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Old Mar-20-2002, 8:16 PM
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CHAT transcript - March 20th, 2002

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk for printing or to read off-line.

CHAT Transcript - Wednesday, March 20th, 2002

David: Enters Chat

David: Topic: HTP (Hughes Turner Project) - talk to you then!!

David: REMINDER: The next CHAT session is TODAY - Wednesday, March 20th 11:00am-1:00pm PST

Shirean: Enters Chat

Shirean: Hi

David: Hello there!

Shirean: Guess I didn't miss anything

David: Not yet!

Shirean: Oh well maybe CTC was enough for them at the moment

David: Yeah, it was a bit of a " phone book", eh!!

Achim: Enters Chat

Achim: Good evening, mates! Hope you're all fine there

David: Hey Achim - welcome...

Shirean: Hi Achim

Achim: David and Shirean, nice to meet you again here in the chat

David: Doing great....

David: Did you get HTP yet?

Achim: There isn't much going on yet, I hope we can gather a few more people later..:-)

Achim: Today I got my copy of HTP!!

Achim: It's sooo great, I can't say that enough ...

David: Yeah, we had a slow start last time around...

David: Excellent - so what's your favourite track so far?

Shirean: David, I'll be back in a few minutes

David: ok-i-doke my love!

Achim: I got it over amazon and they sent it very quickly ..I'm very glad about that

David: Japanese or German edition?

Achim: On the Ledge is the best one ..I would say ..it has the best of everything

Achim: German one, without the bonus track ..

David: You can hear the bonus in the "JukeBox" - Monthly Pick...

David: Can't Stop Rock'n'Roll is my current fave ....

Achim: To my surprise it wasn't that expensive..only 16 Euros ..which is not much at all

Achim: Thank you for telling me, David!

David: That is a good price....you're welcome, keep it to yourself :-)

Achim: Cant sto is also awesome, great riffs and vocals ..

Achim: :-):-)

David: Paul Gilbert is actually damn good - I wa surprised !

Achim: Indeed, he did a great job. I was very astonished about Vince di Cola, who is also breathtaking

David: Yes indeed, I was thinking about checking out his solo CD's...

Achim: Beside that, david, I wanna express my appreciation for this website. It's a fantastic one, you're doing a great job, no doubt about that

Achim: That would be an interesting idea....

David: Thanks Achim - we've tried to make it the fan site for everyone to enjoy - we're pleased you enjoy it...

jon l.: Enters Chat

Achim: These days there were some "strange" fans posting a lot of non-sense on Glenn's other website, as you might know. It's so frustrating sometimes, how only a few people can make such a trouble in a forum ...unbelievable ..but that is something one cannot avoid completely, of course

David: You can find some of Vince's stuff here - http://www.tdrsmusic.com/vince.html - there are other pages out there too....

David: Welcome Jon

Achim: Hi Jon

Achim: Thanks David, I will check this out very soon

jon l.: hi

jon l.: just seeing what everyone is talking about

Achim: Believe it or not but right now I have HTP on my headphones and let me tell you ..I turned on the volume VERY loud ...hahaha

David: We were just talking about some of the HTP tracks plus how good Vince DiCola & Paul Gilbert were on the CD...

jon l.: yeah, i was really surprised at how good htp was

Achim: I can't get it out of my CD player ...impossible thing to do ...hahaha

David: Lucky you - it's 12 Noon here in San Francisco and I'm at work !!!!

jon l.: i'm at work, too. taking a break

Achim: I'm so sorry ...hahaha

Achim: It's evening here in Germany right now ..:-)

jon l.: i'm writing from detroit

David: Cool - mid-west, west coast and europe - a real Funk-fest !!!

Achim: Greetings to Detroit! Nice weather there?

David: :-)

jon l.: has anyone heard anything about hughes/thrall II?

jon l.: the weather is a tad chilly for the first day of spring,but not too bad

David: I think we'll be waiting until next year at the earliest ....

David: It's not that it's not "done" - just that PT and GH have so much else going on....

Achim: I guessed that too

David: plus they're waiting for the right "deal" - no point putting it out without good solid backing....

Achim: I admire Glenn a lot for his working pensum everyday, it seems that he is only 30 years old ..amazing

jon l.: too bad, but what can you do?

David: and he sounds like he's 18 when he belts out some of those verses!

David: as you say....amazing!

Achim: Yes, that's very true!

jon l.: yeah, his voice was incredible when i saw him with VOCR last summer

jon l.: his b/vox on toto's 'africa' were sweet.

