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Old Aug-24-2003, 2:28 PM
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Icon20 CHAT with GLENN transcript - August 24th, 2003

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Tools/Printer Friendly Format from the Toolbar above.

CHAT transcript - August 24th, 2003

Esther Hi

Esther Hi

Esther Hi danielb

danielb hello, is it on?

Esther Hi Paul... I was alone a little time ago

Admin Hi folks - Glenn is logging in now

Esther Hi

breari hi

Esther hi

Esther hi Glenn!!!

danielb Welcome Glenn!

Glenn Hughes hi everybody. nice to hear from you again.

Esther hi Glenn

Pete Stanford hi Glenn

DaveUK hi Glenn

danielb May I start with a question?

Glenn Hughes hi

Esther. looking forward to seeing you in Spain.

Pete Stanford have you still got the 'tash

Pete Stanford it's cool

Esther of course you will see me on the front row

Glenn Hughes yes as i told you all before i am in 60's/70's mode. With clothes and moustache. Vintage Fender bass guitars etc

Esther I don't know if you know that you'll share 3 spanish dates with Jeff Scott Soto

Glenn Hughes i remember seeing you last time Esther, and thank you for singing along.

Esther thanks Glenn... thank you for all... this makes me feel special

danielb There have been rumours about a couple of Swedish gigs in September. Will these happen this time around, Glenn?

bret530 hi glenn

Glenn Hughes No, i am afraid there won't be any Swedish gigs in Sept. I am only doing Spain and the UK as Joe and I will be doing HTP2 tour which will be extended in Europe in March and April.

danielb I'm very sorry to hear that, Glenn. Thanks for confirming though.

Pete Stanford Glenn on "In My Blood"...the vocals don't seem to have any effects on them...is this the case...fine song by the way

chrisloeb Hello there, It's nice to be here, and as requested I will take just a few minutes, then make the space available to somebody else. This is my first chat EVER btw, and I'm very excited!

Glenn Hughes Yes, i wanted to keep this song dry.

Esther I have to congrat you for SITKOR... it rocks!!!!!!!... but I miss a little soul-funky feelings

Pete Stanford hi Shirean

Shirean Hi Pete

James Gaden Good evening/afternoon everybody!

Pete Stanford hi james

Glenn Hughes Esther, i pretty much made a decision based on overall feedback from fans, music critics and record co's to go "rock".

Esther yes, I know....

Glenn Hughes Believe me now, the funk runs through my blood it will always shine through. trust me.

DaveUK who is your support band for the UK Glenn

James Gaden Hey Glenn! Thanks for doing this again. I love SITKOR! How well has it been received?

Glenn Hughes JJ Marsh guitar, Thomas Broman drums, Lasse Pollack on keys

Glenn Hughes Extremely well. everyone seems to think this is the direction i should have taken 10 yrs ago.

James Gaden I don't know about that, but you sound great on it!

martial hi glenn happy birthday to you. We'll see you in October in Dudley. We hope to see you in Belgium too. We miss you. Cecile martial and Doriane. Love XXX

Glenn Hughes once again james, the real glenn is a mix of rock, funk and soul.

Glenn Hughes but unfortunately in these days, and times, business has got to be business.

DaveUK how many songs from the new album will you be performing

bret530 hi glenn, saw you in clear lake at the surf. you were awesome. do you think you will ever play there again?

Esther Glenn... I think that sharing spanish dates with Jeff Scott Soto will not be very good for the music business ... you share a lot of fans...

Glenn Hughes as for the surf there are talks to perform there again sometime between May and August of 2004

James Gaden I'm counting the seconds to the Bradford show. I'm going to be there and see you live in the flesh for the first time. Is there any chance of a meet and greet at either Bradford or Dudley?

Glenn Hughes set list: the list will differ from Spain to England.

Esther a lot of people will have to make a choice

Glenn Hughes i am rehearsing 5 songs from SITKOR

danielb Considering you've got a new band together (apart from JJ), how many days will you have to set aside for tour rehearsals?

Esther it will be Trapeze songs???

Glenn Hughes there will be Meet and Greets.

Esther greeeat!!!!!


Glenn Hughes there will be 3 days of rehearsals in Sweden

Glenn Hughes 2 Trapeze songs...

James Gaden Booyah! Prepare to get writers cramp from autographing, Big Daddy!

Pete Stanford have you decided what the first track on the set list will be Glenn?


chrisloeb Glenn, with your vast schedule, recording and touring, it seems almost impossible to do more Archive releases in the near future, yet the fans are of course curious to hear what has been hiding in your shelves. And in addition to that: Have you ever considered a platform for exclusive, membership-only releases (like the King Crimson Collector's Club), that wouldn't fit for a "commercial" release, but have that certain "value you can't see" ?

Glenn Hughes i haven't decided the first song yet....

Glenn Hughes in the next few yrs i hope to record the more funkier stuff and release it.

Esther i'd be great

Esther how about shape68?

chrisloeb Happy to hear that

Pete Stanford any visual releases(dvd) in the future Glenn

Glenn Hughes as for the jeff scott soto thing, jeff is a bit freaked out about it. his tickets went on sale before mine - i love playing in Spain. i think my audience will be there.

James Gaden Glenn, can I just say, as a Mr Big fanatic, I thought you did an excellent job of Price You Gotta Pay. Stunning! Were you tagged to do Alive And Kicking as well or was that internet rumour?

Glenn Hughes i recorded it -i assume it will be released somewhere.

oldhag13 Hi Glenn

Esther of course!!!! I'll take charge of it!!!!

chrisloeb Have you already been approached for more Albums in the Influences & Connections series?

Glenn Hughes i knew i could count on you

Glenn Hughes i get calls all the time from many artists - i decline more than i do.

oldhag13 Been a fan for 30 years , met you on several occassions what a nice guy you are, you just get better as the years and albums go on. Can't wait to see you in london in October. Love, hugs peace and kisses, love Deborah.

Glenn Hughes Thanks Deborah. This tour is very important for me.

James Gaden When you do tribute stuff, do you get given a song to do or do you get to choose from a list?

Glenn Hughes They normally give me a song to do.

Pete Stanford do you input your own mix/sound on these?

chrisloeb sorry for the stupid question, but what was the strangest call you ever got (and declined)?

oldhag13 Iv'e seen you on every tour you have done Glenn and I love the songs in the key of rock album.

Glenn Hughes i usually produce my own vocals but the producer of the project does the mix. he asks me to bring my own style to the song.

martial are you planning to do some shows in Belgium or germany in october or november?

