Glenn and team have now wrapped up their recording time in Nashville, Tennessee, USA for a new album and a brand new band. Although no official announcement has been made yet, the rumor mill so far has been fairly accurate with it's band member predictions! Until then; we shall have to wait and see, but once the new band and it's members are officially confirmed, you'll see it right here on the website!

Meantime, Glenn and others kept us updated throughout the recording process! Stay tuned!!


[December 24th, 2013]

Good morning Golden Ones.

Here I am in the studio in Nashville this morning to say goodbye to my team. Hey I'm wearing the GH signature glasses by (not dark here, but I have dark in this signature as well).

On behalf of us all. Thanks for making my year so special. Hopefully you will understand me when you hear the album.

Farewell Nashville... see you next year.

Hello my hometown LA.

Bye Nashville. I'm in the Admirals Club at Nashville Airport. You have been so inspiring for me this Holiday Season : click my heels and I'll be home.

Be happy. Joy / comfort and love to you... LA bound.


Nashville Studio - December 24th, 2013   Nashville  - December 24th, 2013


[December 23rd, 2013]

Today I will sing 4 more songs in the studio.

My love & comfort to you all from Nashville.

See below for Me and Julian Lennon. Jules is the ONE who helped me put our new band together. We all love you Jules. Yes. Jules and I are singing together on the new Nashville album. He is in Monaco. We sent him the files last night ~ which he recorded in record time. We received them back 4 hours ago!

Trust me. Jules is the real dang deal...

Thanks Nashville.

You are an amazing city... amazing people. I am finishing the vocals this evening on an album that is Close to my Heart. And lives and breathes inside my Soul.

And to my fans... YOU are never alone. As long as I live and Breathe...

I have just finished singing on all tracks on what has to be the most memorable album in years. The recording is now complete in Nashville.

14 days of love. Explosive emotion. And soulfulness... All for the world to hear soon. Release in May. Videos to be filmed in February. I will be working with my fave PR Peter Noble (BCC) in London... it's time for life after the Afterglow.

I changed my flight (again) I will now be home tomorrow... 6 furs... And one soulmate.



[December 21st, 2013]

Good morning Golden Ones. Singing here today in the studio in Nashville. Feelin' good and inspired. Thanks so much for your love and support.

Vocal warm ups 1:00PM ~ singing 5 songs today. Already have sang 1/3 of the album live with the band this is a very organic album : analog... 2 inch tape. Just like my time in Trapeze and Deep Purple.

I'm in the home of Country Music ~ making a ROCK album. It's all about the SONGS! Swagger ~ Heavy ~ Manic ~ Dark ~ Light ~ and VOICE EXPRESSION.

I'm in a great place mentally and spiritually. I sang guide vocals live on 5 songs... they turned out to be very expressive. Like I was onstage. So we will keep them.

No Country Music on this album. I have found the right producer for my work ...he gets us and me 100%. No drum click tracks. All live. It is a very expressive record. All analog.

We are in a Tornado warning right now in Nashville. We are in the basement... scary! The song we are recording this eve. is kinda scary. Very fitting...

It's over!!!!

Tornado has passed. Here I am holding my P Bass (Notice ~ I really am holding it tightly!)


Nashville Studio - December 21st, 2013   Nashville Studio - December 21st, 2013


[December 20th, 2013]

A bitchin' day here in Nashville. No Turnin' back. It's all NOW!

Could this album I'm making in Nashville be my best ever Rock album? I say this... it is very emotional here in the studio... "my friends stood beside my bed ~ and I thought I had died" ...if you are a GH fan ~ you know I always tell how I feel ~ and what is happening in real life.

See you when the album comes out in May!



[December 19th, 2013]

I will be working in the Studio in Nashville on Xmas day. To get this album done with all artwork / graphics / booklet and LOGO... ready for you.

We shall celebrate...



[December 18th, 2013]

Good morning Golden Ones. Everyday above ground is a good day. Back in the studio this AM here in Nashville... doin' what comes natural...

"I should have been gone ~ but I came back for more" from a new song... being recorded in Nashville.

Now back at my hotel... hammered and slammed some bass guitar today. This has gotta be my best sounding bass record... ever!

I am taking it to the limit. You have my word.



[December 17th, 2013]

Good morning golden ones. Today we are taking photographs... much love to you.

Hello from good vibrations Nashville ...on the way to the location of the photo shoot ...peace & cornbread!

Love rings. Each one has a special meaning. And Designed by my brother Mitchell Binder / King Baby creator...


