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Back in the frame, gotta get a new high
Now it's all the same,
Cuz the funk it don't die
In too deep, got sugar to the bone
You're a sick back beat
You're a black cat moan

It's everything, it's everything

Pretty young thing,
Better turn a new leaf
Cuz you got no shame,
You're a liar and a thief
Treat me like a dog
You scream and I fetch
Now it's killin' me,
Makin' me a poor wretch

It's everything, it's everything

Tell me what you crave,
It's a lift you save
Tell me what your crave,
Is it good for you?

Don't hide your face,
You must confess
In god's grace, you will address
This energy did put you straight
Your majesty don't make me wait


I wanna know just how you feel
It time to move gonna make it real
There is a place I got to go
No doubt about it, you must know

Now I would like your company
The fruit tastes better off the tree
It gets me stoned in everyway
Now I'll be gone, hear what I say

Ain't no mistake, it's a way of livin'
This is the
First Underground Nuclear Kitchen
It ain't no fake, get back what your givin'
This the
First Underground Nuclear Kitchen

Take you down all the way
What you seek you will find
And it won't go away
Cuz it's deep in your mind

Now have you heard, we never close
Who's got the key, nobody knows
So let this groove motor on
Can't say goodbye until I'm done


I know a man
Worked his life away
He's the one who set me free
I'm on my knees to pray
The kinda' man I hope to be

Didn't mean to shoot you down
You no longer can be found

Hopelessness, have I done too far?
Nothing left but nothingness
I can see where you are
When you fall

The omen that was left for me
To live my life with honesty,
Goes down yeah
You only want to plant the seed
You never want this symphony
To fade away


I wanna get inside your head
You oughta know, it's time to grow
We gotta try, try to justify
This sacred testament
I got to vent

Peaces, we can love inside the
Garden of pure light
It sure feels right

Can't you see that life's not jaded
Never been so elevated
Underneath the willow tree
That is where I want to be

Time, I been keepin' time to visualize
The role that I do play
Ain't no crime, I was miles away
I tried to let you know we reap and sow

Shape that love communion
In my mind
Don't you wanna get back to the grind
Shape that love communion in my soul
Only takes a second I been told
Won't you shape that love communion

Let me connect you, it's all that I want
I will recite from memory
It will direct you, it's my belief
In like a thief, then I'm gone


When I was out and down
Shackled by cold dark redemption
I got the moon and sun
Shinin' like never before
I'm gonna hit the ground
I been released from the tension
And I don't need no gun
Don't wanna fight it no more

The vertigo, the fatal blow
Awaken me, it's always the same

But now you come to me
And you wanna ask me a question
And how it's gonna be
Long is the road in your life

Inside of me, I finally see
The loneliness is gone like a friend

You make me sing
Just like a hummingbird
There's gonna be a change
in the weather
Inside this craziest dream
That I ever did have
Now I know, we shall be free

I feel the afterburn
into a flame like an ember
And now I gotta go
It's all that you want,
Hear me sigh
You know it's my concern
I just want to remember
And this is all you need
You won't ever know so you try

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I feel like I've been here before
I'm not afraid to cry
And I don't wanna swim against
The turn of the tide
It could have been my innocence
It could have been my pride
I did not know but I still wonder why

There is a hole in the sky
Take me down to the sea
When I die
I feel a little bit strange now
I'm awake but I'm still breathing
In a state of imperfection
In a state of imperfection

Now tell me will you follow me?
I want to be your friend
The only thing just got to be
Our love it won't end
But someone took the sign away
And it's so hard to find
I wanna pray and open up my mind

Don't it get you
Don't it let it get you feelin' down
A revelation it's my salvation
To be grounded


I just wanna start a revolution
Little sister like you've never seen
I'm your distant near
But close relation
Always dressed in white
Upon the screen

And you will go far, you will be a star

I don't wanna take a long vacation
Never had the time to pump the gas

And you will go far, in your big black car

How did it get to that?

The bass it don't lie, so never say never
It's making me cry so never say never

Rather taste the honey than the morphine
Like the way it feels upon my tongue
Paint a perfect picture to the school dean
Gotta play in Memphis all night long


Mother can you see
I've been tryin' to see you
Cuz the line is free
Now they're tellin' me,
Stop shakin' like a feather
On the count of three

Back in '69,
We never learned our lesson
Down in Vietnam
I refuse to sign,
It doesn't really matter
They don't give a damn

I don't care what you want
And I roll with the fear

You don't hear nothin'
A sad waste of life
When we go to war
Won't you hear somethin'
Father you cry
When we go to war
What is it for?

Brother is that you?
So get a little closer
I can't feel your breath
We're the chosen few
Out there in the desert
There's a smell of death


Time, keeps slippin' and there's no crime
You know there is no time, it's never too late

Black, you puttin' me on the rack
The burnin' red sky will crack, it's all in your fate

Soon, you're gonna be on the moon
The drug lies in the spoon, you know it can't be

Strain, you gotta live past the pain
You know that I go insane, I gotta be free

Tell me can you see
We are just like oil and water
Won't you hear my plea
We are just like oil and water


I hear the drums they're fading fast
We live in days of future past
It's all in your mind

You stand outside the pearly gates
You pray to god that he awaits
A life so divine

You feel that you've been let astray
And this could be your darkest day
It's all very sad

You dream of Edgar Allen Poe
You fall into the hell below
It's all that you've had
That you've had

You never win, you never win
It's too late to save the world
You never win, you never win
It's too late to save the world
Too late to save the world

The tenements have fallen down
You're looking for some higher ground
You go slightly mad

But they will come in the disguise
It's time to open up your eyes
It's all very sad...Very sad


Don't break me
I hope you won't forsake me
If only for a day, it won't be long
I stumble
And if the mountains do crumble
The sun will show the way
It will guide me where there's a will
There's a way

Hey yeah
Hey yeah

Cold fever
I'm not a lone deceiver
Soon autumn will be gone
Long long gone
My invention
I gotta soul intention
I try to carry on
It will take me where
There's a will there's a way