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Old Feb-09-2003, 5:30 PM
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Icon20 CHAT with GLENN transcript - February 9th, 2003

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Tools/Printer Friendly Format from the Toolbar above.

CHAT with GLENN transcript - Sunday, February 9th, 2003

Admin (David) Hi

VoiceOfRock Hello

Admin (David) Hi everyone "admin" (David) here....Glenn will be arriving shortly...

Admin (David) In the meantime, you can click on "Help" for help!

Shirean Hi Scott and Ken

Scott Mcintosh Hi Shirean, nice to "see" you!

Shirean Long time no see Scott

Scott Mcintosh Yes, hopefully you'll go to Sioux City tHis year

VoiceOfRock Two Kens..... hmmm.....

gioash Hi

Scott Mcintosh i'm at my work computer, supposed to working HARD, but how could i pass THiS up?

ken Glenn greetings from OHio. Who will be your bandmates in orlando

gioash Hi glenn

Shirean gioash- Glenn will be here in a few minutes

Admin (David) He's logging in right now!

Esther Hi all!!!

Esther Hi, smarlp, honey!!!

Shirean Greetings Esther

smarpl Hi everybody

ken Hello David and Shirean,its cold here in cleveland

VoiceOfRock Oops *lol*

Shirean Hi Ken not too bad here sunny but chilly

Esther oaaaaaaauuuuuuuuu

Esther hehehe

gioash ole...

ken where is that Funkmeister?

gioash i'm writing from italy

Admin (David) Hang on folks...he'll be here any moment!!

VoiceOfRock *puts on "Play Me Out" as background music*

Esther Hi gioash!! i'm close by you... in Spain :-)

VoiceOfRock Germany here

VoiceOfRock Hey Glenn!

gioash Hi glenn!!

Esther Hi Glenn!!!!

ken Glenn, greetings from Cleveland, Ohio

Glenn Hughes Glenn is scooping cat ****. This is Gabrielle...hold on...

ken Hi Gabbi

Shirean Haha

Esther Hi Gabiiii!!!

smarpl :-)

VoiceOfRock Hey Gabi

Glenn Hughes Hi - Glenn will answer questions while he scoops!

Glenn Hughes He will dictate-I am the typist so excuse any typos.

Esther :-)

ken Glenn who will be your bandmates in Orlando?

Scott Mcintosh What's your favorite BASS playing on one of your studio recordings?

purplefan12 Greetings

Glenn Hughes Orlando: Jeff Kollman on Guitar, Shane Gaalaas on Drums, Dave Schultz keys

Shirean Hi Tom

brothertom Hi Glenn! Hi everybody

Glenn Hughes bass playing on Destiny on Play Me Out was one of my faves

VoiceOfRock Hey Glenn and Gabi... Torsten from Elz, Germany here.....

brothertom Will you be playing songs from Play Me Out in Orlando?

VoiceOfRock is there any chance that the 1984 Hughes/Thrall demos will see the light of day... probably as limited edition bonus disc with the "H/T 2" album or so?

ken A detour to the Odeon in Cleveland, before heading back to LA would be cool!

Glenn Hughes I haven't thought about that yet-regarding Play Me Out in Orlando. It is a good idea though

Esther Hi, G&G. My question is: Have you ever thought about making a duets album? (with various artirsts, you know :-)).

Glenn Hughes Possibly the HT 1984 but they would have to be re-recorded

Glenn Hughes Pay The Price and Try And Take My Love have already been re-recorded

VoiceOfRock That's cool.

Scott Mcintosh Can you make it to Sioux City on August 2 this year for the Tommy Bolin Fest?

purplefan12 is there any chance the "Eighth Star" material will ever officially be released? Why is a lot of your awesome music so hard to find in the US???

Glenn Hughes I have not thought about a duets album. Really, I can't believe I didn't think of that

VoiceOfRock Any chance you'll do a few gigs here in Germany this year?

ken will we see another Hughes/Downes project?

Glenn Hughes August 2: I have not been approached about that yet

Esther Thanks for answering... Love you Glenn :-)

Glenn Hughes ...for me 8th Star was just demo quality. it was a work in progress...

purplefan12 BTW...Deep Purple Mark 3 and Mark 4 are my favorite incarnations of the greatest band ever!

Glenn Hughes I am still hoping for a proper distributor for me to work with in America

Glenn Hughes It is the only market I think I am suffering in

gioash what about shape 68?

ken We need a Live Glenn Hughes DVD

Glenn Hughes I don't forsee a Hughes/Downes project...

Shirean I hear ya Ken!

Glenn Hughes Germany gigs: I am planning a solo tour with "Songs In The Key Of Rock" in September

Glenn Hughes Germany should be on the list

VoiceOfRock YAY!

purplefan12 a lot of people (corporate) knock P2P file-sharing, but i love it, coz i've heard so much music (especially yours) that I would have never had a chance of hearing before.

Esther i hope Spain too

brothertom Word from the WHitesnake camp is that the new tour is progressing very well. As it looks to be unlikely that i will be able to travel to Orlando, is there any chance of GH showing up in Minneapolis or Chicago to sing a song with DC?

Glenn Hughes I have the same director from "Days Of Avalon" & crew who are chomping to do a live DVD...

Glenn Hughes So that would have to be done in America-I hope this is the year for that

Glenn Hughes It is highly unlikely that i will get to Chicago or any USA shows with DC, my schedule is busy 'til the end of April

Glenn Hughes Esther: Of course I will try to go to Spain again with Robert Mills as my promoter

VoiceOfRock How's the "SiTKOR" album progressing... are you already done with mixing?

ken When will we see a Shape 68 release?

gioash i hope to see you again in italy.....it's possible the currently year?

Glenn Hughes Shape 68: that is my baby and it is a work in progress.

Glenn Hughes SiKOR: we finished mastering last night. I can't wait for you all to hear it

brothertom can't wait!!

Glenn Hughes Italy: I am working on getting to Italy right now as it is...I will keep you posted

VoiceOfRock Me neither.... the sooner the better!

Esther i've heard something about a performance of "Nostradamus" on stage... do you know something about it??

Scott Mcintosh How do you get better every year, when most singers voices have limited life spans?

Glenn Hughes Nostradamus: I know Nic is trying to get a show together. I will keep you posted.

Esther ok. thanks

smarpl it will be great!!!!

Grace i think i finally got this figured out....maybe

ken i'm looking forward to your crossover into Shape 68

Grace Bingo!

Glenn Hughes Scott: please remember this guys, my voice has gotten stronger as I am mentally , spiritually, emotionally and physically better these last 11 years.

Glenn Hughes It is a gift.

brothertom how is promotion for Shape 68 coming?

contract73 Glenn: it stated on a early Trapese album you played Trombone, did you have any formal music training at all?

Glenn Hughes I have decided to put shape 68 live performances on hold for the moment, as we don't have enough material

Glenn Hughes and I don't want to keep doing old GH stuff mixed in.

Glenn Hughes I was in the school orchestra age 11-13

VoiceOfRock What instruments did you play there?

Glenn Hughes I played trombone and piano

Pete S. Hi all,Glenn may i thank you and Gabi for posing for a photo each at LOR Manch....How do you manage to slow your vibrato down? thanks

brothertom multi-talented

contract73 Have you had any vocal coacHing, you sing correctly and would not be surprised!!

ken will we see the Legends tour in the US?

smarpl Has Jeff Kollman worked with you in the songwriting of your new CD?

