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Old Feb-28-2010, 9:30 PM
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Icon20 Fan CHAT with GLENN transcript - February 28th, 2010

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Thread Tools/Show Printable Version from the Toolbar above.

Fan CHAT - February 2010
Fan CHAT with GLENN transcript - February 28th, 2010

Webmaster: Hi all - Glenn will be here in a few minutes... meantime, feel free to get acquainted and all settled in here

mariewilks: Hi all

tony g: hello everyone

mariewilks: Just calling in to say hello as off out to a gig shortly - how is everyone?

purplemusic: Ready to roll...

mariewilks: Yay Bart you got logged on then?

purplemusic: hi marie, tony

tony g: well marie

cbs: Hi y'all

tony g: hi bart

Webmaster: If you can't stick around, not to worry, a transcript will be made available later on today or first thing tomorrow

cbs: California is represented

mariewilks: How's David today?

Paul J: hi all

captmidnite1962: Good afternoon folks... I am at work but can be here... which is cool!

Webmaster: All Good Marie (as you can see, I'm wearing the 'Webmaster' hat this afternoon)

mariewilks: Yeah I noticed that

mariewilks: Thanks David - I'll be reading up when I get in!

Libby: good afternoon everyone

mariewilks: I like the new format David - really easy to use

Ritchie (Buddy): Howdy folks, it's been a long while since I was here ...

Paul J: exciting times ahead, just don't like the waiting!

captmidnite1962: Let's hear it for the Internet at work...

mariewilks: Excellent Bill!

mariewilks: Except I have to impose internet ban on my employees because I'm mean!

tony g: id be fired good for u bill

captmidnite1962: Yes... I will have to go out and check on my inbound at some point... but I am here

Libby: Is everyone excited about Black Country?

captmidnite1962: Oh are you Marie??

thebasscat63: Hi guys!

Enchy: Hi to all of you, tnx David and purlplemusic for welcoming me already to the Fan Forum

mariewilks: Well - no not really but I still have to ban it cos my boss says so!

Webmaster: OK, Glenn will be here any second now! Get ready with those questions...

tony g: i heard the term black country on the wolves game i saw

Glenn Hughes: hi everyone

thebasscat63: hey man!

mariewilks: HI G!

purplemusic: Hey Glenn

thebasscat63: we love you!

Paul J: just keen on ANY new material, but this band sounds promising!

Ritchie (Buddy): Joe's a great player known of him since "Bloodline" came out .. and was blown away by his chops

captmidnite1962: I am looking forward to Black Country too... especially if it means more shows in the US!

Glenn Hughes: hi i am here

Paul J: Hi Glenn

tony g: hi glenn

luni63: Ciao Glenn !

mariewilks: Classic timing there I mention the Wolves result and up you pop!

Ritchie (Buddy): howdy G

Glenn Hughes: i am here

Libby: Hi Glenn. Thank you for doing this!

Enchy: Can't believe it - hi Glenn, what's up?!?

Galley: evening all...

Glenn Hughes: gimme a question anyone. i am here

Webmaster: A question from Shirl in the UK - "Written All Over Your Face", towards the end of the guitar solo, you can be heard speaking 'quietly', what were you saying?

Glenn Hughes: SHIRL - i would have to go have a listen again in order to tell you.

lgeisel16: Will you be in Bakersfield to see Joe's show in two weeks?

cbs: What is the latest on Black Country?

Ritchie (Buddy): hey Shirl

Glenn Hughes: no i will not be in bakersfield i will be in riverside municipal auditorium. on march 17th

thebasscat63: I try again... I have the feeling that Incense & Peaches is one of your most representative records, can we expect more stuff like that?

Shirl: hi stranger x

tony g: glenn is there a problem with the name black country like i read on here

Glenn Hughes: to make an appearance with jason and derek and joe

Paul J: any more clues on the style of music, and song titles? I think you have given us one 'the last soul'

Libby: I'll be in Riverside

Ritchie (Buddy): first show G?

Libby: I was at House of Blues in November - YOU were entirely awesome. I shot the videos of you and Joe which are on YouTube of 'Mistreated' and 'Medusa' (on libbyvideos). I cannot WAIT to see you again! When do you think that might happen?

purplemusic: I have enjoyed my new live video so much, i was wondering if there where any plans to do more of this type stuff w/ your solo gigs, and w/ Black Country?

Glenn Hughes: Not at the moment basscat63. my life is insanely busy and i am wearing my rock hat again

Dani California: hi ya everyone

Paul J: hi Shirl and Dani

Dani California: hi Glenn

Glenn Hughes: hi Dani. how are you?

thebasscat63: but you FUNK man!

mariewilks: Hi Dani

kat: hi everyone

Ritchie (Buddy): the interview with Paulie Z was a blast!

Glenn Hughes: thank you basscat. i love funk and i want it all.

Shirl: Hi Paul - sorry I'm not participating ... just trying to figure it out

Shirl: kat!!!

