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Fernando Favoretto, November 25, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Casa de Show Tom Brazil

Glenn x 7

Marsh x 2 - Bob Harsen

Deborah "Debbie" Sztajnberg, November 25, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Casa de Show Tom Brazil

Poster - GH/Marsh - GH x 3

ZermŘehlen/GH/Harsen/Marsh - GH - ZermŘehlen/GH/Harsen/Marsh

Fedor De Lange, November 25, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Casa de Show Tom Brazil

South American security is good! - Band getting ready for show

ZermŘehlen/GH/Marsh - Marsh/GH - ZermŘehlen

Bootleg videos in the streets

Fedor De Lange, November 24, Sao Paulo, Brazil, TV Show

TV show, Turma da Cultura (notice Fedor the studio man)

Press conference - Band BBQ

Alex Heil, November 23, Recife, Brazil

Recife beach promenade - Pete & GH - Alex & GH x 2 - GH

Alex & GH - Brazilian girl & GH

GH, Alex and a Xmas treet

GH during concert

more pictures of Glenn in action

backstage pictures

more backstage pictures

Fedor De Lange, November 21, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Out shopping - GH/Fedor (Avenida 9 de Julio)

Fedor De Lange, November 20, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Coliseo Theatre

GH x 3 - Marsh

Marsh - Marsh/Giardino/GH playing "Burn" as encore - Marsh's party tricks

Myriam Ines Onchimiuk, November 20, Argentina, Buenos Aires, Coliseo Theatre

Marsh/ZermŘehlen/Giardino/GH at press conference - Myriam/GH

GH bass guitar pick - Marsh/GH - Myriam/GH

Ticket - Pass

Martin Turck, November 20, Argentina, Buenos Aires, Hotel

Hans, Martin & Glenn

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