[April 11, 2000]

Here is another report from Glenn. Note his new bass guitar!

Glenn Hughes & Pat Travers"Hi everyone!

Here's what's goin' on. Some interesting news! R.O.C.K will have, as a bonus CD, "Glenn Live In South America"! So you'll get two CDs for the price of one!!! I think it is a fantastic marketing idea, and I think it will be very successful.

Track listing for the CD is:

1. You Kill Me
2. Neverafter
3. First Step Of Love
4. No Stranger To Love
5. Coast To Coast
6. Your Love Is Alright

These CDs will be released together as a package. It captures the GH vibe in the live setting really well - 'Live, funky, and in your face!' Enjoy!!!

I have put together a new project with Pat Travers. We are scheduled to record a new CD this September, and it should be released February 2001. A worldwide tour is being planned for next spring/summer that will include the USA. We have a history together, as Pat played on "I Got It Covered" on Play Me Out, and I sang on "Stevie" on his "Makin' Magic" album. We have spent some time together recently, and we are enjoying each other's vibe. It will be a power trio. I will let you know who the drummer is when we decide.

"Cold" - Pat Travers and Glenn Hughes

Shows are being lined up for my solo tour this year. I will let you know in a couple of weeks when and where I will be.

I have been so busy, lots and lots of music is being written, and I am extremely happy in my life. I can't wait for you all to hear ROCK and LIVE. It's gonna rock your world!!!

Hope to meet some of you in Europe this week and next (13-17 in Italy, 18 Spain, 19 Italy, 20 Germany, 21-26 UK).

Stay Fun(ky),


P.S. The photo of me and Pat Travers was taken at my house at the beach!"

(Click on the pictures for larger versions. Thanks again to Andy Grow for getting these pictures out to us.)

Glenn Hughes & the new bassGlenn Hughes & the new bass

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