PLAY ME OUT (1977)

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"Play Me Out" first released in 1977 and reissued in 1995 - RPM (RPM 149).

Play Me Out
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Tracks 10-14 were not on the original vinyl LP release in 1977. 10-12 are demos from the Seventies. 13-14 are demos from the Nineties.

1. I Got It Covered

2. Space High

3. It's About Time

4. LA Cut Off

5. Well

6. Soulution

7. Your Love Is Like A Fire

8. Destiny

9. I Found A Woman

10. Smile

11. Getting Near To You

12. Fools Condition

13. Take Me With You

14. She Knows


Glenn Hughes: Lead vocals, Bass, Guitar and Keyboards
Mel Galley: Guitar
Bob Bowman: Guitar
Pat Travers: Guitar
Dave Holland: Drums
Terry Rowley: Piano
Robert Bailey: Piano
Ron Asprey: Brass
Henry Lowther: Trumpet
Mark Nauseef: Percussion
Liza Strike: Backing vocals
Joy Wright: Backing vocals
Helen Chapelle: Backing vocals

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The album was Engineered by Brad Davis
Arranged and Produced by Glenn Hughes


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