Glenn Hughes Pete S. Wow! It is something, honestly, that I have never worked on. it just came to me being in a 5 piece harmony group like Finders Keepers in my teens

Glenn Hughes that gave me this

Glenn Hughes I have never had any vocal coaching

Pete S. thanks Glenn take care

Glenn Hughes I would say it is doubtful that LOR will come to the USA...

Pete S. natural talent

Glenn Hughes but let me reiterate: I would love to do it.

Glenn Hughes Jeff co-wrote 3 songs with me -he is my little chap.

VoiceOfRock is there any chance that you and Tony iommi will be working on another project in the vein of "8th Star" in the future?

Pete S. thanks all cya

VoiceOfRock Those demos were awesome!

smarpl And JJ Marsh?

Glenn Hughes VoiceOfRock: Glenn is laughing right now!

ken Do you use the clumping cat liter? ha ha

contract73 How do you feel about the prospect of Roger Glover remixing Burn & Storm?

Glenn Hughes I think when Tony decides he wants to work with a melodic singer, he will probably call me

VoiceOfRock Hmm... why that?

brothertom and will you be involved?

Scott Mcintosh And Remixing Come Taste the Band, too!

Glenn Hughes JJ co-wrote half a dozen songs with me for the new record, I wrote 2 on my own

Glenn Hughes he is the King

Glenn Hughes We use Arm & Hammer cat litter. We have 4 ****ers!!

brothertom LOL

smarpl thanx, i love also Jeff Kollman work

contract73 Did you know Roger mentioned he thought your bass was mixed too low ?

Glenn Hughes contract 73: Oh God...

Glenn Hughes that was nice of him

contract73 Oh god,hmmmm?

Glenn Hughes it was a knee jerk reaction - Roger is a lovely chap and he is a bass player, so it might sound good

VoiceOfRock i wonder what unreleased material they'll dig out from the vaults for the DP Mk3/Mk4 remasters.....

Esther A "personal" question: what do you prefer to make a live show: small venues or big ones?

Scott Mcintosh i think contract73 is getting at, why aren't there plans to re-issue newly mixed versions of Burn, Stormbringer and CTTB because they STOPPED after the last MKII album. Hi Jim Wilson!

brothertom Glenn, you always seem to have so much going on. How do you find time to juggle all that & still make time for Gabi?

Glenn Hughes As far as I can remember, there were no out takes - Purple always recorded the exact amount of songs per album

Glenn Hughes I prefer big venues

Glenn Hughes Gabi who?

James Gaden Hey everybody.......Hi Glenn - its an honour to speak to you, even if it is only online!

Grace there goes "The Living Room Tour"......

VoiceOfRock Glenn: i heard of some alternative takes and instrumental versions they might put on there.....

Glenn Hughes Hi James, I remember you from the UK

Glenn Hughes and you Grace from the New Jersey show

brothertom that gal you were hanging with in orlando!

James Gaden Hey Glenn - i have your pic you signed for me for the caption competition on display here as we speak. Thanks for that!

Glenn Hughes Oh. That bird I wake up to every morning....she runs the gig.

Grace you remember me???? i had the framed poster

ken will we ever hear glenn with Trapeze again?

brothertom ok. actually i was hanging with. you were almost dead

Scott Mcintosh "The" Jim Wilson and i met you in Denver, and Sioux City for the Tommy Bolin gigs. Thanks again for coming to those and doing such sincere and AWESOME performances!

Glenn Hughes You're sweet James

Glenn Hughes Grace, I absolutley remember you

Esther Well... i still dream with the first time you came to Spain... small venue and magic flouting in the air... it seams that you sang in my ear... wonderful... but tHis is only my opinion :-)

James Gaden i have a couple of questions to ask if you'd be so kind. Firstly, how are you doing in your bid to secure a record deal for Shape 68? Are you any closer and have you attracted a lot of interest for the band? Secondly, you said in an interview that you were tHinking about taking young up and coming talent under your wing so to speak. Are you still tHinking about doing tHis? i for one would be very interested in sending you some of my stuff and seeing if you tHink it's any good or not.

Glenn Hughes ken:it is my wish, but who would play drums?

Glenn Hughes Esther, I remember you down the front, you were singing all my songs. Thank you so much.

ken you could ask Chad Smith?

Esther thank you, Glenn... for all

Glenn Hughes James: as it happens I am writing more songs before I shop. I am in a songwriting frenzy at the moment!

Glenn Hughes you haven't heard or seen the last of "Chad-ilicious" Smith with Big Daddy.

Glenn Hughes I am so busy right now, but feel free to send me anything to my PO Box...

Glenn Hughes PO Box 2207, Redondo Beach, CA 90278 USA

ken Wild Dogs with Craig was cool. will you work with him again?

Grace fast question: i sent 2 copies of the photographs that i took at Birch Hill, to Ken Ciancimino, with his OK. i hope that he gave you the second copy, as planned, since there was an EXTRA close-up picture of you, to send to your Mom, since you told the Birch Hill crowd that she was worried, since the gentleman from the Village people had passed away......to let her know that you were still alive!!!!!!!

Glenn Hughes Absolutley love Uncle Craig. He is a soulbrother. Craig & I will work together again.

James Gaden Really? Cool...cheers Glenn, i'll take you up on that!

Glenn Hughes Grace: I am not sure if I ever got that photo.....

Grace it was a mini-album with 20 something photos

Glenn Hughes Ken probably has it and I will see him in Vegas in March and I will ask him ..

Grace and a photostatic copy of the ticket on the cover

brothertom what's Ken been up to lately? it seems we don't hear much from Him.

ken Glenn you do a great Al Green

Grace ok....i thought that YOU TOO should have GH pictures of Birch Hill since i made copies for people who couldn't be there

Glenn Hughes Ken is busy with a new job...

Glenn Hughes Al Green yeah, thank you.

James Gaden i saw you had the awesome Pat Torpey drop by at the SiTKOR sessions. Have you known Him long? i'm a huge Mr Big fan and Pat rules.

Glenn Hughes Funny enough I am going to talk to Pat today. Love the guy. Love his drumming. Can't say enough good stuff about PT.

James Gaden He won't know me but tell him I have both his solo albums...probably the only guy in the UK who does!

Glenn Hughes I will.

Esther Will you record another "Voodoo Hill" album??

Marcelo Hi Glenn. Marcelo from Brazil. Who were the R&B musicians (i know about Stevie Wonder) that influenced your music?

Glenn Hughes esther; I believe that Dario is writing the music now....I believe I will be asked.

Admin (David) Here's an email question from Anne-Marie in Australia....

Admin (David) "Hi Glenn, Will you ever get the chance to come to Australia? You have many devoted fans here & we are just dying to hear that beautiful, soulful voice accompanied by that awesome Bass playing of yours - luv you always".

Glenn Hughes Please contact my friend Andrew McNiece at melodicrock.com - he would love that. Thank you for your support Australia

Esther great!!!

Glenn Hughes James Jamison bass, Bernard Purdy drums, Jimmy Smith keys, and Sly Stone everything

James Gaden Glenn...i won't let this one go. Whatever happened to the Warner Bros album you did with Robin George? Why did that never get released and will it ever....Pink Cloud maybe? it's AMAZiNG!

Glenn Hughes warner bros owns the robin george album

Grace By the way Glenn, Chris Spencer would have been here, but His Dad is ill, and he had to go to Wales this week-end, otherwise he would have really enjoyed being here.

