[November 27, 2005]

I spent the afternoon yesterday with John and Chad at Chad's home. We had a funky good time writing and going over a couple of songs for my album. John Frusciante is an absolute one of a kind. His vision and depth amazes me, and like Chad, he is extremely beautiful. Look forward to creating my next adventure in the new year.

A funky trio! Click the image for a larger version.

[November 20, 2005]

Glenn is currently working hard on his new album. The album will feature JJ Marsh on guitars and Chad Smith on drums. Chili Pepper and fellow funkmeister John Frusciante wrote some music too, and will probably make an appearance on the album, which will be recorded January. Ryan Hewitt will be the engineer and mixer for the new record. He is known for his work with the Chili Peppers, Blink-182, U2, Bon Jovi, Billy Joel and many others.

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[November 04, 2005]

Feels great to be home and taking my daily walks down to the ocean. This is where I do a lot of meditating . I take my small digital dictaphone as this is how I write most of the lyrics to my albums. I am really very happy with the new songs. As with Soul Mover I put in some extra time on these songs. I will be in vegas next week where I will be spending some time with Lou at the Hard Rock and visiting Kevin Dubrow and Pat Thrall. Carl and I are now tentatively filling my schedule for 2006. 2005 has been a great year on many levels. God is in charge. Stay tuned cuz the funk is on its way!