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Old Oct-15-2006, 5:02 PM
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Icon20 CHAT with GLENN transcript - October 15th, 2006

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Thread Tools/Show Printable Version from the Toolbar above.

CHAT with GLENN transcript - October 15th, 2006

Moderator (David): Hi everyone

markrowell: hi

englishrob: hi david, hows things?

Moderator (David): 10-15 minutes and GLENN will be here...

Moderator (David): hey rob - good, see u soon!

englishrob: yeah, think we'll do london and northampton

child_in_time: hello every1

Moderator (David): ahh, ok Rob

markrowell: hello

englishrob: hi child

Moderator (David): hi - 10-15 mins before GLENN will be here.

markrowell: im new here

Moderator (David): welcome

englishrob: welcome mark

child_in_time: im so excited i will just sit here and glaze at his nickname

markrowell: im a big fan of glenn

Moderator (David): if we get the same question(s) over and over, will be simply saying to everyone...."check the transcript later today"....

englishrob: well, you're in the right place mark lol

markrowell: thanks

Moderator (David): also if the room gets full quickly, will ask you to ask your question(s) and then bid farewell....so others have the same opportunity.....

child_in_time: ok, thats obvious

englishrob: sure, no probs

markrowell: ok

Moderator (David): well, have to state the obvious sometimes

child_in_time: yeah thats also clear

Moderator (David): ok, i'll be back in 5 mins....feel free to talk amongst yourselves

child_in_time: hey Harry

Harry le chat: Hi there !

child_in_time: where are you guys from?

englishrob: hi, i'm from london

markrowell: im from the USA

Harry le chat: France. Cagnes sur mer, French riviera

child_in_time: sure... i don't really speak french

markrowell: rob what is london like

englishrob: very busy

child_in_time: im from hungary

schreinermusic: hey, my friends...great to see ya all

markrowell: lol i bet

child_in_time: howya doin'

schreinermusic: doing great

Moderator (David): Welcome GLENN & Gabi.....

child_in_time: good evening !

schreinermusic: Hi Glenn, so great to meet you here!

englishrob: hi glenn, good to see you!

markrowell: good evening glenn

Glenn Hughes: Hi. It is Gabi. Glenn will be here in a minute. He's watching the last bit of a football match.

child_in_time: wow dudes we said almost the same sentences

Shirean: Hello everyone

Moderator (David): Hi Gabi - give us a call if you run into trouble with the CHAT....meantime, welcome

Glenn Hughes: Will do David. So far, so good!

Moderator (David): cool

child_in_time: well i guess we can understand that

englishrob: it's just this second finished Gabi

schreinermusic: Okay, take ur time, mate:-)

markrowell: hello

englishrob: hope you are well gabi

Glenn Hughes: Newcastle vs Bolton

Glenn Hughes: yes, i am well. thank you.

englishrob: good, will you be coming over for some of the dates?

schreinermusic: Hi Gabi, its me Achim, we met at Rock of Ages in Germany, hop u remember

Glenn Hughes: i will be at the dudley show and also london if all goes according to plan.

Glenn Hughes: yes achim, i remember!

englishrob: great, see you in london hopefully

schreinermusic: So great, at Dudley there will be a couple of people from GHPG, including me...

Glenn Hughes: yes, i just need to get a housesitter for the "kids"

englishrob: well, there's always chad lol

Moderator (David):

daniel: hello everyone

markrowell: hello

adam_hungary: hello!

child_in_time: hey adam

englishrob: hi daniel

Inmaculada: hi everybody!

Moderator (David): OK - everyone - get your questions at the ready!!

Glenn Hughes: okay, big daddy approaches so feel free to ask a question.

child_in_time: i guess i know You

adam_hungary: i think, yes

Glenn Hughes: david did you have any e mail questions you would like glenn to answer?

Moderator (David): Well I'll start then - which gear is Glenn to be using on the tour this time out?

markrowell: hey glenn are you going you going to work with Tony Ionmi again

Glenn Hughes: i have a new bass equipment which i am endorsing called mark bass. i will be using my fender jazz bass and my manne signature bass.

Glenn Hughes: and my digitech effects.

schreinermusic: Hi Glenn, so great to see ya, mate

Glenn Hughes: i dont' think i will be working with tony in the near future. i wish him, ronnie bill & geezer the best.

Harry le chat: hi big daddy ! Glad to see you there. Nathalie from France. Will the new line up affect the set list you intend to play ? Will be coming to see you in London. see you there and thanks for your time

Glenn Hughes: the new line up will not affect the set list. my new band is the funkiest ever.

child_in_time: Glenn, are you going to play a song from the "Burn" album on the 18th of November in Budapest? thx

Glenn Hughes: i would imagine Burn would be played.

markrowell: i hear a lot of Stevie Wonder in your voice are you a fan of the old motown sound?

child_in_time: thank you thats perfect

adam_hungary: Can we meet you before or after the concert in Hungary?

schreinermusic: Glenn, i always considered "You cant do it right?" from Stormbringer as such a great and funky tune...lots of ppl would love to hear this one live on stage, my friend!

adam_hungary: It's my dream...