David: Ontario?

jon l.: yeah, windsor

Achim: Since Glenn is also a keyboard player, how about replacing Jon Lord in Deep Purple and adding some outstanding backing vocals ...*just kidding*

Pete S: Enters Chat

David: ha ha

Achim: Poor Ian Gillan ...hahaha

jon l.: i like the steve morse purple stuff - purpendicular is a great cd

Achim: Yes indeed, I like it too

Pete S: howdy folks

David: jon - did you see these pix in the Fan Forum??

Achim: He brought a lot new spirit and inspiration into the band

David: Here's the URL... http://fanforum.ghpg.net/2/OpenTopic...4&m=7263027243

Achim: Hi Pete

David: Hey Pete...

Pete S: have'nt got htp yet

Achim: I got it this morning...it's awesome

Achim: I saw Glenn about 7 times in my life, he has always been an outstanding experience for me

Achim: First time, I was about 5 years old when my father brought me to a DP Mark III concert in Germany..and I can still remember that day!

David: Lucky you Achim.....looks like you'll have the pleasure of seeing HTP in Sept/Oct as well!!

jon l.: saw them. cool. i submitted some to the gh site after that windsor gig

Achim: I will do anything to see him then. In 2000 he played in Karlsruhe, just about 20 minutes from my house and I got the chance to talk to him very shortly ..it was great. It was on the ROCK tour

jon l.: he's a good performer

Pete S: a-you lucky person

jon l.: very underrated bass player

David: Pete have you seen live recently also?

Achim: In my opinion, Glenn is at its best when he can perform "live", he has always been ...

Pete S: d-not a chance,waiting for uk tour

Achim: That's very true, Jon. I like his kind of bass playing very much, since I'm also a musician

David: Hopefully then in Sept/Oct for you too - nothing confirmed yet, but sounds likely....

jon l.: i would like to see glenn at a small club show

Pete S: my birthday present sept. 17

jon l.: seeing him with VOCR was cool and the show was good, but....

jon l.: the atmosphere (a horse track) and the whole event was ...

jon l.: kind of like near the end of spinal tap! very un-rock and roll! :-)

Achim: Mee too. A small club, performing some songs that he normally doesn't do ...

David: Yeah, same thing in Maui this past January...solo and a club is best by far...

David: although we had a blast, and Glenn does put on a SHOW - solo or not !!

David: He loves the camera!!

jon l.: yeah, glenn kind of didn't fit in with the rest of VOCR - he rocked a lot more

David: it's almost embarrassing for the others !!

jon l.: at the end when they were leaving, the guys were all piling into a mini-van and calling 'shotgun'!

Pete S: what was the mix like?

David: although Alex Liegterwood really surprised us

Achim: Would love to hear some more funk tunes live ....

jon l.: it was funny to watch the reaction of some of the other guys when glenn sang - they were blown away

jon l.: my friends saw AL at the Sarnia show and said he was really good

jon l.: i was impressed by Bobby Kimball - great voice

Achim: I agree. I heard him on rockforever.com, doing this unplugged session. I'm sure David knows what I mean. He did a song of Stevie Wonder "Blame it on the sun" together with Bobby Kimball ..it was a lot more than just outstanding

jon l.: JLT and the guy from Loverboy sounded ok, but were embarrasing to watch up there

jon l.: blame it on the sun was great

Achim: Even better than the original version ...

jon l.: i woudn't go that far - its hard to top stevie wonder!

Achim: Their voices are indeed very similar, aren't they?

jon l.: yeah, except glenn's voice keeps getting better, while stevie's has not

Achim: hahaha

Achim: Glenn is a great shape, mentally and physically ...better than every before , I would say

Achim: in great shape ....sorry

Achim: my fingers ....:-)

jon l.: yeha, his voice is simply incredible, especially when doesn't pull a Mariah Carey and over do it

Achim: I really hope that the duet with Coverdale on his next album (which is in progress) becomes true

Achim: Glenn was talking about it and David as well

Pete S: burn

Pete S: that'll be good

Achim: By the way, David is in the process to stop smoking these days ..I just read this on his website

jon l.: coverdale lost his voice big time, though, at least the msot recent stuff i heard

Shirean: Hi I'm back

jon l.: he sounded bad on that live version of Burn they did together last year

jon l.: howdy

David: got called away, will be back momentarily.....work, I dunno :-)

Achim: Hi shirean, nice to have you back in the chat

Achim: We already missed you:-)

David: Shirean keep'em company, I'll be back in moment...