Keith Thompson: Hello everybody

Shirl: this is like the old days

Glenn Hughes: hi buddy. the paulie z thing was a hoot

Dani California: Glenn, how are Gabi and the little ones?

kat: hey Shirl long time

cbs: Are tour dates for Black Country summer 2010 being worked on ? Does the album have to come out before the tour?

thebasscat63: thank you G for all the great music I have been enjoying for the last 36 years

Libby: Glenn, will you be in Riverside to watch Joe, or will you perform too?

Glenn Hughes: we are fine and all the little ones are doing well. hope you and your little one are the same.

Ritchie (Buddy): y'all sounded very relaxed ... good stuff

Glenn Hughes: there will be no touring b4 the album

mariewilks: I can't wait for the rock stuff G - I've been listening to your rockier material today-been getting on a Voodoo Hill - will Black Country be anything like that stuff?

tony g: possible usa glenn?

Paul J: does that mean no solo touring as well??

Glenn Hughes: marie: oh god no.

thebasscat63: my kids, 7 and 5, are still listening to F.U.N.K. though the younger one calls it "The Glenn Hughes", I think he thinks you are a band...

Glenn Hughes: i will be doing some solo touring as well. dates will be announced soon as soon as things are finalized.

Dani California: yep, we r kk, just little Gabi is a bit moody,I think she's catchin a flu or cold

Ritchie (Buddy): G is Derek gonna be using a lot of B3 type sounds?

purplemusic: glenn, did you see my question about any more live "bootleg-type" videos? solo and/or Black Country

Paul J: awesome!

Glenn Hughes: joe's booking agent neil o'brien is now my agent and also the agent for the new band so he is working on booking all 3 of "us"

Libby: I've been a fan of Joe's for a long time. Have seen him dozens of times..... LOVE him. I must say that what I witnessed that night in November shook me to my core.

Glenn Hughes: buddy: yes.

tony g: good news glenn

Ritchie (Buddy): niiiice !

Libby: truly.

Glenn Hughes: thank you libby.

strat335: Hi from Roger & Susan!

Libby: it was unlike anything i've ever experienced!

Libby: lol

Dani California: yep,Joe is a very good player

Glenn Hughes: hi my friends from texas

Libby: i met you afterwards too. you were very kind to me.

Dani California: the new band is a absolute killer

thebasscat63: any chance for you to get possession of the Hughes/Thrall II songs and finish them yourself as a solo?

Brent: Hi Glenn... greetings from Canada... Any chance of touring in Canada over the next 12 months?

Glenn Hughes: H/T is in the past.

Ritchie (Buddy): there is some "rock" playing of Joe with Bloodline to be found on youtube when he was just 16 yo., and he ROCKS !!

Glenn Hughes: i hope i get to tour canada. i love it there

Libby: no doubt, jb can rock!!

Dani California: I can imagine how the fans r goin 2 b crazy on the gigs

Keith Thompson: We're on air guys at rockwaves.net and always playing Glenn's music on there. We're all really excited about Black Country here in the studio

Glenn Hughes: thank you for playing my music keith

Dani California: hi ya Keith

strat335: Glenn, maaaan, so pumped about the future music coming from you! In any endeavor. Is Joe recording with the Jubilee?

Ritchie (Buddy): how many songs written and arranged so far G?

mariewilks: G - when you announced you were halting your solo album presumably Black Country was in it's infancy at that point. What made you decide that yes - this was it?

Webmaster: You can make the Fan CHAT window a little larger by selecting "View CHAT Full Size", from the CHAT pulldown (just above here on left side), to go back to the 'small' size, just go to the Forum 'Home' page.

cbs: Thank you Webmaster for Full Sized Chat!!

Glenn Hughes: he is recording with marshalls and he is loud

Shirl: GH - every time there's a new project / line-up everyone seems to have strong opinions on who you should / shouldn't be working with for that particular project. Do you seek out particular musicians for what you're aiming for, or who's available? x

Glenn Hughes: 12 songs written and arranged

Libby: loud and proud

Paul J: would just love to hear a 2 minute snippet of a new song to get an idea of what's in store!

Libby: nice

strat335: I bet it's the Silver Jubilee Marshall... I wants one. LOL

Glenn Hughes: i decided to take a break from my solo recording because i have been non-stop since 1992

Libby: you'll go back into the studio just before riverside??

Glenn Hughes: march 14 and 15 we have to do 8 more backing tracks

Keith Thompson: You are welcome Glenn. You know we're always here in the ether

Glenn Hughes: a total of 13 songs will be recorded

Paul J: you sounded very excited about the next solo project songs as well

Libby: that's a LOT of work in a small amount of time

Brent: Glenn... have you ever thought of releasing a guitar tab and music songbook for musicians?

strat335: I hope you are giving me some trippy harmonies, maestro! lol

Webmaster: A question from IVAR in NORWAY... I just wanted to ask you about your songwriting: How do you write your tunes? Do you start with the lyrics or do you start with a guitar-riff, or bassline? Or do you write by the piano?

thebasscat63: how do you feel being in a band compared to going solo?