Glenn Hughes: i am a fan on Motown. Stevie was my first influence & i became friends with him around the Stormbringer period.

markrowell: cool

Moderator (David): An email question from Iain Almond in the UK..."Is there any chance of selling the Pink Cloud Record, Cd`s and other merchandise ( DVD`s T shirts etc) through your web sites? I have been trying to get a copy of Freak Flag Flying for 18 months with no luck, as they were not printed up in time for the Soulmover tour in the UK and it is only available on Ebay at inflated prices 100+ pounds"

Inmaculada: hi Glenn, Inmaculada from Spain, first I want to thank you for the amazing concert you gave us in Madrid just a couple of weeks ago, and to ask you, well I know it's not very likely but you would add to your set list some song from your Blues album? I know, I love blues and I love that album

wolfysmith: Hello from Cannock!

Glenn Hughes: i have been thinking about playing "you can't do it right" at some point in the future. it is one of my favorites.

markrowell: how was it working with Quiet Riot on their new album?

Glenn Hughes: re pink cloud-i think at some point yes. we will work on that for 2007.

Glenn Hughes: i don't think i would add any songs from the Blues album. i generally try and only play songs from the last couple of albums.

Glenn Hughes: it was a lot of fun working with Kevin and Frankie. It is all about the love.

child_in_time: Glenn, is it possible to take a photo together quickly before or after the concert in budapest? IT'd be like a dream coming true

adam_hungary: Will you play on the tour "Mistreated" and "Might Youst Take Your Life"?

markrowell: when will you be coming back to the States?

Glenn Hughes: Meet n' Greet's will be determined by the venue, the security and what time i have to leave to get to the next gig. also, it affects my health. if i get a cold, i am in trouble!

Glenn Hughes: i like to meet everyone, but we have to wait and see.

child_in_time: thank you, i understand that... we'll see than!

Glenn Hughes: Mistreated will be played on this tour.

Harry le chat: Any chance to have a DVD made out of this European tour?

adam_hungary: Thank you! The best song...

Glenn Hughes: i will playin America when it is possible. Because of all my effort put into Europe i have sustained a great audience there.

Glenn Hughes: i would love to play America in 2007.

Moderator (David): Another email question from Mark Thomas in the UK......."As Jeff is on the tour - what's the chance of some Shape 68 songs being played? Also, how long will the new band line-up get to rehearse?"

Glenn Hughes: Great question. No Shape 68 will be played because the songs have not been released yet and i can't risk bootleggers.

Glenn Hughes: i have already rehearsed with Jeff and we will rehearse with the whole band the 25th and 26th in Leicester.

Glenn Hughes: the DVD will be of the Australian shows that were recorded in July this year.

Harry le chat: Is it "live in the basement"?

markrowell: what was it like to work with david coverdale in deep purple?

adam_hungary: What is the band's lineup now?

Grace: Hello fellow GH Crazy People, also hello to GHPG "trainee" Hughes...

wolfysmith: Any SITKOR songs that Jeff wrote gonna be played this tour Glenn

Glenn Hughes: live in the basement is correct. plus extra footage - it is a great acoustic performance. it has also given me the idea of doing acoustic shows in the next few years.

Harry le chat: Good idea. Thanks !

englishrob: Hi Glenn, good win for Wolves yesterday. What can you tell us about the new band line-up?

Glenn Hughes: Everyone probably knows by now that i joined DP before David and i had already had 4 or 5 yrs experience touring the world. david had none.

Glenn Hughes: and it was a joy to watch my friend grow and become the man he is today.

Glenn Hughes: Yes, SITKOR will be touched upon.

schreinermusic: any chance to see u on the next whitesnake album as a guest, Glenn? Would be awesome!

Glenn Hughes: hi rob. you got a good point yourself.

daniel: It would be cool to incorporate an acoustic segment on the upcoming tour... Maybe do I Found A Woman etc. I think it would be very cool.

Inmaculada: oh thats great! Im impatient for the next Spring then!

englishrob: yeah considering we were missing 2 central defenders!

Glenn Hughes: My new band is possibly the finest selection of musicians that i have worked with in my solo career. We all know about Jeff Kollman.

Glenn Hughes: a world class guitar player.

Glenn Hughes: Mark Mondesir is absolutely astonishing. He has played with my favorite guitar player and friend, Jeff Beck.

Glenn Hughes: Anders: if you Google him & have read about his playing, he is a monster. and has played with the amazing Peter Gabriel.

Glenn Hughes: For those people who talk about jazz vs rock where do you think Ian Paice came from? or: Kenny Aronoff, Keith Emerson, Neil Peart or Stewart Copeland?