James Gaden Glenn, I think Courageous from SITKOR is probably the best thing I've heard you write. Is that the kind of vein Shape 68 would be, or was it just a cool vibe you came up with for SITKOR?

Glenn Hughes the strangest call was to produce a famous porn star...

Pete Stanford lol

Glenn Hughes Germany & Belgium will be with HTP2 in 2004

oldhag13 Is HTP2 touring in England next year Glenn?

nightcrawler.71 Songs in The Key of Rock is a really great album.

Glenn Hughes Courageous is a song that i found easy to write. i love this song. i just wish the majority of the rock critics felt the same.

Glenn Hughes But it has rec'd good reviews.

nightcrawler.71 Was the name inspired by Stevie Wonder Songs in the Key of life

Glenn Hughes HTP2 will most likely do a few shows in the UK in the Spring

Glenn Hughes yes and no.

DaveUK how do you think Wolves will fair this season?

Glenn Hughes if you ask me today we are going to fail miserably and i am extrEEEEEMly upset, as you can imagine. what was he doing (jones) over the summer?

Esther I visited the HTP Supporters Club site and I saw that there will be a song dedicated to Sofia, Bulgaria... is it related with Nikolo Kotzev???

Glenn Hughes the song Sofia is about the city of Sofia and the friends i met there. i love that place.

Admin A question from our Scottish contingent....any north of the Border gigs when HTP hit the road next year?

Glenn Hughes i am going to insist on a Scotland show

Admin Good news...will pass it on

oldhag13 hope you had a really good birthday 3 days ago Glenn

chrisloeb Glenn, are you going to tour continental Europe as well - we'll have a special Vinegar Cocktail waiting for you here in Vienna (remember your little accident - that must have been tough...)

Pete Stanford lol

DaveUK lol

James Gaden As you and Joe are almost obliged to do some Purple stuff in the HTP set, have you and Joe considered more Mk 3 stuff than Gillan era? The pair of you sounded great on Joe's Holy Man tour doing Might Just Take Your Life and You Keep On Moving!

Glenn Hughes i had a fab b-day thank you. great company with Kevin and Lark and then Jeff and Trish and Gab is hilarious. we stayed in the Austin Powers suite in The Hard Rock Hotel.

DaveUK nevermind Glenn my teams in the unibond premier league

Pete Stanford anything on dvd in the future Glenn?

oldhag13 I went to the Legends of Rock and i have to say you really made the show, you were so full of energy and i felt that you made the night for me.

Glenn Hughes Thank you so much Deborah. That is why this follow up tour is all important.

Blkops Greetings Gabi and Glenn

Glenn Hughes Yes, there will be a DVD in the future.

Pete Stanford Superb

nightcrawler.71 Is there some hope that your next album will have more Funk elements something like songs in the Key of Come Taste the Band. Or just one or two funky songs. Would be nice

Glenn Hughes i can say now that the songs that i am writing are a little bit skankier.


James Gaden Well I still thought there was more funk vibes on SITKOR than there was on the likes of Addiction

Glenn Hughes yeah SKANKY!

Glenn Hughes Addiction was dark.

Glenn Hughes appropriately so

Esther Glenn, I don't know if you remembered that you came to Spain to make an acoustic show for the TV... I went there but they told me that you cancelled it but noone told me more... what happened?

Glenn Hughes here is the truth about the spanish tv show;

Glenn Hughes the guitar player was not sent the songs that he ewas supposed to learn. then when he came to the hotel, he could not play them-he could not play the solos. he even suggested that i PLAY THE HARMONICA

Glenn Hughes instead of doing the guitar solos.

Esther really????

Glenn Hughes i was NOT amused as spain is a very important market to me.

Esther you took the right way... now I understand

oldhag13 will the new tour be all songs from the album SITKOR or will you add some old faves

Blkops Greetings Gabi and Glenn from the nation's capital, Washington, D.C. Also, happy belated birthday Glenn! Glenn, it sounded as though you reached into the depths of your being when singing Golden One ... Did you nail the track on your first run -- and if so, was everyone blown away? Thanks, Anna

Glenn Hughes the whole album of voodoo hill was first takes.

Glenn Hughes thank you.

chrisloeb first takes, wow!

Blkops Would you ever attempt to do Golden One live?

James Gaden Is the second Voodoo Hill like the first? Did you write all the lyics and Dario all the music?

Pete Stanford Glenn does playin' the bass as well as singing become a restriction ie matching syllables with the notes on the bass?

chrisloeb As for vocals: One of my favourite vocals of yours is "Until Tomorrow" from Eddie Hardin's Wizards Convention. What are Your memories of that recording Session / What do You think of the song today?

oldhag13 do u know when the new voodoo hill album is due 4 release?

Glenn Hughes I just want to mention to everyone that I will be rehearsing a lot of songs for this tour, so there will be different set lists. More solo songs performed on the UK leg

nightcrawler.71 That's right but my favourite record is still The way it is. In my opinion it's absolutely perfect. I also like Burning Japan live very much. Is there any hope for a new live album. Will the DVD be HTP or solo.

Glenn Hughes Dario wrote music i did lyrics. produced melodies and vocals.

Glenn Hughes it is a great followup

Glenn Hughes no restriction on bass playing and singing for me

martial what about this projects: hughes and thrall 2, mannfred elherts dance music...?

James Gaden I'm looking forward to it. You've been unbelievably busy this year!

Pete Stanford thought so Glenn

Glenn Hughes hughes thrall 2 may never be finished.

Glenn Hughes i am tired of waiting for it to be done.

Glenn Hughes manfred ehlert-that project is now dated.

Glenn Hughes i do not know when the voo doo hill 2 will come out. i assume next year.

Blkops I read in an old article that a video of Trapeze in Texas was supposed to be released...did that ever occur?

Glenn Hughes i do not know of any video from Trapeze. if there was one it is from someone in the audience.

Esther What projects do you have signed for the next year?

James Gaden Ah, everything works out for the best. If there is never a H/T II, it'll just increase the popularity and mystique of the first one.

Glenn Hughes i will make another Glenn album next summer.

Glenn Hughes Exactly james.

Blkops Glenn, I also wanted to know what ever became of Don Airey and Graham Bonnet? Both gentlemen I have met and miss. Anything you can share?

Glenn Hughes don airey is with deep purple right now.

Glenn Hughes graham i know has gone out w/dario last yr with the graham bonnet and don airey band

Blkops There's a new Deep Purple?

oldhag13 Glenn, PLEEZE PLEEZE PLEZE (i'm beggin' here!!) send me signed foto?

Glenn Hughes well he took jon lord's place

Esther yes... Dario and Graham sounds great in live

James Gaden That's great for Don, but I always had this notion of Bonnet/Airey supporting HTP......that would rock!

