & Gordon Perry at Goodnight Dallas Studios, Dallas, Texas

The album was recorded late 1998 in Los Angeles.

Go Back Art Director/Designer: Darwin Foye
Photography: Robert John


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