Grace: OK, the topic is acoustic. add my name to the list..... acoustic GH "was a total surprise" at the Jersey bash in May, but totally great. Although GH sounds fantastic when backed up by an orchestra sound , too.

davy ogilvie: glenn, why are you not playing in Scotland on your tour? Mega fans north of the border

child_in_time: Glenn, did you get to know Carmine Appice during the recording of Time to take a stand? What do you think about him? thx!

wolfysmith: I met Mel Galley yesterday. He wants to know which Trapeze song your a gonna do

englishrob: Great! i'm looking forward to seeing you all onstage

markrowell: is there anyone want to you haven't had a chance to play with that you would like to

Glenn Hughes: I will play something acoustic on this tour, for sure. It will be a surprise.

schreinermusic: Simon Phillips came from Jazz too, one of the best drummers there is...

Glenn Hughes: To my Scottish bros & sis's. I will be coming to Scotland in the Spring. We couldn't get confirmed dates this time around.

Glenn Hughes: No Trapeze on this tour.

schreinermusic: Found your work on "Rose in Hell" just exceptional, Glenn, great work with Matteo!

davy ogilvie: nice one glenn

Glenn Hughes: I still want to play with Jeff Beck, Prince and Jimmy Page.

markrowell: good choices

Inmaculada: that would be awesome!

adam_hungary: Are you planning to play with David Coverdale or with the others from the Deep Purple 3th line-up?

Glenn Hughes: thank you for the compliment schreiner!

Glenn Hughes: adam-let's wait and see on that one.

Harry le chat: Any scheduled dates in France other than Paris ? Maybe on the French riviera ? Why not Monte carlo ?

Glenn Hughes: schreiner: EXACTLY to your comment about Simon Phillips. It is time to embrace all my musical influences.

markrowell: how is the hughes thrall album coming along?

davy ogilvie: any chance of another Voodoo Hill cd. They are epic recordings, your vocals are incredible.

rich: hi glenn, u kick of the tour in jb's, was that a deliberate choice to start at HOME

Glenn Hughes: France: the date dec 1st is unconfirmed at this time but the M4TD Part II in Spring i will get more dates in France.

daniel: Could you please give us the background story on you & JJ parting ways?

Glenn Hughes: daniel: Finally let's get to the meat and potato of it.

Glenn Hughes: First of all, i love JJ like my own son. He is an amazing guitar player.

Glenn Hughes: But i will not air any dirty laundry as in the 70's and 80' a lot of things were said about me that were hurtful, true or not.

Glenn Hughes: I pride myself on never talking or harming any human being. but, JJ could not tour with me this time.

Glenn Hughes: The tour is demanding both physically, emotionally and spiritually. Carl (my manager) & I did not feel JJ could sustain the rigorous schedule.

Glenn Hughes: I want a band who are completely and utterly in the best of heatlh, professional, responsible, punctual and respect the fact that i have been clean and sober for a long time.

Glenn Hughes: JJ has said himself that I am helping him and we have not seen the last of him with me. But i am asking all of you out of love to embrace this new lineup and tour.

Glenn Hughes: This is my new family.

Glenn Hughes: Every now and then i need new blood. i am a very loyal person but certain things which will remain private have signaled a new era.

Glenn Hughes: Remember: Peter Gabriel or Jeff Beck don't let the fans decide who plays with them. I will protect my band as they are my family so please don't take any potshots at them because you will be offending me.

child_in_time: Glenn, what do you think about Tribute bands? Do you think that they make the original ones more popular, or that they mean harm to them... What is your opinion?

mark3: Glenn, I respect the new line up as its your choice and they are fantastic players, should be a great tour

mark3: Hi Everyone, Glenn and GabbI thanks for your time today. How long will you get to prepare the new band befor the tour starts, do advance warn them of the songs you hope to play, by the way i just think the new line up will be amasing, how about a Shape 68 song?

Glenn Hughes: mark 3: answered that up top if y ou check.

schreinermusic: thanks for your comments about this, Glenn, we respect and appreciate ur words, mate. Of course, we were all shocked and sad to hear it tho

Glenn Hughes: thank you mark 3 for your comment it will be a great tour.

child_in_time: Glenn, i think your new album is great. But don't you think that FRAIL is a little similar to Sting's Shape of my heart?

Glenn Hughes: child in time: they don't mean harm . i think it really is a tribute. i think it is great there are a few Glenn Hughes tribute bands out there.

Glenn Hughes: child in time: frail is not even close to Sting's song.

child_in_time: ok thanks

wolfysmith: What do you think of the Planet Marsh CD?

Glenn Hughes: i think JJ's CD is good.

davy ogilvie: who is the best guitarist you have played with?

Conchita: hello glenn...speaking of Jimmy Page, I read in an old interview in an Italian magazine (some 6 years ago, during your work with Dario Mollo) and in it you said that you and Jimmy Page have an agreement that you'd never cover each other's songs....does it still stand?

adam_hungary: Will you play something from the Seventh Star or from Fused? What's You're Living For is the best song....

child_in_time: arent you planning to release an instructional bass dvd? i think we have a lot to learn from you.

Glenn Hughes: i have played with Blackmore, Bolin, Iommi, Thrall, Moore, Santana, Lukather, Frusicante, Navarro, May & Cantrell. so please people remember....that i can't pick just one.

wolfysmith: I saw Deepest Purple tribute band and "Glenn Hughes" wore his white suit circa 1974!