Glenn Hughes: i work fast

Glenn Hughes: i love being in a band but i am still very much a control freak

thebasscat63: we noticed when you joined Purple!

Glenn Hughes: IVAR - i start with music first then i come up with title on either bass or guitar. play me out was done on keys

mariewilks: You always have a command of yur stage and your musicians - it's graceul and perfect in my opinion

strat335: You need to teach producing, the whole gamut of recording.

Glenn Hughes: thank you marie. the stage is my living room. i am very comfortable there.

Glenn Hughes: and it is about to get bigger

tony g: love the new DVD glenn

Glenn Hughes: i love producing.

Glenn Hughes: thank you tony.

Dani California: and all of us your fans can feel your love for the music

Ritchie (Buddy): i once saw Jethro Tull actually make a living room on stage with sofa tv etc

tony g: cant stop playing it

purplemusic: trying to get caught up, but missed some stuff

mariewilks: And so you should be comfortable there! - Right I'm off out to a gig - so short and sweet form me - Love to Gabi also and all the furs! Big hugs G! See you soon hopeully xxx

Glenn Hughes: thank you have fun marie.

mariewilks: Bye all xxx

Dani California: bye Marie

Shirl: Bye Marie

thebasscat63: I know you have probably been asked a zillion times but what's your favourite record (of yours) of the past?

Ritchie (Buddy): bye

Dani California: lots of love from all of us

Paul J: speak soon Marie, enjoy the gig, thanks for the invite

Brent: I am off to play guitar for Jesus... Keep rocking Glenn

lgeisel16: Glenn - I love your positive attitude and outlook. That must help keep you grounded when you're working.

Glenn Hughes: of my own? or someone elses past?

cbs: Are there any guesting sessions you may have done recently that you hear may be surfacing soon to keep us tied over til Black Country is released??

thebasscat63: yours!

purplemusic: i missed if G. answered my question. guess i won't ask it a 3rd time though.

thebasscat63: and others! sorry

Webmaster: Hello to the 104 Lurkers - don't be shy... come on, sign-up, post a message and then you can join the Fan CHAT with GLENN

Shirl: Purple - me too, though think David asked about WAOYF for me earlier

Paul J: what is the direction that the lyrics are taking for Black Country?

Glenn Hughes: i have done no guest sessions recently. i am restricting them a bit right now i believe the russian band Pushking will release their album this summer

Enchy: Have you sometimes the feeling the Purple time never ended, although there's been lots in the meantime? I have ... strange Not that I'm so sentimental, but it always pops up on the top of every music experience ...

Glenn Hughes: Enchy: i am not sure what you mean

purplemusic: thanks Shirl. i missed that answer too. i'll have to try to re-read when David posts this

Galley: what current bands are you listening to these days?

Glenn Hughes: my time in deep purple was historic and will stand the test of time.

Glenn Hughes: i am just listening to my band

kat: 104 lurkers? Too scared to chat with Glenn?

Enchy: I mean, after long time of solo projects, you're hungry for doing stuff with a band - like circle closes somehow

Ritchie (Buddy): G, Shirl asked earlier that at the end of Written all over your face, you whisper something .. what did u whisper?

strat335: So was Trapeze, and so is what you do today if you walk into a studio after this chat.

Glenn Hughes: thank you strat

tony g: glenn if everything is cool do u see yourself with black country for a long time

Crystal Karma: Hi everybody

Glenn Hughes: a band has to be made up of the right people and all our new band are very good musicians

Dani California: hi Jerome

Libby: awesome musicians

thebasscat63: sorry to ask again, your favourite record of your's and other's?

Enchy: no doubt they are, but in the band it's aobut some strange chemistry that makes the things/music special

strat335: That zone that you are in with those guys has to be some kind of electric when you're playing... lol, I can just imagine.

purplemusic: forgive me if i repeat a question. what about USA touring? i can assume we will be seeing the new band?

Glenn Hughes: my favorite record is probably Soul Mover and my favorite record is Sgt Pepper

Crystal Karma: Glenn, first of all, how are you, how is Gabi & the furs?

Glenn Hughes: that is what i always listened to when i was young and starting out as a musician

Paul J: Glenn, you have great taste! my favourite also!

Glenn Hughes: we are all fine thank you. the babies are all under our feet.

purplemusic: i also was asking about the potential for more live "bootleg-type" or otherwise videos of some more solo and/or Black Country shows.

tony g: i like the new remastered sgt pepper

Crystal Karma: Then could you tell us a little more about the new bans, inspiration & what kind of music is black country (blues, funk or something else?

strat335: You listened to Sgt. Pepper. Mine was Medusa.

