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Old Mar-19-2003, 2:09 PM
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CHAT transcript - March 19th, 2003

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Tools/Printer Friendly Format from the Toolbar above.

CHAT transcript - March 19th, 2003

David: Hey Chris....

chris spencer: Hi David Hows things ?

David: Good....looking forward to my trip to Florida next week....

chris spencer: Aye you jammy so n so. Any news on a set list ?

David: Been playing BTM alot, hoping he'll play a couple of songs from it as he mentioned in the CHAT last month

David: Probably a few Purple and maybe a Trapeze song or two...maybe WINGS, since it was our Competition answer....that would be cool!!

chris spencer: I'm having a Purple retro week - all Glenn stuff for a change

chris spencer: Wings would be interesting as I dont think its been performed by G before live

David: yeah, been playing "Stormbringer" alot in the last couple of weeks..."Can't Do It Right" is current fave...that would be good to hear live!

chris spencer: Too right - damn funky n would suit a G funk set as would Hold On

David: indeed

David: should be interesting to hear Jeff Kollman's interpretation of all these tunes....

chris spencer: jeff's playing on the last Rockline session was excellent

David: he did a good job on CTC and You Keep On Moving at Shape 68 shows, but a whole set should be very different!

chris spencer: have you heard who else is going - Grace, Chip Charlton (a Charlton Athletic fan !!

David: haha

David: Chip was a definite maybe, but not confirmed, Todd Seely is there for sure, I think Grace will be there, but not sure

chris spencer: Seriously he is becoz of his surname !!!!!!

David: all 30 rooms sold out....so they'll be at least around 60+ GH diehards

chris spencer: Grace has a daughter down Florida way so would be surprised if she wasnt if only to get away from the snow !!

chris spencer: It should be a good GH convention and with the other US dates too you lot are getting spoilt for a change !!

David: about time...this Florida show...is the only real solo date...which is going to make it extra special, plus all the GH fans in attendence

David: just hope he doesn't do all Purple stuff, that would be a bummer!

David: I know the USA crowds will take what they can get....but I think most really want to hear his recent stuff live.....well, I know I do

chris spencer: Are you going to any of the others ? The one with the three singers sounds good as robin McAuley has quite agood voice (will let him off his version of Stairway !!)

David: Yes, certainly hope so....it's about 2 hours away from us, so there's no real excuse to miss it!!

chris spencer: Yep it would be good if G did drop the Purple stuff to say a medley a la the ROCK tour or played some other tunes - like the ones we mentioned earlier - more solo stuff would be good as it is die hard fans attending florida.

chris spencer: So no tossing a coin to see if you or Shirean goes !!!!!!!!

David: haha

David: No, for the local gig we can both go!!

chris spencer: Any word on the grapevine regarding other live dates to support SITKOR ?

David: No, haven't heard anything yet....it's good that local show is just a couple of weeks after it's released (Japan), and before the Euro release....

David: so hopefully will have had the chance to hear it, before seeing 3 Voices....no doubt we'll have lots to ask him about it then!!

chris spencer: So the diehards will be shouting for SITKOR songs !!!

David: haha

chris spencer: Think G will have another chat session around launch time. I missed the last one due to family illness but read the transcript when I got back home. It sounded amazing !

David: Well, they both (G+G) enjoyed it and said they would....so hopefully it'll happen after the Euro release.....nothing confirmed yet...

David: it was very cool.....he answered every question put his way....couldn't have asked for more!

chris spencer: Good job Gabby is a good typist from what i could gather. G also has a good memory considering he spent 20 years in 'another wolrd'.

chris spencer: Sorry 'world' - not enough mugs of tea today !!!

chris spencer: Just put the kettle on - anyone for a choclate biscuit ?

David: oooh, yes please!! Digestives are the best!

David: It's like the calm before the storm at the moment.....come May, it's going to explode with GH activity....

chris spencer: Thats what I am munching at the moment - not many left in the packet tho !!!!!!

chris spencer: As it always does when a new CD comes out... the anticipation, the arrival n first listen, the hope of tour dates.....