Glenn Hughes: wolfy-that is great.

markrowell: it would be hard too lol

Inmaculada: hard? impossible!

Harry le chat: Glenn, what is in your ipod at the moment ?

Glenn Hughes: Conchita: this was a conversation i had with Robert Plant.

Conchita: oh then they got the name wrong then...

Moderator (David): An email question from a few fans in America!! "With this new line-up - will it be easier to play the States now or are there simply no opportunites right now?"

Glenn Hughes: i don't think i will release an instructional DVD at this time. i may do some clinics in the future.

Glenn Hughes: set list is a surprise!

Glenn Hughes: i dont' have an ipod. my brain is an ipod.

Moderator (David):


rich: one of my favorite albums of yours glenn is blues authority am i right in thinking that u have never played any tracks from it live. if so why not?

wolfysmith: Is this new line up gonna record your next solo album? Or is it just for this tour only?

Glenn Hughes: the USA is difficult. I have been offered some package tours with 80's bands but it doesn't interest me. I would rather not play America than do it wrong.

ken: Hi Glenn and all Funk Lovers

Harry le chat: Ok then, what kind of music do you listen to at the moment?

Glenn Hughes: The "Blues" was my first sober record & it wasn't my favorite.

Glenn Hughes: wolfy i dont' know the answer to that yet but this band is highly capable of recording with GH.

daniel: The setlist on the Soul Mover tour was fairly short. Is the reason for this to preserve the voice, or do you plan on playing longer An evening with Glenn shows this time around? So much new stuff from the recent albums to play...

markrowell: have you ever been approached by an established band to be the vocaliist but you declined?

child_in_time: i think you did an amazing job with The boy can sing the blues...

Grace: Gee folks, please give GH a chance to back-pedal for all of these questions....meanwhile I'm hoping that Glenn still has that FAMOUS white satin suit from Cal Jam. It would be great while on this tour singing.....dare I say it? Nights in White Satin

ken: Glenn you might have answered this already?

Glenn Hughes: i am listening to the music that i am currently writing. i am writing for 5 or 6 different artists plus TV & Movies so i have no time to listen to music .

wolfysmith: Have you written anything new with Jeff?

Glenn Hughes: markrowell: i was approached by Earth Wind and Fire in '92 to do one show in Central Park in New York.

Glenn Hughes: yes, Jeff and i wrote some things recently.

Moderator (David): Is M4TD due for release in the USA this year or next? Any Bonus Tracks or same as Euro version?

markrowell: wow i didnt know that

Glenn Hughes: hi Grace. good to see you here.

Glenn Hughes: M4TD will be out in the USA in January.

Glenn Hughes: It will be on Demolition/Universal.

Moderator (David): iTunes too?

Glenn Hughes: I am planning on releasing all my solo albums on iTunes.

Moderator (David): Excellent

adam_hungary: Why did you quit from Black Sabbath? I have a recording and you was ****in' good.

Grace: Hello Mr. Hughes, do you still have that suit? Nice fashion statement

Harry le chat: Bye everybody. I have to go now. Glenn, thanks a lot for sharing some time with us. See you at Shepherds Bush. Cheers from France. Nathalie

markrowell: any plans on a box set?

Glenn Hughes: the box set is a good idea.

wolfysmith: Are you coming over early to see your folks and visit The Padma?

Glenn Hughes: I am now in negotiations to own all of my own work and at that time i could release a box set with bonus tracks.

markrowell: cool

Moderator (David): Great news Glenn.

Glenn Hughes: hi wolfy. the last couple of time i have been in the padma i get bothered so much i can't even eat.

child_in_time: we can hardly wait to get that future box set

Glenn Hughes: i will see my Mom and Dad though on the 26th. i am going to the game b4 JB's.

wolfysmith: My wife says come round for meal here instead!

Glenn Hughes: i am on a full tour diet but my wife likes a good toad in the hole.

markrowell: are there any female that you would want to duet with?

Moderator (David):


child_in_time: Glenn, do you agree in the following; This House if close to the style what we call these days "brit pop"? I think its a great song anyways... thanks

Glenn Hughes: there are a lot of great girl singers out there. too many to mention. i'd love to sing with my friend Bonnie Raitt.

Grace: I hope that before the game, YOU get to lead the audience in "God Save the Queen" as we do in the US with "The Star Spangled Banner"!

ken: what is your reasoning for the lack of promotion and support in getting your music out to the US marketplace?

wolfysmith: Saw Pete (Hackneys cousin) yesterday. He said months ago that the JB's date would be Wolves were at home

Glenn Hughes: "This House" - great question child_in_time. M4TD was written with complete honesty of how i felt in that moment in time. i wasn't concerned about labels such as rock, pop or metal. the songs on M4TD are very very in the moment and are all GH moods.

child_in_time: thanx

rich: is this a stupid question - whats m4td?