Glenn Hughes I remember that geezer too....

gioash i have heard your performance with Ape Quartet. it was so beautiful! what about it?

Marcelo Glenn, are there plans of working with Tony iommi again? Seventh Star is such a great album and it would be great to hear a new collaboration between you..

Glenn Hughes Mark Kilian was a composer with my wife, Gabi at Machine Head-it was his idea, I just jammed over the backing track. I hope you liked it.

Scott Mcintosh Will you play songs from Play Me Out on your next tour? Destiny would be great (especially 'cause that's your favorite bass playing)!

Glenn Hughes Play Me Out was recorded while I was in drug hell, although for me it was an incredible piece of work, somehow it is impossible to re-create moments like that.

Glenn Hughes but I would love to do it live.

Admin (David) here's another email question....from John Ganis in USA...

Admin (David) "Dear Glenn - What are your favorite top 5 (GH) songs? What are your favorite top 3 (GH) albums? Any plans to be in the New York Area?"

Glenn Hughes Top 5 songs: Coast To Coast, What Is A Woman's Role, Will Our Love End, In My Blood, off the new album and Courageous also off SIKOR - 3 Albums: SiKOR, Feel, BTM and sorry-PMO - I hope to get to New York, but nothing is booked...

JimWilson You play your bass like a git-tar on Destiny, Papa.

James Gaden i'm listening to PMO now....it gets better everytime i hear it.

Glenn Hughes You got that right Big Jim. I was standing on a couch in the control room - crying my eyes out.

Glenn Hughes That is fantastic James

Glenn Hughes Can you feel the love?

James Gaden Yes indeed....i really tune in to your funk side, despite being a roots rocker. "Feel" is you best album for me.

ken will you and Mark Bonilla work again. in the middle of a dream was cool

brothertom i second that. Feel is the tops

JimWilson Dig! FEEL is truly unique

JimWilson BrotherTom....hope we can see G again together soon

Glenn Hughes Ken: mmmmmmm...possibly.

James Gaden You know Shape 68.....are you doing all the writing or do Jeff and Robin contribute? Jeff knocks out some great stuff on Sign of 4.

brothertom absolutely, BiG Jim!!

Glenn Hughes Mostly it is Jeff & I writing Shape 68

Glenn Hughes Robin co-wrote a couple of songs.

Admin (David) Here's another email question from Thomas Wolf in Germany...

Admin (David) "...in how how far do you think have bands like the Red Hot Chilli Peppers been influenced by Trapeze or Purple's Come Taste The Band ? Will you ever release a biography?"

Glenn Hughes I know Flea and Chad are influenced by Purple...

Glenn Hughes I think I will release a biography...

Marcelo Glenn, everytime i watch the California Jam video i wonder how many people were there. Do you have an idea?

Glenn Hughes 350,000 paid to go to Cal Jam.

Admin (David) another email question, this time from John Grogan in UK...

Admin (David) "How successful do you feel the Legends Of Rock UK tour was, in terms of the whole event and also for boosting your profile? Was it viewed as a success by the organisers, given the low attendances?"

Glenn Hughes ...for me it was a critical success and I got a lot of new fans.

Glenn Hughes It was badly promoted...

Esther Another "personal" question: how do you feel when you see in your shows grey-haired people mixed with very young people?:-)

brothertom incredible

Glenn Hughes I think it is awesome Esther.

ken it was great hearing you sing those Bolin classics on the tribute cd

ddedman i see more and more younger people coming back to the classic sounds of rock. Do you see tHis when you are on tour?

Glenn Hughes Absolutley all over the world, but mostly in South America that I have a fan base that stretches from 11-60.

Admin (David) another email question from Mark Hoffman in USA...

Admin (David) "Upon joining Deep Purple, other than the new "Burn" material-what Purple songs did you work on in preparation of the first tour, besides the few that we got (Smoke, Space Truckin', Highway Star). Namely, have you ever performed "CHild in Time"? i'd really love to hear you screaming tHis one out! From your friend Mark in Houston, who hopes to see Him soon- possibly in Orlando"

Glenn Hughes I told Gillan I wouldn't sing his song CIT. As it is his Coast To Coast. Just like I told Robert Plant I wouldn't sing any Led Zep songs.

Glenn Hughes I hope to see you in Orlando Mark.

James Gaden i don't know how your schedule's fixed, but would there be a possiblity of you or HTP joining the WHitesnake/Gary Moore Monsters Of Rock tour in May. That would be great for fans of that genre hearing your stuff....much like Legends of Rock did.

Marcelo Glenn, pardon me if someone have asked tHis before, but do you plan coming back to Brazil tHis year.

Glenn Hughes James: you never know.

Glenn Hughes I am trying real hard to get back to Brazil. I love you people down there.

Admin (David) another email question....from Tony Takano in Japan...

Admin (David) "i heard that you would be touring with Pat Travers & Alex Ligertwood. is it true? Any plans for Japan, please???"

Glenn Hughes I have been asked to do those shows but nothing is confirmed yet..

JimWilson My damn family booked a trip to Georgia the same weekend of the Orlando show. I COULD blow them off, and they would understand, but.........

brothertom Georgia is close to Florida!

brothertom ROAD TRiP

Glenn Hughes Blow 'em off! You have your family forever....

JimWilson No kidding. Papa, Atlanta remembers you.....come back.....come back!

ken Glenn do you remember who played guitar on Space High?

Glenn Hughes Thank God I don't owe anybody any money there!

JimWilson PT?

James Gaden Can i ask you about Voices Of Classic Rock? i know you all do your own thing, but did you get together just for shows or are you tHinking about doing an album?

Glenn Hughes Mel Galley on Space High-all guitars by Mel

Marcelo Glenn, i wish you all the best and really hope you keep rockin' and making the best rock albums of the last years.

brothertom so THAT's why you haven't been to CHi-town

Glenn Hughes VCR: we just get together for shows.

JimWilson What did PT play on PMO?

Glenn Hughes Pat played on I Got It Covered.

Admin (David) from JOE in USA...


Glenn Hughes You have no idea how much I would like to show those old geezers a thing or two....

brothertom We'd all love to see that!

Esther i have to go for dinner now :-(. Good bye all and Glenn... thanks for making me touch the sky everytime i hear your music. You know i love you. My best wishes for you and all the people here.

Scott Mcintosh You and Steve Morse would be splendid together!

Glenn Hughes Steve is a lovely fellow and he is a mean guitar player.

Shirl Hello all, Hi again Glenn. i've recently been off-line in more ways than one due to illness, but was surprised to read the messages today with regard to the withdrawal of the WWWboard and your subsequent message on there. You're obviously a sensitive person as you are such a caring one, but i wondered if tHis negativity has shadowed you throughout your career or are we simply faced with a new breed of idiot? Keep on keeping on, brother. See you again soon.

ken Did you play guitar on She Knows?

Glenn Hughes Shirl, nice to hear from you dear. Don't let it get you down. Things will change.

Glenn Hughes Bruce Gowdy played guitar on She Knows.

Admin (David) another email question from James Kennedy in the USA...

Admin (David) "Glenn, it sure would be fantastic if you could come over to my neck of the woods and play a concert or two. That would be South East Texas, Beaumont to be exact. Do you have any plans on doing some shows in this area?"

Glenn Hughes I first played in Beaumont in 1971 with Trapeze. I remember it very well, as Houston was a major market for Trapeze. You have no idea what Texas has done for me as an artist. It gave me a lot of influence.

