Release date:
June 19, 2000 in Europe SPV (SPV 085-21812 DCD)
June 19, 2000 in Japan (Nippon Crown)
As a Limited Edition in all territories the release includes a bonus disc, "Glenn Hughes - Live In South America.
Status: Digital download only

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Return Of Crystal Karma

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1. The State I'm In

2. Midnight Meditated   

3. It's Alright

4. Switch The Mojo

5. Gone

6. The Other Side Of Me

7. Angela

8. Owed To J

9. This Life   

10. Days Of Avalon [ video report ] [ video release details ]

11. The World Is Broken (Bonus Track for Japan)


Glenn Hughes (Lead Vocals, Bass on all tracks except Track 2)
Joakim "J.J." Marsh (Guitars, Bass on Track 2)
Hans Zermuehlen (Keyboards)
Gary Ferguson (Drums)
Laurence Tolhurst (Electronica)


Recorded live in Sao Paulo, Brazil on November 25, 1999.

1. You Kill Me

2. Neverafter

3. First Step Of Love

4. No Stranger To Love

5. Coast To Coast

6. Your Love Is Alright


Glenn Hughes (Lead vocals, Bass Guitar)
Joakim "J.J." Marsh (Guitars)
Hans Zermuehlen (Keyboards)
Bob Harsen (Drums)


Produced By: Glenn Hughes and Michael Scott
Engineered and Mixed By: Michael Scott
Additional Engineering by: Hanz Zermuehlen
Assistant Engineer: Tiago Becker
Assistant Mix Engineer: Cesar Ramirez

Recorded at Entourage Studios, North Hollywood, CA, and Mr Z's Studio, NorthHills, CA.
Mixed at Westlake Audio, West Hollywood, CA.

Art Direction & Design by: Darwin Foye at 5th Density.
All Photography by: Victor Moller, except portrait on page 8 of booklet by Andy Grow.


"This album is dedicated to my Mom & Dad... Thank you for my life, for telling me the truth, and for the morning sun. To my Creator: Thank you for my freedom.


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Here are a few samples from the R.O.C.K. CD artwork.
Credit: Art direction & design by Darwin Foye at 5th Density. All photography by Victor Moller.

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