We invite you all to send in pictures from Glenn's tours. Below are pictures we have been sent from friends around the world. Send your pictures to: or for even quicker delivery, go to the Submit Pix page! Whichever method you choose, this also confirms your agreement to ourTerms & Conditions.

Roberto Cosentino, December 2, Switzerland, Pratteln, Z7

Roberto/GH before the show

GH x 4

GH - Zermüehlen/Marsh - GH/Marsh - GH/Zermüehlen/Marsh

GH/Roberto/Manfred Ehlert/Marc Storace- GH - GH/Roberto

Signed CD cover - Roberto w/t-shirt - Backstage pass - Set list

David Baron, December 9, Germany, Munich, Colosseum

Matteo Santiloni, December 10, Germany, Munich, Colosseum

GH on stage - GH off stage- GH/Matteo

Roberto Cosentino, December 10, Germany, Kleinostheim, Maingauhalle
(Roberto was unable to use a flash during the concert)

GH/Roberto x 4

Robert/Zermüehlen - Roberto/Harsen - Roberto/Sykes (Thin Lizzy)

GH @ soundcheck x 4

More soundchecking: Zermüehlen/GH x 2 - GH/Zermüehlen/Marsh

Backstage pass front and back - Tour poster - Roberto w/poster

Michael Fries, December 10, Germany, Kleinostheim, Maingauhalle

GH x 2- Marsh - GH & Marsh - Mrs Fries & GH

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