Glenn Hughes If you are a Texan you are okay by me.

VoiceOfRock Glenn... were you also approached by Eddie Van Halen to join the band after the 1996 reunion with DLR fell apart?

ken How about doing a Soulful Easter?

JimWilson Scott-you were Glenn's chauffer and who knows what wlse for a whole weekend. Are you guys holding any juicy secrets about your travels?

Shirl Thanks Glenn - God bless you.

JohnG Glenn - i'd emailed this question to David and Shirean. Apologies if it's been asked already. The LOR advance publicity indicated a collaboration between Uli Jon Roth and yourself on some numbers from His Requiem for An Angel project. Why did this not happen? Personally i was expecting Starlight to be performed as tHis track is ideally suited to your voice.

Glenn Hughes No, I was not approached by Eddie. He mentioned to me in '94 that if I had been sober in '85 I probably would have been singing in VH instead of Sammy. Who know...

Scott Mcintosh Jim: Yes. Glenn REALLY liked good coffee! (That still true Glenn?)

trix Hey Glenn & Gabi....just wanted to say Hi and Happy 2003! Hope to see and hear you a lot more this year.

Glenn Hughes Soulful Easter: crikey.

Glenn Hughes Yes, I still like good coffee. Only the good **** though!

Scott Mcintosh is Andy Grow still a mate of yours? if so, please tell him "Hello" from his buddies at the Tommy Bolin Foundation!

brothertom how 'bout soulful Valentines Day?

James Gaden i heard JLT was in the frame but Gary Cherone was brought in thanks to management pulling strings. Ah well.

Glenn Hughes Andy Grow is a big part of my life.

Glenn Hughes Soulful Valentines Day: of course.

Glenn Hughes I don't know about the JLT/Gary thing.

VoiceOfRock What's the current state of the "From The Archives Vol. 2" release?

Glenn Hughes I have a solid release schedule this year-maybe next year.

Admin (David) an email question from Clive Rodell in Australia...

Admin (David) "Any plans for a show or album with Paul Rodgers?"

Glenn Hughes I still think I think a GH and Paul Rodgers CD would be fascinating, as we are both on the same page spiritually.

Glenn Hughes It is not out of the question for Paul and I.

VoiceOfRock Ok... great.

VoiceOfRock Hmm... same question for you and ol' DC then.....

Glenn Hughes I really don't know....

JohnH Good morning Glenn.....from your neighbor across the way in Whittier

VoiceOfRock 'Cos i asked David lately and he said he really hopes that the two of you will do some stuff together in the future.....

Glenn Hughes that would be nice.

biddy Have you any plans to play with the original Trapeze ?

VoiceOfRock Yeah... he also told me that he enjoyed your solo albums a lot.

James Gaden i'm sure you get sick of us all saying "i wish you'd work with so and so", so we'll spin it around. You did Hughes /Thrall and Hughes/Turner. Who would YOU pick in an ideal world?

Glenn Hughes biddy: Yeah, who would lay drums?

VoiceOfRock (So do i... by the way.)

biddy are you still in touch with any from trapeze?

Scott Mcintosh Johnnie Bolin could play drums for ya.

James Gaden Pat Torpey for Trapeze! Or Gary Ferguson.

JimWilson You need to have Bolin drum with you more often!

JohnH No Shane Gaalaas

VoiceOfRock What happened to ol' Dave Holland?

JohnH Any plans to work with Shane again Glenn

Glenn Hughes I saw Mel Galley and Tony Perry last spring. I am deeply concerned about the Dave Holland episode.

VoiceOfRock Last things I heard was that he was busy laying down drum tracks for some Priest members and that he was accused of sexual harassment?

Shirl Sorry Glenn forgot to ask ifi Gabi will be coming over with you for the UK gigs. i never got the chance to meet her in November.

Glenn Hughes He was arrested for molesting an under age boy..who is i think, mentally handicapped...

Glenn Hughes try and stop her!

VoiceOfRock Right... i couldn't remember the exact details.....

VoiceOfRock Sad story that.....

brothertom A GH CD is like a box of chocolates. You keep putting out the music, and we'll keep buying & attending shows at each opportunity

Shirl Nice one - definitely going now. Much love to you both xx

Glenn Hughes Don't say Chocolate I have been on the Atkins diet for 18 days and I am going daft.

Admin (David) another email question from Tero in Finland...

Admin (David) ...about HTP-II - will Shane be on drums?

Glenn Hughes Shane will be on HTP-II

Glenn Hughes Brother Tom are you going to Orlando?

JohnH Ahhh our drummer is on that diet Glenn

ken Any work with Mr Nastos in the future?

JohnH Shane rocks

JohnH one of my drummers was his instructor

JohnH at PIT

VoiceOfRock Will you work again with John Sykes in the future?

Glenn Hughes I just love that old bastard-he is the funkiest of the funky (George)

brothertom Wish I could!! Lost my job recently, so $$ is a problem

Glenn Hughes voice of rock. hahahahaahahahahahahaahahaha

Glenn Hughes Brother Tom, Gabi here. I get that. It sucks.

biddy are you still planning to do an album with pat travers?

brothertom Hi gabi. Would love to see you both again

Glenn Hughes To all of you that are thinking of coming to Orlando, I will be arranging a special Meet and Greet with all of you.

JohnH i might be going

VoiceOfRock Well... i really like John Sykes... and i think the two of you could make a helluv an album.....

Glenn Hughes biddy: it is not on my schedule.

JohnH John needs to do something like that

JohnH with somebody

JohnH what a waste of talent

Glenn Hughes john h: Come on, you can get down there!

JohnH Yeah i could probably do a one day trip

JohnH i gig four days a week

Glenn Hughes I am looking forward to going down there.

JohnH Any chance of some newer solo tunes during that show Glenn

Marcelo Glenn, there is nothing i would love most than take a picture with you the next time you come to Brazil. How can we manage that?

JohnH and who is in the band this time

Glenn Hughes Funny enough, Jeff and I have been talking about it.

JohnH i would love to hear

JohnH Annnnnnnnngellllllllaaaaaaaa

JohnH it's on my GH workout CD

JohnH and that song definitely cranks things up a notch on the stairmaster

Glenn Hughes marcelo I don't think it will be a problem, you have to be at sound check or stay after the show and use the password "Big Daddy".

Glenn Hughes Thank you john h.

Admin (David) another email question from Tony in Japan...

Grace Compilation album: "Soulful Work-out"

JohnH Actually Glenn did on Bolin's Dreamer

Marcelo Glenn, you can be sure i will be there and will not forget the password. Thank you in advance for being so kind.

Admin (David) Have you ever thought of working with David Foster?

Glenn Hughes ...in 1981 I was gonna work with David on a project. It never happened.

JohnH Foster was the piano player

Glenn Hughes David is a great AOR producer

VoiceOfRock Speaking of AOR... "Into The Void" and "From Now On..." are definitely two of my all-time fav GH songs.....

Glenn Hughes Yes. The piano player. I believe he played on Dreamer.

Glenn Hughes Thank you. That was my AOR period.

JohnH Oh.....and the other thing

JohnH was maybe to hear some From Now On stuff would be great

VoiceOfRock "From Now On..." is a very well produced album.

JohnH great sound on that

JimWilson Papa- What was your opinion of the 'Danny's Place' video I uncovered?