Glenn Hughes If you want a signed photo send your address to David & Shirean

oldhag13 THANX xxxxxxx LUV HUGZ PEACE + Xs U R A VERY SPECIAL PERSON GOD BLESS (love 2 Gabbi xxx)

oldhag13 DEBS

Glenn Hughes Thanks Deborah!

chrisloeb Are there plans to reissue the first H/T Album on CD, probably with Bonus tracks?

nightcrawler.71 Is there any hope for Busted from Hughes/Thrall to be performed live. I love that song.

Glenn Hughes Don with htp would be good.

Glenn Hughes H/T is owned by Sony so i have no idea and the original masters have been erased.

Glenn Hughes what is busted?

chrisloeb Erased? What happened there?

Blkops Thank you so much Glenn...sometimes it's too hard to keep up. I met both of them along with Cozy Powell, God rest his soul...right after you left Deep Purple and they were all rehearsing for their tour.

nightcrawler.71 The last song on Hughes/Thrall is called Busted

Glenn Hughes I will do a H/T song on the road...

Glenn Hughes The last song i believe is First Step Of Love

Glenn Hughes James Diener over at Sony went into the vaults 2 yrs ago and told me this.

Pete Stanford Glenn will there be SITKOR merchandise on the tour?

James Gaden H/T did come out on CD Chris, because I have it. Or did you just mean remastered?

Glenn Hughes We are trying to get some SITKOR merch for the UK.....

Pete Stanford great

James Gaden Fantastic. I'll bring an extra wallet!

nightcrawler.71 sorry i mixed it up . Will First step of Love ever be performed live again

Glenn Hughes yes it will!

Admin Canada, Ireland, Uruguay, Argentina all would like to know if you'll reach their shores on tour either solo or with HTP?

Glenn Hughes i am negotiating to appear in Argentina in December but it is not confirmed yet. when it is, i will post the news here.

martial cecile ask you if you will sing more solo stuff on your october's tour , songs from addiction or feel? And if you're not, why?

chrisloeb remastered James, I have a copy of the old reissue!

chrisloeb but re-mastering won't happen then... pity.

Blkops Since Pat Travers does a fair amount of touring in the US and you haven't done much...what would be the chances of both of you touring the US together?

oldhag13 goodnite + Godbless ev'ryone. thanx 4 ur time Glenn. c u in October xxxxx Debs

Glenn Hughes there will be rehearsing one Addiction song

Pete Stanford cya debs

Esther A personal question: do your received any music present in your birthday?... you know, CDs,...

Glenn Hughes financially impossible regarding Pat & I touring together

Glenn Hughes Yes! kevin dubrow gave me 20 cd's he made for me!


Pete Stanford wow

Pete Stanford anything off Feel or BTM glenn?

chrisloeb Addiction song....Talk About It?

Glenn Hughes BTM-yes

Blkops If you had a financial backer, would you reconsider?

Glenn Hughes Feel, unfortunately no

Pete Stanford nevermind

Admin Push!

Glenn Hughes if i had a financial backer there is no question i would tour 300 days a yr

Pete Stanford Big Time?

Esther Big Sky....

chrisloeb Maybe Your Baby

Glenn Hughes there will be no Big Sky Esther


Pete Stanford sorry wrong album

martial cecile wants to hear talk about it am i right?

Glenn Hughes dont worry Esther, this is Gabi-the set list Glenn has in mind will still rock your world.

Glenn Hughes and it will be funky

chrisloeb btw, is there a Cover song you've always wanted to do studio or live?

Esther thanks Gabi

James Gaden Hi Gabi, didn't realise you were there!

Max hi everybody!

Glenn Hughes MANY cover songs i would like to do!

Pete Stanford hi Gabi

Glenn Hughes is that crazzzy guy Max from Italy?

chrisloeb any favourite?

Glenn Hughes Genova?

Max no i'm a Belgian sorry

James Gaden For me Glenn, getting to see you live is cool enough. To hear you do you solo stuff is just even better!

Glenn Hughes i would like to do Knights in White Satin by The Moody Blues

Glenn Hughes Hi Belgian Max.

Max so fun to have chance to talk with you

chrisloeb who will play the Mellotron?

Glenn Hughes thanks james.

Esther this song will sound great with your voice

Glenn Hughes I just want my audience to know I have to start playing more solo material.

Glenn Hughes Lasse Pollack will be on keys

James Gaden I think you'd be great at Play That Funky Music !

martial Thanks Glenn, that's what we want - more solo songs

Glenn Hughes i would like to do some cover songs that aren't so obvious, like Whiter Shade of Pale was.

Blkops What would be an approx. amount needed to do a reasonable tour in the US? Sorry to keep asking, but I may have a potential backer to send your way

Pete Stanford that was brill at LOR Manchester

bret530 hi glenn the surf was an unbelievable experience and my husband rocked his ass off,i tried to keep myself in line but my question is was the line-up of talent x-tra special because it was the 10th anniversary or can we look forward to something simular next year? At the surf?

James Gaden I was thrilled when I found out you'd have a keyboard player instead of a trio, because you said that affected your choice of setlist.

Glenn Hughes the more money, the more shows. i cant really answer that at the moment

DaveUK is there a band supprting you on the tour

Blkops Very well. Thank you

Max Burning japan live was a very good deal between old songs and news, isn't it?

Pete Stanford hi BC

Glenn Hughes the tribute lineup was the same as i always have. next year i have heard they want to come to LA but that is yet to be determined

BC-Decibel Hi Glenn, Pete and Everyone

Glenn Hughes no support band in the UK

Glenn Hughes just groovy sounds and incense

Admin So a nice long set

martial no support band so you can play 3 hours long

Pete Stanford two hours?

Glenn Hughes i am afraid i can't play for 3 hours martial!

Glenn Hughes well said Max.

Esther I don't know if you remember, but at the last chat I asked you about doing a duets album, and you answered that you'll think about it... have you thought it?

BC-Decibel I'm looking forward to see you in Sweden, Glenn

BC-Decibel can we arrange everything?

Max thanks glenn!! Is there a chance to see you soon in Belgium ???

Glenn Hughes Esther, have not had a chance to think about the duets album since i have been getting ready to leave for Sweden/Spain. etc

nightcrawler.71 What's your most favourite band at the monent and what was the last record you bought.

Glenn Hughes Belgium will be with HTP2 in 2004

Glenn Hughes My favorite band is the band that plays in my head.

Max ouhou!!!!!!!!so great !!!!!

Max can't wait!