Glenn Hughes: m4td is Music for the divine-my new album

rich: soh thanx


Moderator (David): Yeah, we like our acronymns around here

Glenn Hughes: ken: It sucks doesn't it. There are artists that sell more records than me that do no business in America. America is a strange animal when it comes to touring. The 80's packages do pretty well, but the 80's to me was a horrible period and I dont' embrace it.

englishrob: Glenn, Walter sends his regards and said that he's looking forward to seeing you again, he may try to get to the London show. During your time in Purple, was there much material that never saw the light of day?

adam_hungary: What's the line-up of your "dream band"?

Glenn Hughes: I would like to get on an opening slot maybe with the Moody Blues again. Something where i can get to as many people as possible.

mark3: Glenn, what make of Bass will you be using this tour? have you ever tried Warwick Basses, I have a Thumb bass fantastic sound.

markrowell: how much of your lyrics is insired by real experiences


ken: It kills me everyday Glenn

Grace: Glenn.....I SERIOUSLY think that you should sell your CDs "Two for one". This way we could automatically have one copy for the house, and one copy for the car CD player. I have to keep lugging Music for the Divine back and fortth......what a drag! By the way, how are the car bumper stickers coming at the printers?

davy ogilvie: Glenn your far to good for being an opening act!

Grace: (Warning other drivers that we are singing along with you.)

Glenn Hughes: DP only wrote 8 or 9 songs per album so there is no hidden material anywhere. i am remixing Holy Man the day after the London show at Abbey Road, for the remaster of Stormbringer.

Glenn Hughes: adam, that is impossible to say.


wolfysmith: You played a Jazz bass on the recent shows. why not your own signature bass?

Glenn Hughes: my lyrics are inspired about 80% by real life.

ken: Can this new band change your music in another direction?

Glenn Hughes: mark 3 i answered the gear question i think b/4 you signed on.

Moderator (David): Check the transcript later today for those questions asked already - thanks.

gijoe2010: Hi Glenn! your new CD is just amazing!! Everytime I think you can't top your last record you do! Any plans to work with Dario Mollo soon?

rich: thanks glenn, gotta go cya at jb's on the 28th

Glenn Hughes: go for it Grace.

Moderator (David): Another email question....this time from Olivier Lucas in Germany...."with all your recent musical activities in Australia I was wondering if you have met or plan to meet, Mark Lizotte (aka Diesel)?"

Glenn Hughes: This new band was hired for me to embrace all my musical styles. The one thing that was lacking over the last 5 years was the ability for my band to play real funk. All my new guys are SERIOUS funksters.

wolfysmith: Are you remixing any other Stormbringer stuff?

child_in_time: Glenn, did your soccer team win the match?

Glenn Hughes: Remember, before Deep Purple I came from Trapeze who were the pioneers of funk rock in America and England. I am Captain Funk and will die being that guy.

ken: So Underneath your skin here it comes again!

Glenn Hughes: i have no plans with Dario at this time.

Glenn Hughes: wolfy i will be playing both. i play both depending on the vibe.

Grace: Glenn, I will forward all speeding tickets to you, especially while I'm singing while driving to "Monkey Man". (It's Glenn Hughes' fault, officer....he made me drive fast.) OK?

Glenn Hughes: Lucas: Diesel is Jimmy Barnes's bro in law. i have not met him yet. maybe next time i am there.

Glenn Hughes: yesterday my team won. thank god.

gijoe2010: Will there be a Insence and Peaches 2? Also will you be selling the live Freak Flag Flyin' CD on your web site?

schreinermusic: Your special guest Jimmy Barnes in Australia was just exceptional, what a singer...

Glenn Hughes: i don't have the time to remix more than one song because of the tour. i want to oversee the whole project.

davy ogilvie: Do you still miss the incredible Tommy Bolin, who was a genius and how do you remember him?

markrowell: i love Chad Smith's drumming on M4TD how did you get him to record with you?

Glenn Hughes: gijoe: I think that i will sell things on my site in 2007. No plans for I&PII.

Glenn Hughes: Of course i miss Tommy. He was a very very sweet innocent child of God.

child_in_time: Glenn, are you going to release more concert DVD-s? I know you told us about 1 which that'll be released in the future... But i think you should release much more since you are so so great live!

ken: Will any Shape 68 songs be redone?

Moderator (David): Check the transcript later today for answers to repeated questions - thanks

Glenn Hughes: ken: see above. can't type the answer again my friend.

Glenn Hughes: I am not against doing Shape 68 but bootleggers make it impossible.

Glenn Hughes: markrowell: i couldn't stop Chad if i tried. Would you stop a 6 foot 4 inch raging Detroit animal like that?

markrowell: lol

Glenn Hughes: child in time: right now the only DVD coming out is the one from Australia.

child_in_time: hardly wait to hearing it, thanx

davy ogilvie: Do you have a fave Glenn Hughes song?

markrowell: who is you favorite producer

Glenn Hughes: My favorite GH song is to be written.

Glenn Hughes: Favorite producer: Smith n' Hughes

daniel: Do you think you will still be making new albums and touring behind them in your late 60s?

Glenn Hughes: daniel: absolutley. but in what genre of music i dont' know. possibly more intimate.

Grace: ......as they say on "Family Feud"....good answer, Glenn............always look forward to what's around the corner

schreinermusic: dont you agree, Glenn, that there is still one rock album left in Ritchie, which needs to come out? He is still brilliant tho...

