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October 16, Platinum Live, Studio City, CA, USA
pix by Ko Mitani

The picture on the far right: Chip Charlton, Ko Mitani, Glenn, Todd Seely

October 16, Platinum Live, Studio City, CA, USA
pix by David & Shirean Harrison

From left to right: Jeff Kollman, David Schultz, Robin DiMaggio (hiding behind Glenn), Jay Gore

Hans Zermuehlen and Glenn, John Harjo holding his newly signed bass guitar

Go Back Shirean and David, a groupshot, from left to right: David Harrison, Shirean Harrison, Hans Zermuehlen, Glenn, John Harjo, Chip Charlton, Todd Seely, Dave Schultz and Ko Mitani
The picture outside the club: Ko Mitani, Chip Charlton, Shirean Harrison and Todd Seely
The pic on the far right features Glenn and his ever charming wife Gabrielle.

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