Glenn Hughes the last record i bought was in the 80's

chrisloeb Any other European dates for 2004 - Austria?

Pete Stanford hi Shirl

Esther great answer, Glenn

Glenn Hughes Austria-love to. Vienna for sure

Blkops Out of all the basses that you own, which is your favorite and why...also, do you prefer 5 over 4 string?

Shirl Hi Pete - late as usual

chrisloeb Vinegar?

Glenn Hughes i must say the Vigier 5-string Arpege is an amazing instrument.

Shirl Hello Glenn and Gabi. Lovely to be able to chat to you both again.

pjoslo good evening to y'all from oslo!

Pete Stanford better late than never Shirl

Glenn Hughes But now i am playing vintage 4 string Jazz and Precision basses by Fender.

Pete Stanford hi pj

Glenn Hughes hi Shirl

James Gaden Now then Shirl!

BC-Decibel are you back playing Fender now

Shirl Karaoke King is here again!!

Glenn Hughes you bet. you will not believe the sound that is coming out of these basses.

Glenn Hughes it is very Purple/Trapeze/Play Me Out.

Admin i can back that up...just an amazing sound echoed through the Surf...

Max Do you still play on records or on stage with your Rickenbacker?

BC-Decibel I got a wonderful Jazz bass '77 you have to try that one!

Glenn Hughes i gave my Rickenbacker to Geezer Butler. and Geezer, i want it back.

Glenn Hughes Email me via David and Shirean about the '77

Shirl Glenn - don't know if this has already been asked but are there now plans to write your autobiography

Glenn Hughes i have been asked to write my auto. by Dave Ling

Glenn Hughes i will when the time is right.

Blkops My brother had a 67 precision when he played...his group The Cherry People opened for you and played second to ZZ Top in Texas when you were with Trapeze

pjoslo forgive me if this has been asked earlier glenn, is Phenomena 4 going to feature you? regards from ian

James Gaden Are you coming to England as well Gabi?

Glenn Hughes yes james, this is Gabi and i am going to the UK.

chrisloeb Have you played the anniversary Fender Precision model with the extra Humbucker? It's the greatest instrument I have ever played - you can produce all the classic sounds as well as anything else. Fantastic!

Shirl You've got so much ahead of you, I expect we'll be waiting a while.

Glenn Hughes Phenomena 4 will feature me on 3 songs

James Gaden Where else would I be

Glenn Hughes chris i have not tried that one yet.

BC-Decibel I love those martin horns you played on California Jam

pjoslo excellent news! are you writing any of them or is Tom handling the writing with Mel?

Glenn Hughes i sold them to the Buzz cocks-or rather my Dad did, out of my garage in Staffordshire.

Shirl I am so looking forward to meeting you Gabi. I must be one of the few who missed you last year although I was in Nottingham.

BC-Decibel haha

Laurent hi

chrisloeb Is Mel Galley still playing the guitar, after all what happened to his arm?

Glenn Hughes Shirl, i don't think i was at Nottingham.

Shirl By the way, Gabi - when is YOUR birthday?

Glenn Hughes i wish mel was playing the guitar. i only want the best for mel.

Glenn Hughes my b day is December 3rd.

James Gaden It'll probably be in bits now. I saw how Geezer played in Birmingham for the Reunion album...

Pete Stanford how was Steve Vai involved with HTP2 Glenn

Pete Stanford how did it come about

Glenn Hughes Steve Vai is a good friend, and he was my only choice as guest guitar player for HTP2.

Pete Stanford good choice

Glenn Hughes you wait til you hear the song "Losing My Head" which features him and Chad Smith...

BC-Decibel i heard a clip - great song!!!

Glenn Hughes thanks bc

oldhag13 just had 2 say goodnite + Godbless AGAIN!!! luv u LOTS xxxxxxxxxxxxxDebs

Glenn Hughes it is one of my favorites too.

BC-Decibel really looking forward to that album, is everything OK with Joe?

Glenn Hughes Everything is great with Joe. He and I are like brothers.

chrisloeb Glenn, my compliments, Your voice and Your music mean so much, it's hard to put it into words. I hope to see you again on Tour. I have to leave now - headache is killing me (weather's probably changing, better will be) All the best to you and Gabi and Happy Birthday again! Best wishes, Christian - bye everybody!

Glenn Hughes he is very easy to work with.

Pete Stanford Glenn whats your best song in your opinion you've wrote?

BC-Decibel my wife sits beside me, she says thanks for the last time, did you enjoy the ride with the Mitsubishi?

Glenn Hughes it is really difficult to say.

martial it's now a few times that you play with Steve Lukather, what do you think about him.One of the best guitarist with the best singer, what a good project?

Glenn Hughes i think on each album i have ever recorded there are special songs.

Max in Trapeze your were playing some piano and keyboard parts? isn't it?

Shirl Hello Glenn - this is Angela, one of Shirl's daughters, you've become a big part of mine and my sister's lives over the last twelve months, believe it or not, we are serious rap fans, but love your voice and Mum couldn't believe that we wanted to come to all your gigs in October. We know there is a Meet and Greet at JBs but waht about Bradford and Cambridge? P.S. Love to Gabi, Mum has a picture of you both pride of place in the lounge! Thanks for your time x

Pete Stanford thanks Glenn...see you at Bradford...bye everyone

James Gaden It'll be nice to say hello to you both. Just step over me if I faint.

Glenn Hughes Steve Lukather is a friend, great guitar player. We are on the same tribute records.

Pete Stanford and Gabi of course

Glenn Hughes yes i play keys all thru Trapeze albums

James Gaden Hey Laurent!

Esther I'm sorry, but I have to go for a walk with my dog now... he's getting nervous :-)... It was a pleasure to chat with you Glenn. See you on a few days here in Madrid (I'm already dreaming on this day). A big kiss for Gabi and my love for you, Glenn... thanks for all this special moments, thanks for being you.

Glenn Hughes Yes, there will be meet and greets at all shows in the UK

oldhag13 thanx again nite ev'ryone xxx debs

Max what your favorite keys? synth , hammond?

Shirl Thanks both - take care xx

James Gaden What DID happen to Mel? I've missed out here somewhere down the line.

pjoslo will the GH fall tour get to Scandinavia? specifically Oslo?

Glenn Hughes my favorite keys is hammond, melotron, fender rhoades, acoustic piano

Glenn Hughes john sykes landed on mel's arm in a drunken chase through a car park.

Glenn Hughes he had steel toe cowboy boots on.

Blkops Glenn/Gabi, I second chrisloeb's farewell remarks and hope that God continues to smile upon both of you. Blkops=Anna. Hope to see you on the road. Also, if I wanted to have my photo of you and me together from your stop in Virginia, could I mail it to you and have you mail it back?

