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November 15, St. Georges Hall, Bradford, UK

Saw Glenn live at st georges hall Bradford on fri night 15th november, all i can say is fantastic ,what a voice , bin a fan for many years, but this is the first time ive seen him, i missed his one offs at reo's in bradford, but now cant wait till he is over here again ,doing his own full live show , jj marsh brilliant too, cheers glenn, yours ian from guiseley leeds.


Hello just visited the site for more info on Glenns past recordings, myself and many friends saw an amazing show on friday with Glenn and Uli Roth I was blown away with his performance ,always loved everythig from Purple days to solo stuff but live was superb we got mistreated,burn , gypsie , might just take your life , and after the show I met Glenn in person
what a legend ,

I just wanted to say thanks.

Phil Dawtrey

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November 17, Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, UK

I have waited 20+ years to see glenn do deep purple numbers. I have to say that that half an hour slot was one of the most amazing rock sets i have ever seen. i took my mate and my daughter who both stood dumbstruck during the whole of mistreated. burn mistreated stormbringer gypsy gettin tighter i could not have asked for more. all we need now are two hour glenn hughes gigs mixing purple and solo material .
whiter shade of pale has never sounded so good. you were announced as the voice of rock and i dont believe that anyone cany deny it look forward to seeing you again soon.

Peter Coussens

Glenn's performance at Shepperd's Bush was simply outstanding. The crowd just loved him as he played the roof off ! JJ played very tight,mastering every Blackmore and Bolin riff.It was an amazing vieuw to have Glenn singing on stage together with Jack Bruce ! The show closer "A Whiter Shade Of Pale" however was all Glenn's and no doubt he was the King of the evening !

Carl Vanempten

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November 18, Apollo, Manchester, UK

What a show! Everyone was brilliant but Glenn shone out like the star he is. His vocals during Mistreated were as spot on as in Dudley, I didn't think that was possible! The rendition of Whiter Shade of Pale was heavenly. I hope everyone enjoyed the show as much as me.


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November 19, Guildhall, Portsmouth, UK

Please pass my thanks onto Glenn for a great concert. I havent seen him live since he was with DP in about 1974 in Southampton. He looked great and sounded brilliant. Based on what I saw, I'd love it if he did a UK tour doing some of the old DP tracks + others. A very good night ,shame it wasnt a sell out.
Glenn worked so hard.

Adrian Starks

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November 20, Cliff's Pavillion, Southend, UK

I saw Glenn at the Legends gig at Cliffs Pavillion in Southend (UK) on Wednesday. After the show I met Glenn along with other fans. Glenn happily signed autographs and talked with fans. I made myself known as he has asked regulars on this board to do and he seemed genuinely pleased to speak with me. I had time to say what a massive fan I was as and he warmly shook my hand and thanked me for all my support. This made the gig very special Glenn. Cheers. Further he called over his wife Gabi and personally introduced her to me. He signed a photgraph with a realy nice personal message. Which by the way Glenn I realy appreciate, thank you so much.

There is no doubt in my mind that Glenn is a real star, that he has genuine appreciation of his fans for all the support he gets. I thought the show was fantastic by the way. Glenns set was approx. 40 mins. He opened with Stormbringer I believe and then into Mistreated. Both were great versions and the sound was realy good, The keyboards could have been a tad louder in the mix but apart from that no complaints. By the time Mistreated had begun the Keys could be heard better and if was a superb rendition. The middle section where the vocals were clear sounded amazing and realy moved me.

The whole gig was seated which was a little bit strange as most gigs I go to are all standing. But I was row 'A' down the front (Glenns left side) and had an unobstructed view. I enjoyed the chance to see a fantastic performer like Glenn and his band do there thing so close.

I can't remember the exact track listing performed but they were mostly Purple stuff including Stormbringer and You Keep on moving. All which could not be faulted. Lastly after the set Glenn came back on and sang backing vocals to Jack Bruce and then the show stopper. Glenn and his wonderful version of 'Whiter Shade Of Pale'. I defy anyone who was there not to have been mightily impressed with that one, a real hairs on the back of the neck standing up momment.

Well I have waffled on for long enough. Suffice to say that it was a great night. One final thougt, I also got a copy of the Christmas album at the show. It realy is a cracker (get it Christmas, cracker). Seriously it is a very good album. Thanks Glenn.

Always a fan. Cheers brother.