Ad: hi Glenn!, saw you at Bospop this year, great show. What did you think of being on a non-hard rock festival?

markrowell: amen

Glenn Hughes: i think i would like to hear Ritchie play rock again.

Keith T: me too

Glenn Hughes: Ad, it was great. Sometimes i feel uncomfortable when i play on a Metal festival. because one thing i am not is Metal.

mark3: Glenn, gotta go now so all the very best for the tour. I am so looking forward to seeing the new band at Sheps Bush, hope to see some of you there, Cheers.

child_in_time: Glenn, am i right that u worked with Geezer Butler back in the Sabbath days? What do you think about him as a bass player? Do you think he really uses that 4 finger thing on an extremely high level?

Glenn Hughes: Please people everywhere - GHPG.net and glennhughes.com are the homes of Glenn Hughes.

Glenn Hughes: If you post anything negative about my songs it is rude and disrespectful. I would prefer you vent your abuse somewhere else. And also, remember, this is a new era for me as a recording artist and band leader.

Ad: thx glenn, another one for you: did you see some of the pictures of your youth being posted here. Did they bring back memories???

markrowell: any plans on writing an autobiography?

wolfysmith: yeah, did you see the old school footy team pic i posted?

Glenn Hughes: child in time: when i was best friends with Ronnie in 1980 i hung out with Sabbath a lot. i became good friends with Geezer and yes we did jam a bit. he has a very unorthdox way of playing the bass.

Glenn Hughes: He has the wackiest right hand in the business. A complete one off and so is Terence Michael Joseph Butler.

Moderator (David): ...and like me, he supports the best football team in the land

wolfysmith: have you heard the rumours about Dio touring next year with Iommi, Butler & Ward as "Heaven and Hell"

Grace: Glenn, if you weren't being hit with a gazillion questions already, I would ask you about the ending to The Innocence I still can't figure out HOW you did it, we all know that you didn't break anyplace to breathe, so it's totally impossible for a human being to do....and survive. And you'll be happy to know, that during a recent re-viewing of that "Golden One" short clip video, YOU STILL HAVEN'T FALLEN OVER BACKWARDS!

Glenn Hughes: I saw the pix of my youth. It was very nostalgic for me to see a 15 yr old boy sing at the microphone with a guitar that my parents bought me. I am blessed.

Glenn Hughes: markr: have you been reading my mind?

Glenn Hughes: yes i saw that one wolfy.

wolfysmith: I got those pics from a very good source!

captmidnite1962: That Epiphone..I remember you saying in a previous CHAT that it was your first guitar

markrowell: yeah i have esp

Glenn Hughes: I played right back for my school team and Cannock Town Boys.

wolfysmith: I was told you were a good player too.

ken: Do you read your MySpace page.?

Glenn Hughes: Grace: i was very disappointed that "The Innocence" was not included on the album Fused. The record company thought this should be on my solo album because it was such a GH moment.

Glenn Hughes: stupid huh?

Ad: another one for you glenn: what do you do between tour dates??? stay in hotels, visit cities, friends????

Glenn Hughes: Yes, I read all of my MySpace page. I am involved with that through David Harrison. I answer people.

captmidnite1962: Your page is cool Glenn..I have one also and I know how much work they take.....Way cool!

gijoe2010: Are there any new bands you like?

Conchita: How do you feel about the youngsters that are just discovering your music and come to your concerts?

Glenn Hughes: Ad: I am usually in transit. no free time. if you look at my schedule i barely have time to listen to any Wolves games.

markrowell: when will you get back in the studio?

davy ogilvie: have a recording of you singing Ozzy's Over the mountain. Is it on a cd anywhere?

child_in_time: Glenn, do you have an opinion about the New Guns n Roses? Anything? thanx

Glenn Hughes: New bands - i can't answer that at the moment. but if so they are probably all from the UK.

Glenn Hughes: the brits completely rule.

ken: "This is How i Feel" is a great vacation song. especially at the beach.

Grace: Thanks for the comment about the Innocence, Glenn. I like to call it: "How to create a new Glenn Hughes Crazy Person in 50 seconds or less!"

Glenn Hughes: ken: thank you. i agree.

Keith T: A biography or autobiograpy would be an incredible read. I'd love to hear more of those moments from the past. Happy ones, funny ones and of course the not so happy ones. It's a great journey Glenn.

Glenn Hughes: Conchita: I get a kick when i look out into the crowd and i see teenagers singing my songs.

Glenn Hughes: All over the world it is becoming more apparent to me that my audience is getting younger. And it blows my mind.

schreinermusic: good music is always timeless, mate...

Inmaculada: well good music is timeless!

Inmaculada: loooool

Glenn Hughes: i have no opinion about the new GNR. but i love Slash, Duff and Matt.

wolfysmith: My 16 year old niece loves your stuff but JB's is over 18's only

Ad: Glenn at the beginning of the nineties you made an album with Ronin George. Majestic Rock was supposed to release that a few yrs ago??? Is it still on some record labels shelve somewhere??? how would you feel about it being released as you progressed so much???

daniel: There were plans to record the next album at Chad's house too. Is that still on the cards?