David: :-)

Pete S: how do

Achim: No Prob ..David

Shirean: So did you all enjoy CTC

Pete S: yep,thanks

Achim: Yeah, I just read the #48 issue, it's full of interesting news

Pete S: it must take a while to compose

Achim: Great job, Shirean

Shirean: Thanks, that was our second "Biggest" issue to-date!

jon l.: haven't read it yet, but usually enjoy it

Achim: I mentioned that! I got the impression that it will probably never end ...hahaha

Shirean: I don't want to cover old ground here so does everyone have HTP yet

Frank: Enters Chat

Pete S: nope,we've got a lousy record shop here!!!!!!

Achim: I got it this morning ...amazing stuff!

jon l.: yeah, HTP is great

David: I'm back..

David: Hey Frank...welcome..

Shirean: Hey Frank welcome

Pete S: hi frank

Frank: Hello to ALL

Shirean: I agree its great stuff with I was going to Japan in May!

Achim: Hi Frank!

jon l.: hi frank

Shirean: I meant to say "WISH" I was going to Japan in may

David: Hopefully it'll be on DVD for Christmas :-)

Pete S: shame we can't see it online

Frank: Are HTP touring all over Europe or Just UK? Anybody know?

Achim: My wish would be to get a live concert on DVD or VHS anywher, but not a bootleg, but an official release. Would be great

Frank: In the fall that is

Achim: In Oct/Sept. it is most likely they will tour through Europe

David: Think it's both - Germany and UK have been mentioned so far...

Frank: DVD would be great, probably unlikely, but at least a double CD at least I'd settle for

David: but again, nothing confirmed.

Pete S: David,would there be any chance of a chat online with Glenn in the future?

David: It's unlikely....at least not in this format....it would get deluged!! Maybe more of a Q&A format....haven't approached him on it, may be during a quiet time......Summer perhaps....assuming he's not busy....

Pete S: that would be cool

Achim: A great idea

Frank: As a suggestion, you might invite him to drop by unannounced sometime. He might be into that

David: plus it would probably be more appropriate to be on gh.com vs. here - although of course we'd be more than happy to accomodate it :-)

jon l.: you guys do a good job on this site

Achim: will be back in a momet, just trying to catch a sandwich ..:-)

David: he did a online CHAT a couple of years ago at the "Monsters of Rock" in South America - it was short and sweet...

Shirean: I hear ya Achim I'm eating my chicken nuggets

lynchguy: Enters Chat

Shirean: Hi Lynchguy

David: Hey lynchguy....welcome...

lynchguy: hi

Pete S: hi lynch

lynchguy: wat up

lynchguy: where my man glenn!!

Pete S: David,i think you've got the answers anyway

Pete S: all the....

David: thx

Achim: I'm back ...with a sandwich ..:-)

lynchguy: i saw glenn last year at voodoo lounge gig--anyone there

David: Shirean and I were there - bloody cold that night!!

lynchguy: in new york

David: bummer about the stabbing the night before, put a downer on the evening...

lynchguy: yup--thats the gig

David: Queens...

David: Pat Thrall was going to play that night, but because of the short-set there wasn't time....but he did show up!

lynchguy: david & shirean ---backstage

Shirean: What a nice guy!!

lynchguy: i saw thrall there--did you see richie scarlet and bruno

David: sorry, don't know them....

lynchguy: did glenn play black cloud? i remeber medusa

Shirean: I did see Aldo Nova and that Ronndelli dude

Achim: Just listened to some stuff in the Jukebox, awesome stuff! David, where do you get these material?

David: New York set-list... Stormbringer, Muscle & Blood, You Kill Me, Medusa, Coast To Coast, You Are The Music, Your Love Is Alright, Gettin Tighter, You Keep On Moving. Encore: Way Back To The Bone, Burn.

jon l.: i love aldo nova - saw him at a little club in windsor 10 years ago

David: Trades, the net...as far as the rarer stuff...

lynchguy: thanx

Achim: Amazing live stuff!

David: Hopefully they'll be less Purple now we have HTP and all his solo material to choose - don't get me wrong, I love it....but I'm sure you understand....

jon l.: i could do without purple

jon l.: i could do without songs like 'coast to coast', too

Achim: I totally agree, David. Glenn do have enough outstanding own material

jon l.: live, i mean - great stuff, but let's hear something new

David: He actually understands our frustration, but the shows are billed as "ex-Deep Purple", so his hand is dealt by the promoters.....

