Release date:
September 20, 2004 in Europe on Frontiers Records
DVD - FR DVD 006, EAN-Code: 8024391000649 (Normal Edition)
DVD - FR DVD 006-CP, EAN-Code: 8024391000632 (Ltd CoverPack Edition)
CD - FR CD 203-E, EAN-Code: 8024391020319 (Special Ecolbook Limited edition)
CD - FR CD 203, EAN-Code: 8024391020326 (Normal jewel box edition)

Cleopatra - March 8th, 2005
2 CD / DVD Set

Soulfully Live In The City Of Angels
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1. Can't Stop The Flood   

2. Higher Places   

3. Written All Over Your Face   

4. Medusa   

5. Wherever You Go   

6. Seafull   

7. Coast To Coast   

8. First Step Of Love   

9. Mistreated   

10. Gettin' Tighter   

11. You Keep On Moving   

12. The Healer (Studio Bonus Track) [ video ]   

13. Change (Studio Bonus Track for Europe)


Glenn Hughes (Vocals, Bass)
J. J. Marsh (Guitars)
George Nastos (Guitars)
Ed Roth (Keyboards)
Chad Smith (Drums)

Guest Appearances: Kevin DuBrow, Alex Ligertwood (background vocals)
Chad Smith appears courtesy of Warner Bros. Records


Produced by: Glenn Hughes & Fabrizio Grossi for Cosa Nostra Music
Recorded at: The Sound Image Studio: Studio A in Northern Hollywood, California on January 11, 2004

Audio production and coordination: Fabrizio Grossi for Cosa Nostra Music
Pro Tools Engineering: Junichi Murakawa, Fabrizio Grossi, Jim Chrichton
Audio Overdubs: Castle Oaks Studio (Calabasas, CA) and Noise Factory Studio (Canyon Country, CA)
Audio Editing & Stereo Mix: Fabrizio Grossi @ Noise Factory Studio (Canyon Country, CA)
Stereo Audio Mastering: Luigi Stefanini @ New Sin Studios (Loria - TV) Italy

Production Assistant: Oscar Benitez
Lights & Additional Direction: James Quattrocchi
Art Directors (Video Shoot): Alex Solca, Fabrizio Grossi, Davin Maske
Light & Rentals: Sound Image (Resada, CA), Carvin (Hollywood, CA), Center Staging (Burbank, CA)
Audio Equipment Cartage: Centar Staging for Dana B. Goods (Burbank, CA), Swinghouse (Hollywood, CA)
Monitors: Mike Harrison
Props: Sound Image, Cosa Nostra Music, Alex Solca Photography

CD Package Art Direction & Design: Darwin Foye []
Still photographer: Alex Solca
Make-Up: Ralis Kahn
Cameramen (Video Still Frames): Peter Uvale, Ryan Patterson, David Bacon, David Risotto & James Quattrocchi

Special Thanks for Technical Support: Craig Costigan and Framus Amps @ Dana B. Goods (Venture, CA), Jay @ Center Staging (Burbank, CA), Dave Cowles and GHS Strings (Battlecreek, MI), Marty & Jim @ Sound Image Recording Studios, Jeff Fogerty, Andrea Ballarin and Manne Guitars, DK Sweet and Mackie.

The DVD contains an alternate soundtrack for the concert footage mixed in the 5.1 surround sound format.


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- DVD Shoot


Born on August 21, 1952 in Cannock, England Glenn Hughes left school at the age of sixteen to play in various local groups. One of them, Finders Keepers, changed their name to Trapeze and went on to rise to world fame. The band's illustrious line-up (apart from Hughes, the band included Whitesnake guitarist-to-be Mel Galley and drummer Dave Holland, who went on to join Judas Priest) brought out a total of three albums, with particularly "You are the Music, We're Just the Band" (1972) causing a sensation. June 1973 saw the two Deep Purple members Ian Gillan and Roger Glover, leaving the band.

The strong-voiced musician followed the call of Deep Purple, turning down an offer by Electric Light Orchestra. Vocalist David Coverdale was enlisted simultaneously to replace Ian Gillan and the band reached another zenith of their creative power. The "Burn" album is without doubt one of the best Purple releases of all time and its successor "Stormbringer" was similarly impressive. Particularly the complementing combination of front man David Coverdale whose bluesy timbre suited the new tracks extremely well and Glenn Hughes with his seemingly unlimited vocal range, turned out to be an unbeatable team.

Hughes also manouvered Deep Purple into a more funky open direction and was probably one of the main reasons why guitarist Ritchie Blackmore left the group in 1975 to found Rainbow. Former James Gang guitarist Tommy Bolin replaced Blackmore and they recorded the album "Come Taste the Band" (1975). Tragically, Bolin died of a heroin overdose in 1976, which meant the end of Deep Purple.

The end of the band was the beginning of Hughes' extensive travels through the whole hard n' heavy scene. The list of bands, projects and solo albums by other artists in which he participated over the course of the next 25 years seems almost endless. From Black Sabbath's Seventh Star (1986), to the KLF's "America: What Time is Love" a US mega hit in which the KLF dubbed him "The Voice of Rock".

His solo albums have also been hugely successful starting with funky rock on "Play Me Out" (1977) to the legendary rock release Hughes/Thrall with guitarist Pat Thrall in 1982, to his 1994 album "Burning Japan Live". 1995 saw the more soulful "Feel" to his most recent "Return of Crystal Karma" (2000). His release in 2001 of "Building the Machine" had a special intensity due to its excursions into the spheres of funk and soul and received rave reviews on a worldwide basis. In 2002, Glenn joined up with his good friend, Joe Lynn Turner, to form and record an incredible creative journey entitled "HTP". Never before had the industry seen such a powerful pairing of two of the greatest singers in Rock and Roll. In 2003 he returned with a new solo cd : "Songs In the Key of Rock", a strong return to Glenn's rock and roll roots combine with a vintage yet fresh approach to the songwriting.

The year 2004 brings "Soulfully Live In The City Of Angels": a welcome summation of Glenn's progress during time and a permanent reminder of his considerable heritage. Available as a double audio CD and a single-disc DVD, it was shot on January 11th 2004 before an audience of friends and selected regulars at

Those privileged enough to have graced the soiree in the intimate setting at Sound Image studio in North Hollywood witnessed the bassist/vocalist's current band of long-time guitarist JJ Marsh and keyboard player Ed Roth being swelled by none other than Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith.

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Helping out on backing vocals are former Quiet Riot singer Kevin DuBrow and ex-Santana man Alex Ligertwood, with second guitarist George Nastos doubling up where appropriate his repertoire is balanced between latter-day choices like 'Written All Over Your Face', 'Higher Places (Song For Bonzo)', 'Wherever You Go' and 'Can't Stop The Flow' and the trusted crowd-pleasers. This includes selections from Trapeze ('Seafull' and 'Medusa'), Hughes/Thrall ('First Step Of Love') and of course Deep Purple ('Mistreated', 'Getting' Tighter' and 'You Keep On Movin'').

"I'm happy again and of course I love being up there on stage. You've got to see Glenn Hughes on the boards to really understand him", reckons the man himself in conclusion. "I'm so excited that rock in general is coming again into a good head of steam and I also feel really good about where I am personally". For definitive vindication of the above theory, just insert the CD of 'Soulfully Live In The City Of Angels', crank the volume levels and press the button marked 'play'!