[April 20, 2000]

Roberto Cosentino met up with Glenn when Glenn's promotional tour took him to Milano, Italy.

Roberto wrote:
"Here are pictures from yesterday, and one from this morning at the airport. The pictures from yesterday were taken at the Hilton Hotel in Milano, Italy, except the one taken at the radio station. Ciao!
P.S. Also included is a message from Glenn."

The message from Glenn (right) reads:

"Hi everyone! I'm here in Milan, doing press, and hanging out with Roberto. I'm totally exhausted, with a real bad case of jet lag. Believe it or not, I hate doing promo. "Vaffanculo." It's stupid talking about music; I just like to sing and play it. The Italians are very appreciative and kind. Long live Italia!

Glenn & Claudia @ Rock FM Radio Milan - Lorenzo (Audioglobe promoter)

Roberto, GH & Giorgio - GH & Giorgio

GH & Roberto - Roberto's wife Daniela & GH @ Milano airport April 20

(Click on the pictures for larger versions. Thanks to Roberto for getting these pictures out to us.)

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