Pete S: In England the Purple stuff goes down great

Shirean: I could do without BURN

jon l.: though, he does switch up the arrangement of coast to coast sometimes, so that makes it more interesting

jon l.: yeah, no more Burn!

David: it sucks, but if that's what sells tickets....

Achim: I guess, it's also hard for Glemm himself to choose the right tracks to play ...

Achim: Glenn ....sorry:-)

jon l.: it was cool to hear 'highball shooter' on BTM, though - you rarely get to hear that tune

David: I must say "Mistreated" with Pat Travers in Maui was absolutely amazing - never heard such intensity from the two of them....

jon l.: yeah, i'm sure he gets sick of being pigeon-holed into that purple thing

David: hopefully you'll see for yourselves when the VH-1 Classic show is broadcast.....

jon l.: i heard the soundcheck for mistreated - it was great to hear glenn sing that

Pete S: as long as he doe'snt do KLF

David: oh come on...that's cool !!

Pete S: ha ha

Achim: I also have a live version of Glenn doing "Mistreated", it is simply GREAT, although it's David's song ...

David: ha ha

Pete S: only kidding

David: how about Ape Quartet....that's differnent...

Achim: Sounds very interesting ...

jon l.: the klf song was pretty cool, too. and th eape quartet sounds interesting

David: it's great that he strectches his wings....again proving he's doesn't approve of the pidgeon-holing....

jon l.: i wish he would record more stuff with kotzen

Achim: Richie Kotzen is very much versatile, in every direction. Love his stuff

Achim: He did a very special version of Burn and Child In Time ...very interesting

Pete S: child in time...awesome!!!!

Pete S: better than gillan?

Shirean: I enjoyed that Purple Medley he did at the Astoria

jon l.: have you heard the new kotzen?

Achim: Well, ...better ...let's say different ...

Pete S: S-what was in the medley?

Achim: Kotzen likes to change the complete arragement from the original song

jon l.: there is a great version of Burn with the Kotzen version of Mr. Big

Frank: I'm back to work, nice chattin' with everyone

Shirean: David your gonna have to help me out on this one I can't remember all bits of Purple tunes he played..

Shirean: Bye Frank

jon l.: and he palyed on the Balck Night Purple tribute with TM stevens

Pete S: farewell frank

jon l.: The new Kotzen is the best cd i have bought in over a year

David: Gettin' Tighter/Mistreated/You Keep on Movin'

Achim: bye, Frank

jon l.: i think kotzen is the best combo of songwriter/singer/musician around now

David: Frank has left the building.... :-)

Achim: A very talented guy, no doubt about that...

Shirean: But Achim's back

David: ditto Lynchguy

Achim: I was there all the time ...fighting with my BIG sandwich ...hahaha

jon l.: what is on glenn's agenda for the rest of 2002, aside from the HTP tour?

Achim: The past few years run so fast for Glenn ....it takes no wonder since he was so busy all the time

David: VCR shows, new solo album (recording of), a couple of hush-hush projects (that's all we know, honest!)

David: Coverdale's new solo album (duet)

David: Jeff Scott Soto new CD

jon l.: a new solo cd - sweet. at least we get some more material, as always.

Pete S: it's all non-stop....great stuff

Achim: Jeff is also a very capable singer

Shirean: Let's hope Hughes-Thrall get completed this year

Achim: He did some great versions of Mistreated in the past

jon l.: though i sometimes hate when he sings one song on someone esle's cd released in japan only!

jon l.: i am compelled to pay the $30 to purchase it and the song is usually nothing spectacular!

David: eBay anyone? ha ha...

jon l.: i've dipped into napster and the like for the past year for a couple songs like that

jon l.: i feel i have paid my dues!

Achim: like Anastacia ... :-)

Pete S: uhhhmmmm

jon l.: i downloaded a couple of her songs after hearing everyone on the gh board mention her - i had never heard of her

David: any good?

Shirean: I hear ya. David and I are convinced we have paid for half of Glenn's JAG

David: the front half !!!

Achim: Anastacia is great, she's very famous in Europe ...

jon l.: she's ok - really haven't given the songs much of a listen, though. pretty funky.

Pete S: the female equivalent of Glenn

dave: Enters Chat

Achim: Yes, I often thought so

David: eBay here I come!!

Achim: Hi Dave

Shirean: Hi Dave

David: Dave - Welcome...

jon l.: my brother rips on me for all my import cds, particularly Glenn's - he says the same thing - hughes is happy he can pay his electric bill since you got his new cd, and stuf like that!

dave: Hello

David: wardrobe more like :-)

jon l.: she seems ok, but the songs didn't really stand out to me. i'llgive them another listen.