Glenn Hughes Jim, Oh bloody hell!!

brothertom what is that?

Glenn Hughes I thought I had forgotten about that!

JimWilson I'll hook you up, Tom.

Glenn Hughes The guy singing with me George, was found dead a few years back.

JimWilson You told me.....bummer

Admin (David) an email question from John Grogan in the UK...

Admin (David) "At the Edinburgh LOR gig you told me you were hopefully touring the UK in April. Has a solo UK tour been lined up yet, and if so will it take in Scotland? Any plans for HTP to tour the UK again tHis year?"

biddy i'm off now Glenn, thanks for the chat. Any chance of some more UK gigs next time with HTP?

Glenn Hughes We figured it was too soon to come back in April and my schedule is jammed because I have to work with Joe on HTP-II in April as it is scheduled for release in September.

Glenn Hughes but I will do may damndest to Solo tour the UK - I am all fired up for that.

JohnH HTP 1 is a masterpiece

Scott Mcintosh Tommy Bolin sang all his solo album songs (with your excellent contribution on Dreamer). Did you help him with his confidence and technique? Most fans loved his singing.

VoiceOfRock Especially "On The Ledge" is brilliant.

Glenn Hughes biddy: I hope so.

JohnH Nothing has lasted as long in my CD players

JohnH i had to make an extra copy

ken "Beyond the Numb" was an awsome intense tune. It would be great live

Glenn Hughes Tommy wanted me to sing at least 1/2 the record. I declined. I forced him to sing it. He was unsure of his voice. I thought it was original and genuine

JohnH He was like Hendrix

VoiceOfRock Yeah... "Beyond The Numb" is another fav of mine also.

JohnH Not a Dio or GH type of singer

Glenn Hughes "Beyond The Numb" will be in Orlando.

JohnH but very unique and identifiable

JohnH which song is "Beyond The Numb"?

JohnH what album?

VoiceOfRock "Beyond The Numb" is track 10 on "BTM".

Glenn Hughes The Hendrix thing has been mentioned before.

brothertom a demerit for JohnH

Admin (David) Busted, John!

JohnH[/b] Ok thanks

JohnH Sorryyyyyyyy

brothertom lol

ken Cool, how about the funky, "It's Alright"?

VoiceOfRock Nice bass riff there.

JohnH Ah i must be honest

JohnH i love BTM but never have gotten as into it as others

JohnH Time to play it again

VoiceOfRock it's a very good album... from the beginning to the end.

JohnH although last time i tried it was skipping

Grace listen to "Feels Like Home"......

JohnH ah now that one

JohnH im trying to learn to sing

JohnH so im well up to speed

JohnH A Glenn goosebumps track

JohnH for sure

Glenn Hughes I think I hear Glenn rummaging for a chocolate bar. Someone quick, give me a question! Gabi.

Admin (David) here's another email question from John Grogan in the UK...

Admin (David) "Joe Lynn Turner and yourself are probably the most controversial ex-members of Deep Purple as you're both viewed as steering the band in radically new directions (funk and AOR) wHich tend to polarise opinion among Purple fans. Do you feel you have anything to prove to Purple fans? If so, was HTP your way of doing this?"

Glenn Hughes That whole Purple fan thing-either you like Gillan, or DC or me or Joe. Take your pick. No biggy to me.

brothertom why does glenn need to be on a diet??

Scott Mcintosh Atkins has many low-carb bars. STAY AWAY FROM CHOCOLATE!

JohnH Yeah he runs lots of miles

Glenn Hughes Glenn is on a diet because he gained 5 lbs and he is a nut!


brothertom and he's been looking good, too

VoiceOfRock *rofl*

ken Gabi, I love your hats

Glenn Hughes Thanks for the hat compliment. I love hats.

James Gaden Glenn, i heard that VOCR were trying to get Lou Gramm and Steve Perry on the list. is that true, wishful tHinking, or what?

JohnH Ah well

JohnH listening to DC's Northwinds

Glenn Hughes vcr:Possibly that is true...

JohnH i just realized

VoiceOfRock i like all incarnations of DP.

JohnH DC was also funky

JohnH the truth can now be told

JohnH Glenn can't be blamed for bringing the funk to Purple

VoiceOfRock i don't know what all the quarrelling and insulting is all about.

JohnH And anyway it improved the band

Glenn Hughes DC in 1974, only listened to the Ohio Players, I can vouch for it. I used to hear him blasting it out of his hotel rooms.

JohnH Yep

brothertom LOL

James Gaden Purple needed it i think. Just like the Morse Purple...it sounds different but it's still great.

JohnH i agree

JimWilson The 1976 DP album would have blown our doors off.....

VoiceOfRock "WHitesnake" and "Northwinds" are masterpieces that are a million miles away from DP... just like "PMO".

brothertom i think the touch of funk brought an extra dimension to the band

JohnH i have trouble getting into those records

JohnH but they are cool

Glenn Hughes ...regarding the funk in Purple: they except for Blackmore maybe, loved it at the time. They thought it was fresh and Glenn Hughes, his middle name is funk.

VoiceOfRock Yeah... i luv 'em.

Grace you have to watch the BBC documentary....Rock Family Trees, Deep Purple People

Glenn Hughes I was born that way, it is in my genes and in my blood

JohnH i prefer those records actually

JohnH i always reach for them these days

Admin (David) another email question from Mark Hoffman in the USA...

Admin (David) "What's on Glenn's turntable these days?" (besides "S in the K of Rock")

Glenn Hughes Miles Davis

Scott Mcintosh Aye. "Credited" for the Funk - not "blamed"!

James Gaden Personally i like Stormbringer the best from Purple because it has a bit of everything.

ken the vocal on Good Love from The Final Swing is incredible

brothertom We need to collect some of those GH genes for a cloning project, me thinks!

Glenn Hughes Thank you, Ken.

Glenn Hughes It was my swan song with Trapeze.

JohnH Sorry Scott, thats what it should be

JohnH i mean all those complainers blame

JohnH im not one of them

VoiceOfRock Yeah... to me each of the DP incarnations was great in its own right.

JohnH i even like Slaves and Masters

Scott Mcintosh Right. Gettin Tighter wasn't just funk -- it was like "Fusion Funk".

VoiceOfRock Me too.

VoiceOfRock "The Cut Runs Deep" is a brilliant song.

JohnH yep

brothertom Were there words to 'Dats it', or plans for lyrics?

VoiceOfRock "Gettin' Tighter"... another song i love.

JimWilson Gettin Tighter is Funking awesome

Todd S Watch your funkin' language, Jim. Hello all...Hi Glenn!

Glenn Hughes There were plans for lyrics, but Threshold wanted to rush release it and I had joined Purple by that time. As it happens, the "Best of" featuring Glenn was the only album to chart in the Billboard Top 50.

JimWilson Get Up...Keep in Line

Admin (David) another email question from Tero in Finland....

Admin (David) Glenn - how many Hughes/Thrall gigs did you play and is there any special memories?

Glenn Hughes We played 20 Hughes Thrall gigs.

Glenn Hughes The special memories I have is from hanging out with my now good friend, Alex Ligertwood, who was the singer for Santana at the time.

James Gaden Great vocalist!

ken How did Still in love with you come about. it was cool hearing it live with trapeze

brothertom That's one of my favorite instrumental tracks. Would love to see what you could have done with it vocally

Glenn Hughes Alex is singing backgrounds on SiKOR

Admin (David) Half hour to go folks...keep them questions coming...

