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Old Apr-17-2002, 4:33 PM
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CHAT transcript - April 17th, 2002

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use the new Printable feature, click the icon at the bottom of the page!

CHAT transcript - Wednesday, April 17th, 2002

Shirean: Enters Chat

Marcelo: Enters Chat

schreinermusic: Enters Chat

schreinermusic: anyone around?

schreinermusic: No? Great then I will have enough time to eat my sandwich ...LOL

Shirean: Enters Chat

Shirean: Hi Hughes Fans!

schreinermusic: Hello, Shirean ..will be back in a moment ...I am still fighting with my sandwich ..LMAO

Shirean: Okay I'm putting something up on ebay

David: Enters Chat

Shirean: Hi David I'm fighting with the new version of ebay I'll be back in a few

David: Hello all...

David: SM: How's your web page coming along


David: Welcome SPIDER

martinturck: Enters Chat

David: Welcome Martin

schreinermusic: Be right back in a minute ..David, sorry! The webpage is under construction so far and doing GREAT!

David: Thanks again for all the material....

martinturck: Enters Chat

SPIDER: Hi Im From London

martinturck: hello every body

martinturck: how are you?

David: Hey Martin, thanks again for all the stuff the past few days...

David: SPIDER - where in London?

SPIDER: Does Anyone Know If Glenn Is Coming To England This Year

martinturck: no is nothing

David: Most likely Sept/Oct with HTP....

SPIDER: Im From Near Hammersmith

David: Ah...one of my old hangouts from days gone by!!

SPIDER: Thanks David Its Great To Hear From Other G h Fans

martinturck: i love you people

martinturck: in this moment stay ear htp

David: Another CD featuring Glenn is coming at the end of May....

schreinermusic: Okay, I'm finally back! First of all, good day or evening to all, wherever you are! Great to see you again!

David: The Alchemist - Westside - released on the LedSled label in the States...

schreinermusic: Really? Of which artist?

martinturck: is cominn to south america glenn?

schreinermusic: Very interesting ...

martinturck: great news david

SPIDER: I Saw Glenn At Derby Last Year Great Gig There Was A Guy Next To Me With Glenn Hughes Tatood On His Chest

David: Martin: Haven't heard anything yet....maybe with VCR or even HTP....

David: LOL

schreinermusic: I'm looking forward to that one, thanks for telling us, David!

David: Talk about a dedicated fan....

schreinermusic: Glenn appeared in Koblenz and it was a very cool gig, I have to say.

martinturck: other cd great

schreinermusic: I was a bit late, so I missed parts of the concert, unfortunately ..:-(

David: Do tell us all about Koblenz...what was the vibe like?

martinturck: im so happy

SPIDER: Yer But He Was Luckey Enogh To See The Man On Stage With Tommy

schreinermusic: The people were really excited and everything went very well, it was a nice gig

martinturck: lol

martinturck: what songs plays glenn and joe in tour?

Jon L: Enters Chat

martinturck: for mmi the best song is on the ledge

David: Aside from HTP songs, Rainbow and DP plus possibly some solo stuff...

SPIDER: Does Anyone Know Where I Can Get Any Dvds Of Deep Purple With Glenn And Tommy

martinturck: great and amazing voise of glenn

David: At least in Japan...Pony Canyon recently held a contest for fans to request songs for them to play - solo as well as DP & Rainbow stuff..

schreinermusic: Hi Jon, how are you, mate?

martinturck: plays songs to btm?

schreinermusic: Glenn did a superb version of Manic Depression in Koblenz, I have to add

David: SPIDER: eBay is good place to start...just to see what's out there...

Jon L: hello everyone. doing fine, achim. yourself?

David: SM: Would loved to hear that - did you see any recording going on - audio or video?

schreinermusic: Thanks, my friend, I'm great!

David: Welcome Jon...

martinturck: i hope so

Jon L: i don't have to work today, fortunately!

David: Lucky you....I'm chained to the desk....but having fun here!!

Jon L: achim, i was able to hear a couple songs off your site. sounds good - there is a good funky one on there

schreinermusic: Where are you geographically located, Martin, if I may ask? Your name sounds a bit like a german name, is that right?

martinturck: purple on dvd with glenn and tommy very intersting

schreinermusic: Thank you very much, Jon, I appreciate it very much, mate!:-)

Jon L: well, david, at least you have nice weather pretty often. here in michigan, we have to savor the nice ones. so it is nice to not have to work on a day like today.

David: I hear 'ya!

schreinermusic: It's evening In Germany, so I don't have to work either:-):-)

David: So are you guys ready for some more GH - I've played HTP to death and hankering for new stuff :-)

martinturck: buenos aires argentina schereiner

Jon L: i should be doing yard work, but i got a new cd that i want to listen to, so i'll stay inside and chat for a while instead

schreinermusic: the fanpage is in progress, like I already said, I'm will also try to focus on J.J. to have a kind of "unique" feature.

David: Great idea....

schreinermusic: Now I see, Martin ...haha


Jon L: kidding.....

schreinermusic: As far as I know J.J. does not have an own homepage or tribute page

martinturck: is very slow

David: Some people must have alot of time on their hands to type all that crap!

schreinermusic: Hahaha ...Jon ...are talking like the SANI BOY on Glenn's message board who drives us crazy from time to time ...:-):-)

schreinermusic: SAMI BOY ..not SANI

martinturck: cool schreiner

Jon L: yeah... SAMI has too much time and not enough brains!

schreinermusic: That's exactly like it is!

schreinermusic: J.J. is doing actually doing a GREAT job and he always did.

schreinermusic: one "doing" too much ...sorry

Jon L: yeah, JJ is very good.