Pete S: hi dave

David: checkout those shades !!

Achim: Glenn loves Fashion ...:-)

jon l.: not a good pic at all!

Pete S: seventies?

Achim: The hair is a bit "strange" ...hahaha

David: you 'gotta luv it!

jon l.: i like the jacket

jon l.: 70's are cooler than JLT's late 80's though!

jon l.: it was fun chatting, but time to go home.

Achim: The sunglasses look like from the seventies, I wonder what these glasses all did see ...hahaha

Pete S: have you seen lenny kravitz ?

David: JLT did a good job on HTP - I was surprised!

Achim: Bye Jon, see ya

David: And live...he certainly still "has it"

David: bye Jon - next time...

Pete S: farewell jon

Achim: Yeah

jon l.: yep, JLT was very good on HTP, agreed, but he really needs to work on his live look!

jon l.: bye everyone. next time, perhaps.

David: I think the HTP stage show will be very "rock'n'roll".....vs the VCR shows...

Achim: I think Glenn gave Joe a bit of a kick, that's why he sounds so good on HTP. They did inspire each other, I'm very sure of that

David: Definitely, if I was in front of a mic with Glenn, I would definitely want to give my all...

dave: I heard they boys sang together on one mic...pretty cool!!!

David: keep it simple....

David: works every time!

Achim: Yes, it was a kind of "live" atmosphere

Pete S: well at least they had the same sound then

dave: Where was HTP recorded?

Achim: I guess, they were fighting "Give ME the mic" ..." No, it's MINE" ...hahaha

David: Michael Scott's home studio (Producer)....amongst other places...

dave: In LA ?

David: Achim you have the CD playing...what's the booklet say..?!?!?

David: Yes, LA

Achim: give me one minute

Pete S: you are all making me jealous

dave: What do you think of John Sykes influence on "Angel"?

Achim: recorded at Diamond In The Rough, Los Angeles, CA, mixed at Westlake Audio, Hollywood, CA, Mastered at Classic Sound

David: thx Achim...

Achim: Sounds great, very similar to "Is this Love" from Whitesnake

David: I like 'Angel' but I don't see what all the fuss is about with John Sykes - he's good, but that's it.....

dave: Thanks for the info Achim

Achim: Sorry, Pete ..:-):-)

dave: Ya.. I agree David

Pete S: ok...frothing at the mouth ha ha

David: Pete checkout the Jukebox - monthly pick - so you don't feel left out :-)

dave: My favorite is "On the Ledge"

Achim: I like his rhythm guitars more than his solos, to be honest

Pete S: tanx david

Achim: Mine as well, On the Ledge is the perfect combination

Pete S: i listened to the demo clip....it's made the wait worse

Shirean: Luv those keys on that track

David: Can't Stop is my current fave, followed by Sister Midnight - they're all good....

Achim: The burning fingers of Vince Di Cola ..:-)

dave: Vince DiCola is the man

Achim: Absolutely

dave: Can't stop" is good but corny lyrics

Achim: Hans Zermuehlen was good, but Vince has more "fire"

David: Yeah, it's a close call - different styles, both are good in my book!

dave: Hans was too Jazz

Achim: Shane Gaalaas did also a great job, great drums!

dave: Killer Drum sound!!!

David: Wish Brian Tichy would get on a GH studio album...amazing drummer...

Achim: .....and good bass lines ...what the hell is that name of that bass player on HTP??? ....hahaha

David: Enters Chat

dave: Enters Chat

David: Still here - but we appear to be having ISP/DNS problems...we might have a bumpy ride for a few minutes!

Achim: Enters Chat

dave: Yes Big Time

Pete S: are we back?

dave: Maybe

Achim: Enters Chat

Achim: I'm back, got some server problems ...

David: Enters Chat

David: I'm here...bumph...

Achim: Welcome Home, David:-)

David: Anyone still here....

David: Man, don't you hate that....always happens when you're having fun...

Achim: I'm still here

Achim: That's exactly the point

Achim: ..and I thought it would be only me who was dropped out ...

David: We'll be updating the HTP Pictorial at the end of the month with a couple of new pix, plus we just put our Maui review on-line - CTC section, Features page....

Achim: Great news, David ...:-)

Achim: Would love to see more pics of Glenn & Joe live in action

Shirean: Enters Chat

Achim: Maybe you can get some recordings for your Jukebox from Maui like "Gimme some lovin" ect.

Shirean: Wow that was brutel

David: Shirean, things are back to normal...