Max very very good choice , vintage instrument have such a sound

Esther Best wishes to all. Cya.

DaveUK thanks Glenn see you in Bradford, bye everyone

Glenn Hughes i will try to get to Scandinavia in 2004. Hi Ian.

Glenn Hughes Me and Joe should be back up there next year

Glenn Hughes Yes, mail the photo to PO Box 2207, Redondo Beach, CA 90278 and Glenn will sign it.

bret530 glenn what are your thoughts on down loading music from the internet such as kazaa,etc?

pjoslo hi glenn, it's been a long time, saw you at Dudley with Joe, cracking show! I think Scandinavia would go crazy for a HTP tour!

Glenn Hughes If it takes the food from my family's mouth I'm not for it.

James Gaden What about Paul Gilbert on HTP 1? Did you ask him or was he just there?

Glenn Hughes Yes, Joe and I would love to play in Scandinavia.

Glenn Hughes I asked Paul Gilbert, another good friend.

Max Have you got an Hammond?Wich one?I'm playing hammond so i love to talk about that fantastic instrument

BC-Decibel have to go now, hope to see you in Vasteras already this fall, keep the good spirit/Bjorn

Glenn Hughes i do not own a hammond. i snorted one once.


BC-Decibel Please say hello to JJ and Joe/Bjorn

DanD Hi Glenn, Hi Gabi. What about the downloads you can buy for a fee. Do artist get the royalties from those, or do we need to avoid them also?

Glenn Hughes I get jack ****.

Glenn Hughes I dont' know about anyone else.

DanD Okay, then I won't buy them.

danielb Glenn, I'm not sure whether you lived in Beverly Hills or Malibu (like the rest of the Purple gang) during the late Purple years, but what are your memories from living there, and how come they all moved away from there? I visited Malibu earlier this summer and it seemed like heaven to me.

Glenn Hughes I lived in Beverly Hills behind the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Glenn Hughes Ryan O'Neil was my neighbor. I could write a book alone on just my stay in that house

James Gaden See ya Pete. Bye Chris!

Glenn Hughes Paice lived in Beverly Hills too. Lord and Coverdale lived in Malibu.

Glenn Hughes Blackmore lived anonymously somewhere in LA.

Glenn Hughes Tommy moved in with me until he found a home in the Hollywood Hills.

Glenn Hughes I don't know why they moved.

Nightcrawler71 What do you think is the best Mark IV live record to be released so far. Or is there some hope for a video to be discovered somewhere.

martial are you planning a new live cd covering all your career with songs from each solo cd, a double cd or a dvd will be better?

Glenn Hughes The only live record i have heard is Long Beach

Glenn Hughes Ask kevin dubrow - he probably has it

Ko- Good morning Glenn and Gabi! Oh, you guys are talking about Tommy.

bret530 glenn and gabbe thanks for sharing your precious time with us.what do you two do on the off time?

James Gaden Bye Dave. So I take it Mel's arm or hand got injured?

Glenn Hughes there is no solo live CD on the horizon - just a DVD

Blkops Gabi/Glenn, thank you so much...you'll be seeing a photo from me soon. Must return to work. Lots of love to both of you. Anna

Glenn Hughes Mel's arm got broken and the metal splint that got put in his arm went septic.

Peter are you going to record a dvd?

Glenn Hughes then it was paralyzed-his tendons.

Glenn Hughes he has to wear a special fitting on his hand so his fingers can move

Laurent Hi Glenn, I read that you've spent time with David Bowie around the time he recorded the Young American album, did you have an influence on the soul/funky touch of this very different album?

James Gaden Do you plan or more HTP albums or will you see how this one goes first?

Glenn Hughes Glenn in his spare time hangs out every lunchtime at his beach club. then he walks 5 to 6 miles on the beach. comes home takes a swim and watches Fox Sports news. Has dinner with the wife.

Glenn Hughes first thing in AM and last thing in PM I am in my studio writing.

Nightcrawler71 What do you think about the Mark IV Long Beach gig ?

Blkops So obviously you have a studio at home?

Glenn Hughes i met David at the time he was recording Young Americans, he stayed at my BH home for 2 months while he recorded Station to Station.

JohnH Hi Glenn, Gabi and everybody else

JohnH I almost forgot why I set my alarm at this time

Glenn Hughes i believe some of the lyrical content on the album was written autobiographically about that time

JohnH Sheesh

martial do you have still contact with george nastos? I loveJJ but i think George is more funky and i love when you're play the funk !!!!!

Glenn Hughes Regarding Mark IV Long Beach gig: I do not remember too much about it. I just remember my body guard beating the **** out of somebody who was trying to give me drugs.

Peter was it much drugs those days?

Glenn Hughes i love george nastos. i love working with george. we will work together again soon.

Peter are you clean now

Glenn Hughes Peter: 1973-76 was a snowstorm

Glenn Hughes i am clean now.

Peter good!

Glenn Hughes since dec 25 '91

Glenn Hughes yes, i have a studio in my home.

JohnH Glenn,

JohnH you';re bass playing is growing in leaps and bounds

JohnH I think the bass line on Gasoline is the best rock bass line ever

Glenn Hughes thanks john

JohnH Like John Entwistle on the Real Me

Peter a real rocker!!!

Glenn Hughes i love playing bass.i have no fear of the instrument.

JohnH Also the layered harmonies on Sitkor are outstanding

pjoslo Lord and Paice have always claimed that apart from the odd spliff they were boozers, how did you try to hide your habit from them, and did anyone in in DP's organization try and get you help?

James Gaden You've done may tribute tracks, and I've heard you say they are just work to you. Apart from Stevie Wonder, is there anybody you'd be thrilled to do a tribute to?

Blkops How many tracks? Do you do your recording their? For your albums I mean?

Glenn Hughes I just re-wrote Lay Down Stay Down

Ko- Wasn't it problematic to come to Japan at that time with the drug problem? Rolling Stones could not make a Japan tour for years because of it?

Peter will you play it on the tour

Glenn Hughes i can't comment on what the rest of the guys in DP did, but they all had their own demons in one form or another

JohnH Ritchie Blackmore's brain is a demon!!!!!!!!!

Glenn Hughes i am kind of tired of the tribute stuff.

Peter will you come to Sweden?

Glenn Hughes Ko, i never got in trouble or was arrested for drugs. The only person I hurt was myself.

Peter I saw you in Vasteras, great show!

Glenn Hughes Peter: yes, in 2004 with Joe.