Jon L: what is the latest project coming from Glenn, besides the Alchemist?

schreinermusic: It would be interesting to know the line-up of the band when Joe & Glenn will play the japanese HTP gigs ...

martinturck: david he enyoy mi mp3?

David: It's the Japanese players (so no JJ or Shane)

David: Maybe the Euro tour will see them on the road....

David: Martin: Yes, thanks again for the excellent stuff!

schreinermusic: Yeah ..it was great!

David: Jon L: it was to be a guest spot on the Coverdale CD, but now that's been scrapped for now....maybe the Jeff Scott Soto solo album which is due mid-to-late summer....

Shirean: Hi all finally done with my ebay stuff

martinturck: might take your life is not recorded in argentina , the recorded is in brasil

martinturck: is mi private collection jejej

schreinermusic: I was blown away by the live versions of "Space High" and "LA Cut Off"!! The sound quality is not the best but the vibe is great! I enjoyed listening to it very much! Thanks again, David!

Jon L: Too bad about the coverdale cd - I love Tony Franklin

David: Yes - although it didn't sound like a kids show...more like a rock radio station where it was recorded at in Sao Paulo..

martinturck: reseiving walter giardinos mp3?

schreinermusic: Martin ...I was also BLOWN AWAY by the LOUD hammond organ in "Might ..." ...great version!!!

David: Martin: Yes, got those two, very impressive...

David: Hans is the man!!

martinturck: burn in arg is a very bad sund

martinturck: sorry sound

martinturck: tthis vercion of burn headbanger mi heas

martinturck: sorry head

Shirean: Enters Chat

David: SM: Those Trapeze numbers are from 1976 - we actually put them through an editor to "improve" sound, the source was worse!!

joe: Enters Chat

David: Welcome Joe

schreinermusic: I see ...

joe: hi david

martinturck: no blown away no

joe: is glenn actually chatting here or not

martinturck: im very crazy in 20 11 99 jejejej

David: Joe: No this is a FAN chat (god that sounds so teeny-bopper)!!

David: But feel free to hangout or join in....all are welcome...

David: It sounds like Glenn got a shot of inspiration on his recent holiday back home....can't wait to hear the output!

schreinermusic: Maybe Glenn surprises us all of a sudden ..who knows??..LOL

martinturck: glenn in theatre coliseo the best show in mi life

joe: ok david i just enter the zone and was very lost thks

David: No problem - are you a solo GH fan, Trapeze, Purple or all of the above?!?!

schreinermusic: Welcome, Joe! Take a seat ...:-)

martinturck: glenn plays the bass is the best


martinturck: glenn incledible voise jj the best hans no words for decript but no liked bob harsen

schreinermusic: Thanks, Joe ...it shows your wonderful taste in music!

David: We have some great Purple stuff we're going to be in the Fan Forum over the next few weeks - be sure and look out for it....

David: from '73 thru '76...that's all I can say :-)

schreinermusic: And we surely will, David! Jon, are you still around?

David: joe: Have you heard HTP - what do you think?

martinturck: a see you later people i love you :-)

David: whoops - joe has left the building :-)


David: take care martin...

Jon L: yeah, still here. trying to get housework done and get dinner ready

David: What kind of stuff?

martinturck: good bye

schreinermusic: Oh ..I see, Jon ..take your time:-)


schreinermusic: Very interesting, David. Would be great to hear some real rare recordings of that era of Purple. Just this morning a guy asked a question about the song "Dealer" from CTTB on Glenn's message board. I know that THIS song was also done live but just a few times. It's a real rarity. I have one of those live versions, I think it was recorded in Melbourne 75

David: Cool - if you'd ever like to share some of it feel free to upload it to the Fan Forum for all to see or hear...

David: Haven't heard that "live" - will have to hunt it down...

schreinermusic: Oh ...then I will upload it later this evening for you, my friends. It's a great version.


schreinermusic: There's also a live version of "Coming Home" in my archive. They did this one as an opener just for a short time.

Jon L: do you guys collect glenn on vinyl?


J Brit: Enters Chat

schreinermusic: Well, Jon I still have a lot of vinyl records from the 80's, including a lot of DP and GH. I cannot throw it away and I will probably never do ..LOL

schreinermusic: Hello, John, nice to meet you again!


David: Oh yes...in fact we just picked up a signed Trapeze LP - Glenn and John Lodge (Moody Blues)...

David: Welcome J Brit

schreinermusic: and John (JBrit) has left the building ....

schreinermusic: Welcome back:-):-)

Jon L: i have a few things on vinyl - hughes/thrall, couple trapeze, come taste the band, play me out

schreinermusic: What a cool one, David! Amazing!

J Brit: Hi Joe, Hi Achim, I'm good. The connection is stillletting me down badly Achim. !!!!!!, Hi to everyone else here too.

David: Just got a Finders Keepers 7-inch....but you can't tell if Glenn's on it, if anything he's playing guitar or bass!

Jon L: i actually found sealed versions of CTTB and PMO around '88. I knew very little of Glenn at the time but they got me hooked

Jon L: my favorite is the lp of the first Phenomena - the cover glows in the dark!

schreinermusic: I have the same problems today, John, even I have a DSL modem

schreinermusic: I also have the "7th Star" record on vinyl, it's still an outstanding record


David: That's funny you say that...I was just reminding Shirean that "7th Star" was the first LP I bought after moving here back in '86

David: Take care Joe - see you here again sometime...

schreinermusic: Take care, Joe...all the best for you!