Grace: today's kids aren't stupid, they know junk when they hear it, and they also know the good stuff

ken: Have you heard Porcupine Tree?

Glenn Hughes: Ad: No. it is not coming out. it is the year b4 i got sober. i was being pushed in a direction that was uncomfortable for me. it wasn't a direction i wanted to be in. the songs are a bit light for me. i wish Robin well.

markrowell: i love the albums with Joe Lynn Turner any plans to record with him again

Glenn Hughes: ken: oh, yes i was at Darwin Foye's house last year and he played me something. Another Brit band, right?

ken: Yes BRITS

Keith T: saw Robin G and Pete Way with Waysted. Pete passes on his very best Glenn.

Glenn Hughes: Please everybody - I have the utmost respect for Joe. HTP for me was a 2 album set. I said all I needed to say on those 2 records. I could not tour with HTP and solo as well. My solo work will always be my first love.

adam_hungary: When you were in Budapest, Hungary, did you have time to take a look around in the city?

Glenn Hughes: Keith say Hi to Pete for me. so what is up with the press this week? let me know in the AM.

Ad: ohhh Glenn, i love Brit bands you should really check out RYAN (not Bryan) Adams, i saw him on Oct. 5th in Brussels with his band the Cardinals (ft. Neal Casal) he's a real good songsmith and good performer

Keith T: Will do Glenn

davy ogilvie: You seem to be working all the time with your solo stuff and different artists, are you making up for lost time?

Glenn Hughes: Yes. I think everybody that has a life changing experience that i have had does that. Just remember this everybody, between '76 and '93 i was only on stage 20 times. it was a crime because i was crippled by drug addiction.

Glenn Hughes: I am with out a doubt the most grateful blessed and humble man around.

wolfysmith: Ad, I love Neal Casal. Hazy Malaze would be a great funky support band for Glenn.

Ad: amen to thet bro wolfysmith!!!!

Glenn Hughes: i don't know who that is wolfy. He must be American. hahaha

ken: How about a show in Vegas with the new band. We can all fly in for a Glenn Hughes Funkfest.

Glenn Hughes: that would be fun.

wolfysmith: Glenn, get the first Hazy Malaze CD. You'll love the bass line on "Its a good thing"

schreinermusic: if i may ask a personal question, did u ever listen to some music posted on GHPG.net by musicians under the ghpg fans? just curious, mate....

Glenn Hughes: yes i listen to posted music. i listen or look at all the posted stuff.

child_in_time: Gotta go, looking forward to hearing your concert in Budapest. Good bye everyone, thanks for your time Glenn.

Ad: Glenn, what did you think of your recent Australian experience. Judging from the interviews and concerts you gave you were welcomed with open arms..did people still know you from your purple days or was it the new material????

Glenn Hughes: thank you.

ken: How did you meet up with Mark Mondesir?

Glenn Hughes: My friend, Louise King, editor of Rhythm Magazine, turned me onto him. he played with Jeff Beck and that was enough for me. we have a lot of the same influences: Stevie Wonder and Todd Rundgren.

Grace: Glenn, during your up-coming tour of Europe, I hope that you'll post a picture of you with your Mom and Dad, we fans would love to see the 2 people who started it all.........

Grace: .............and named you after Glenn Miller

Keith T: nice idea Grace

Glenn Hughes: I was completely blown away with Australia with the reception i got and the generosity i got and the people of Australia.

Glenn Hughes: I see Australia as being my next Europe. I wish America would embrace me like Australia did.

ken: We will Embrace!!!

Glenn Hughes: Yes, I was named after Glenn Miller.

markrowell: gtg glenn thanks for answering my questions keep making great music bye

Moderator (David): Another email question....this time from Roger in the USA...."how do you keep your focus on the love and energy from the crowd and off any outside stimuli; for example, sound problems that might crop up? Or are you more in a space inside your own mind and not connected so much with anything except the next note?"

Ad: Glenn, there must be room for a voice like yours in America, don't record producers have ears in that they recognize hit potential in that voice???

ken: Cool, cant wait to hear what's coming with Mark/Jeff

Glenn Hughes: roger: It is an art form that i am only now getting to master. the audience is unaware of technical problems and i don't want them to suffer for it. but i do get lost in my music. i sometimes go into a trance.you have probalby witnessed it.

adam_hungary: How long will you stay in Budapest?

daniel: You mentioned that this band is really funky, will this mean more funk on this upcoming tour than what we've had before?

Glenn Hughes: I don't have my schedule with me but i am usually only in a city for 24 hours.

Glenn Hughes: As i say, the songs will be songs that i have chosen for this particular tour. But the musicians are funkier.

Glenn Hughes: Please let me explain to you: If you do not understand funk as a musician you can not play it. As my friend Joe Elliot says, he couldn't sing the blues at gunpoint.

wolfysmith: Glenn, Mel says he and "Netty" will be at JB's. He is looking really fit and well by the way.

ken: Glenn you must sing a movie soundtrack like the new Bond film. That will get everyones attention.

