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Warming up for the tour!

JJ, GH & Ferg in LA before taking off to Europe

November 3, Hamburg, Germany, Fabrik

Glenn x 3

Gary Ferguson - Glenn x 2

JJ "23" Marsh - the band saluting the audience - the setlist

November 4, Plauen, Germany (cancelled show)
pix by Roberto Cosentino (Italy)

tour manager, Roberto, GH & Giovanni - GH & Roberto - Giovanni & GH

GH - Note from GH

November 12, Stuttgart, Germany
pix by Alex Heil (Germany)

Alex with JJ & GH - GH with Uwe Ulm (Distributer of G&L Guitars Germany) - GH

Alex backstage with the guys


the guys in action


November 14, Karlsruhe, Germany
pix by Roberto Cosentino (Italy)

GH x 3. Fergy & JJ x 2

the setlist - schedule - pass & guitar picks

GH with Giampiero (Italian Funk-Lab) and Jan - GH with Dorothea and Venike (Gabi's family)

pieces of the smashed guitar

November 15, Munich, Germany
pix by Roberto Cosentino (Italy)

soundcheck - GH & JJ - GH x 2

Roberto, Giampiero & GH

GH, Selma (Brazilian promoter) & Ferg - Selma, JJ & Daniela - Daniela (Roberto's wife) & JJ

tour poster - pass & guitar pick

November 15, Munich, Germany
pix by Michael Kicker

GH x 4

GH - JJ & GH - Ferg, GH & JJ x 2

November 17, Tuttlingen, Germany
pix by Roberto (Italy)

Soundcheck: JJ behind the drums - Tuning up - Warming up

GH & JJ - GH - GH & JJ

JJ - The power trio in action x 2

JJ showing Giampiero some secrets - Roberto, security guy & Daniela

Merchandise table - Passes

November 18, Mannheim, Germany
pix by Roberto (Italy)

GH - JJ - GH & JJ

GH - GH & JJ - Ferg & GH

The sound guy - Daniela, GH & Roberto

November 20, Antwerpen, Belgium
pix by Ad (NL)

GH x 3

GH x 4 during signing session at merchandise table

GH meets Joh. Krijgsman & Martijn Bosman (two fans)

November 20, Antwerp, Belgium
pix by Rudy De Doncker (Belgium)

GH x 2 - GH & JJ

November 22, London, UK
pix by David & Shirean Harrison (USA/UK)

GH x 2 - David, Fedor & Shirean (and Pär) - GH (with his mother in the b/g)

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