Glenn Hughes Vasteras was great. We will play there again.

bret530 Glenn we just ordered sitkor,and from now on,what is from now on like?

Peter wonderful, my friend is the promoter!

Glenn Hughes from now on is my first stab at early 90's AOR rock

Ko- Who else's tribute, if you can pick, do you want to contribute?

DanD Where do the ideas come from when you write? Do the lyrics or music come first? Or does it vary?

Glenn Hughes if i have to pick a tribute it would be Sly Stone

Glenn Hughes they come to me in many forms.

Peter what about the unreleased Warner bros album

Glenn Hughes normally as i am walking along the ocean i carry a digital dictaphone and record to that my ideas.

Peter when was that recorded?

Glenn Hughes it is owned by Warner so who knows

Glenn Hughes 1990

Peter its a shame!!!

Nightcrawler71 Have you heard something about a Deep Purple anniversary event ?

Peter before From now on...

Glenn Hughes i have not heard of a DP anniversary event...

VoiceOfRock hello Glenn, chatroom

James Gaden What did you think to it?

Glenn Hughes james, what do you mean?

VoiceOfRock is it planned that all those Japanese bonus tracks on your albums will be released officially in Europe one day... including the HTP ones?

Glenn Hughes i have no idea

JohnH Glenn

VoiceOfRock because there's some great material among those

JohnH I was wondering why Vince Di Cola

JohnH isn't on the new HTP

VoiceOfRock I'm thinking of Against The Wall and others

JohnH that guy was smoking!!!!!!

James Gaden Oh, that's terrible....

Glenn Hughes I wanted a chance to work with Ed and he wasnt' available last year. He is another soul brother to me.

Glenn Hughes Vince de Cola is an amazing Hammond player.

Peter do you still work with those Swedish musicians

JohnH Yes and his hammond and synth solos

JohnH shredded

VoiceOfRock I thought the Swedish guys were now involved with Brazen Abbot.....

Glenn Hughes Not the burning japan live guys.

VoiceOfRock the ones from From Now On... and Burning Japan Live

Glenn Hughes My line up for this upcoming tour will be JJ, Thomas Broman and Lasse Pollack. Yes, the others are with Brazen Abbot

James Gaden Hey John!

JohnH Hi James

Max james was probably thinking about the dream of jon lord he was saying in Classic rock magazine ( uk) month ago that he would bring together all the people who have been in purple and do a special gig with all the incarnation of the band

VoiceOfRock any German tour dates planned for this year?

Peter broman was here with Electric boys!

Glenn Hughes No german tour dates til HTP2 in Spring of 2004

Peter he's a good drummer

Ko- Glenn, i remember you had your hair cut short in late '70. What is the reason?

Glenn Hughes david bowie cut my hair off.

Ko- Haha!

Glenn Hughes Broman was with Electric Boys

Nightcrawler71 is there some hope for Jon Lord or some other DP member guest starring on one of your albums

VoiceOfRock aww

bret530 glen we are thinking of getting the way it is.can you give us a little insight on that work of art?

Glenn Hughes the way it is-i love it.it is more like a soundtrack of my life

Peter you got a nice moustach now

VoiceOfRock there's some brilliant music on there

VoiceOfRock on The Way It Is

VoiceOfRock one of my fav GH releases

Glenn Hughes Thank you. I am onto my Easy Rider phase.

JohnH Me too

Blkops Knowing how rock stars were during the 70's, are you amazed how many have survived and are still producing and playing?

Shirean Is there a box set on the horizon for you Glenn?

Glenn Hughes I don't know about a box set becuz SPV released last year the best of....

martial just listen to HTP2 samples and i love it. HTP2 looks like a great follow-up to SITKOR with different styles and sounds. Good job !

Glenn Hughes the only ones who survived the 70's are the ones who have gone through rehab or who are regular pinkie drinkers.

Peter carmine appice is coming to vasteras next month, have you played with him?

Glenn Hughes Carmine is another friend. say Hi to him for me.

VoiceOfRock you heard of the possible Blue Murder reunion?

Peter the whole Vanilla Fudge is coming

Glenn Hughes i have not heard of the Blue Murder reunion.

Blkops Now Carmine is one who's better now at age 55 than he was 20 years ago

Admin Can we expect any press, radio appearances etc in promotion of the upcoming Euro tour?

Glenn Hughes Yes. Lots of press.

Peter my friend bjorn is bringing bernie marsden also to sweden, have you played with him?

Glenn Hughes i have not played with Bernie

VoiceOfRock have you heard the new Deep Purple album yet?

Nightcrawler71 Is it true that Cornerstone will support HTP. Joe said something like that in an interview. Doogie White is a great singer.

Peter why dont you play here with your own band

Ko- It seems that you know almost every rock musicians from '70s and '80s, and your long-term memory is great....

Glenn Hughes There is a possibility that Cornerstone with Doogie will be there.

JohnH Hi Glenn,

Max did you still in contact with purple members? are you sometimes jaming with old members?

Glenn Hughes Ko - I don't remember meeting them in the 70's we have become friends in my sobriety

JohnH HI Glenn,

JohnH anyword on the Burn remaster

Glenn Hughes i never speak to any members except David Coverdale.

JohnH I heard you were not able to get in on it

VoiceOfRock are you planning to become involved with the Burn remaster?

JohnH and had some bad words for Simon Robinson

Glenn Hughes where did you hear that????

JohnH which you wouldn't be the first DP member to be upset at him

JohnH I saw it on a post on GHPG I think

VoiceOfRock ... now that Roger Glover has opted out to participate in it.....

Glenn Hughes hmmmm.....simon became a fan of mine later on in my career.

Max i supposed that's not simon robinson who decided how is gonne remastered burn

DanD I saw a photo once (I think) of you in a studio, reading a book. Do you get much time to read, and what authors do you like?

Glenn Hughes i have no idea who would decide.

Glenn Hughes Dario Mollo should do it.

Peter why him

Nightcrawler71 I was at two of your gigs so far. Both where incredible. The first one also had great sound. But the one with HTP in Oberhausen had a really bad sound. It was far too loud for the venue and the mix was bad too. The odd think was that the support ( a band from Germany had almost perfect sound).

Glenn Hughes I read spiritual books and I like Stephen King too. And all the Lord of the Rings books.

VoiceOfRock you also like music that deals with those fantasy stories (from fantasy books)?

Max it will be more logical, i think, that a member of that DP area should remastered these albums

Glenn Hughes I don't write fantasy songs myself. Dont' really care for fantasy music

Glenn Hughes I would do it with Dario.