Glenn Hughes: our new band is rock

Glenn Hughes: not metal, but hard rock

Glenn Hughes: i have not heard the remastered st pepper

Glenn Hughes: we have rerecorded medusa and joe played mel's black beauty

tony g: not like fused at all then glenn?

thebasscat63: recently I crossed into an Edgar Winter record, Shock Treatment and the song "Miracle Of Love" seems to be sung by... Glenn Hughes! Have you ever listened to it?

Crystal Karma: Tell us also who is the lesad singer ? Joe or you?

Glenn Hughes: not like fused at all. i love fused but tony and joe are two completely different guitar players

strat335: I heard y'all did that. I don't know how things could get better since you sang Coast to Coast in NJ. It just does

Glenn Hughes: hahahaha i am having joe sing on a few songs but i am the primary singer

cbs: Why do you think mainstream press does not follow what you are doing. ie Rolling Stone, Guitar Player, Bass Player, MTV, VH1 etc... what don't we know out here in TV land?

Glenn Hughes: cbs: it is all down to money.

cygnusx1: Hi Glenn, love your bass playing. Who was your biggest influence on the bass when you started playing?

purplemusic: I know i might have to wait for the book, but, i was wondering did you ever see the beatles play, and do you have a cool beatles story. my friend is a huge fan, his son's name is McCartney, he wants to know.

Glenn Hughes: james jamison

Glenn Hughes: yes i saw the beatles play and it changed my life, along with stevie wonder live

Ritchie (Buddy): for MTV to take notice they'd have to call 'emselves BC Gaga ! LOL

Libby: LOVE stevie

Glenn Hughes: don't get me started on the crap that is on the radio and tv

Libby: do you have a favorite song from sgt. pepper?

captmidnite1962: James Jamerson was THE MAN!! Ask any bassist who started in the 60's and Jamerson's name always seems to come up...

luni63: A Day in the Life ?

Glenn Hughes: i like fixing a hole

Libby: me TOO!!

strat335: You have a large bass influence on folks. You know Leland Sklar, right? Another great bass player... I've got to grow a beard and hair like that. lol

Libby: great album though.

Keith Thompson: ... cbs (if I might offer a comment there Glenn) the aim is also to raise the profile in these publications. We can all help do that. They are all keen to sustain their circulations and Black Country will be covered by these guys

Libby: she's leaving home always kills me too

captmidnite1962: Hey Roger... you are halfway there!

Glenn Hughes: i know leland sklar he is a great bass player and a lovely man

thebasscat63: Alicia keys is one of the few decent things on the radio, she is a musician at least

Andra T: Hi G saw you in Glasgow years ago you name checked Frankie Miller that meant alot to us you and him simply the best

Glenn Hughes: frankie miller is one of the greatest rock singers from the british isles.

tony g: speaking of bass playing i saw u at the hob in chicago it was truly the best bass playing i ever saw in my life thank u glenn

cygnusx1: Did you have an influence on David Bowie making the 'Young Americans' album, since you lived together at that time, and he changed the style of music on that album

Libby: glenn. i'm not clear - are you saying that you and joe re-recorded medusa for the black country album?

Ross: Hi Glenn, will the new band have lots of vocal harmonies? And live, will Jason sing as well as Joe?

Glenn Hughes: yes libby

Libby: fantastic

tony g: i like listening getting better now

Glenn Hughes: David and i were great friends at that period but i had no influence on the record

Ritchie (Buddy): G did Bob Daisley contact you re: book publishing ? .. I suggested he give you a shout

Glenn Hughes: Jason will be singing bv's he has a big deep voice

Libby: I don't know if you saw me say that i shot the videos of you and joe at HOB performing medusa and mistreated - they're on youtube and have been very well received.

Ross: Great

purplemusic: with so much to choose from, will black country just be playing original material ( except for medusa ) or might we still be getting some extra treats in concert? Soul Mover? something Purple? Led Zep?

Glenn Hughes: there will be no DP on the concert

Libby: I wonder if you've seen them, and how you feel about fan videos, youtube.... that way of getting the word out, in general. of course, i'm talking about decent video and not phone camera crap

thebasscat63: wise!

Glenn Hughes: HD Camera is so much better than the phone cameras. bring it to riverside

KKpainter: Hi Glenn, do you have some plans to make European tour with Black Country? Is there some chance that we will see you in Czech?

Crystal Karma: Could you tell us a little bit about yours fourtcoming tours?

Libby: i'll be there. in the front row. w/ camcorder and still cam

Glenn Hughes: i already mentioned below that the tour will be announced when it is confirmed

Galley: I always thought it was a shame there's no pics of Bonzo jamming with Trapeze at The Laff', how does it feel playing with Bonham Jr now?

Glenn Hughes: i am absolutely blown away with Bonzo Jr's drumming. he is frightening.

thebasscat63: what bass are u using currently?

Crystal Karma: Are you goint to tour alone before any BC's one, any chance to see you at the Robin or somewhere else this year?

naoki: Hi! Glenn!! I love you!! I am looking forward to a new album extremely, and desire your Japanese tour strongly. I want to meet you.

