Jocke, Glenn and Hans in the studio
Glenn in the studio
Glenn in the studio
Hans in the studio
Jocke in the studio

[January 30, 2000]

Glenn Hughes is currently involved in preproduction for his next CD!

Working with Glenn is keyboardist Hans ZermŘehlen and guitarist Joakim "Jocke/J.J." Marsh. Both Hans and Joakim have been touring with Glenn over the last few years. Joakim has contributed to several Glenn Hughes CDs; "Addiction," "The Way It Is," and "Incense & Peaches." Hans has contributed to "The Way It Is" and "Incense & Peaches."

Here are the latest comments from Glenn:

"All songs are now written. The album (the title will be kept secret until I've finished recording) will be released hopefully the same day all around the world, the first week of May.

Having written 10 songs with Hans, I realized that I needed to write another 10 heavier songs with Joakim, because I was convinced that this new Glenn CD should be the hard ROCK album that most people and music critics have been expecting for the last few years. The album will probably contain 10 songs, plus one bonus track for Japan.

As always, I am extremely excited about my new songs. We are now in pre-production at Hans' studio in the San Fernando Valley. I can only describe the music as a return to my roots. Having discussed with associates in the music industry and members of the press, and GH fans, I came to the conclusion whilst having a rock label at SPV, it would seem appropriate to deliver an album that can be serviced, marketed, and promoted that people will come to expect this time around... It is my decision to make this type of CD. I think that the pure GH fan will fully understand this album. Having just toured in South America and Germany on the hard rock stage, I felt a need to commit myself to a new batch of rock tracks to be performed and written for my new album, so I can REALLY play these songs live. I felt a need in my soul that it was time to dig deep and write the rock album that people have been expecting for eight years.

These are exciting times. I feel fresh, I feel grateful, and extremely focused and inspired.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Your brother,


(Glenn's good friend Andy Grow got the camera out, and here is the proof the boys are hard at work! Click on the pictures to see larger versions.)

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