Glenn Hughes "Still In Love With You" came from jamming live one night on stage in the '94 tour.

VoiceOfRock Any chance the Trapeze material you recorded in the 90's ("Homeland" etc.) will be released some day?

James Gaden Any vocal you've done that particularly stands out for you Glenn?

JohnH Any chance we might see some more appearances with David Garfield in LA Glenn

Grace it's on the Japanese version of "Burning Japan Live"

Glenn Hughes Glenn is making a sandwich....Gabi

JohnH Alex is always great at those DG shows

Scott Mcintosh That young couple from L.A. - blanking on their names, do they still gig with you?

Todd S Not so much a question, but if you're still entertaining set list ideas for Orlando, I'd toss in a reworking of Loser from You R The Music, Talk About it and I Will Follow You.

Scott Mcintosh She's blonde, great singer. i think he plays bass...

ken Hey ken are you home? What the......

Grace it's a beautiful song, i'd love to hear it completed

VoiceOfRock "Still in Love With You" is on the European version as well.

Todd S Ellis.

Scott Mcintosh THANK YOU! Ellis. What are they up to?

Admin (David) ELLIS are playing a gig in San Diego on February 21st....all the info is on their website... http://www.ellismusic.com/

Glenn Hughes john h - I am playing March 21st with Dave at Platinum Live at his new CD release party, featuring Alex as lead singer.

Glenn Hughes I won't be a featured singer that night-I do it cuz I love the guys.

JimWilson Ellis

JohnH That is fantastic Glenn

JimWilson Stacey and Brett

JohnH Real sorry to have missed the Porcaro Lavee Lee show a year ago

Todd S Damn...Vegas is close...wonder if i could swing that...

JohnH it was last minute.......

JohnH but darn!!!!!!!!

JohnH i wasnt busy that night

Glenn Hughes James: I think when you hear "In My Blood" & "Written All Over Your Face" on SiKOR you will understand...

VoiceOfRock Any chance the material you recorded with Trapeze in the 90's will be released one day?

Glenn Hughes I am just going to Vegas for a personal visit-no show.

Scott Mcintosh How real was the offer to join Van Halen? Were you close to agreeing to do it?

Todd S Oh i know...i live here in Vegas...i'm talking about your LA thing.

ken Would love to hear you work with Hans again. What is your Role was nice and Funky cool

Glenn Hughes I can't remember recording any Trapeze in the 90's

James Gaden i'll look forward to it. When do you forsee SiTKOR coming out?

VoiceOfRock Oh... i was tHinking of songs like "Homeland"..... thought you had probably recorded those.

Glenn Hughes I wasn't offered VH..

Todd S Homeland is on From Now On.

Glenn Hughes SiKOR is coming out in Japan in May and Europe in June.

VoiceOfRock Yes... but it's also on the Trapeze live tHing from 1992.

JohnH But written with Mel Galley

Admin (David) an email question[/i] from Kayleigh in the USA...

Admin (David) As a singer of songs are there any plans to participate in the future on any children's recordings? i love all the styles you cover.

Glenn Hughes never say never

Glenn Hughes That is in regards to the children's recording...

JohnH i may have to take Homeland off my workout CD

brothertom is there a US release date?

JohnH Dont want to cry in the gym


James Gaden is there a bonus track on the Jap version? if so i'll shell out for import prices as it's you

VoiceOfRock What do you think of metal singers such as Ronnie James Dio, Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford, Tony Martin or Jon Oliva?

Glenn Hughes There is a bonus track in Japan: "Change" and in Europe the bonus track is "Secret Life"

Glenn Hughes I like all those guys. They are all good characters and all good rock singers.

Scott Mcintosh What's wrong with kids today? if the artists aren't 25 or younger, they think they're no good. i hope SHAPE68 can crack the US market. Do you have high hopes?

Glenn Hughes Yes.

VoiceOfRock Hey... i'm 21 and i'm into 70's and 80's artists!

brothertom i hope so

James Gaden How well do you know Richie Kotzen? i know you wrote three brilliant songs with him on Incense And Peaches. in my opinion, he'd be a great foil for you to do a kick ass funky rock album.

VoiceOfRock So... not all is lost! *lol*

Glenn Hughes I love Richie Kotzen.

VoiceOfRock What are your memories of Ray Gillen?

Glenn Hughes Ray was a sweet loving guy.

VoiceOfRock (Another singer whose voice i really dig.....)

Glenn Hughes ...was a friend of mine 'til the end.

JohnH Ritchie was just at Platnium

JohnH Thursday

JimWilson Ray was one of a kind

James Gaden Did you go John?

VoiceOfRock Sad... the way he died..... just like Freddie Mercury.

JimWilson Not JUST like him.....

Glenn Hughes Yeah...sad.

VoiceOfRock No... but of the same illness.

VoiceOfRock That's what i was referring to.

JimWilson Dig.

VoiceOfRock Both were truly one of a kind.

Admin (David) another email question from Tero in Finland..

Admin (David) Glenn - do you have any unreleased Trapeze (live) material? Would it be OK to release that via Pink Cloud?

Glenn Hughes There isn't much more.

Glenn Hughes It is doubtful Pink Cloud could release it.

JohnH i was gigging, didnt go

ken What will it take to brake in the US market? Can it be Shape 68

James Gaden Anything in the vaults you're desperate to get out but can't for whatever reason?

JohnH Yeah Glenn

JohnH can you release that 90's Warners stuff?

Glenn Hughes You just never know. Shape 68 is probably the way to go.

JohnH Will 8th Star ever come out properly

Glenn Hughes There is so much in there.....

JohnH that stuff is brilliant

Scott Mcintosh if the Bolin Foundation wanted to approach you for the TB Fest on August 2 (I think the date is firm), would you be free then? if so, should we encourage correspondence to your PO Box?

Glenn Hughes I doubt 8th star will ever come out...

JohnH curse the bootleggers

JohnH for that

Grace How did the name, "Shape 68" come about?

VoiceOfRock Yeah... the seven songs on "8th Star" are brilliant.

Glenn Hughes Contact me regarding the TB Fest...I am not sure of my schedule, but let me know the details.

James Gaden Hey Glenn - when (not if) Shape 68 gets a record deal, can i volunteer to do the CD cover artwork?

Glenn Hughes Shape 68 came about when I pretty much had my first professional gig with Finders Keepers in '68 and that was a magical year and this is a magical number.

Glenn Hughes James you can submit anything you like to me.

Grace Should be a lucky "group" for you then.

Todd S Any chance a Pink Cloud release may have Finders Keepers material on it, in addition to more recent material?

Glenn Hughes I hope so. It is real special to me.

Glenn Hughes No Finders Keepers material.

Admin (David) 10 minutes left folks...keep'em coming...

brothertom Well, gang. i gotta run. Thanks, Glenn for being with us today. Your availability to the fans is remarkable. Sorry i won't be able to make Orlando. Been to all your shows in the US east of the Rockies for the past several years, and hope to be at many more in the future. i'm bummed, but i guess i can miss one. All the best, Glenn! Thanks, David & Shirean, for setting this up. Tom

JohnH Hey Tom take care man

James Gaden What, no "Sadie The Cleaning Lady?" Damn!

JohnH best of luck with the job hunt

VoiceOfRock in case there will a GH live DVD... you think it would be possible to add the video clips of "No Stranger To Love" and "America: What Time is Love" as bonus material on there?

