[February 22, 2000]

The work continues on Glenn's new CD! Here is the latest message from Glenn:

"Message to GH fans:

As you can see by the photographs, I was in a soundstage on Saturday shooting for the cover and new promo shots for my next CD.

All the music has now been recorded. I was supposed to start vocals last week, but I have had a terrible cold.

The album will be finished, mixed, and mastered by the first week of March. I have spent more time in the involvment of this album than ever before, and have spent many hours at home in my studio and in Hans' studio in preproduction.

So, hopefully tomorrow, God willing, my cold will be gone, and I can do the thing I love to do and complete my new gem. As you all know, there are many different styles of music that I love to play, and this a return to Funk - Hard Rock Glenn, and I can honestly say that I believe in my soul that you will not be disappointed (I played funk rhythm guitar for maximum funk)!

You touch my heart. I simply am here to make music.

Stay happy and stay in touch, and keep it FUN(KY)!


Thanks to Andy Grow for sending yet more pictures. These shots were taken when Glenn and his band were having a photo shoot for the next CD cover and booklet. These are not the actual pictures to be featured there, of course. Victor Moller and Darwin Foye (both of 5th Density Art Direction) shot the pictures that will be featured on the cover.

Gary Ferguson - Hans Zermuehlen

Joakim "JJ" Marsh - Victor Moller & Darwin Foye

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