David: really looking forward to hearing the new stuff.....hopefully the press will be give it a serious listen for change...instead of the ususal rubbish they come up with!

chris spencer: I agree - lets see if they can leave the ' can make the telephone book sound good' quote out (even if it is true). Hopefully this one will give him more exposure folowed by some good support from the record companies.

David: yeah....hopefully his new label (Frontiers) will do a better job, as far as promotion and tour dates etc....

chris spencer: May should be the start of a good year - SITKOR, then HTP later on, plus the Hughes Thrall EP (fingers crossed), Shape 68, mebbes a wee holiday for G before the year ends !!

chris spencer: Whats the latest with Shape 68 n a recording deal ?

David: yeah, it's definitely going to be another great year for us GH fans....

David: no news on Shape 68 - other than it's unlikely they'll play any further live dates until they have their deal....

David: it's a good thing....gives them time to get more songs together, so they can drop the "GH only" numbers...

chris spencer: flippin bootleggers !

chris spencer: Agree totally - there is no harm in the odd G or Purple but they need to be originals to get anywhere n then take it from there.

David: the songs are very different to his other stuff....so the Purple numbers don't really fit...still good to hear of course, but won't gain any "new" Shape 68 only fans by playing them....(I think)....CTC kinda works however! I guess it's down to personal taste

chris spencer: CTC could be given a dance beat n sound good - its just a classic song. The Purple stuff etc would have to be given a completely different feel. Was Funk on the Water different to the original we know ?

David: Oh yes....the intro and other parts were "funked" up and it worked really well...the chorus was the same, but don't think it would fit the set, once they have 11 or 12 Shape 68 songs....

chris spencer: I d love G to do a tour with two sets - 45 minutes of rock stuff n 45 mins of G style funk. That would be awesome n keep fans of both styles happy. I like both but like the funk style more.

David: Yeah, hear what you saying....really hoping Orlando will give us a good mix of stuff...

David: maybe a new one or two, that would make up for "Burn" or one of the other old faithful standbys

chris spencer: maybe all acoustic?

David: god no - hope not! it's too far to go just for acoustic!!

chris spencer: Whose in the band apart from G, Jeff n JJ ? fergie mebbes on drums ?

David: Shane Gaalaas - drums - Dave Schultz - keyboards

David: no JJ - just Jeff on guitar

chris spencer: Sounds like a rock show in that case - it ll be good whatever.

David: at least that's who it was last we heard....

David: of course....I won't be disappointed whatever the set ends up being....just seeing him in the USA is a treat in itself, specially surrounded by fellow fans...

chris spencer: Is there gonna be a meet n greet before the show or the next day ?

David: yes...it's in the works...the date/time haven't been confirmed yet....

chris spencer: Especially as he will know most of their names if not their faces !!

David: yep

David: in the CHAT....he knew nearly everyone by name!

David: it was cool

chris spencer: yeah I noticed that n when grace kindly mentioned my name he said something like I know of that geezer !!!

David: exactly!

Shirean: Hi

chris spencer: Hi boss lady !!!!

David: hello luv!

Shirean: Just wanted to pop bye - but have to run as I'm at work!

Shirean: Have a nice chat - bye!!

chris spencer: I managed to finish work at home just before 9pm local time - gee Im sad doing work at home !!

David: it's all to common....know what you mean!

chris spencer: I hope Shirean's boss doesnt mind he having a wee look !!

chris spencer: I only do it if I am working on budgets or cant get peace n quiet at work - which happens quite alot !!

David: yeah....

chris spencer: Its dance time on my Cd - You cant do it right has just started !!!!

David: excellent!

David: quiet today....seems everyone has been hibernating...the last couple of months....

chris spencer: You gotta laugh as the world is a bit serious at the moment ......

David: yeah...exactly....that reminds me...better leave my tweezers at home next week!!

chris spencer: You little plucker you !!!!!

David: no doubt will be a nightmare travelling....hopefully they won't stop me with my iPod!

David: it's the only thing that will make it bearable!

chris spencer: Wonder where Pete S, Shirl, John H are .

chris spencer: Excuse the ignorance but does iPod need walking or feeding or both ?