Marcelo: Enters Chat

David: Welcome Marcelo..

Jon L: i think i bought phenomena and 7th star the same day

David: We were watching a boot video last night of Glenn with Iommi during the 7th Star US tour....quality is awful, but it's certainly wierd to hear Glenn sing "War Pigs" !!

schreinermusic: Hi, Marcelo ...

Marcelo: Hi David. I'm a brazilian GH fan waiting for his comeback.

Pete S: Enters Chat

David: Welcome Pete S

schreinermusic: Wow ...how amazing! I have only a audio bootleg on which Glenn sings "Sweat Leaf" of that tour.

Pete S: hi there

schreinermusic: Hello Pete!

Jon L: david, is that the video from the Detroit show?

David: I believe so - it's done by some bloke way up in the rafters!!

David: All we have is a tape - no box - no label !!!!

Jon L: yeah. i was supposed to go to that show. the quality of the video is poor, but the boots are easy to find in the stores around here

David: Which stores....local or chains?

Pete S: damm i've missed martin turk

schreinermusic: Very interesting, Jon ...LOL

Jon L: local. a couple of the locals carry a ton of bootlegs and even let you preview them first

Jon L: which is why i didn't buy the 7th star show!

David: Pete S: Yes, Martin was here earlier, you can read the transcript a little later on today...

schreinermusic: Is that legal??:-):-)

schreinermusic: what a question ...:-):-):-)

Pete S: i talked to him last night .a good chap

David: Jon L: Very cool - no such luck out here on the West Coast...

Jon L: no, but nobody has stopped them yet!

Jon L: my buddy just made me a copy of his boot from mr. big w/ kotzen in return for doing his taxes!

David: LOL

J Brit: Sorry, I'm gonna have to give up on this. It takes an age to refresh, then I have 1.5 seconds to read the posts before the refresh sparks in again. See you all soon, sorry I could not contribute more. Bye

Jon L: sorry - bye

David: Thanks for stopping by J Brit - hope you can try again next time...

Pete S: g'bye j brit

David: May 22nd - same time, same place...

schreinermusic: One of my best recordings of Glenn is the double CD called "On the wings of a russian foxbat" which has been released officially in Germany in 1997, from the 1976 tour. It was sold as an bootleg for a long time, before it was re-released as an official product. GREAT stuff, anyway

schreinermusic: Don't worry, John ...have a great day, see you soon again on David's board!

David: Yes, I agree - picked that up in London a few years ago...

Marcelo: Dear All. Does anyone has any clue about when GH will tour in Brazil again?

Jon L: yeah, what i like about that is how it has some songs repeated, but they are done differently, especially ritchies solos (if i'm thinking of the right cd)

schreinermusic: "Gettin Tighter" is amazing, as well as "This time around". It features also a live version of "Homeward Strut", which is labelled as "The Grind", which is not true ..:-):-):-)

David: Marcelo: Possibly with VCR or HTP...no dates as of yet...

Pete S: what's the title schr ?

Jon L: hmmm...i must be thinking of the wrong cd

Marcelo: I will be back soon. Bye.

schreinermusic: Yes, Jon, they changed some arrangements especially in "Burn", solo section.

Jon L: the one i am thinking of is definitely ritchie

Jon L: DP has so many live cds that I can't keep them straight

schreinermusic: Bye, Marcelo. Pete, I was still talking about the " On the Wings of a russian foxbat" double CD.

Pete S: oh sorry mate,i'm a bit tired

schreinermusic: Jon, perhaps you mean the "The final concerts" with Ritchie?? It's also a double CD and it features the song "Gypsy" beside others.

Shirean: Enters Chat

schreinermusic: It's a very powerful recording, I like that one a lot.

Pete S: hi shirean

Shirean: Hi Pete

schreinermusic: Shirean, great to have you back:-)

Jon L: now that i think of it...it may be the re-release of made in japan with all 3 nights. i'm pretty sure that is it now.

schreinermusic: Does it contains "Black Night"?

Shirean: So what did I miss

schreinermusic: We were talking about some live CD's of DP with Ritchie and Tommy...

Jon L: don't remember - a friend loaned it to me

Pete S: what did the cover look like?

Jon L: like i said, they are all blending together at this point!

schreinermusic: I think, it's the same "Black Night" live version as on the "Powerhouse" compilation. A very powerful one, maybe the best version of "Black Night" that I have ever heard

schreinermusic: David, when will we know the results of that "which song should they play on HTP" thing??? Do you already know some details??

schreinermusic: sorry ...I mean on that HTP tour ...

David: The results went directly to Pony Canyon and they are being very tight lipped about the results.....so I don't think we'll anything until we see the setlist unfortunately :-(

schreinermusic: I see ....

Jon L: they should only do DP stuff from Purpendicular and Abandon just to put a twist on things!

David: LOL

schreinermusic: hahaha ...that's a good one, Jon:-):-):-)

schreinermusic: ...and DP is doing some "Building the Machine " material ...oh Lord ...poor Gillan ..LMAO

Pete S: loads of rainbow to p=== blackmore off

schreinermusic: and also some Blackmore's Night stuff ....hahaha

Pete S: shiny shoe version of black night

Pete S: and wear pixie boots and floppy hat!!!

schreinermusic: David & Shirean, again I want to say that this website is just awesome. Everyone can see how much work you must have been put into it! You are really doing a GREAT job here! I think, I speak for a lot of people when I say that. Thank you very much

Jon L: yes, good job

Pete S: yes indeed

Shirean: Glad you are enjoying it David does most of the work!

