Glenn in the studio

[February 14, 2000]

Glenn Hughes is still hard at work getting the next CD closer to a release. He is now also joined by his old buddy Gary Ferguson on drums. Mike Scott is back behind the soundboard. Andy (Grow) managed to get caught on film this time, as did Jamie Martin.

Here are the latest comments from Glenn:

"Hi Everyone!

I'm in the studio in North Hollywood recording all the tracks for the new CD. Once again, I'm extremely excited about this project. It is a return to the rock side of Glenn. I just finished the bass and drum tracks today. Fergie is back, and we locked in the groove like a mother! Life don't get better than this!


(Thanks to Andy Grow for more great pictures. Click on the pictures to see larger versions.)

Hans in the studioMike in the studio
Jamie and GlennAndy and Glenn
Gary in the studioHans, Jocke, Glenn and Gary in the studio

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