[January 4th, 2008]

Glenn and friends recorded a new album in the final weeks of 2007. The album looks to be ready for a Spring 08 release.
Here is what Glenn had to say about it on December 19th:

"I have just completed my new album... we are mixing @ the moment, and will be mastering in January... I'm always excited about recording new albums, the songs are personal to me, as they are constantly being shaped thru out the year... Well here goes.. I have never EVER had an experience like this B4... this Music is changing my life, it feels like these songs have been livin' inside of me for quite sometime, waitin' for the right moment to be born... These songs are a gift to myself, those that are closest to me are saying that this is my greatest work... simply because I was not afraid to show myself as an artist... and, I really pushed myself as a songwriter, both musically and lyrically to the MAX..

If you want a comparison, there isn't one, but it's in the "Play Me Out, You Are The Music and Feel" vibe... It will change the way I make music for the rest of my life..."

Below are some pictures taken in early December 2007 at Jim Scott's Studio. Jim Scott has an incredible list of credits on albums he worked on over the years. (Click on the thumbnails to get a bigger image)

Luis Carlos Maldonado Chad Smith Chad & Glenn
Glenn, Chad, Jim Scott, Luis, Technician


[October 11th, 2007]

Hi Funksters...

Just wanted to give you all some info on the new, yet unrecorded album... My songs, and songwriting, have become more important to me these past couple of years, and lookin' @ this made me realize that I need to be makin' music that is completely satisfyin' to me as an artist... When I got clean and sober in '91, I hadn't written anything in a few years, so when I was freed from the human bondage, the floodgates opened... all thru the nineties I was blessed with the serenity to move 4ward, and grow as a human being, and live and breathe in God's grace... Since Soulmover, and M4TD, I have found a new belief in myself, not only as an Artist, but as a Man who is now come home..

I asked myself a question this spring: "What is the right and appropriate Musical path 4 me?"... The answer was quite simple, I have to make music that is pure and natural... It felt like I was seeing myself 4 the first time, and 4 once I had zero fear of what was in front of me... I had this feelin' early on in my career with "You Are The Music, We're Just The Band". I was just 20 years old when this album was recorded, but I had a strong vision, and I took my songs and arrangements to a new level in that period... For a young lad @ that age to add Alto Sax, and vibes, and pedal steel, was pretty risky, but it worked like a charm... With my new album, I feel it is time to love myself enough, and be brave enough...

There will be more Glenn orignal songs than ever B4... I have been in my Studio day and night, when I am home in LA... This will be the funkiest album I've made so far... Yeah, I got somethin' cookin'. A couple song titles 4 you: We go to War and Imperfection.

Go Back I'll be updating my blog a little later in the year.
I love you , my Brothers and Sisters...

Glenn, LA, Oct 11 2007