Pete S: good addition of who's on line

schreinermusic: David you're the MAN ..LOL

Shirean: Yes I agree I saw lots of you last night ;-)

David: we just need to figure out a way so folks can CHAT via the online now :-)

schreinermusic: Yes, i see. But I must say THIS chat forum works technically much better than the chat room on David Coverdale's website.

Pete S: shame you can't do it by changing your colour on your name

Pete S: or add something to profile to indicate going to chat

David: We'll figure something out...not to worry!

David: martinturck sent us a version of "You Keep On Moving" - it's kinda strange, sounds like the "live" version overdubbed over a studio recording...have you guys heard this one before?

David: We'll be putting it up as the Monthly Pick in the JukeBox next month....take a listen and perhaps during the next CHAT session you can comment...

Pete S: strange

schreinermusic: is it already in the media center?

David: it's very cool - perhaps it was from the FNO sessions, possibly a contender as bonus track, but lost out to Holy Man instead....??

David: No, not yet...it'll be in the JukeBox as the Monthly Pick come May 1st.

schreinermusic: Okay ..I will wait:-):-)

Pete S: any chance david of putting holy man on duke box,i've only heard stormbringer version to date?

David: When I say "live" - I mean just the vocals, everything else is a very polished studio effort, excellent guitar work....

David: Pete S: sure thing....we're due for an update to the JukeBox...we'll try and add it as well to the May update...

SATAN: Enters Chat

David: Welcome SATAN...

SATAN: hello?

Pete S: nice one david cheers.hi satan

schreinermusic: Hi Satan ...

SATAN: how 's it goin?

David: SATAN: Did you ever get those trades you were after?

SATAN: whats new ?

SATAN: no - I never got the demos

schreinermusic: Not too bad, thank you! How are you? What's your favourite GH track today, Satan?

SATAN: favorite - Hughes track?

schreinermusic: Sure:-)

SATAN: favorite would have to be- "I wanna take you Higher" co - sung w/ Jeff Scott Soto

David: Is that available yet?

schreinermusic: Wow ...I would LOVE to hear that one!!!

SATAN: nope...its my favorite because I am the guitarist on it !

schreinermusic: I love "Gimme some Lovin'" from the sessions in Maui very much

David: ahhhh....well I guess we'll have to be patient a little while longer!!! Is it mid-Summer when that's due out?

SATAN: Jeff's in Boston now mixing the cd...supposed to be released sometime in early fall

David: Cool, I'm looking forward to hearing that one....keep us in the loop...

SATAN: I dont have these "Maui sessions " either

Pete S: nice one .satan

David: By the way, "woody from New Zealand" left his email for you in the Forum, in case you missed it....re Trades....

SATAN: I will look for his email today...I guess I didnt see it

David: You'll find the Maui Rockline show in the Media Center on the Fan Forum....the main show has yet to surface, but is due to air on VH-1's Classic cable show....soon-ish....

SATAN: the WHOLE show is in the media center??

Pete S: satan, if i'm able to get the cd you'll have to scan the cover with your autograph on it!

David: LOL

SATAN: hahahaha...my autograph???...why the hell would anyone want that?

Pete S: in england

David: Just the radio broadcast....

David: not the actual Saturday night show....

SATAN: how many songs are on the radio broadcast ?

David: god...I don't remember....at least 1/2 a dozen...

SATAN: ****- Ive never seen it here ( in media ctr. ) before...and I alwys look

SATAN: maybe I can post a snippet of the Hughes/ Soto thing ...but the copy I have is unmixed

David: The topic is titled "Lovin' Maui"...

David: Cheers Achim....for posting!!

Shirean: Yes please!!

Pete S: well i'm gonna have to say farewell to you all,i've only had 3hrs sleep today,got some catching up to do.take care all

SATAN: who said they live in England?

David: That was quick :-)

schreinermusic: By the way, I have just uploaded the "Dealer" live version, friends

David: Take care Pete...see back here on May 22nd same time...

schreinermusic: My pleasure! Goodbye, Pete ..have a great night, bye!

SATAN: We (Jeff Soto solo band ) are playing in England June 2 at GODS festival

Pete S: see you next month

SATAN: cya Pete

Pete S: cheers

schreinermusic: Wish you the best for the shows, Satan, from one guitarist to another:-):-)

Jon L: nice chatting with you guys, although i didn't have much to say today!

SATAN: thanks schrein man

schreinermusic: Never mind, Jon, it's great to have you here :-):-)

David: Yes, indeed - lurking is allowed :-)

David: Seriously, take care...see you back here on May 22nd....

Jon L: take care - i'll try to make it next time, and not lurk so much!

schreinermusic: I wish Fedor could join us for awhile, would be cool:-)

SATAN: I chatted with that Fedor guy on WinMX once...he was seemed cool

schreinermusic: Bye, Jon, all the best! And good luck with "In with Flynn"

David: SATAN who else is on the bill....we're also big Terry Brock fans, he played The GODS show last year I believe!

SATAN: he gave me some cool rare live clips

SATAN: also on GODS bill-

SATAN: Hardline/ Ten / Harem Scarem/ Honeymoon Suite / Mecca/ Shotgun Symphony

schreinermusic: Fedor is indeed a great guy ..

David: ahhh. Honeymoon Suite..talk about a blast from the blast!! Shirean and I caught them at the Marquee (London), god must be 15 years ago now :-)

Shirean: I agree Fedor is really nice David and I had a blast with him at Glenn's London Astoria gig a couple years back!

SATAN: I never liked Honey. Suite but Harem Scarem RULES !

