[April 18, 2000]

Glenn has just completed all the vocals for the next CD by Italian guitarist Dario Mollo. The project is being titled "Voodoo Hill." The other musicians guesting Mollo are Max Matis (bass), Roberto Gualdi (drums), Dario Patti (keyboards), and Fabiano Rizzi (drums on "Just Another Monday"). We received the following message from Mr. Mollo:

"Hi! Yes, Glenn sings on all the tracks. There is a cover of "Gypsy" from Deep Purple's "Stormbringer" album. Glenn's vocal performance on the album is stunning. It is so good, that there are not words to describe it. You have to listen to it to understand. This is, of course, a heavy rock album. Some tracks are very heavy, and some others are very melodic. The mixes will be finished by the end of May, and the album will be released in October 2000. I have personally produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered the entire album in my studio, "Damage Inc," here in Italy, using a digital workstation with 64 tracks.
Best regards
Dario Mollo"

Glenn Hughes & Dario Mollo

Here's what the press release about the project from Now & Then Productions said:

"Frontiers Records and Now & Then Productions can finally confirm the signing of a worldwide deal with Voodoo Hill, a project brainchild of the Italian guitar hero DARIO MOLLO (who has already worked with the likes of DON AIREY and TONY MARTIN on THE CAGE project last year).

Handling all vocal duties is none other than the mighty GLENN HUGHES, who will sing for the first time after a few years an entire album of smokin' hard rock music ! The album - which is scheduled for release in early October 2000 - will feature the following ten songs: "Disconnected"; "Golden One"; "Spun In Lost Wages"; "24"; "Keep It To Yourself"; "Sensitive"; "Voodoo Hill"; "Black Leather"; "Just Another Monday"; "The Gypsy" (a Deep Purple cover taken from the classic "Stormbringer" album).

The other musicians guesting on the album will be Max Matis (bass), Roberto Gualdi (drums), and Dario Patti (keyboards). The music is described as "solid hard rock," with diverse influences ranging from classic Deep Purple and Whitesnake to Van Halen's "Balance" sounds.

On a personal note, Frontiers Records are particularly proud to announce the signing of their first Italian artist to its roster. "

Golden One (Gabi's Song - Voodoo Hill - Voodoo Hill (2000)

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