David: saw JohnH on the Forum a few mins ago..and ToddS

David: mp3 player!!

chris spencer: maybe they will drop in

chris spencer: aha - havent dabbled in mp3's - just stick to good old tapes or Cd's

chris spencer: I have enuff probs with PC's n mini discs n microwaves !!!

David: hehe

David: instead of burning to CD....I burn to the iPod (in mp3 format)

chris spencer: Whoa there far toooo technical !!!!

David: haha

chris spencer: I can just about burn a Cd on my PC !!

chris spencer: Do you get to see many other bands apart from G ?

David: oh yes...just don't go to gigs as I used too....most of the stuff I like...musicians are dead!!

David: or they play their "greatest hits" every show....which is boring

chris spencer: Now young man you are showing your age !!!

chris spencer: last gig I was at was Def Leppard a coupla weeks ago n they were very good - 5 new songs plus there best stuff - 2 hours of bopping at The barrowlands in Glasgae !!

chris spencer: So not off to see Whitesnake then ?

David: sounds good (Leppard)....no will give WS a miss....I'm more into the 77-80 lineup

David: saw Dave Meniketti (Y+T) and Pat Travers last year

chris spencer: Have to admit theres not too many bands I want to see now. having seen most of them in the late 70's / early 80's when I did almost a gig every couple of weeks.....

David: same here....think I had permanent residence at the Hammersmith Odeon and Marquee way back when!

David: well, at least the pub round the corner!!

chris spencer: Saw Y+T at a fetsival in the 80's but would like to have see pat in his heyday with pat Thrall n Tommy.

David: they're supporting Whitesnake in the UK....if you're going, you should check'em out....still sound good today.

chris spencer: Yeah I saw WS in 1978 in Liverpool Empire - or Manchester Apollo was my other haunt plus Colwyn Bay Pier where they used to put bands on n I used to DJ at gigs - rock music naturally !!!

David: cool

chris spencer: Not bothering with WS altho I know James Gaden is off to see them. I prefer Dc's voice in his bluesy vein - 78 to 80 !!

David: yeah same here

David: JohnH is going to see GH on Friday night in LA....looking forward to hearing all about it...he's just sing backing vocals, but still good...

chris spencer: Nobody really famous played there ......Altho DC was due to play there early 78 but the stage was too small.....Slade, Magnum, Tygers of Pan Tang, Saxon, Samson with Bruce Dickenson, Budgie, Diamond Head, to name but a few !!

David: Colwyn Bay?

chris spencer: bet he is the best singer there - no disrespect to the others.

David: http://www.creatchy.com/schedule/schedules.html

chris spencer: A seaside resort in North Wales near Llandudno. family home since 1974. Now a tired seaside town full of retirement homes. Pier was a good evnue - 1000 capacity and on the Pier so when the sea was ruff you could hear the waves underneath the venue !!

David: yeah....meant....the bands you mentioned...they played there?

chris spencer: Yep - best one was probably the Samson one - they were very very good n Bruce sounded excellent.

David: sounds like a great place at the time....to see bands.

chris spencer: When did you hang out at the Hammy O. I worked close to there in 1988 n did a few concerts - Def Leppard, Little Steven with pat thrall on geetar, Thunder with DC on encore duty,

David: 79 thru 86....

chris spencer: It was a good place at the time n it was good to meet some of the bands too.

David: although Shirean and I were at the Leppard 88 shows on a visit home...think Tesla opened for them, if I remember correctly!

chris spencer: Just missed you then, I was at the Hammersmith Palais mid 1988 to early 89 as assistant manager but by then they had turned it into a glitter palace.

David: there was a rock place next to the tube station....maybe across from the Palais...name eludes me right now...

David: used to hang out there most weekends in 85!

chris spencer: Damn, it was The Clarendon !!! That area now has changed so much !!!

chris spencer: Saw Lepps at Wembley Arena in 88 with Loverboy as supprt i Think.

David: they must have played twice that year then....remember Odeon 'cuz of Tesla (Shirean wanted to see them....as they're from SF)

David: then took her down to all the local "haunts" !!!!!

chris spencer: I liked there Acoustic Jam Cd but never really got into them.

chris spencer: hadnt the Marquee moved by then ? I only wnet there twice n that was later on to see Mr Big (very very good) n Crown of Thorns 9excellent)

David: they were better live - think we only bought the first CD - the band they had, just prior to Tesla becoming Tesla....were alot better!!

chris spencer: They are still about tho arent they - along with Nightranger from that era.