David: Yeah, I hear good things about them, have yet to hear their stuff thought, I should check'em out...

David: Harem Scarem

schreinermusic: He recently made a new color design of the gh.com website, it looks great

SATAN: Mood Swings ( Harems 2nd) is a masterpiece of Hard Rock...pretty much a perfect cd

SATAN: the blue web design is cool but hurts my eyes a little

David: ok will get that one first :-)

David: like the spotlight effect, it works well, especially as you scroll the page...

SATAN: I think this website is pretty cool you guys...you do a good job

David: "Dealer" sounds great .....

schreinermusic: Yeah ..I like it. Satan, maybe you can pass Jeff Scott my appreciation for the performance he did in the song "Mistreated". When I first heard it from Jeff, I was blwon away. The Yngwie Malmsteen version, as well as the one done with Axel Rudi Pell is just awesome.

schreinermusic: I'm glad you like, David!

SATAN: Im gonna Up a clip of this Soto thing...please dont share it anywhere...Im not supposed to do this

schreinermusic: It was Miami 76 and not Melbourne, I checked it again, david.

David: Thanks...it's good to hear you enjoy it...we try and share all our stuff with everyone, rather than keeping wrapped up in the attic :-)

David: Thanks for the clarification....

David: SATAN if you put on the Forum, Registered Members will have access to it, no one else....just so you know....

SATAN: I have the whole Miami 76 show and artwork

schreinermusic: Cool, Satan. Isn't it called the "In deep Grief" bootleg??

SATAN: yeah thats ok..I just dont want it on KaZaa or WinMX or audio Galaxy


David: I hear 'ya!

SATAN: I am ripping it to MP 3 now

schreinermusic: which song will it be, satan?

SATAN: Take You Higher- Sly cover

SATAN: w/ Soto

schreinermusic: GREAT ..can't await listening to it! Thank you very much, my friend.

David: Did you guys manage to read the Kerrang Gary Moore interview that JohnH uploaded to the Fan Forum? I'd forgotten just how much "bull****" went on between him and GH - it's laughable when you read it today!!

SATAN: I read 1st part

schreinermusic: Yeah..David, I read this one. It's nothing new for me, since I followed the whole Gary vs Glenn story for many years now, but it's really ....%//()(/%/&%

David: JohnH put the remaining 4 pages up yesterday....

schreinermusic: No more comments ...hahaha

David: Yeah....they missed each other by a day last year at the Sweden Rock Festival!!!

SATAN: you can swear hear Screin..Im not gonna be offended

SATAN: Schreiner*

David: LOL

schreinermusic: You can call me Achim, Satan, it's easier, I guess ...LOL

SATAN: How the hell do I post this MP3 as an attachment??

schreinermusic: JohnH is really present on so many message boards, I'm always surprised to see him wherever I go:-):-) Whether you look on Glenn's board, Tony Carey, Goldy McJohn (formerly Steppenwolf) or wherever, JohnH is always there ..:-):-):-)

David: In the Posting area, towards the bottom, there's a check box called "Post Attachment"....

SATAN: I talked to John H once on phone

David: When you click "Post Now", a screen will show up prompting you for the file...

SATAN: yeah I see "post attch "

SATAN: ok...wait

schreinermusic: He's a great guy

David: at all hours of the day and night :-)

schreinermusic: It will take a few minutes to upload, of course, but it should work this way

David: SATAN: Yeah, it will sit at upload screen for a while as it's uploading so don't stress....

SATAN: ok....the sound is bad and its just a snippet...but its there now

SATAN: I have a cable modem guys...no waiting

David: F*nKing -A

David: :-)

schreinermusic: sounds awesome!!!

SATAN: see it?

David: Seriously, it sounds great. thanks for sharing....

schreinermusic: when will this CD be released?????

SATAN: wait til its mixed...plus I added backup vocals myself which arent on this version

John H: Enters Chat

SATAN: released in early fall sometime

schreinermusic: Hi, JohnH, nice to see you!!

David: Welcome JohnH....we were just talking about you :-)

David: all good of course !!

schreinermusic: Thanks, Satan, will get this one as soon as it's released!

John H: Hi Nice to see you

SATAN: wazzzuuppp Harjo?

John H: Yeah I sort of saw it really briefly as the screen flashes on and off

SATAN: should I hit REFRESH or just let this page do it by itself?

John H: Hi ive been busy

schreinermusic: Only good things ...LOL

David: it refreshes automatically, every 15secs or so...

John H: Learning crap songs by Pink for a gig

SATAN: by the way David...please dont post about the Soto thing on front page...let the true fans find this themselves on the Fan forum...thanks man...I can get in serious trouble letting this out

John H: Not as much fun as listening and screaming with HTP iin my car!!!!!!

schreinermusic: I'm also reheasaling for a gig in France this May

John H: Well cool

SATAN: where you live Schrein ?

John H: what kind of music

schreinermusic: But No Pink material ...LOL

schreinermusic: Funkrock, Fusion and stuff like that. I live in southwest Germany

SATAN: which city??...I have played in Germany many times

schreinermusic: Near the city of Karlsruhe, if that helps you

John H: Neat well the gig I am doing is for a show on a military base and not my band

John H: in korea

SATAN: I have done Munich before

schreinermusic: Frankfurt is also very close

John H: Ive been by Karlsruhe, the week Glenn was suppossed to play there in 99!!!!!!!!!

schreinermusic: Good Luck, John for you though

SATAN: Played there in 95 (Frankfurt)

John H: Ah well the F1 race was good I went to then

schreinermusic: I saw him in 2000 in Karlsruhe during the ROCK tour

John H: and everything else was fun including the autobahn when it wasnt too crowded thanks and best of luck for you also

schreinermusic: Cool, Satan:-)

SATAN: I talked to you on phone once John

schreinermusic: Thanx, John!

