FROM NOW ON... (1994)

Release date:
Originally released in Sweden on January 29th, 1994 by Empire Records (ERCD-1001).
Later the same year Zero Corporation released it in Japan (XRCN-1080) on April 23, 1994.
In 1996 there was also a USA release on Explorer Records (EXC2 44810).

From Now On...
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1. Pickin' Up The Pieces

2. Lay My Body Down

3. The Only One

4. Why Don't You Stay

5. Walkin' On The Water

6. The Liar

7. Into The Void

8. You Were Always There

9. If You Don't Want Me To (Allyson's Song)

10. Devil In You

11. Homeland

12. From Now On...

13. Burn (Bonus Track in Japan & USA)

14. You Keep On Moving (Bonus Track in Japan & USA)


Glenn Hughes: Vocals
Thomas Larsson: Guitars
Eric Bojfeldt: Guitars
Mic Michaeli: Keyboards/Background Vocals
Jon Leven: Bass Guitar
Hempo Hillden: Drums (1-12)
Ian Haugland: Drums (13-14)
Meja: Vocals (9)

Meja appears courtesy of BMG Records


Produced and Engineered by: Bruce Gowdy
Co-Produced by: Glenn Hughes
Recorded at: Nordic Sound Lab
Assisted by: Anders Eliasson
Mixed by: Bruce Gowdy, Glenn Hughes, and Dave Ahlert
Assisted by: Matt Gruber at Steve Vai's Mothership in Los Angeles, Light Without Heat, Inc.
Mastered by: Peter Dahl at Cutting Room AB (Sweden) using Massenburg EQ and Super Bit Mapping Processor (24-bit)

Glenn Hughes composes and performs on Landola, the finest acoustic guitars in the world, uses Dean Markley strings and wears Roco Baroco leather and Hot Tuna clothing.
Thomas Larsson and Eric Bojfeldt use ESP guitars, Dean Markley strings and Gaywhore amplifiers.
Mic Michaeli uses Hammond C3 and Yamaha SY999.
John Leven plays a Warmouth bass built by Jane Helge at Boogie Music, Vaxjo.
Hempo Hillden plays Gretsch drums by Paul Jamieson.

Go Back Personal Assistant to Glenn Hughes: Anders Tengner
Layout and booklet design by: Ann Djerv for Djerv Design
Photography by: Mats Oscarsson


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