Glenn Hughes: as i said earlier i will be doing a solo tour. the dates will announced in a few weeks. it is exciting

tony g: is bonham jr anything like his father? i know he was a friend of yours

Glenn Hughes: i am looking forward to going back to japan and the far east.

Glenn Hughes: Jason is most definitely the son of his father in every way.

purplemusic: Glenn, have you noticed any spike in your record sales because of the fans of Joe and Jason trying to "get up to speed " w/ you and your music?

tony g: cool

Ritchie (Buddy): hopefully not drinking tho G

Shirl: good question Purple

Glenn Hughes: i would imagine that would be the case all our profiles have been lifted. the demand for our band is quite staggering.

Glenn Hughes: Jason has been sober for 8 years and i am so proud of him

tony g: i didnt mean the question like that buddy just his personality

Libby: by the way, i've been a friend of bill w's for a very long time, and didn't want this chat to go by without saying congratulations

Ritchie (Buddy): bless him

adam88: hello from the west midlands to glenn

Glenn Hughes: thanks libby

cygnusx1: What did Kevin Shirl:ey contribute to Black Country? How was he to work with?

Glenn Hughes: adam 88: are you gold and black?

Glenn Hughes: kevin is a phenomonal producer and an amazing human being

Glenn Hughes: he is great to work with really manages everyone

thebasscat63: G, what bass are you playing currently?

adam88: gold and black, im unsure of that phrase?, do you mean wolverhamptons colours?, im from good old WALSALL lol

Glenn Hughes: i am playing quite a few different ones.

kat: lol Glenn and his football

Crystal Karma: Thank you for your time Glenn (& David), I have to quit (a long day of work tomorrow). By the way, Nathalie send you big hugs & see you soon

Glenn Hughes: oops i was at the bescot to see a pre season friendly

tony g: saw the wolves on tv for the first time glenn the announcers used the term black country

Ross: G, which songs are you most proud of?

Paul J: have you got a label lined up to release the Black Country album

Glenn Hughes: there are quite a lot but i am proud of the trapeze songs

adam88: well to be utterly precise, im from bloxwich, if you know that area i will be surprised

thebasscat63: can you name them basses please please please...

Keith Thompson: Ok we have to log off now as the next presenters have come in. Goodnight everyone.

Ross: You were so young then, quite an achievement

cygnusx1: Glenn, you and Plant should get together to make a Wolves song

Paul J: see you Keith

Glenn Hughes: my signature yamaha bass, a '51 p bass, and a '65 p bass and a '72 jazz

Ross: Coast to Coast is timeless and I NEVER tire of hearing it

Glenn Hughes: i see robert normally when i am at the game.

Dani California: hi again everybody

Ross: Loved it when you played Mel's Black Beauty in Bilston, SO much feeling, great stuff

Glenn Hughes: Ross: thank you. ctc was written in the time it took to play it a very mature song for a boy in his teens

strat335: Collin (almost 9) sings Coast to Coast with Roger playing acoustic. It is very cute! Susan

Libby: ... Seafull...

Glenn Hughes: thank you Ross i was with Mel when he bought that guitar in Texas in '71

Dani California: that's very good Susan

Ross: Wow, such great warm memories for you I guess

Ritchie (Buddy): Ok folks I gotta split .. take it easy, thanks G .. be in touch

strat335: Do you remember who got the SG of Mel's? LOL I sure wish I could find that one!

adam88: so here is one of my questions, if you have to perform one track in the future, from the 'from now on' album, what would it be, and yes i am not ashamed to say i still think glenn that was one of your best works.

Glenn Hughes: Mel Galley was a hero to me. his passing has affected me greatly. mel traded the SG in when he got the black beauty to the same person

Dani California: Collin is a child and already know what to listen, thanks to his mom and dad

Glenn Hughes: 'from now on' is not one of my favorite albums as it is just too aor for me but 'if you don't want me to' is a great song

strat335: Thanks, Dani

Libby: you let joe play mel's guitar, yes??

Ross: I LOVE Homeland

purplemusic: i don't think my last question posted. any title for the new album that ya'll are working w/ G. ?

Glenn Hughes: yes me too Ross because Mel wrote most of it

Glenn Hughes: we have an idea.

adam88: i would like to hear, "why dont you stay" and "still in love with you", but we all change as people, and i think those 2 certain songs maybe reflect you of the past more.

Ross: Did he really? Full of passion and melody

Paul J: is it Black Country!!!

purplemusic: "we have an idea" is not a bad title

Dani California: Glenn do you have any ideas if and when you goin on tour with Black Country? (dunno why can't get to Carl again something's wrong with the land line )

Libby: hahaha!!

thebasscat63: I agree with adam88, Why Don't You Stay is one of your greatest ballads ever

thebasscat63: purplemusic lol

Paul J: i was thinking that you were going to change the band name to 'Viral'

strat335: My first electric guitar was an SG...