VoiceOfRock do you know Rob Halford and do you like Judas Priest?

bret530 do you enjoy seeing your fans get rockin at your shows,my husband was really into the show friday night at the surf rather large fellow is that cool or is it annoying?he totally thinks you are the king of cool.

Glenn Hughes Rob is a good friend. As all of the guys in Judas Priest are. I believe they are getting back together

Blkops I would hope that your music and voice would be used more often in movies...any chance of that?

Peter bye glenn hope to see you in Vasteras this autumn!

VoiceOfRock yeah... it was made official on July 11th

VoiceOfRock they're putting out a new album and going on a world tour next year

Glenn Hughes I think it is cool if people rock out.

pjoslo glenn - excluding the guys that you've played live with or recorded with, which band or musician woild you most like to jam with?

Glenn Hughes prince.sting.jeff beck.

Glenn Hughes I am always looking to get a song in a movie....

Admin Another email question, this time from Labi.... When you say "There's an old saying" on the song, "Why Don't You Stay" - is the old saying: "You never know what you've got until it's gone"? Just curious?

Glenn Hughes sort of.

JohnH Glenn is there any word about what has happened to Trapeze's drummer

JohnH Dave Holland

pjoslo who'd handle the drums?!?!

JohnH I mean after the incident

Glenn Hughes I have not spoken publically about it. i have not heard anything else for 6 months. i will investigate.

JohnH Thanks

Max How did you get involved in Butterfly Ball? Have you good memories about the show?l

Glenn Hughes Roger Glover asked me to do it.

Glenn Hughes i have okay memories of it. it was okay.


Glenn Hughes that is a quesiton for Jeff Kollman!

DanD If you could do one thing musically, that you haven't done already, what would it be?

Glenn Hughes sing in front of a large orchestra.

Glenn Hughes bring it on.

DanD That would be killer!

Glenn Hughes they should be asking me to sing with pavarotti -instead of you know who

Glenn Hughes here is a challenge for all deep purple fans:

Max Have been influence by Paul McCartney?

VoiceOfRock Glenn... do you prefer playing finger bass or pick bass?

Glenn Hughes i would like you to play SITKOR and HTP2 and then put on Bananas - the new DP record. Now you tell me, who is really working this thing or not.

JohnH Ah no question

JohnH GH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glenn Hughes Very much so Max. He was the only Beatle i haven't met

JohnH But I've only heard the samples of Bananas

JohnH seems like it was all mid tempo and never rocks

bret530 my husband and i got a boost in our mid life crisis seeing you in clear lake thanks for helping us out and pleeease come back!!!!

Nightcrawler71 When you where in DP how did the members of DP get along with those of Led Zep. When you read interviews you always get the impression that anyone only talked to John Bonham.

Glenn Hughes Mostly pick. On songs like The Truth and Courageous is by fingers

JohnH I can't work out to mid tempo

VoiceOfRock what techniques you use to mute unused strings?

danielb Bananas is Deep Purple's best effort since Come Taste The Band. Why the negative vibes? Both you and Ian Gillan are amazing at your craft. No need to be degrading. Just trying to be honest.

Glenn Hughes Bonzo was a great guy. A normal guy, who just got caught up towards the last part of his life

Glenn Hughes I change my strings every other day.

captmidnite1962 Hey John..that's why Glenn put Standing On the Rock and Gasoline on SITKOR..just for you!

Glenn Hughes Hi Daniel. Nothing to do with Ian specifically. I just think the songs suck.


martial I saw Coverdale this year in Germany. He really had a problem with his voice, except on the slow ones. What do you think about that?

VoiceOfRock nah... I meant... how do you prevent hitting strings by accident while playing fast... any suggestion for me ?

Glenn Hughes I can't comment on Coverdale since i did not see the show

englishrob Hi Glenn, it's Rob from the UK here

JohnH lol

Admin 15 minutes left everyone....

Ko- Is there any plann on release of your non-hard-rock stuff from Pink Clouds in the near future ?

DanD Thanks for taking the time to be with us today. Saw Wilma this week. Thanks. It's way cool.

Glenn Hughes I don't know. I don't hit them. Try to relax maybe.

pjoslo Bananas is a grower, but they sound like they've run out of ideas, IG sings good, but hasn't the range he once had, Airey shines. SITKOR on the other hand rocks, G sings like he means it.

Glenn Hughes Ko, sometime in the future i am sure i will. but there is so much stuff out there with me right now,i don't have a specific time frame of when i would do it.

Ko- Yes, you are so busy!

VoiceOfRock Glenn, do you like progressive rock or metal outfits?

englishrob Any news on the the rest of the European dates?

Glenn Hughes I don't listen to progressive rock or metal outfits.

Glenn Hughes My manager is working on the rest of the Europe dates for HTP2 in the Spring of 2004. As soon as I know they are confirmed they will be posted here.

Marcelo Hi

Glenn Hughes Hi Marcelo.

Glenn Hughes Is it you from Argentina?

Max so i must leave,so happy to have the chance to ask some question to you glenn! Keep on rockin'! god bless you and your family ! Hope to see you soon in belgium ! bye everybody! cheers!

Glenn Hughes Thank you Max. See you next year on tour!

pjoslo Quick question, did you ever record with Ann Wilson? Will you?

Lennart Hey all, I guess I missed most of the chat?

captmidnite1962 Hello Glenn..Bill from Indy here..a belated Happy Birthday to you....Do you remember where Trapeze played their first show here in the States?

englishrob Glenn, make sure you confirm your flight tickets next time, we don't want all that mullarky at Heathrow do we?

Glenn Hughes Ann is on the Mr Big tribute. We haven't recorded together, but we are fans of each other.

Glenn Hughes Stanford University was our first Trapeze gig. December 1970.

Marcelo Glenn, it's such a pleasure chat with you! You were close. I'm from Brazil. How are the plans for a South American Tour?

pjoslo that'd be an amazing combo!

Ko- Thanks Glenn your spending time with us. I am looking forward to seeing you at your HTP Japan tour in coming February. Please play as many SITKOR songs (and of course HTP2 songs) as possible! I wish you continuous success. Ko Mitani

Glenn Hughes Marcelo, sorry to get the wrong country. I hope to get to Argentina in December but I am still negotiating that show. When it is confirmed it will be here.

VoiceOfRock Glenn... how's Shape 68 progressing ?

Glenn Hughes I would love to come to the rest of SA

JohnH Glenn I noticed Trapeze's name was not on the wall at the Cavern

JohnH have you ever played the Cavern in Liverpool

Glenn Hughes Shape 68 is on an indefinite hold

Glenn Hughes I have never played the Cavern

VoiceOfRock how come so?

