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Long gone
I can hear the Sirean
And I feel strong
I don't give a damn
I break in my darkest hour
And it's too late
For the lion and the lamb
I'm crucified
My flesh is torn
So take me back
Where I belong
So long
I've been elevated
In the skyline
These are the days
I am the keeper
You know my name
Kill the reaper
Feed the flame
I'm a rider
Blood red sky
The Outsider
'Til I die
Last rite
Time to meet your maker
In the Black Light
Heavy lies my wake


Got a whiplash tongue
That is sharp like a razor
With a kill switch mind a role manipulator
And you're so alive
I can see you on the marquee
You're in overdrive
But you're lookin'
For the Soul key
You're a big bone lick
And I feel your vibration
A Dog and Pony
You know you need a
With your mighty fine
Now you're livin'
In a typhoon
You Better check your health
I See the risin' of the
Black Moon
The Man
Man In The Middle
Tell me can
Can you cry me a riddle
You can't see the light
And the darkness
Has fallen upon you
And you live and die
In the madness
That gathers around you
In a big black car
Now you're full of ambition
You're a Rock 'n Roll Star
With a killer condition
Talk so cheap
And I heard it on the
You better sow what you reap
Or you be walkin' on a flatline
Can't see the light 'til
You open your eyes
You open your eyes


Sinners, Monks and Thieves all share the air we breathe
Smoke, Swords and Fire, bravemans true desire
For free men must fight tonight all in the glory of war
We sit in waiting every mile on Hadrian's Wall
With steel dirt and sand
We all have stake in the land
For many will not see
Morning sun rising, flags on the horizon, thus begins the battle of Hadrian's Wall
Tonight they will come, 4,000 chariots strong
River of red flowing down, all in the name of Galaman's crown
For many will not see
Morning sun rising
Over the horizon
Lead by arrows
And the release of the dragon
Blood rivers flowing
Man die without knowing
We fight as legions
Against a crown of treason
On Hadrian's Wall
Oh in the morning, I rise
Never thought I'd see a morning sun rise
Never thought I'd live to see another day
On Hadrian's Wall


I cry a new day
Day is dawning
I give you my plea
All alone
So high I can't
Hear the warning
I breathe and
I face the unknown
I'm fooled by the
Court and the Jester
The Gallery looks
Down on me
I wake in a dream
I confessed there
Confusion is all that I see
My body found
By the river
I'm gone Mother Earth
Oh Lord take me down
To deliver
Save Me
Can you hear me callin'?
Save Me
I'm on the ledge
And I am fallin'
Inside I bleed to recover
I slowly come undone
My guide
The lone forgiver
Am I the chosen one


I ain't lookin' for
Lost Salvation
You give me
Somethin' I can't lose
No lip, no conversation
I'm on the tip
You light my fuse
I bleed with satisfaction
You got me walkin'
With this curse
I need some interaction
I live in Sin
Gonna' shake my Soul
Take me down to the hole
You know you're
Gonna' wake the dead
Wake the dead
I heard
You're a Midnight Flyer
What kind of world
Do you live in?
You're preachin'
To the Choir
Mother Dandeloin
Fire child within
It serves me right to suffer
I live in Sin


I face another day
So hard to live inside
The pleasure dome
The fear won't go away
It shadows me
Wherever I may roam
What has become of me
The alchemy has left me
In a haze
Hung by a rope again
My life cast out
At sea amen
My lack of faith
Has no shame
It is reckless
And I know
There's no flame
For the Faithless
I fail the polygraph
I can't derail the voice
Inside my hide
Here in the aftermath
Now I regret the choice
That I can't shed
There is no compromise
And I don't want to

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Hold my head up high
Now I see you, drying off your eyes
Four seasons, temper all my pain
And I have been sheltered... I accept the blame
For the Tumblin' Dice
I put my ego aside
With fire and anger
I've shadowboxed you all my life
Bring it on yourself, bring it on me
Wrapped up in a box because there is nothing left for free
Gonna' dig a hole, gonna' fall in the dirt
Gonna' redeem myself and rise upon the earth
And I feel, like the time has come
All I ever wanted, was to be an ordinary son
Know the wounds run deep
But I take solace, knowing that hill is not so steep
Pale white cigarette, barn full of hay
But I knew I should't have been there anyway
Gone is the shadow that was cast over
And I just want to live in tranquility
And I believe that we will
All the courageous
And all the forgiveness
Walk with me
Walk with me
So thank you for tending our survival
'Cause I know that I took that bread from our table


You're automatic
So wild to thrill
You say you won't
But I know you will
You're so dramatic
How can it be?
So full of life
And energy
No need to panic
Don't feel your age
I hear you live in
A golden cage
You get so manic
You get so spun
Get out my
You're a loaded gun
Come around midnight
I pull down my guard
I want to feel it
I Can See Your Spirit
So psychedlic
Right to the core
I'm gonna' tie you down
To the floor
You're so angelic
My little queen
High from above
In a Time Machine
You're so electric
So far and wide
You're majesty
Won't you be my guide
You are connected
So deep within
Now can't your see
By the shape I'm in?
I see the sacred walls
That surround you
I see from 10 miles
I'm so high... high


I've been watchin' you go
I'm feelin' so low
In this episode
I cannot replace
I'm all out of Grace
I can't found the code
It broke me down
And took my pride
I wish I could turn
Back the tide
All is left to say?
Little Secret
And let it unfold
And Kill me inside
Shield I cannot defend
My fair weather friend
With no barricade
I'm letting you go
I'm lost in the glow
I feel so betrayed
I fail to inject
You'e lost my respect
A fool to be wise
Where do I belong?
I thought I was strong
A storm on the rise


I hear them sing
Break the bone
And I feel that sting
In the mornin'
They will sail
The dogs of hell
Are on my trail
They will come
With nerves of Steel
Battle worn
And it's so real
I got to go
I'm on my way
To another land
Where I can stay
I can feel the afterburn
There lies my freedom
All the while the wheels
They turn
I will discover
We were only meant to
I'm leavin' this life and fate
In the crossfire
Won't you come and shelter me
It's so dark
I can't see
Evergreen they shake the ground
To Aragon without a sound
Death denies their
Holy Grail
The wind does cry
And they will sail
So say a pray and think
Of me
And script it on my legacy


Take my eyes
Burn down the Sun
How can you be so cold?
You left me here
All hope is gone
Where is the life I sold
I pray the dawn
Will break this spell
What will become of me?
It took my breath
So hard I fell
Lost in a shell, ghostly
And the rain falls down
On this lonely child
And I could not feel
The fire
And I realize
This was meant to be
And I need some time
To grieve
And you fade so slowly
Now all that shines is Gold
And I feel I'm dyin'
How can you be so cold?
When the sky in fallin'
Now that you're growin' old
And I feel that I'm dyin'
How can you feel so cold?
So slowly wake me
From my sleep
Here in this house I dwell
And I don't delay
The wound so deep
Down in this livin' hell