[March 3, 2001]

The studio work for Glenn Hughes' forthcoming CD continues in Los Angeles. Here is the second pictorial report from the studio. Glenn has invited a few guets to perform on the new CD; Bobby Kimball (vocals, Toto), Brett Ellis (guitar, Ellis) and John Beasley (keyboards, worked with Miles Davis among others). Mike Scott is back behind the mixing console handling the production duties.

Glenn welcomes the guests; Bobby Kimball, Brett Ellis & John Beasley

Glenn has invited Bobby Kimball (Toto) to guest on a song

Glenn (& Mike Scott) hard at work, finding that elusive chord, hitting
that perfect note and scribbling down those interesting lyrics

JJ, Mike, Glenn and Bobby listening back with Glenn's wife
Gabrielle sitting in

(Click on the pictures for larger versions. Pictures by Andy Grow.)

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