Glenn Hughes The Cavern is not appropriate for a hard rock band like Trapeze.

englishrob Glenn, who would you most like to do a duet with?

Marcelo But just Argentina? Aren't there negotiations for a Brazilian show?

Glenn Hughes I don't now: you tell me who i should do a duet with?

Glenn Hughes I don't know anything about a Brazilian show.

pjoslo Ann wilson!

englishrob Ann Wilson?

danielb Ian Gillan? :-)

Glenn Hughes Ann is great. I admire her as a singer and as a lady.

Admin 5 minutes to go everyone....

Admin get your final questions at the ready

JohnH Brad Delp and Fran Cosmo from Boston

englishrob Aren't you going to be in Argentina with Rata Blanca?

VoiceOfRock how come Shape 68 is on hold?

Glenn Hughes There was talk of Ian and I doing a duet once.

danielb Final question: what's your relationship with Steve Morse?

Glenn Hughes Like I said, nothing is confirmed for SA at this time. but you are right Rob.

englishrob Walter Giardino sends his regards

englishrob And so does Doogie!!

Glenn Hughes Shape 68 is on hold cuz i am eternally busy with solo and HTP and writing and i have yet to get the formula right.

Glenn Hughes I barely know Steve Morse.

Marcelo Glenn, I think your shout at the end of I'm The Man is one of the longest in rock songs? About 10 seconds! Do you know if is it really one of the longest?

bret530 glen and gabi best wishes to both of you .God has blessed you with an awesome gift glenn. Gabi are you a singer?how about a song together?

Glenn Hughes Hi to Walter and Doogie.

Glenn Hughes bret530: if Glenn ever wants to duet with a goat, i am sure he will hire me to sing.

danielb I seem to remember you met in Atlanta.

VoiceOfRock Bruce Dickinson and Geoff Tate also have screams like this on record.....

englishrob i'll pass that on, cheers Glenn

JohnH Thanks for doing this chat Glenn and all the best

JohnH Im off to watch a Boston tribute band today

Glenn Hughes I don't know about the shout..i don't try to out sing other people

Glenn Hughes danielb: who met in Atlanta?

englishrob Sorry to hear about Wolves' dismal start Glenn

danielb I once read an interview where I believe you mentioned you had met Steve Morse in Atlanta.

danielb Could be wrong though.

Glenn Hughes Rob, all is not well in the Hughes household re: the Wolves.

Glenn Hughes Right. I did meet him in Atlanta, he is a lovely fellow.

englishrob I bet

bret530 Glenn, do you have chidren? how old?

Admin ...and the Harrison household with the Villa

DanD Try being a Cubs fan.

Glenn Hughes i have two long hair Chihuahua's one year and 2 yr. Lily and Wolfie and 4 cats

Admin 2 minutes left folks....

englishrob you going to catch any games while you're over?

danielb Many thanks for taking the time out to answer everyone's questions! See you in Sweden with HTP.

Glenn Hughes While i am in the UK we are playing Fulham the night i am in Dudley. the week b/4 i will be visiting my parents and there is not a game

Admin so you'll be on stage late that night

Marcelo Glenn, one more question about Brazil: It seems we had more chances to see you live here some years ago. Is it getting difficult to negotiate shows with Brazilian managers?

englishrob typical....fire the tour manager...LOL

Glenn Hughes I love Brazil. I love the fans. I have great fans there. I have a strong desire to come back and play there.

Glenn Hughes I need somebody to hook me up with a good promoter in SA. They can contact David and Shirean and we will get the info to the right person.

bret530 any plans for the two legged kind?

Glenn Hughes No two legs in this house I am afraid. Gabi's rules.

englishrob i got a couple of contacts from the old Rainbow days, i'll send them to you

Admin ok everyone....really need to get your last questions now....as time is almost up....

Glenn Hughes Thank you for joining me on this chat!

VoiceOfRock thanks for being with us, Glenn and Gabi!

Glenn Hughes Hope to see you on tour! And thank you for your support and love.

englishrob good to chat with you Glenn

Admin Shirean and I (David) would like to thank GLENN & GABI for taking the time to join us here again today and answering all our questions! THANK YOU!

Marcelo I'll see what I can do regarding a contact with this Brazilian promoter. See you!!!

pjoslo see y'all

Admin If you have info you want passed onto to Glenn, just email us dands@GHPG.net and we'll forward it on....

Admin a full transcript will be made available later today...

Shirean Glad you all could make it

englishrob thats good, i missed most of it

englishrob ok guys gotta go...nice chatting to you

Shirean Cheerio!

VoiceOfRock Ok... thanks everyone for the nice chat

danielb nite

VoiceOfRock bye!

englishrob thanks again Shirean and David

Admin Thanks for joining us, talk to you all soon again on tour!!
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Old Aug-24-2003, 10:13 PM
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Some links for Anna (Bikops) from your question about Graham Bonnet and Don Airey, I think you have just started on the net, or perhaps just got rescued from the island you were living on, LOL.


Deep Purple, Don Airey's current backup band:


Graham Bonnet-


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Old Aug-25-2003, 5:34 AM
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Despite getting booted off near the end (curse you AOL!) it was another great chat....thanks to David and Shirean for setting it up, and many thanks to Glenn and Gabi for taking the time to do it. A cool way to spend Sunday night!


"How can you lose, when you're destined to be a winner?"
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Old Aug-25-2003, 5:52 AM
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Yep tanx to David & Shirean and Glenn & Gabi for a great chat sess.


Pete S.
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Old Aug-25-2003, 11:12 PM
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David and Shirean,

Thank you for organizing the chat session with Glenn, again.

We all enjoyed directly communicating with Glenn. And, it is fun to read the transcript. There were many interesting questions and Glenn's responses which we could never find from professional interviews. Hopefully, we can keep having this session periodically.

Thank you, Big Daddy, for being so close to us!

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Old Aug-26-2003, 8:19 AM
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Thanks again everyone...it really is our pleasure...it's fun for all of us, so we're really happy you enjoyed it, as did Glenn and Gabi.
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Old Aug-26-2003, 11:18 AM
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Sorry I missed the chat but......
glad to see G is gonna insist on a Scottish gig for HTP in 2004....will hold you to that G !!!!

See ya all in bradford.,
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Old Aug-27-2003, 8:19 AM
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Thank you JohnH for the website addresses.
No, I'm not new to the net, just don't spend
a lot of time there. I will enjoy catching
up. Thanks Again...Blkops
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Old Aug-31-2003, 4:57 AM
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For JohnH.
Just an update...because of your help,
I was able to contact Graham Bonnet and
have already emailed with him. Thanks
again for the web addresses.
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