John H: Hi Satan yeah i remember

schreinermusic: with which band, satan (frankfurt)?

John H: how are things?

John H: I caught some of the end of the chat by scrolling down

David: SATAN: re: Clip - there's no way to get it off the front page I'm afraid - what you can do is "edit" the message and change the title to something cryptic....that way it won't be so obvious.

John H: Im on a lot of message boards but no tony careys

SATAN: with a singer named KEN TAMPLIN ( who is alot like Coverdale)...he has a page on mp3.com...just search Ken Tamplin

David: or I can delete it if you prefer...

SATAN: **** it then...no worries

John H: cool oi will check it out

SATAN: I'll blame someone else

schreinermusic: Then I was wrong, John..sorry...

John H: Is this GH with JSS?

SATAN: naa...dont delete

schreinermusic: exactly

SATAN: Yes its is with JSS...dont share it on Morpheus or WinMX or anything please !!

John H: Ive been listening to the Lynch Mob 92 album alot

David: ok, if you're sure....it'll stay as is...

John H: No I wont

John H: I just got on Kazaa last night for the first time

John H: because it's how i get songs for gigs

SATAN: The new Jorn Lande solo cd ( WORLDCHANGER) is stuck in my cd player ...its so damn good

schreinermusic: sure thing, satan

John H: because its too much trouble to drive around town to get the cd

John H: sometimes

David: We can't prevent someone from doing that, just so you know...

John H: Kazaa is so much better than audiogalaxy whitch is what i was using and seems to be dying out

David: but no one has "ripped" stuff from us so far....at least to our knowledge.....

SATAN: I download ALL the time on MX...I have 1600 mp3's in my computer...I have no problem w/ file sharing...just not this because its not out yet and not mixed yet

John H: I mean get the cd from the band members to learn the tunes

SATAN: I have ripped stuff from you !

John H: Anyway about Lynch Mob

John H: I was listening again yesterday

David: Well, I mean put it on Kazza, WinMX etc....that's why we put the "Registration Required" thingy on that forum :-)

SATAN: WinMX is the best...Kazzaa and Morph dont let anything above 128 bitrate...poor quality

David: Excellent choice John...looking forward to the Pilsson/Lynch release soon...

John H: and Glenn even is heard warming his voice up in the intro if a balla d and they kept it on the track...

John H: I've heard this song a lot and just figured it out

John H: Dream until tomorrow comes

John H: You can also hear Glenn clearly on the chorus at the end of each chorus

John H: especially the last chorus

John H: when they mixed him a little higher

John H: I cant believe the tones that come out of Lynch's guitar on that album

John H: sounds like a violin or something, when he is playing leads sometimes it doesn

SATAN: if you guys wanna check out a smokin singer that no one knows- JOHN COWAN

schreinermusic: I'm afraid I gotta go for today, friends ..after 3 hours of chatting ...wow ..time is running ...have agreat day and evening and all the best to everyone!!

John H: sound like an electirc guitar but something totally cool and different

John H: Yeah I would like to hear this singer Cowan

SATAN: COWAN 's music is kinda blue grassy but he is seriously in Glenn Hughes league...and he plays bass

schreinermusic: Great hosts, David & Shirean!! See ya all next time!

John H: OK Schrien Tschuss

SATAN: ok cya Schrein...

David: Thanks for coming Achim...next CHAT is scheduled for May 22nd...talk to you then...

SATAN: his 2nd solo cd - just called JOHN COWAN...can probably be found cheap

schreinermusic: I will be there, thanx and goodnight!!

John H: Cool

John H: The Gary Moore article

John H: I hope it doesnt piss GH off

John H: its good reading but

John H: that was Glenn then and all is forgiven

SATAN: if you try to dfind it on Kazaa...search for a song - JOHN COWAN - WITCHITA WAY

David: Water under the bridge....

John H: HE's more than made up for the dark years

SATAN: why would it piss him off?

John H: Ok I will sounds cool

John H: and how about the other singer you mentioned

SATAN: other?

John H: The singer that sounds like DC

John H: Just that I've read his responses when we brought up the Sabbath stuff

SATAN: oh - the guy I played with...Ken Tamplin

John H: so I know he's sensitve about it

John H: Right Ken

SATAN: sensitive cmon....it was 17 years ago

John H: I have a Hughes Thrall interview as well... I didnt think it could scan but now I see when it goes on the board it changes so it should be ok

John H: Well I could tell he was pissed about the speculation

John H: with his voice on tour in sabbath

David: John - what year / mag ?

SATAN: I have sabbath boots with him....his voice sucked on them ...whatever the reason

John H: Its an 82 interview with them in BAM

John H: Hasnt been posted yet by anyone

SATAN: BAM...wow...the good old days

David: Cool, probably done during their Bay Area shows they did...

John H: Yeah I havent heard them or seen the video but have seen reports and thats enough for me

John H: Yeah Ive got about 20 years of the things in my garage plus guitar players keyboards and others

John H: its a mess im trying to sort out

John H: and catalog

John H: and then decide what to do with

David: A good friend of ours has some awesome pictures from the San Jose gig...which we trying to persuade him to loan us :-)

John H: It's either going on ebay or the trash

John H: Well thats interesting I met someone at a Tower records three years ago who was there

SATAN: I have Guitar World and PLAyer dating back to early 1980's

John H: He said Glenn was toasted in a post kind of way if you know what i mean

SATAN: no one will want on ebay

SATAN: they cost too much to ship

John H: Yeah back when they were good both mags are weak now

David: A funny story...our friend came with us to Denver in '97 and show Glenn those pics (had a few signed)...Glenn says "****, I never how fat I was then!!"

