From: unknown

"The Freshers Ball was held in September of 1972. This was a dance held by the Students Union at Southport Technical College.

There was indeed another band playing that night, called Rock Machine, they were a band I think also from Birmingham, the organist had an old Hammond B3 chopped in half for ease of carrying, he abused this instrument, rocked it bashed it around etc, shades of Keith Emerson. Didn't really note much more than that.

However when it came to TRAPEZE that was an awesome experience for me, Mel Galley left a big impression upon me, funny though it was Glenn who enticed me further with his music. I remember some of the equipment the guys used. Mel was playing an old Gibson Les Paul (3 pickups so I'm not sure what model that would be, it had all the Custom hardware) he used a Laney stack very tattered with writing painted allover it and ripped, I think they just came back from the States. Glenn was playing a cream Fender Mustang Bass, he was using Hiwatt amps and Laney cabs, Dave Holland I think had a Premier Kit. The front of house (PA) system was the old WEM Festival stack.

I also went to a gig down in Wolverhampton, this was cancelled due to a bomb scare. I can't remember when that was, just that it left me and my then girlfriend very miffed as we had really struggled to get there only to be turned back without so much as an apology or a re-fund!"

We would guess the cancelled Wolverhampton show might have been early 1973 vs 1972 as it was in that year the IRA (Northern Ireland) troubles real started to hit in the UK with bombings happening on a frequent basis in the major cities of England."

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