Glenn Hughes: dani, all shows will announced as soon as they are confirmed

Glenn Hughes: 'why don't you stay' is a great aor song

strat335: Our epic song of the day over here today is Feels Like Home.

cbs: If you had the power to bring back someone who has passed away, to be able to spend 24 hours with them, who would it be and why? How would you spend that day?

Dani California: kk, thanx a lot

Glenn Hughes: the reason i am not fond of 'from now on' is that the music was taken out of my hands and it was way too soulless for me

Glenn Hughes: but it was a big seller

Paul J: i love 'feels like home', sung with great passion towards the end of the song

Ross: Glenn, which songs do you wish you had written? Superstition?

Glenn Hughes: tommy bolin we would spend the day alone at my house catching up and laughing. tommy would make me a steak with cheese on top, one of his favorites although he didn't eat meat he used to love to make this for me

thebasscat63: and thankfully From Now On helped to launch back your career probably, so bless it!

Glenn Hughes: i wish i had written "inner visions" by stevie wonder

Webmaster: A coupla' questions from RUSSELL in NEWCASTLE, UK...

When RU coming 2 play Newcastle? I think you were last seen on the 'Legends of Rock' tour at City Hall where you rescued the whole evening! Can you tell us about some of the extras on the 'CTTB' remix?

adam88: from now on and burning japan live, are with me till i die, slightly strong to say but those albums were the first of yours that my parents introduced me too

KKpainter: can i ask which Digitech wah pedal do you use Glenn? And do you prefer play bass with effect or without?

thebasscat63: yeah, me too

strat335: Good one. All In Love Is Fair off that one was a mind blower to me.

Glenn Hughes: i use autosynth wah i have 10 of them. i like to play either way

KKpainter: thanks

Glenn Hughes: there will be no auto synth in the new band just power bass playing

purplemusic: even live?

KKpainter: thats great! Will you play Fender there?

Glenn Hughes: RUSSELL - hopefully Newcastle will be on the tour

Glenn Hughes: i will have a few different basses with me, fender being one of them

chrisloeb: Good evening everyone, Hi Glenn - Christian from Vienna here. Hope you're in good health for all things 2010! Everybody is very excited!

Glenn Hughes: the auto synth is pretty much for the funk. i want to separate from the solo band my sound

tony g: this is really starting to feel like a real hard rocking record to me - great!

strat335: So, have you cancelled the next couple years of haircuts? Rock and roll! lol

adam88: do you still use ESP basses glenn

KKpainter: Good

Glenn Hughes: i don't use ESP basses anymore although are great. they are active and i only use passive.

thebasscat63: Glenn I have to leave but not before thanking you for your immense talent and the 36 great years I have been enjoying it... Bless you man!

purplemusic: Glenn, what about the solo record that you had just/were finishing up ? when might we be able to hear some of that?

Glenn Hughes: thank you basscat

Scott: Hello Glenn... just joined. what an honor to catch u here live. u are legend, sir. wish u could slide over to PHX for a show sometime

purplemusic: another "for fans only" release?

Glenn Hughes: i love phoenix and hope to be there soon

Webmaster: 2 Questions from JOEY in the USA...

I absolutely loved your sound on 'Medusa', 'You Are The Music' and the 3 Purple albums you played on. What equipment did you record those albums with, and what strings were you using at that time?

adam88: right one more question for a while, i heard a rumour that glenn, did or do you, have visual footage from the burning japan shows?

Paul J: i'm off also, thanks for joining us Glenn, looking forward to the new stuff. Take care all

Glenn Hughes: JOEY - both albums on hiwatt amps (trapeze) on medusa i had a '63 p bass and you r the music was a '71 mustang bass roto sounds strings

Glenn Hughes: DP : hiwatt heads amps on all on Burn rickenbacher '72 bass and Strombringer wasa '65 p bass and the same for CTTB roto sound strings

Libby: Glenn - Steve Lukather just asked me to tell you that he sends his best from Tokyo

Glenn Hughes: give steve a big kiss for me. he is one of my favorite people

Libby: i'll tell him. he's so funny and sweet. i love him too.

Libby: phoenix... does that mean that you might travel to see jb at that show too?

satch1e: You are 1 of my all time fav singers... can't wait to hear the project!

Libby: i'll be at that one also.

KKpainter: do you have also fretless bass Glenn?

Glenn Hughes: yes i have a fretless bass a '72 jazz

Glenn Hughes: i am not going to joe's show in phoenix

KKpainter: nice

Shirean: Just wanted to say "Hi" Glenn xxoo

Glenn Hughes: Hi Shirean. How is it going?

Shirean: Better thanks. Hope to see you both soon

adam88: glenn, are you going to be doing that package, like you did at jb's or was it the robin, a while back, think it was something like an after party with you, i couldnt afford it at the time

luni63: Hi G! I loved you since the first time i heard you screaming 'BURN!' and loved Tommy Bolin too... i wonder what you could have done toghether...

strat335: Got to get back to work; Glenn, very happy for you, looking forward to the new MUSIC! Roger & Susan (& Collin)

Glenn Hughes: they are called gold ticket and we will be doing them again

Dani California: bye Roger,Susan and Collin

Enchy: May i ask about other peoples projects: Chickenfoot?