David: yeah....I think Wardour St was shut down just after I moved out here...it was in the Charing Cross Rd location about then....

chris spencer: That sounds about right - never went to the Wardour Street venue nor the HM Soundhouse (now I am showing my age !!!)

David: yeah....but we don't bother with them..."greatest hits" is all it is!!

chris spencer: Midnight Madness is excellent - G sang backing on it didnt he ? Not that I can pick him out on it .

David: oh...u mean NightRanger....I was referring to Tesla!!

chris spencer: yeah - sorry !!

chris spencer: Greatest hits or misses is lucrative tho at the moment. There's not many bands of the 70s or 80s doing newer material live - only Leppard Uriah Heep Styx.

David: oh sure...don't blame 'em for doing it....but when you've seen them the first time around....in their prime (so to speak)...it ain't worth the time and $$

David: especially at $50+ a ticket!!!

chris spencer: Too right - Deep Purple are over here with Lynyrd Skynyrd in May n want Â33.00 a ticket for the show. Now Purple were good last year (first time I had ever seen em) n Skynyrd live are brilliant but not at that price for a greatest hits show !!

David: Guess the others didn't feel like chatting today!

chris spencer: The footie today aint much to talk about so they msut be down the pub !!!

David: haha

chris spencer: have noticed that the ghpg web site is a lot quieter at the moment - meybe people dont have much to say on anything to do with G.

David: yeah...we see about half the visitors for the month of Feb and so far in March

David: mainly the "regulars" only

chris spencer: I have to admit that i have nt posted too much over the lst 9 months or so - new job n all - but still visit 5 days a week even tho i may not post anything.

chris spencer: Would have thought that with gh.com closing its www board more would have posted at ghpg. Roll on may n then you will be overrun !!!

David: haha

David: well most of the talk there was done by lurking trolls, so once you ferreted out the bad stuff, it's about the same....but yeah, it is alot quieter right now.

David: We've had quite a bit of talk in the "Off Topic" forum while everyone is awaiting more GH stuff!

David: Hey Pete....

chris spencer: Hi pete -

Pete S: Hi guys

Pete S: what's cookin'

chris spencer: Thought you had gone AWOL

Pete S: busy mate

Pete S: could'nt miss a chat sess eh?

chris spencer: Just supping tea n biscuits n chewing the cud n the odd ciggie

Pete S: lol

chris spencer: Been busy with the band ?

David: right then....now Pete's here, I'm going for a ciggie!! back in a mo!!

Pete S: yep sort of.....just had a band meetin' tonite...and me head hurts!!!

chris spencer: Pete - was that CD ok I sent - I have had a dodgy batch - If it aint I ll send another.

Pete S: is it rainin'?

chris spencer: That bad a meeting ?

Pete S: yeah supeb chris tar

chris spencer: Good - my pleasure.

Pete S: uuuhhhmmm delegating responsabilities...the usual

Pete S: did you get my list chris?..

chris spencer: Its been quiet tonight - just me n David covering G n long lost London venues n 70/s80/sbands n greatest hits tours..

Pete S: great...that's my era as well

chris spencer: yeah got your list - have most of the stuff on it - but no worries.

Pete S: if anything new i'll let you know

chris spencer: Thanks mate. have had a few new uns in but nothing earth shattering - mainly Puprle G era n rainbow from Dio era.

chris spencer: Looking forward to the box set of Purple live with G the full shows that made up Made in Europe...plus G's new CD.

chris spencer: MIE is one of my fave live albums of all time as G is in fine funky form on voice n bass.

Pete S: yeah,box set sounds interesrtin' have you heard most of the shows before chris?

chris spencer: No - but have the final concert CD which is ok. I just want to hear them to see what tracks came from where, especially You Fool No One which is brilliant (drum solo excepted)

David: ok...back now!

Pete S: hey...what's the weather like Dave out there?

chris spencer: You must have been chain smoking a couple !! n its obviously not raining !!