David: Yes, those were the "red wine" days...!!

John H: LOL

John H: Youre right, maybe someone will want someting if not its the trash

John H: but still i will keep the good ones like GP and GW

Shirean: Enters Chat

John H: The BAMs just blow me away to look back at the hair band era

John H: Hilarious

John H: All those ads in the back pages

David: We have an radio inteview in the "Media Center" taken from that time....you can hear how "happy" Glenn and Pat were that day!!

John H: There were some great bands around then

John H: Oh yeah I forgot about that

John H: I have the real player now

John H: so I should got check it out

David: SATAN - you'll be surprised how much people will pay for those old magazines!! You should try it...

Shirean: John H - Txs for that Kerrang GM thing

John H: I;ll give it a shot

John H: Yr welcome yeah got a lot of those too

SATAN: I just spent $150 having them shipped here from Buffalo

John H: I have another from 87

John H: with Iommi Im going to post

John H: the part that discusses 7th Star and Glenn

John H: Wont post the whole article but just the page about GH and 7th Star

SATAN: I gotta go guys...cya later

David: Cool - look forward to reading it...

John H: Take care man

John H: cool to chat with you

David: Thanks again SATAN....hope to see you back here on May 22nd...

SATAN: ok- out!

John H: Thanks

John H: SO I guess its too much to ask HTP to play here in the US and LA

David: It sucks big time!!

John H: YEah and they rehearse right here in LA

David: They should put a competion together on his site....the winners hangout at the tour rehearsals....

John H: I told Fedor this

John H: when I look out my kitchen window

John H: I can see the bottom of the west end of Palos Verdes

John H: which is a big hill

John H: and at the bottom is Redondo

John H: so on a clear day I can look over and its right where Glenn is

John H: I find myself looking out that window a couple of times a week

David: So close, yet so far...the story of my life !!!

John H: ITs pretty cool to look out there and know that Glenn is there making all this great music

David: Having said that....we know Glenn would play if he could....he really does want to....

John H: Its only about 25 miles from here

John H: Not driving distance which is farther but in a straight line

John H: So I live 25 miles from Glenn!!!!!

John H: Yeah I know he would love to play LA but rarely does what a shame

David: as the crow flys, eh :-)

David: it's a real shame...

David: such a talent....

John H: yeah

John H: He's helped my singing immensely

David: at least he's having fun....that makes the music so much better...

John H: I fell about 5 times the singer I was four years ago which is when I started buying up GH cds

John H: Yeah

John H: They had a total nobody sing the anthem at Long Beach GP and Glen is about ten miles away

John H: He could have blown everyone away

David: you're lucky to have the "gift" - unfortunately I'm not blessed in that department :-(

John H: They had Jeff Beck do it two or three years ago

John H: The nobody was good for the most part

John H: Only a little off key at the begiinning

John H: Thanks its years of hard work

John H: I started when I was 8

John H: but then started lead singing in 1986

John H: Im just really locking it down now

David: Shirean used to sing lead vocals, still has a good voice, but didn't follow through....sorry love, let the secret out of the bag...LOL

John H: Well thats great

John H: has she tried singing GH stuff

David: everyday in the shower :-)

John H: I was wondering if you know why Glenn doesnt ever post on the board save for a couple of messages

John H: Ha ha

John H: cool

John H: Its been great to chat with Coverdale

John H: but he's ignored my recent posts

John H: Maybe he'll wish me a happy BDay on Friday

John H: And I see Gillan has his qanda

David: He's a lurker...Gabrielle usually keeps an eye out on things....

David: How funny, it's my birthday on the 22nd....

John H: Im writing and back and forth with Steppenwolfs keyboardist who is a riiot

John H: Goldy McJohn

John H: He sounds like a nut on his board

John H: but I heard a radio interview and he is totally normal

John H: must be the computer keybaord makes him a nut

John H: Well happy bday to you

David: yeah, I checked out his site...a colourful character by all accounts...

John H: Goldy even posted on GHs site as you saw

John H: because I put the link on his board

John H: I laugh mAO at some of his responses

David: that must of been a "blast from the past" for Glenn :-)

John H: Its a great board

John H: Also those old pics of him in the WOlf

John H: are hilarious

John H: that aftro!!!!!!!

John H: I need to send my contact info to Glenn thru Fedor

John H: You never know who needs a keyboardist

John H: plus I sing and could hit those backup parts

John H: Glenn's bands never seem to have good backup singing

John H: although with JLT that wont matter

John H: Problem is Glenn cant afford a keys man for those EUro tours

John H: That cheap label he's on

John H: I wanted to ask are you and Shirean Brits or just you David

David: it's crazy...personally I think he shouldn't tour if he doesn't have the crew he needs....last years Euro tour was a disaster....

David: I'm the Brit, Shirean is a CA native...

John H: Yeah and he gets the flu every time

John H: Glenn needs a flu shot every year

John H: They work

John H: I had one on the ships

John H: and no more flu after words

John H: They do not make you sick

David: "up the bum" !!