Glenn Hughes: Chad is working with the Peppers right now. i will be staying at his house when i am in Malibu next month

chrisloeb: Glenn - one of the questions often asked but never answered: Have you ever recorded a vocal track for Gary Moore's 'Empty Rooms' back in the 'Run For Cover' days, and does it still exist?

cygnusx1: I am not very familiar with Derek Sherinian. What kind of a keyboard player is he?

tony g: glenn i know this is personal but i know u are into fitness do u do mostly walking?

Glenn Hughes: chris: good question. i sang an amazing vocal track for empty rooms which was to be a single and then BOOM i was outta there. it has probably been erased

Glenn Hughes: derek is extremely spontaneous can follow joe amazingly has the baddest growl on the hammond since jon lord

luni63: Bye to everybody from Italy, thank you G for being in our lives!

Glenn Hughes: i walk a lot

Webmaster: One other question from JOEY in the USA...

It was a pleasure to see U at Highline Ballroom in NYC last year and looking forward 2 your up-coming book! Have U read 'Touched By Magic', the Tommy Bolin story? I believe there should be a Movie about his life

Ross: I realise you are really busy right now Glenn but are you looking for any new projects and collaborations?

Glenn Hughes: Ross: no i have my hands full now

Glenn Hughes: JOEY - i read the 'touched by magic' book

Ross: Ha, I guess, can't wait to hear the new stuff

Libby: ...speaking of books... when will yours be available? can you tell us anything about it?

adam88: glenn now this is a funnier question, but i am not afraid to ask, have you, like some other of my favourite artists, had any cosmetic surgery?

Glenn Hughes: i have not had any cosmetic surgery but my wife is forcing me to put on face cream at night.

Ross: How amazing is it chatting directly with Mr Glenn Hughes by the way everyone!!

Libby: lol

tony g: it's the greatest

Libby: it looks like it's working glenn you look fantastic.

Dani California: yes Ross, it is very kind of Glenn to talk to all of us his fans

Glenn Hughes: no one should have their face done because then you look like someone who has had their face done

Ross: I've been doing that for years Glenn, takes years of you lol

adam88: isn't this great Ross, glenn your more open than i anticipated, i think sometimes, that others, are more reserved with their answers, probably due to reasons unknown, but i'm glad your open

purplemusic: Yes the book. any idea when it will be more available to the normal masses. I can't afford the more expensive ones, but really want to read your story.

Libby: what KIND of face cream glenn? seriously...

cbs: Gab B How are your fingers holding up? ...and Thank You!

Ross: Glenn, maybe this will be in your book, but what is your funniest gig memory?

Glenn Hughes: i can't remember the brand right now. something i got at a spa

Glenn Hughes: fingers are okay, but i'm starving

Webmaster: OK, folks - just 20 minutes left to go...

Dani California: Glenn, Pete askin you what is the groove like playing with Jason Bonham?

Glenn Hughes: funniest gig memory will be in the book

purplemusic: more peas and cornbread for Mr. Hughes please.

Libby: someone feed the man!

Glenn Hughes: the groove is bootylicious!

satch1e: Hi Glenn. thanks for all the great music over the years,saw you at B.B King's, and the next time u came to NYC i took my nephew with me and now he's got the Funk, he's hooked... it was great sharing that experience with him.

chrisloeb: Bootylicious - looking forward to that!

Galley: I'm off G, speak soon, C'mon me babbies x

Dani California: Pete askin', is it Jason playin like his dad on the new material?

adam88: now one more q and then i am happy, glenn if you had to choose between your music, all the past, present and future, or maintain your comfortable lifestyle, what would you pick.

Supergiovane88: hello everyone... hello glenn... i've read you played a old Fender P to record with Black Country... It's just a need for this disc or you return to play a Fender bass in live shows? your Yamaha is a bomb!

Glenn Hughes: with the new band i am playing a 51 p

Glenn Hughes: adam; i will take it all

adam88: i bet, haha

Webmaster: A question from KEVIN in ILLINOIS, USA...

I've always enjoyed your performance at the 'California Jam'. Other than the giant crowd, is there an onstage memory (maybe something not noticed by the television viewer) that you could share. Thank You.

purplemusic: as this winds down, i just wanna say thanks to Glenn for doing this w/ us. it has been cool to follow and fun to participate in. Thanks Glenn. hope to see you again soon. God bless. Bart

Glenn Hughes: KEVIN - i'd been up all night with tony iommi and ozzie and we were all pretty wired it was all sex drugs and rock n roll on that gig

cygnusx1: Can't wait to hear Black Country. Do you have a favourite Bonamassa song from his albums?