Achim: Absolutely

David: I'm sure the boots will make the rounds :-)

Achim: Great! Love to hear such rare stuff ...:-)

David: By the way, in case you missed something here today, we'll be putting the transcript in the Fan Forum (registration required) later today...

Achim: I did a very weird version of "Gypsy" some years ago with my band during a rehearsal ..:-):-) if you are interested to hear ...haha

David: They'll be a new CHAT category...

Achim: I have it on my website ..:-):-)

David: Sure thing Achim....why don't you post it on the Fan Forum....:-) Or if it's real interesting, I'll just download from your website :-)

Fedor: Enters Chat

Achim: Feel free to do so, the link is www.schreinermusic.com, click on multimedia then on mp3 ...

Shirean: Hi Fedor

jon l.: Enters Chat

Achim: There's also a version of "Seventh Star" ...:-)

David: Cool, will check it out later today...

David: Fedor...Welcome...

Achim: Hi Fedor, nice to meet you:-)

David: Welcome back, Jon

Shirean: Hi Jon your back

jon l.: thought you guys would be done by the time i got home from work

Fedor: Hello all

David: Our ISP's DNS took a dump, so knocked us off-line for a wee-bit...

David: but WE'RE BACK :-)

Achim: Yes, we are ...:-)

jon l.: what did i miss - every time i go to scroll down a new message comes thru and puts me back up top!

Fedor: Nice to 'see' you again David & Shirean, and nice to meet you Achim & Jon l.

jon l.: same ehre, fedor

David: not worry Jon, a transcript will be available later today...

Achim: Fedor, how do you feel after these days of trouble in the gh forum? It's always the same ...unfortunately ...

Fedor: Ok, good to see there will be a transcript. I'm pretty late I guess.

Fedor: Blame it on watching football. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

Fedor: Achim: It gets really annoying sometimes!

jon l.: good job on the gh site, fedor

David: Last session, there was a BIG Euro game on, so we had some later comers then too!!

Achim: I know, like the same movie comes up again and again ....

Fedor: thanks! really nice feature, this chat.

David: I'm stuck at work while Achim is laid back listening to HTP - lucky sod!!

Fedor: Achim: well, yes..and probably there to stay... its one of the things that come with such a 'simple' message board as is run on gh.com

jon l.: glenn me rock stuff best real fans! funk music sux for sleep! more addiction, less boring music funk

Shirean: Fedor btw "I loved that pic of you J.J." !!

Achim: Yes, same from my side. It's not esay to do, but you really do a great job there

Fedor: Hehe *blush*

jon l.: just trying to give fedor flashbacks to the gh board

Achim: It was posted by a girl named Madeleine, who wants to see a pic of Fedor ..:-)

David: surprised your agent did book you for the HTP tour :-)

Fedor: hahahaha :-)

David: you won't live this one down!!

Fedor: I just was playing around with JJ's guitar. He was teaching me Coast to Coast

Achim: I guess you have a female fan in France ...hahaha

jon l.: achim - i just checked out your website - nice!

Achim: She also liked the picture of Roberto, as far I remember ..:-)

Fedor: hehe yeah!

Achim: Thank you very much, Jon, I appreciate:-)

David: long haired lout :-)

David: naw...we love Roberto, he's the best.

David: A fellow Meniketti fan...

Fedor: what website?

jon l.: www.schreinermusic.com

Fedor: There's a new rockmagazine in Holland, which gave HTP very good rating

Achim: My website ...nothing special ...:-)

Fedor: Enters Chat

Fedor: There's a new rockmagazine in Holland, which gave HTP very good rating

jon l.: no, achim - it is well done. did you do it yourself?

Achim: Yes, I did. Again, thanks a lot

David: What's the magazine, Fedor

jon l.: my brother does our band's site. your's is a bit more professional looking, though

Fedor: I forgot the title... [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif[/img] But will look it up later this week

David: Well, as long as it was a good review, who care, eh!

Fedor: Great website you have Achim. Didn't know you were a musician!

Fedor: David: The new 'Aardschok' will be out soon as well. That's like the Dutch Burrn!

Achim: amazon.de, the german one, there is also a review of HTP and it's a good one

Achim: Thank you, Fedor, I'm really blushing:-):-)

Fedor: Anxious to know what they think of HTP

Fedor: Achim: Wow... a Flying V!

Achim: I will translate it for you next time ...haha

Achim: It's an old one, Gibson, I bought it about 15 years ago

David: The older the better...

Achim: That's it!