John H: everyone seems to think this

John H: but its an urban myth

John H: Traveling all those different places and meeting people

John H: very germ oriented

John H: I try never to touch door handles

John H: and wash my hands after shaking others

John H: Im not a Howard Hughes Freak

John H: but I dont want to get sick

David: that reminds me of a Sam Kinison skit.....LOL

John H: On the ship it was easy to get sick all the time

John H: Thankfully I havent had a cold or anything in a year

John H: LOL

John H: Glenn gets the FLu all the time

John H: Like during the Nostra sessions /bolin tour

David: Shirean picked up that Russian flu that Glenn brought home with him from Moscow, when she went to Orlando last December....then she gave it to me, I still had it when we went to Maui this past January to VCR !!

David: Of course, Glenn was over it.....

John H: Yuck

John H: Well I met Glenn at the VOCR in Vegas

John H: What a warm nice man

John H: I was just thinking about it last night

John H: I got a pick that gig also

John H: that sits in my cd case on the IP cd cover

John H: Kind of fits all those little pictures

David: We try and tell people this...especially the idiot bashers...he really wants to play....all the time....

John H: God there are some morons on that board

John H: Now they think hes gay

John H: I mean

John H: I knew that was coming some day

John H: Some of the pictures have glenn in makeup and silly clothes

John H: and he's kind of effeminate

John H: sometimes

John H: but hes just a nice sensitvie guy

John H: and I would know better than

John H: to post something that stupid

John H: She should have realized hes married

John H: and if he was gay there would have been tons of rumours

John H: and anyway it doesnt matter

David: yeah, unfortunately, they're born, one a minute....we just ignore it....

John H: YEah you guys are in SF LOL

David: it's not as bad as it was :-)

John H: Changing the subject

John H: I love Britain usually go there on vacation when I can afford it

David: We go back every couple of years....

David: depending on the cities HTP play, we may go this year, but most likely not....depends on other things....

John H: I love it and some friends of mine drive me everywhere so that makes it easy

David: As a musician you would have had a blast in Maui....everyone was so generous and we were able to get up close and personal....couldn't asked for anything more....

John H: It sounded really special

John H: although that version of Smoke was horrendous because of Glenn

John H: Yuck..... too much screaming!!!!

John H: I wish they wouldnt even do MArk 2 stuff

John H: Where is Burn LOL

David: trust me, the actual show (one that will eventually be on VH-1 Classic) was awesome...nothing like the radio broadcast...Burn is on it plus the MK3/4 stuff

David: whatever sells the tickets I suppose....

John H: Cool I wonder the VH1 was suppossed to be on by now

John H: I have to get a friend to tape it as I dont have the 500 channel digital

David: Pat Travers smoked on Burn...

John H: I dont even have time to watch the stuff I taped last weekend

John H: Great guitarist

John H: and cant wait for HT II

David: Yeah, I hope it airs....

John H: I wasnt impressed with Thrall Liddell or whatever

John H: I liked the hair bands in that era

John H: but this seem like an attempt at hair band stuff as it is from there

John H: but without out good song writing

John H: Pat though smokes as always

David: it'll be interesting timing wise...how that is released, GH solo first or HTP first....the downside is H/T gets delayed further....

John H: and the riff sounded like a rewrite of Muscle and blood

David: Yeah, it was worth it to hear Pat again....he needs to get out of the studio a bit more often :-)

John H: Yeah we are all waiting

John H: I love HTP

John H: I rested it for a week or two

John H: After playing it every day

John H: then I put it back in for a listen a couple of weeks ago

John H: and now am playing it alot again

John H: Even the bonus track is awesome

David: I hear 'ya....I'm itching for some new GH material already....we are spoilt really, he releases alot of stuff each year, one way or the other....

John H: and most bonus tracks are pretty average

John H: Yeah like the Beatles in 64-66

John H: I love that drummer shane as well

John H: I miss Hans but Vince is awesome

John H: Hans is wierd anyway

David: I must admit, I prefer Brian Tichy over Gaalass....Hans is the man!!

John H: Not too friendly

John H: He was to me at first

David: There's Alchemist release due at the end of May....that's something to look forward to...

John H: but then got kind of wierd

John H: maybe it's me or something

John H: thats right

John H: I saw that but dont remember much about it

John H: Theres a new one hes on every month it seem s like

David: Exactly....we are spoilt....people soon forget how it was in the early 90's....

David: today they "expect" something....it's very childish....

John H: Yep

John H: I just shake my head when I look at those old bams

John H: And think about how Glenn should have been filling arenas like Whitesnake

John H: but he wasnt healthy

David: I hear 'ya...

John H: Ah well

John H: maybe if he did

John H: his voice would be blown like David Covredales is now

David: it's amazing how he's turned himself around....physically as well as lifestyle...

John H: Yeah it's great

John H: Although sometimes he looks too skinny

John H: That cover photo of BTM is awful

John H: It would be bad anyway but Glenn looks awful

David: LOL

John H: Maybe that's why he gets sicka lot

John H: Not enough Hamburgers

David: I guess whatever keeps the voice healthy is what counts....

John H: Yep

John H: I was thinking he lives next to the ocean

John H: and that moist air is like having a natural humidifier

John H: pretty good for the voice

David: a stone's throw from what we gather...

John H: Yeah

John H: Well David and Shirean its been fun I must rush off

John H: THis is a great website

John H: Amazing stuff on it

David: Thanks....nice to talk to you finally, the next CHAT is on May 22nd, same time....

John H: I'll give that HUghes thrall article another try I tried to get it going two months ago

John H: but didnt understand to save a s a jpeg

John H: even thougjh the print looks small it blows up on the board somehow

David: ok good, if you have any questions, just email us....more than happy to help...

John H: Thanks and talk to you soon

John H: Cheers bye!!!!!!!!

David: Bye!
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