Glenn Hughes: it will be in the book

Ross: Well said. And thanks to the Webmaster (David?) for arranging this session - it's fantastic

adam88: i agree bart ive wait around 7 years to ask these questions, so its nice ive ended this chapter and can move on

Glenn Hughes: i like quarrymans lament off his new album

chrisloeb: Apart from JB's - what new (or reissued) music have you been listening to lately?

Dani California: yes, absolutely, as always a very big thanx to David and Shirean for everything they doin for all of us

Glenn Hughes: i only have time to listen to my new band's music

chrisloeb: I thought you'd answer that

Libby: I know that there will be a mad rush to say thank you and goodbye at the end, so let me say mine now. Thank YOU. It was wonderful to have this time w/you - I hope to say hello to you in Riverside. Be well and safe. Have fun with JB, JB, DS and KS

Glenn Hughes: yes thank you too D&S

Webmaster: 10 minutes remaining everyone...

Ross: Glenn, what is your favourite lyric (that you have written?)

cbs: Any good book reads lately?

Webmaster: Thanks and thank you

tony g: gotta go - glenn i saw u once for 3 songs hope to see again - i will always follow u no matter what u do - to me u are the greatest musician ever - thank u for everything - go black country !!!!!!!

Glenn Hughes: 'i don't want to live that way again'

Ross: Wow, I was just thinking about that song

purplemusic: Glenn, do you think that David Coverdale and Ronnie Dio will ever proform on stage again?

Glenn Hughes: no

adam88: why not whitesnake are recording a new album

Ross: The whole Addiction album is very powerful both lyrically and musically

purplemusic: That's too bad. i thought you would say that though. God bless them too.

cbs: Comment on the 'We Are The World' remake?

Glenn Hughes: it wasn't as good as the first

Enchy: Ok, since i'm one of the rare Europeans here (Croatia, U know ) there it comes from me too: this was great and thanks for the music, i can't wait to hear the BC All the best Glenn!

purplemusic: i never really liked the song, but the cause is good

purplemusic: one more chance before we go to ask if we will ever be able to hear the solo album that you had just finished?

chrisloeb: Glenn, I highly recommend you read Rick Wakeman's 'Grumpy Old Rock Star' and 'Further Adventures...' - stories and anecdotes from his 40+ years career! There are very funny bits next to very serious ones in these like we can expect from your book?

Webmaster: 5 minutes left - get those questions in while you can

Glenn Hughes: i never recorded it... all the songs are written...

Glenn Hughes: thank you chris

naoki: I listen to your music,voice and soul every day!! and I pray your health every day.I love you, GH!!!!!!!

cbs: Gab B deserves dinner at a place of her choosing. Thank you Gab B.

purplemusic: oh , i see. do you think you ever will record them ?

Glenn Hughes: thank you everyone. i am going to go eat. see you soon, glenn

kat: bye glenn and gabi

cbs: Chilean Sea Bass

KKpainter: thanks for your time Glenn, have a nice day

Ross: Thanks so much Glenn

Dani California: bye,bye Glenn

Ross: and David?

Webmaster: Yes, thanks Ross (I'm wearing the 'Webmaster' cap this afternoon)

cygnusx1: thakn' you for doing this, Glenn. Hope to see you in Trondheim with Black Country


purplemusic: thanks for your time Glenn

Webmaster: Thanks again Glenn (& Gabi) for joining us today...

Libby: Thank you Glenn and Gabi

Dani California: loads of love to you Gabi and the little ones, from me, Pete and little Gabi

satch1e: Bye and take care.

Dani California:

Supergiovane88: thanks bye

Glenn Hughes: l... yes.. it was my idea... joe loved it... g

purplemusic: thanks David for getting all of that 2gether for us.

Dani California: yep, thank you David and Shirean, and thank you Glenn for the time you've spent with us

Dani California:

Webmaster: Everyone - a full transcript of today's Fan CHAT will posted in the Fan Forum later today or first thing tomorrow, so if you think you missed something, not to worry, you'll have the chance to catch up then...

cbs: Thanks David and Shirean

chrisloeb: Thanks for everything, Glenn - hope to see you again soon! Best of health and best of ROCK for the new band! And a big Thank You to DnS too!

Shirean: Our pleasure!

Webmaster: Feel free to stick around for a few... before things are closed out...

Libby: Thank you David and Shirean. What a great time this was

paulxnicholson@btopenworld.com: thanks for the illuminating insights

Libby: This will all be available in the archives, yes?

Dani California: David, when the next chat is going to be? are we gonna have the monthly chat back again every month?

Webmaster: Libby - yes, a transcript will be made available either later today or first thing tomorrow, it'll be posted here in the Fan Forum.

Webmaster: No, Dani - for now, the Monthly Fan CHAT is no more, due to lack of participation. They'll be the occasional chat scheduled from time to time. But if there is demand for a monthly, we'll go back to that format, otherwise, just once in a while.

Webmaster: Well, folks, this is going to be closed out now. Thanks for attending and hope you enjoyed yourselves. Bye for now!
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