Achim: I was about 16 at that time ....

Fedor: Cool. Like a 1952 Goldtop

David: The older instruments are better...

Fedor: David: Is that true? I once heard that Strats made in the early seventies were pretty bad

Achim: Yeah, a bit similar ..:-):-)

Achim: Are you a musician too, Fedor?

Fedor: as well as in the late sixties, just because they used 2nd best wood

Fedor: (because of the Vietnam war)

jon l.: i just had my mid-80's jap strat redone and it sounds great

Achim: I heard the same thing ......

David: I guess each player has their own opinion - I'm no musician, so aren't really qualified, but I'm told that's true...

Fedor: Achim: No, unfortunately not. I pnce wanted to be one.

Achim: When I was younger, I used to play some Squiers, which made some quite good copies of the Fender strats and they were cheaper ..:-)

pete s: Enters Chat

jon l.: never too late to learn, fedor

David: Welcome back Pete...

Fedor: David: you're right. I own a 'Hondo', so what do I know. Hehe

Fedor: Hello Pete

Achim: Hi Pete

jon l.: bad color! hopefully this will be better

Achim: Jon, I agree absolutely. You are never too old to start

jon l.: my first guitar was a hondo!

pete s: greetings once again,that was a rogh storm!

Fedor: Btw, talking about Gibson... I liked the Gibson JJ was playing with during the Russian show(s)

Achim: a Les Paul?

Fedor: Jon: Ah! You are a musician too?

Achim: Glenn should put the pic with JJ and Fedor into the booklet of his next album ...called as "special guest" ..:-):-)

pete s: mines a ibanes

Fedor: Achim: I dunno whether it was a Gibson, but it is a Les Paul model

Fedor: Wow! There are all guitarplayers here!

Shirean: Enters Chat

jon l.: yeah, i've been playing about 15 years

pete s: mainly vocals,use guitar for songwriting

Fedor: Wow. That's great.

Achim: Very cool, Jon!

Fedor: What music do you make Pete?

jon l.: thanks, though i don't play hard rock much anymore

Achim: I just noticed that I forgot to add the www.ghpg.net link into my link section ....will do that ASAP

pete s: heavey rock and on the lighter side....folk

David: thx Achim..

Fedor: Interesting ! And Jon, you're making funk now instead of rock? Just to piss of your fans? (hehe)

jon l.: i wish!

Achim: There are so many interesting music styles, Jon ...I also listen to a lot of other stuff, including "New Country", even some of you will turn out into laughter, but there are some great songs in that genre

jon l.: the songs i write now are more poppy, modern rock, i guess

jon l.: but our band mostly does covers

Fedor: New country?

David: Shania aka 'Def "country" Leppard' Twain... :-)

David: sorry, couldn't resist :-)

Fedor: Good to hear all this. Seems that Glenn is a musicians favourite.

Achim: My biggest love is "Fusion" or jazzrock stuff, a bit similar to what Tommy Bolin once did make or Colosseum II

jon l.: everything from zeppelin to prince to blink 182 to the cure and even run dmc!

pete s: not laughing A,i think rock is getting a little repetative-there are only 12 notes to combine with riff wise

Achim: Yeah, New Country is for instance what Reba McIntyre is doing or Chely Wright or Faith Hill ect.

jon l.: we don't play anything from Glenn or Purple, though

Achim: There are some really great singers

pete s: thats why Glenn's options of rock/soul/funk is a good varasion

Fedor: Ok! Run DMC.. like old skool rap! Walk This Way?

jon l.: yeah, i like the funk and soul stuff better

Achim: We did quite a couple of covers from Glenn/Purple in the past when I was a few years younger

jon l.: Its Tricky - run dmc! its a fun song to play

Fedor: ok. I never heard of New Country nor Reba McIntyre... sounds interesting though

pete s: which ones A?

jon l.: the main thing is that those songs get the girls to dance, so that makes it all worthwhile!

Achim: I highly recommend it to you, you should take a listen ...

Fedor: ok, thanks!

Achim: We did mostly not the typical stuff like "smoke" or "Burn" ect, but some more rare stuff like "You can't do it right", "Sail away" ect. ect.

Fedor: Jon: that's a very important aspect I think.

pete s: if we had a k/board player i would love to do...into the void

jon l.: yeah, it is!

Achim: Maybe the most important aspect ..:-):-):-)

pete s: nice one A

jon l.: yeah, we always put pics of the girls dancing on our website

jon l.: we even had girls dancing to 'ace of spades"! once you get them started...