Nashville - December 17th, 2013


[December 16th, 2013]

Wow... 11 tracks recorded. It's a wonderland in Nashville.

Thanks so much for you love. Everything happens in time.

Everything I do now with my career and personal life has changed. My path has been chosen. There is life after the AFTERGLOW...

Recorded all 13 tracks now. Now I'm gonna breathe and get inside the music... next up? Guitars and vocals...

We are in full production here in Nashville. All work... No play. (Well ~ Maybe on Xmas Day).

Oh yeah... it's coming... we are filming. Photographs tomorrow.

Goodnight my loved ones. Recorded 4 songs today... 13 in all ~ Soulshaker Hipshaker Groovemaker Bootyshaker



[December 15th, 2013]

Good morning from Nashville. A city where EVERYONE is NICE and FRIENDLY... (maybe we should all move here?) peace!

Bass players / Guitar payers head over to I have around 180 guitars and basses... in an air conditioned storage space. All tagged...

I honestly don't think there is a happier man on this planet. So glad to share my life with you. My golden ones...

My Golden Ones. We Are about to start a new GH revolution. What I am Doing at this moment is defining who I am. I'm not frightened. No fear... Only Positive energies in the realm of my surroundings. I hear & feel you... there are no mistakes that we are together.

Been a very busy week. Another one about to start here in Nashville tomorrow.

Peace... G

Nashville Studio - December 15th, 2013   Nashville Studio - December 15th, 2013


[December 14th, 2013]

It's all happening here in the Studio in Nashville. About to record another track now. One of my faves...

To all of you across this Planet... we are the GOLDEN ones.

Goodnight golden ones. Welcome to a new world of great expectations. So glad to have you here with me... myself and all my family of musicians in KINGS OF CHAOS. And the NEW BAND have made this a great year. Our manager arrives here tomorrow.


Nashville Studio - December 14th, 2013


[December 13th, 2013]

I'm here at the Gibson Custom shop with the Boss. My mate Pat Foley. With my SG Special now lets get to the studio!! Lets be clear... Gibson is the place!

To all my new Nashville golden ones. Thanks for your hospitality.

Another track has been recorded... with a guide vocal. Some of which will be a keeper..

We're gonna come out... And burn it down... we are a trio (more later ~ I promise)...

This is all I have been preparing this year as well as Kings Of Chaos. Blessed to have 2 amazing bands. See you next Spring.

I am who I am... Forever changing... growing spiritually.


Glenn Hughes and Pat Foley @ Gibson Custom Shop in Nashville - December 13th, 2013   Nashville Studio - December 13th, 2013   Nashville Studio - December 13th, 2013


[December 12th, 2013]

Good morning from Nashville. Back in the studio now...

All is going incredibly well. You are with us... We are with you.

I just have sung what is likely to be the last song on the album . I want to make you feel... love ~ lust ~ and heavy passion. This is a great day.

The song I am talking about was a guide vocal for what could be the last song of the album : our producer says. It is the finished vocal...

We are In the zone. My life is all about this record. And my family and you all!!

I feel blessed this year. My heart is now full. It is the music. It will always be this way...

It's hot & heavy here in Nashville. Deep in the soul...

My Voice is a gift... the gift is yours.

In Nashville Till December 29... Recording all thru... Energized And right sized...

I also feel that I have kept the new band a lil' secret. As I want to make sure all things are taken of regarding my band mates ~ and we are gonna go full on. And bring you the band "LIVE ON TOUR". Be still my beating heart...

Now back @ our hotel. Peaceful but I'm still amped from the session today. There are no mistakes in the universe. These are the days... Peace and love. Trust me. You are all here with me... You are the golden ones.

For me... I can honestly say that this moment In time is one of gratitude.


Nashville Studio - December 12th, 2013   Nashville Studio - December 12th, 2013


[December 11th, 2013]

Today is the first day of the new album... I'm ready. Full of glorious passion and fire ~ wish you were here!!

It's all going splendid here @ the Studio. Reckless... don't forget to breathe...

First day in Nashville went extremely well. All love ...all faith... Till the end.

Loving Nashville. A music Mecca. Lovely people... who love to rock. Love you all...

When record deal is signed (soon!) I can announce. I feel and hear you. Expect Rockswagger... Groove... And HEAVY!

Thanks for your patience...



[December 10th, 2013]

In a car on the way to the studio... it's cold outside. But it's gonna get hot any minute.

It starts now... I have been waiting for this moment. Love ya...