Originally started in 1999 as Pink Cloud Records, Glenn has recently relaunched the label as Pink Cloud. All titles will be offered as digital downloads only, no physical CD pressings. They will be available from a variety of online sources.


"While having dinner with Ken Ciancimino in New York City in May of 1999, he asked me if I had any recorded material from the past that I would like to release. We both knew that there was demand from my fans around the world, and we both figured that it would be fun to sort through what I have and see what I could come up with. I knew I had some of my work locked away, but then it hit me: How many songs did I have? After all, I've always been good about committing my work to tape.

When I got back home to Los Angeles, I went into my safe and went through boxes of tapes, and, lo and behold, not only did I find many songs that I had shelved over the years, but I found true gems; songs that should have been released, but hadn't been. The more I listened, the more excited I became. Here were songs, some of which were as good if not better than others that had been released, just sitting. Songs, that as I listened to each one of them, touched me personally in very special ways. Each song had a story and created pure excitement for me. My creative fire was burning. David Tedds and myself immediately began compiling the first CD. What I have ended up doing is pulling together a group of incredible songs with a certain common feel, and future CDs will take their own path.

I called Ken, and we decided to immediately form a record label, Pink Cloud, so that the Glenn Hughes fans could add these very special and very personal CDs to their collections. I have called the project 'From The Archives.' Put it in, turn it up, and enjoy! I'll meet you inside the groove."

Glenn Hughes, September 1999

Pink Cloud Releases

NOW AVAILABLE...  Digital downloads
Burning Japan Live - Feel - Addiction
Building The Machine - The Way It Is
Return Of Crystal Karma
Songs In The Key Of Rock

Freak Flag Flyin' [CD / Out of Print]
Digital Download Only
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A live album recorded in 2003 during the 'Love and Homecoming Tour' in England. [ More ]

From The Archives Volume I - Incense & Peaches [CD / Out of Print]
Digital Download Only
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Volume I in the From The Archives series of Glenn Hughes CDs on the Pink Cloud label is called Incense & Peaches. [ More ]

A Soulful Christmas [CD / Out of Print]
Digital Download Only
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This CD contains "Glennified" versions of some classic Christmas songs that Glenn Hughes loves. [ More ]

Days Of Avalon, The Making Of
[VIDEO/ Out of Print] [OBSOLETE]
In March, 2000, Glenn Hughes and a film crew of 30 people shot a video for "Days Of Avalon" off Glenn's CD "Return Of Crystal Karma". It was directed by Jim LaRocca of Riccochet Films. This video casette not only features the promo clip for "Days Of Avalon", it also features an extensive behind the scenes look since there was a camera running constantly to capture all the action. The band in the stage shots of the promo clip consists of Glenn (bass, vocals), Hans Zermuehlen (keyboards), Mike Scott (guitar) and Matt Sorum (drums).
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