Pete S: back in a mo

chris spencer: David - what is G's take on all these DPAS live CD's that are getting released ? cashing in on fans ?

David: Cloudy, but no rain - 60 degrees

David: don't no....hopefully he's getting his cheques!

chris spencer: Its a tad chilli con carne here tonight but glorious during the day - for March anyway !!

chris spencer: I hope he is too.

David: man...just saw this....seems it should be ok for next week...it starts in July!!

David: http://www.gopbi.com/auto/epaper/edi...42043002a.html

chris spencer: I hope it doesnt come to the UK - its bad enuff as it is !!!

Pete S: it's a bit strong eh?

chris spencer: Did nt G in his chat say he was thinking about wrting an autiobiography / biography ? That would be an excellent read.

Pete S: that would be excellent......puttin' the record straight as well

David: yeah....a few years ago I thought that was being done....think Marc Fevre was helping him with it...guess it didn't go anywhere at the time...now would be good to restart it.

David: or maybe when he turns 60!!

Pete S: yeah....keep the momentum goin'

chris spencer: It could end up like War n Peace - literally !!

Pete S: i think last year would be a chapter on it's own

David: save the good stuff until after the MK.III reunion (wishful thinking)

Pete S: lol

chris spencer: ...or encyclopedia britannica !!!

David: maybe he can get Roger Glover to do the Forward....

Pete S: cheers chris

Pete S: pardon?

chris spencer: Sorry cannae hear you !!

David: a dig at the Burn remaster goings-on!!

Pete S: uuuhhhmmm

Pete S: nice

chris spencer: But who else could do it - properley ?

chris spencer: Damn my spelling is awfull tonight - memo to myself must drink more tea in future !!

Pete S: lol

Pete S: has gillan ever sung burn?

Pete S: live?

David: no

Pete S: i bet he's tried it in a practice

chris spencer: I knoe Dougi White sang it with Rainbow n JLT did it with Purple but not Gillan.

David: couldn't be any worse than DC a couple of years ago!

chris spencer: True.

chris spencer: What have Gillan n G got in common ?

Pete S: G

Pete S: lol

Pete S: sabbath&purple

chris spencer: Very close

chris spencer: Both have sung paranoid n Smoke- but only Gillan has sung em in the same set !!

chris spencer: I saw Gillan with Sabbath at Reading Rock Festival n it was embarrassing.

Pete S: Reading festival

Pete S: that was when Gillan could'nt see his words 'cause of dry ice

Pete S: and large spotlight to go with it

David: something on the water, eh!?!?

chris spencer: And a spinal tap stage set....

Pete S: indeed

Pete S: deep purple family tree programme

Pete S: a few years back

chris spencer: It was just embarrassing - if he left it at paranoid as an encore then fine but to follow it with smoek was..... very spinal tappish!!

Pete S: yeah...heard on rock show (radio 1)

Pete S: pretty sad

chris spencer: ON that low note I shall bit you both hgood night as an early start beckons an I need my beauty sleep !!! Have a good time in Florida David n say hi to grace n Chip if you see them.

chris spencer: Sorry - it should be bid not bit !!!

Pete S: cheers chris...take care mate

David: Sure will Chris....

chris spencer: And you too....until next time.....

Pete S: well think i should go....late in the uk

David: yeah, no problem....it was a quiet one today!

David: Once the album comes out, I'm sure it'll pick up...

Pete S: yeah maybe everyone's watching the news

David: this is certainly alot more fun

Pete S: yeah can't wait for the cd

Pete S: indeed....we can get fox news here now

David: my trip next week, will no doubt be a nightmare...what with xtra security etc...

Pete S: yeah i can imagine...high alert now

David: satellite, cable?

Pete S: satt

Pete S: sky

David: cool...Shirean will be right at home....whenever we move back!

Pete S: indeed...

Pete S: ok mate better go

David: ok, no problem....will post Orlando pix and report next weekend, after I get back.....

Pete S: take care yourself and Shirean.....see ya next time

David: Ok then, that'll be on Wednesday, April 23rd - same time

Pete S: yeah..great stuff...have a good'un mte

Pete S: cya

David: Bye!
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