Grace Hey, if James does the graphic atwork, i'll do the photographs....the ONLY album cover where you are actually SMILING!!!!

Glenn Hughes Tom, enter the CTC Competition-maybe you can win a trip to Orlando!

Glenn Hughes My teeth are too white!

brothertom already entered. got everything crossed. hope to see you soon. bye

Glenn Hughes Good idea for the DVD...

Todd S Package the album with 3-D style sunglasses...

ken Owed to J was cool, Jeff should call you.

Shirean Take Care Tom - I'll be in touch.

VoiceOfRock Thanks. i thought it would be a nice treat for us fans to have those clips on DVD.

Glenn Hughes I spoke to his manager about it-Jeff liked it.

VoiceOfRock is it true that Jeff Beck was also approached to join DP in 1975?

Glenn Hughes Absolutely not.

Grace Right.....no flash for the photographs.

Glenn Hughes He was always my first choice. I would have known about that.

ddedman Thank you Glenn and Gabi for sharing your time with us. i know we all appreciate it.

Scott Mcintosh Whose cats -- yours or Gabi's, and what are their names? When is their next scheduled litter box maintenance?

VoiceOfRock Yeah... was a real pleasure to be able to chat with you.

Glenn Hughes Gabi's cats are Princess and Lamont. Mine are Pookie and Simka. The two dogs are Lily and Wolfie. The litterbox is cleaned daily by Gabi and she hates it!

JohnH Glenn can sing the phone book

VoiceOfRock "Mr Hughes And Dr Funk", uh? *lol*

Grace Question for Gabi: How are you and how are the cardboard boxes??????

Glenn Hughes I am still unpacking. I am working on the Guest room right now, since JJ is coming to work with Glenn on HTP-II and I am in a panic.

Grace Glad that you didn't beat Glenn to death!!!

Glenn Hughes It sucks more than you know.

James Gaden Where did you find JJ? I think he's superb.

ken Thanks for the chatting Glenn and Gabi. Hope to see you in Orlando.

Giampietro Frulli Hello everybody! Hi Glenn!

Glenn Hughes I thought about it, but instead i demanded he buy me jewelry for my birthday. hahahaha (Gabi).

VoiceOfRock Will there be any guest appearances on "HTP 2"... like the ones by Sykes and Paul Gilbert on the first one?

Glenn Hughes I found JJ when I was best man at a wedding for a TV personality in Sweden and he was in the wedding band.

Todd S Bye all...Glenn, the Las Vegas contingent will be represented in Orlando - see you at what will surely be a night to remember!

VoiceOfRock Wow... that's a cool story, Glenn.

JohnH Take care Todd

Glenn Hughes There will be guest appearances on HTP-II, I will let you know who they are as soon as possible.

JohnH Glenn any special singing techniques

JohnH what do you do to warm up

JohnH and what fluids are good

James Gaden Woah...did he play "Here Comes The Bride" with power chords or something?

Glenn Hughes look forward to seeing the Vegas-ites

JohnH when singing

Glenn Hughes Warm up is three or four songs in sound checks and not napping after that and continuing to sing thru dinner.

JohnH 3 Hour soundchecks aren't good though!


Glenn Hughes 3 hour soundchecks suck

Admin (David) another email question from Keith Geller in the USA..

Admin (David) About Trapeze "Hold On" lp - do you know who is doing co-vocals with Pete Goalby on the last few tracks on tHis disc - especially "Running Away" and "You Are." it sounds so much like you!

Glenn Hughes although i didn't get credit for it, i wrote the track running away. i tHink after i left any singer had a glenn hughes approach

Admin (David) an email question from Rich in USA...Will you be at the Graham Bonnet show in Tarzana at the end of February?

Glenn Hughes I will not be at that show.

Giampietro Frulli Hello Glenn. I'm Giampietro of the GH italian Funk-Lab, Coffee & Vanilla.

JohnH Yeah im referring to your comments during the Platinum Shape 68 show

Glenn Hughes Hi Giampietro, you crazy Italian geezer.

Glenn Hughes Say "Hi" to Roberto for me.

Giampietro Frulli The album title "Songs in the key of rock" is a tribute to Stevie Wonder's "Songs in the key of life"?

Glenn Hughes No it is not -it is a tribute to Rock.

Scott Mcintosh "Owed to G" is supposed to refer to Gershwin, right? is there a melody in it borrowed from Gershwin, or why was that title selected?

Giampietro Frulli I will do. Roberto told me to say hello to you this afternoon. Unfortunately, he can't be here tonight!

Glenn Hughes It is Gershwin influenced.

Giampietro Frulli How do you feel about your HTP live experience in Italy? Will you come again in our country?

JohnH Hey Glenn i see some of the sunsets you get to see

Glenn Hughes I must say the playing in Italy of HTP was one of the higlights of last year. Hopefully I will be touring there Solo this year.

Glenn Hughes I will look forward to seeing you guys again.

JohnH im jealous they must be spectacular in your area

Glenn Hughes Our new property has an Ocean view. Gabi & I are truly blessed to have this home.

JohnH My ship used to circle Catalina so i used to get that view alot

Grace i just wanted to add that i just recently got "The Alchemist", and i can't tell you wHich of the 5 tracks on it i like the best. They are so different, but they are so GH. Fantastic job, even when you sing "duet-harmony". i'm really glad that my Cd player can be pre-set to track 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6, an played non-stop.

Admin (David) an email question from Alan in the UK...what do you think of Chris Catena and how is the song you perform on?

Glenn Hughes Chris is a nice chap.

Glenn Hughes I had a lot of fun singing it.

JohnH We just flew over that area on the way to Florida

Scott Mcintosh This Time Around reminds me of a particular girlfriend. Like we were ships passing in the night in "This Life" but maybe in the "next life" we will get together. is that sort of the "gist" of the song?

Glenn Hughes THis is Gabi: Glenn never got paid for doing The Alchemist and we have tried to get the money and Carl Kennedy is in denial, so I won't make any comments for that record.

VoiceOfRock "This Time Around" is such a beatiful song.

Glenn Hughes ...it is about reincarnation

Scott Mcintosh Reincarnation and hooking up with "her" again, or just reincarnation in general?

Giampietro Frulli This makes me really happy. The Italian site is improving really. In September we've opened a forum both in Italian and in English. I'm honored if you write a message on our forum!

Grace WHAT????? That's a disgrace, and also illegal!!!!!

Glenn Hughes You can count on it big boy!

VoiceOfRock You didn't get paid for Phenomena either, right?

Glenn Hughes Grace: yeah, we have a lawyer, the whole pain in the ass (am i allowed to say ass?) thing.

Grace is that why there's NO mention of Gh in the CD liner notes?

Glenn Hughes I hope so.

Glenn Hughes same with Phenomena...

VoiceOfRock We had Tom Galley here in the GHPG chatroom a few weeks ago.....

VoiceOfRock And he's currently doing a "Phenomena iV" album.... and said he asked you, Keith Murrell and Tony Martin to participate in it?

Glenn Hughes They are trying to put something together for me. We will see what happens.

Giampietro Frulli in some backstage you told me that you love Stevie Wonder's voice. What is your favourite song?

Glenn Hughes "That Girl" is my favorite song.

Grace You would think that people would prtect their reputation, especially since the music community is so small, and news like that would travel fast.

ken Were you involved in Gary Moore's G-force at all?

Glenn Hughes Grace, it is Gabi again. You would be SHOCKED and appalled at the rampant dishonesty in the music world.