Fedor: hehe

Achim: The song of Motorhead?

pete s: jon i would'nt mind taking a look at that

Fedor: Well, I'm sorry but I have to go already.

Achim: a great classic tune

jon l.: bye fedor

Fedor: It was great to be here. Thank you David & Shirean! Great hosts.

jon l.: yeah motorhead

David: it's hitting the Midnight hour, right....next time Fedor..

Shirean: Cheerio Fedor

Achim: Thanks for the nice conversation, Fedor, hope to meet you again soon!

pete s: farewell fedor

Fedor: It was nice meeting you.

David: Run Run Run ..... :-)

pete s: new motorhead cd april 9

Fedor: Yep. Midnight.... Spring started, so I have to be sharp! ;-) Bye everyone, thanks and vielleicht nachster zeit! cheers.

Achim: Take care

jon l.: my website is www.inwithflynn.com. just click the pics link and check out the most recent ones from February

jon l.: motorhead playing in detroit in may

pete s: cheers jon

Achim: I will check that out, Jon

jon l.: you can't make fun of it, though!

David: Whoa...you know how to party!!!

pete s: if lemmy is still alive!

Achim: Okay, mates, I gotta get up arround 6 tomorrow morning ...time to say goodnight to all of you

David: he looks good for being nearly 60!

jon l.: see you later, achim. nice meeting you

David: "good..."

pete s: farewell A nice meeting you

Achim: Thanks for the awesome chat ...and all the best to all of you, David, Shirean, great job ..keep it up!:-):-)

David: Thanks for joing us Achim, it was good talking with him....next time...

jon l.: i saw motorhead a few years ago opening for WASP

Achim: See you soon! Bye

Shirean: Wasp good ol Blackie

jon l.: blackies got a great rock and roll voice

David: Saw them at the Lyceum in 83 or 4 - what a show!

pete s: i saw mot. this year at manchester---lemmy looks ill

jon l.: that would have been a great show

pete s: picture in classic rock confirms this maybe

jon l.: poor lemmy - he personifies rock and roll

jon l.: great interview with him in goldmine last year

pete s: indeed,don't you think ozzy is in a bad way----shakes etc?

Shirean: Did you guys see the Osborne show on MTV yet - My god Sharon has a hell of job looking after all those KIDS

jon l.: i haven't seen him. have you seen his tv show on MTV?

jon l.: what is that show like?

pete s: no,i've read about it

David: F$#k is in every sentance they speak - even the kids!! It is hilarious....talk about how the other half live!!

pete s: do they take after their father then?

jon l.: maybe i should turn on my tv once in a while!

Shirean: I don't know how to even explain it they just take the cameras inside and film whatever happens next week they encounter a bad neighbor they show ozzy throwing a log over the fence

jon l.: good ol' dad

pete s: how much is he getting paid for that then?

David: handsomely no doubt....

pete s: a few quid....sorry dollars ha ha

David: you should try and catch at least one of them!

pete s: i don't know if it's on mtv uk

pete s: or do we have the same?

jon l.: how often do you guys put on this chat?

David: Once a month - 3rd week of each month...next one is scheduled for April 17th.

jon l.: same time?

pete s: i might have htp by then!!!!!!!!!

David: Haven't got a Topic set yet - got any ideas...or just a general GH gab !!

David: Yes, same time 11:00am PST...

jon l.: no HTP yet? sucks for you!

David: A transcript of each session will be in the Fan Forum....

jon l.: i'll make sure to mark my calender - if i am stuck in the office, maybe i can chat again

pete s: yep,bad record store

jon l.: can't you get it thru the internet?

jon l.: pete disappeared and now i will follow

pete s: Enters Chat

jon l.: it was nice chatting with you guys. i will try to make it next time. oh pete is back

David: Back again Pete!!

jon l.: bye

David: Thank you for stopping by, it was good to finally meet you all.

pete s: cut off ....modem farewell jon

Shirean: See you soon :-)

David: Thanks for sticking it out Pete.....maybe next time we'll have a few more folks stop by.

pete s: no problems it's been great

David: Well, I'm going to have to go I'm afraid - at work, and it's piling up :-)

David: I scheduled this time as a "Meeting" on my calendar.....at least I'm getting paid for it :-)

pete s: ok guys you both take care,keep up the good work.....farewell

David: See you next time Pete, enjoy HTP when it finally arrives to you...

pete s: oh yes, farewell

David: Bye

David: REMINDER: The next CHAT session is Wednesday, April 17th between 11:00am-1:00pm PST

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