Stuart Walsh

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November 21, Victoria Hall, Stoke-On-Trent, UK

Glenn's Soulful Blast

We all came out to Stoke in the hard driving rain. Hmmmm
there's a lyric in there somewhere. Look, this is totally uncharitable and maybe the weather was to blame, but my wife and I decided that a coffee in the bar was more appealing than the transcendental deliverance of Uli John Roth. The man has obvious spirit and his technical expertise is undoubted, but anyway we opted to watch it on the bar's TV monitor. Yet before we go any further, all credit to the guy for putting this thing together. He is an intelligent visionary. I just didn't go for what he was trying to say to me musically. There was warm applause. My loss I guess.

Shortly afterwards Uli announced the arrival of Glenn Hughes and he, JJ and Clive Bunker almost immediately burst into Stormbringer. Yes I was 16 again. I was once again the spotty long haired youth clutching his tour programme in Liverpool 1976. You see I am die-hard Purple fan. You know in many ways nothing has changed. Even then I thought this guy has emotion in his voice and a passion for what he does. Chemicals cannot take away those basic human qualities.

These are genuine thoughts as I heard the first chord barrage of Stormbringer 26 years later. The difference now is that Glenn Hughes is on a spiritual high. He knows what it means to the fans to hear these great songs live. He plays that part incredibly well but there are other strings to his flexible bow. The Voice of Rock? Er yes I think so. And the Voice of Funk and the Voice of Soul. The Voice transcends boundaries and floats effortlessly back to a logical resting point somewhere in your deep sub conscious.

Glenn who, if I am quoting him correctly, once said " I now have a higher power. I call him God. I used to call him Glenn but this pissed God off," takes his craft seriously yet he is now able to crack jokes about himself. " I was a gig in Wolverhampton last week and this woman came up to me and said 'do those teeth come out?' Only in Wolverhampton!"

And so to 'Mistreated.' As he explained on the HTP tour, he is not claiming that Mistreated was his song simply that he and Ritchie B had jammed it first before David went off and wrote the lyrics later. Nobody was complaining. Having myself witnessed live the Whitesnake and Rainbow versions and, good as they were, Glenn took this classic to new vocal limits. JJ Marsh, resplendent in Tommy Bolin style cap, handled the Blackmore licks with aplomb.

Glenn re-affirmed his close friendship with Tommy Bolin in introducing Getting Tighter, my favourite song off CTTB and one that brought me a large lump in the throat as I leapt from my seat to show my appreciation for a talent cruelly stolen from us all. So much for unbiased reporting!

This time The Gypsy was discarded in favour of 'You Keep On Moving.' Both would have been preferable, but we understand the time restraints. 'Burn' described by Glenn as "The Big One" rocked and I was simply left shaking my head in disbelief at his ability to combine that controlled octave leaping while his bass rumbled almost effortlessly in the groove.

There were none of the PA problems reported in many of the gig reviews from last year. Uli John Roth was obviously determined to do this all properly and the consequence was that all of Glenn's incredible vocal range could be absorbed into the system without a glitch.

A word about Jack Bruce. Forget the dress sense. (He resembled a gangster boss in the Sopranos contrasting sharply with Roth's audition for a part in the Lord of the Rings). The gig was called Legends of Rock and they don't come much bigger than 33% of Cream. Jack's bass playing was superb but I had always thought his voice was underrated. And so it proved with a tight and enjoyable journey through 1968 ably assisted by Uli John Roth and Jethro Tull's tireless Clive Bunker on drums. All we needed now was Paul McCartney and we would have the three best singer/bass players on Earth on the same bill.

Make no mistake though Glenn Hughes was a man at the top of his game. The body language on stage suggested to me that fellow stars Bruce, Roth and the excellent Frank Marino -with his Hendrix interpretations - seemed to agree. This was no talent competition but it was obvious to anyone with half a musical brain that Glenn always has that extra 10% value. Je ne sais quoi as the French say.

I did get the impression as he took centre stage for the grand finale, an awesome rendition of I Feel Free and Whiter Shade of Pale with the whole ensemble that there is a whole lot more to come. The die-hard Glenn fans have been saying it for years. The marketing methods are debateable, what isn't up for discussion is that Glenn Hughes has had his day. I have seen The Voice and it's about to be re-launched to an unsuspecting world. The guy deserves it.

