[November 14, 2004]
I am pleased to announce that my album Soul Mover will be released January 24th, 2005 by Frontiers in Europe and around that time by Yamaha in Japan. An American release will follow shortly after that. This album was recorded live at Sound Image Studios in Los Angeles in the Spring of 2004. Chad and I wanted an organic feel as it was necessary to capture the emotion that can only happen when all of us are playing live in the same room together. We were in a semi-circle with the amps bleeding a little into the drums just as I used to record when I first started playing. I want to thank Chad for pushing me to do this. This recording comes at a time when I wanted you the listener, to know more of me as a song writer and singer than ever before. This CD was recorded with a lot of love and passion. Those close to this recording feel it is a ground breaking album and the beginning of the next phase in my life both professionally and personally. I have been humbled by the experience of making this album, quite simply because it is a very honest record, and I want you to know what makes me tick. See you on the Soul Mover Tour beginning February 2005.

[September 18, 2004]
Glenn, Chad & DaveToday we shot "Soul Mover", the video for the lead song on my new album. It was great to have my Friends Chad Smith and Dave Navarro perform with me. Dave and Chad's perfor-mance on the video today was absolutely monumentally show stopping. these guys are modern day rock gods. I am very priveleged and honored that they could break away from their busy schedules to appear on my next phase of my career. I have to pinch myself because things are going according to plan. I am really in a good place at the moment and I am glad that I can have loving nuturing friends beside me. The song and video rock and it is going to open many people's eyes. I am on my way to Moscow on Monday and then i shall be in the UK in October to promote my DVD and the Iommi/Hughes CD. I want to thank you all for your encouragement in this, my transformation period.

Chad, Dave & Glenn[August 19, 2004]
We finished recording the album yesterday. I was very honored to have the lovely Dave Navarro play on my album. He was awesome and he put his vibe on the album.

Chad was there to inspire, crack jokes and provide light hearted entertainment as only he knows how. I want to thank them both for their time, and friendship, both of which mean a lot to me.

This album is a mind blower.

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[June 5, 2004]
Glenn in the studio (pic: Gabi Hughes)We just completed tracking the music for the next studio album before Chad left to do the Chili Peppers outdoor Euro tour. We are all blown away by the songs, the performances and the sounds that we got on tape. It is a musical album with lots of groove and lots of dynamics. I am really excited and proud of this album -musically it is the next level for me. See you on the road.