Release date:
September 29, 2003 in Europe - MTM Music [SPV CD 085-59602, EAN-Code: 400161759602 9, MTM 0681-81]
September 3, 2003 in Japan on Pony Canyon

Hughes Turner Project 2
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1. Revelation

2. Alone I Breathe

3. Losing My Head

4. Going My Way

5. Hold On

6. Lost Dreams

7. Time and Time Again

8. Goodbye Friday

9. Burning The Sky

10. Sofia

11. Let's Talk About It

12. Keep On Shining (Bonus Track for Japan)


Glenn Hughes (Vocals, Bass)
Joe Lynn Turner (Vocals)
J. J. Marsh (Guitars)
Ed Roth (Keyboards)
Shane Gaalaas (Drums)

Guest Appearances:
Steve Vai, Guitar Solo & Chad Smith, drums (Red Hot Chili Peppers) on "Losing My Head"
Jeff Kollman, Guitar Outro on "Burning The Sky", Guitar solo on "Keep On Shining"


Produced by: The Crumb Bros., Glenn Hughes and Joe Lynn Turner
Executive Producer: Mark Wexler
Associate Producer: Gabrielle Hughes

Recorded by: Jeff Kollman and Mark Renk (Crumb Bros.) at Crumb Studios, Granada Hills, CA
Mixed by: Jeff Kollman at Crumb Studios
Drums Recorded by: Evan Beigel at Seasound Studios, North Hollywood, CA

"HTP" Logo and Package Design by: Darwin Foye (
Photography by: John Harrell
Makeup by: S.L.U.T. Cosmetics, Mindi Smith

Glenn Hughes plays the 5-string Vigier Arpege bass [] and uses Dean Markley strings

Tracks 1, 3-6 and 9-11 © 2003 Ponce Songs, BMI/Jolt Music, ASCAP/ ASCAP.
Tracks 2, 8 and 12 © 2003 Ponce Songs, BMI.
Track 7 © 2003 Ponce Songs, BMI/Jolt Music, ASCAP.

Chad Smith appears courtesy of Warner Bros. Records.


The following publicity images can't be found in the cd package, except for the first one which is an alternate image used
in the European cd package:


There is a studio report available which features some great pictures:

- HTP 2 Studio report

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