December 5, 1969, Manchester, Odeon Theatre, UK
December 6, 1969, Newcastle, Odeon Theatre, UK
December 7, 1969, Edinburgh, Usher Hall, Scotland, UK
December 11, 1969, Bristol, Colston Hall, UK
December 12, 1969, London, Royal Albert Hall, UK
December 13, 1969, Southampton, Gaumont Theatre, UK
December 14, 1969, Birmingham, Odeon Theatre, UK

(Ad courtesy: Chip Charlton)


December 12, 1970, Fabulous Forum (with Moody Blues and Spirit), Los Angeles, California, USA

(Poster courtesy: Chip Charlton)


March 27, 1971, Queens College, Flushing, NY, USA

Black Cloud
Touch My Life
Your Love is Alright


April 11, 1971, KOVE, Kent, Ohio, USA

John Kirk writes:

"April 10, 1971 was an off date. They actually stayed at my parents house in Akron, Ohio. On Sunday, April 11, after Easter dinner at my parents, they played KOVE in Kent, Ohio. I remember Glenn playing the piano in the living room"

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May 2, 1971, Whisky - Los Angeles, CA, USA

(Poster courtesy: Chip Charlton)

May 27, 1971, Overton Park Shell, Memphis, TN, USA

This is where the picture was taken that was later used for the cover of "You are the Music... We're Just The Band"!

September 4, 1971, Walsall Town Hall, West Midlands UK

Nigel Allan remembers: "Spoke to Mel a few years back, he remembers the gig. It was my first ever gig, stayed loyal ever since."

October 23rd, 1971, The Warehouse, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

(Flyer courtesy: Chip Charlton)

November 14, 1971, Music Hall, Houston, Texas, USA

Handbill for the Houston gig, headlining was the James Gang, of later Tommy Bolin fame

November 27, 1971, Municipal Auditorium, Ft. Smith, Arkansas, USA

(poster: Bob Ketchum/scan: Lennart Hedenström)

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1971, Austin, TX, USA (exact date unknown) Black Cloud
Way Back to the Bone
Touch My Life

Note: "Touch My Life" can be found (though incomplete) on the bootleg cd "High Wired Act" (1997) on Strider SR 001 (USA).

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April 28, 1972, Municipal Auditorium, Ft. Smith, Arkansas, USA

(poster: Bob Ketchum /scan:Lennart Hedenström)

May 6, 1972, Ector County Colliseum, Odessa, TX, USA

(Original flyer: Mark Hoffman)

May 12, 1972, McMahon Auditorium - Lawton, Oklahoma, USA

(Poster courtesy: Chip Charlton)

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October 21st, 1972, Sam Houston Coliseum - Houston, Texas, USA

Ticket Stub - Trapeze, October 21st, 1972
(Ticket Stub courtesy: Chip Charlton)

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November 9th, 1972, Agora, Columbus, Ohio, USA

Glenn Hughes - Trapeze, November 9th, 1972 Mel Galley - Trapeze, November 9th, 1972 Roadie (note the *Trapeze* gear bag)! - Trapeze, November 9th, 1972
(Pix courtesy: Tony Lauria)

December, 1972 Whisky A Go Go, Sunset Strip, Los Angeles, CA, USA
During the show several members of Deep Purple are among the audience and watch Glenn play.

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December 12, 1972, Barnhill Field House/Univ. of Arkansas, Fayettevile, Arkansas, USA

(poster + photo: Bob Ketchum /scan poster: Lennart Hedenström)

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December 16, 1972, The Warehouse, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA (w/ Poco and Batdorf & Rodney)

(Poster courtesy: Chip Charlton)

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December 17, 1972, Ellis Auditorium North Hall, Memphis, TN, USA

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1972, Dallas, TX, USA
There was a radio broadcast of the concert and it's featured both on the official live CD "Way Back To The Bone: Live" [RRCD237, Receiver Records, UK, 1998] (1) and the bootleg CD High Wired Act (2).

Way Back To The Bone (1,2)
You Are The Music (We're Just The Band) (1,2)
Jury (2)
Seafull (1,2)
Your Love Is Alright (1,2)
Medusa (1,2)
Black Cloud (1,2)
Keepin' Time (1)
Touch My Life (1)

March 31, 1973, Walsall Town Hall, West Midlands UK

Nigel Allan remembers:
"Went backstage met the band, got took back stage by a little west indian guy who was roadying for them...starstruck!!!!"

April 27, 1973, Majestic Theatre (with Marshall Tucker), Dallas, Texas, USA

(courtesy: Chip Charlton)

May 18, 1973, Robinson Memorial Auditorium, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

(Poster courtesy: Chip Charlton)

May 28, 1973, Great Mcgonigles Seaside Park, Annapolis, Maryland, USA

(Poster courtesy: Bruce Bubier)

Bruce Bubier remembers:
"Here is an ad from the Evening Capital, the Annapolis newspaper. This would be the second time Trapeze played Annapolis. I lived one mile away. I did attend the Zappa show, but not the Trapeze. I wish that I had, but hey, I was just a dumb 14-year old!!"

Chuck Hutsler remembers:
"The admission fee was $5.00 per car load and they had quite a strong showing. My most vivid recollection of this show was that the band sounded better than Zep and during "Black Cloud", one of the roadies pulled Glenn's pants down, exposing his red bikini briefs, giving all the ladies in the crowd quite a thrill."

June 3, 1973, Overton Shell, Memphis, TN, USA 

September 12, 1974, Birmingham Town Hall, Birmingham, UK

Nigel Allan remembers:
Mel introduced Glenn for the encores. He wore a white cheesecloth shirt and that thick bangle he had in the early Deep Purple days.


September 12, 1976 - U.T.A. Texas Hall, Arlington, Texas, USA

Sept. 12th, 1976 - U.T.A. Texas Hall, Arlington, Texas, USA
Sept. 12th, 1976 - U.T.A. Texas Hall, Arlington, Texas, USA


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