Postscript: Afterwards Glenn did some signing and we had a brief chat and a piccie taken and I passed over some sugar free Robinsons orange juice. He is an unassuming and humble individual who recognises that people idolise him but is able to return their compliments with some of his own. This disarms some fans because many rock stars just take the plaudits and walk away. I also overheard one conversation with one fan over the perennial issue of Jon Lord's Purple reunion thing. Glenn commented there was " some very strange behaviour going on behind the scenes." Hey Glenn maybe you won't need them. See you in the Spring with Shape 68?

Keith Thompson

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November 22, City Hall, Newcastle, UK

Thought I'd be the first one to say that Glenn completeley blew me away with his set at the above gig , and thank him for all the love, conideration and happiness that he himself conveyed throughout the proceedings.
This man is truly humble , and deserves maximum respect.

Your Bro'

Steve and Tinkers Rucksack M .C.C.

I've seen some gigs at the City Hall down the years but Glenn, your set was the most electrifying I have ever seen. The first Deep Purple album I bought was Made in Europe and then it was Come Taste The Band which remains my favourite. You Keep On Movin' is probably my all time favourite. To hear and witness you do this song and other classics, like Mistreated was a dream come true. It truly is Gettin' Tighter All The Time

God Bless You Man, and I hope to see you again soon


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November 23, Usher Hall, Edinburgh, UK

The venue is sparsely populated as Frank Marino comes onstage. It's been a long time since I last saw Frank play live, hopefully it will not be so long again. Frank is a great guitarist, totally aware of the abilities of his guitar and himself. He plays really well, backed up by a tight band. Extending his solos becomes the norm for every song, and he is soon coaxing extraordinary sounds from seemingly out of nowhere. A fine opening act introduced by Uli Jon Roth, Frank quickly wins over the audience, though he didn't really have to try too hard with one over enthusiastic individual sitting up front. This spectator quickly establishes himself as the nutter of the night, as he strikes the most ludicrous poses, extending his tongue and leaping about with St.Vitus dance attributes.

Frank is followed swiftly by Uli Jon Roth. As fine a guitarist as Uli Jon is, his song selection and guitar virtuosity left me a little cold. It's all fine and well playing Vivaldi and guitar concerto's, but to be honest most of the crowd would have preferred to see him rock out a little with some Electric Sun material. Indeed the best song of his set was the closer 'Hiroshima', where he played some wonderful guitar during the solo. A quick break and Glenn Hughes is introduced. Right from the start with the crashing opening chords, it was clear this was whom a lot of the audience has come to see. Stormbringer is so powerful compared to everything that's gone before. JJ Marsh is way down in the mix, Glenn's vocals are right to the fore. The crowd is on its feet and the place comes alive. You can feel the electricity, a real excitement is building for the first time in the evening.

Mistreated follows, the guitar is similar to the Cal Jam version of the tune, and Glenn sings superbly. Getting Tighter follows incorporating a frantic run through 'Dance to the Rock and Roll'. Absolutely stunning does not even come close. The band build up the funk rhythm, and Hughes screams his guts out, really giving it all. You Keep on Moving has the crowd in fine voice, with the band really tight and confident in their playing. Burn finishes the set, a quick dash to the stage by the front few rows, Amazingly someone gets onstage, only to be ushered off, and the powerful song really belts along. Magnificent. Glenn is speechless, shaking hands with the people at the front, huge grin on his face. The audience is drained as Glenn leaves the stage promising to return later.

Jack Bruce follows, or tries to follow. Joined by a flamboyantly dressed Roth on Guitar, he delivers a fine set of Cream tunes. A superb White Room finishes his set. Frank Marino returns for Voodoo Chile, which is an amazing display of guitar work. All Along the Watchtower finishes the main set, with Roth and Marino trading guitar solos. I must say the twin guitar harmony work during this song was wonderful to hear. Both of the guitarists smiling at each other as they play toe to toe, swapping solo runs with abandon. The encores arrive with Jack Bruce doing Eleanor Rigby, rather well I might add. I feel Free has Glenn on backing vocals. An emotional Bruce introduces Glenn for the final song of the evening, an astounding, stunning version of Whiter Shade of Pale. Glenn is quite simply incredible in this. The audience is sitting with rapt attention, everyone is watching Glenn. Musicians stand at the side of the stage, as if they can not believe the vocal delivery of the song. And the show ends with everyone taking a bow, and Glenn shaking hands with everyone he can.

An awesome performance by Glenn, stole the show completely, and so good to see him on a large stage again. The turn out was a bit disappointing, but there had been little advertising of the show. Worth the admission fee alone for that rendition of Whiter Shade of Pale.

Kev Dixon

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