Glenn Hughes I was in G-Force and I quit

VoiceOfRock Yeah... i've heard of it... folks stealing songs, etc.

JohnH Yep

Grace i would have thought that after the early years of rock.........things would have gotten better

JohnH Even Mick Taylor of the Stones got ripped off

Glenn Hughes Nope.

JohnH never got properly paid for his stuff

JohnH he wrote in the Stones

JohnH and the word is Ry Cooder wrote "Honky Tonk Woman"'s riff

JohnH but got ripped off

Glenn Hughes Lots of people have not been paid. It is an ongoing problem. You would not believe how much I have been ripped off.

VoiceOfRock i was told by a lot of people to lock my songs away if i write some before having them copyrighted.

JohnH and on and on

Grace You know, the stories of the people who really started rock living in poverty.....while Elvis made the money.

James Gaden Well, time for me to go. it was great to speak to you Glenn. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. You're the man!

Admin (David) Hey folks...just 5 minutes more...so get your last questions in now...thanks.

Giampietro Frulli in what hours of the day you have the best inspiration, when you write a song?

Glenn Hughes Mornings.

ken Glenn thanks for all the music. we know it all comes from the soul

VoiceOfRock Do you always carry a tape recorder, MiniDisc recorder or sometHing like that with you to record ideas on the spot?

Giampietro Frulli How are your cats?

Glenn Hughes I have written most of the last 4 GH albums in the Redondo Beach Galleria AMC while watching movies.

Scott Mcintosh Who was the most influential bass player you listened to (or currently listen to) who impacted your playing the most?

Glenn Hughes The cats are fine. Real ****ters! They will be spending the Spring and Summer outside!

Glenn Hughes We have a big property-they will be fine.

Grace Here's my question: Do you know how many of us GHCP's listen to your music everyday? At home, in the car on long rides, etc. i don't even care what you are singing, each album has it's own special songs for me. Just wanted to say thank you for the music.....

Glenn Hughes Andy Fraser ruled in Free.

Glenn Hughes Currently I listen to my bad self.

Giampietro Frulli Are you planning to make a videoclip for one or some songs of the next album?

Glenn Hughes That is nice, Grace.

Grace oops, LONG car rides...

JohnH i agree Grace well said

JohnH Glenn

Glenn Hughes I hope that Frontiers in Europe will do that.

JohnH Coverdale seems to have recovered his voice

JohnH He's stopped smoking

VoiceOfRock Glenn... i really admire you for fighting your illnesses and coming back with a vengeance in the 90's.....

Scott Mcintosh i agree. it's a GREAT time to be a GH fan - lots of stuff, and more to come!

JohnH I saw a video clip of Slow and Easy from the first show on the tour

VoiceOfRock Hardly anyone accomplishes that!

Glenn Hughes I only wish him the best.

JohnH i wonder why his voice deteriorated so badly?

Grace i once drove to my daughter's in Pennsylvania............one and a half hours..........one way.......only Resurrection Shuffle

JohnH He could barely sing on the Mark and Brian show

ken Keep bringing the Funk

JohnH but thankful it seems to be back

VoiceOfRock DC said he was ill during most of the "Restless Heart" tour and stuff..... who knows.

Glenn Hughes I was spiritually dead in the 80's. I have found a better way.

Giampietro Frulli Glenn, the address of the Italian forum is: http://www.glennhughesitalia.com/forum/default.asp

JohnH We are blessed you can sing so well even now when others struggle

Grace you nearly blew out the car speakers and windows....it was great!!!!

Glenn Hughes Grace, I hope you have insurance for that!

VoiceOfRock *lol*

JohnH i got to hear it live in my car in LA

JohnH i was screaming and yelling

JohnH very exciting

Admin (David) 1 minute to go.....hurry hurry...

Grace And....do you ever think that you will reach the final version of "You Keep On Moving" or will it keep getting better as the years go on?

Glenn Hughes The latest version on Rockline was my late night thang.

JohnH Ok Glenn......thanks for everything.......All my bands have to put up with me talking about you!

VoiceOfRock Well... i for one really wanna thank Glenn and Gabi for being here with us on this wonderful Sunday (evening here in "Old Europe" ;-).....

Glenn Hughes Our pleasure.

JohnH Very inspiring and thanks Gabi also for this

kobby Hi! I was a crew of HTP tour in Europe last year and I live in Japan. Why didn't you play with European tour musicians in Tokyo. I think JJ is much better

Glenn Hughes I am proud to be European.

VoiceOfRock You two really rule!

Giampietro Frulli Thank you Glenn, your voice is my angel, your music is my soul. And you know it.

VoiceOfRock Yes... so am i.....

Glenn Hughes Kobby: that was a record label decision.

Glenn Hughes JJ rules

Giampietro Frulli forever

JohnH Life goes better with GH.....i love it all

JohnH Yep

kobby i see.

Giampietro Frulli JJ is a great person. A lovely guy

Glenn Hughes JJ is a hoot, but smells a little bit funny!

Giampietro Frulli JJ told me that you knew him in a particular occasion...

Giampietro Frulli ah ah ah

ken Bring JJ to the States

VoiceOfRock i sincerely hope i'll be able to make it to one of your gigs in Germany in September in case those will happen.....

Shirean David and I would like to thank Glenn & Gabi for taking the time to join us here today and to answer your questions! THANK YOU!

pjoslo Glenn - apologies if this has been asked before - will you have any involvment in the "Burn" remaster for EMI - cheers bro' ian

VoiceOfRock Also hope to meet you there and have a pic with you taken.

Glenn Hughes Thanks to you all. Talk to you again soon.

Scott Mcintosh THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME!!!!

Giampietro Frulli Bye Glenn! Bye Gabi. We love you.

ken Thanks Shirean

Glenn Hughes Hello Ian-I think Roger is doing that.

Grace Take care, Gabi and Glenn.........thank you!

VoiceOfRock See you Glenn and Gabi... you're the greatest!

Giampietro Frulli Goodbye from every Italian fan. And from Roberto and me!

kobby Thank you!! really hope to see you on stage!!

JohnH See you soon Glenn

Glenn Hughes Keep your eyes open for Big Daddy in Italy this year. I love you ****ing guys.

Giampietro Frulli And don't forget to visit our forum...

Glenn Hughes Thanks for a great Chat and see you in Orlando!

VoiceOfRock Cool session that.

Scott Mcintosh Thanks Shirean and David for making this happen!

VoiceOfRock Yeah... thanks for this chat session.

pjoslo i arrived a bit late...ooops...i'll enjoy the transcript tho'

Admin (David) Thanks everyone...if you want to continue chatting amongst yourselves, we've opened the "7x24 Lounge"...

Scott Mcintosh Bye all! Thanks!

Admin (David) Glenn and Gabi have "left the building"...

VoiceOfRock Ok... see you over there in a few then!

kobby Thank you. i've seen all the shows during the HTP tour. Glenn was really greatttt on every stage!!

Admin (David) Ok, we're going to close the room now...so you'll get bumped out...if you want to Chat amongst yourselves...you can visit the "7x24 Lounge"...thanks for coming...

kobby bye!!

Shirean The next regularly scheduled Monthly CHAT is on Wednesday, February 19th between 1:00pm-3:00pm PST. Hope to see you then...Glenn and Gabi may come back and visit us again, when the new album, Songs In The Key Of Rock is released

Admin (David) Bye for now!
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