Glenn Hughes: i look forward to seeing Mel.

adam_hungary: Have I a chance for a photo, when I waiting for you at the exit after the concert? (I think, you know, that you have on A38 only 1 exit)

Glenn Hughes: ken, that is my goal.

Grace: You know what I love about your music? (Well, one of the things, anyway.) I love it when you sing lead, then go back and sing harmony with yourself, and finally you go back AGAIN, and sing the back-up parts. I picture the famous "Hughes Quintuplets" all in the recording studio at once

daniel: Thanks for taking the time out to chat... Look forward to the tour.

Glenn Hughes: thanks Grace.

Glenn Hughes: thanks daniel.

Kat: howdy all, just made it in

davy ogilvie: How do you rate your Play Me Out album against your recent releases? Always thought it was an album before its time.

Grace: You're most certainly welcome.

wolfysmith: Have you seen watched any stuff on YouTube? There is some Shape 68 stuff on it you know

Glenn Hughes: Play Me Out was an album that had to be made.

Glenn Hughes: It is an album that is extremely personal and a complete turn around from DP.

Glenn Hughes: Play Me Out stands alone. It was recorded and written at a time when i was very vulnerable.

Glenn Hughes: yes, i go to YouTube.

schreinermusic: Glenn, have u listened to Whitesnake's version of "Burn/Stormbringer"? It can be seen on "YouTube" as well...

Glenn Hughes: i have not seen the Whitesnake version. David told me he started singing those songs. He told me he didn't enjoy singing Mistreated.

schreinermusic: i see

Glenn Hughes: People, that is probably another reason i sing Mistreated.

Moderator (David): it's been touched on before earlier....but here's an email question from Susan from the USA...."I understand that you couldn't really tour the US without record label support; however, would you consider doing just a few venues Stateside, like 2 or 3 major market cities with great airport access - maybe each coast and one in the middle (like Texas)?!"

englishrob: I hear that Sam Brown did Burn with Paicey and Lord at a charity gig recently...would have liked to have heard that

Glenn Hughes: If somebody wants to meet my quote, I will play in their city.

Moderator (David):

Ad: Hi Glenn, did you and David Coverdale made an agreement only to sing together on DP MK III albums and not on each others solo albums...

Glenn Hughes: David & I are really good friends - we made no such agreement. most of our conversation is about life and e-mailing each other jokes.

Keith T: Mistreated live is an incredibly emotional experience Glenn. I know you don't want to give the set list away but is there 50% possibility we will hear White Shade too?

Glenn Hughes: I have been talking to Lordy recently. we may work together next yr.

Keith T: Whiter Shade of Pale sorry

Glenn Hughes: you may get your wish.

Pedro S.: Hi...Glenn on stage what do you prefer...earpiece or normal monitor speakers?

ken: Glenn, would you like to do a song or two with Al Green? I hear some of Al in your singing

wolfysmith: What do you think of Mark King from Level 42? have you seen the clip i stuck in the "Favourite Videos" section, David/Shirean started?

Ad: glenn, you mean JON Lord????

Glenn Hughes: Is the pope catholic! I would sing with Al Green if the chance came up.

ken: The Pope is catholic lets hear it.

Glenn Hughes: wolfy i will check it out. was this the 80's?

Glenn Hughes: Ad, yes.

Ad: ...your voice would really fit in Lords recent solo work

Glenn Hughes: That is what Jon says.

Ad: good news!!!!, you got that David!!!!!

Moderator (David): Yep

schreinermusic: Glenn, have to tell you that your performance with David in 2000 at the NAMM fest doing BURN was one of the most touching moments in my life, I was nearly shed in tears, to be honest...thank you for that so much

Glenn Hughes: thank you for the compliment.

Moderator (David): 30 minutes left everyone....

Julie: Hi Glenn - I've got tickets for all 3 UK dates but had so hoped for 5 dates (or more) - any chance of more dates being added?

davy ogilvie: Will you do any Iommi/Hughes work in the future? If you get time !!!

Glenn Hughes: Julie, answered above. thank you.

Moderator (David): A transcript will be made available later today...in case you've asked a question already answered...

Glenn Hughes: it is not on the cards for Iommi/Hughes at the moment. i think that Dio and Iommi is a great partnership and we are all really busy.

schreinermusic: would love to hear "This Time Around" again live on stage...what a song..

Glenn Hughes: thanks maybe someday.

Ad: Glenn , after Play me out and before Hughes-Thrall, did you try to make a second solo album, or hook up with Ray Gomez ??? were you writing ?????

Glenn Hughes: no i was loaded.

schreinermusic: Glenn, do you prefer earpiece or stage monitors on stage?

ArthurShapoval: Hi Glenn, I have a question that relates to the audio quality of addiction. The album was released as a HDCD and I think that fact made the sound quality superior to a regular CD in every possible way. My question is why the albums since addiction haven't been released in that superior format?

Glenn Hughes: I would be in hell without my inear monitors. It is impossible with the range i have on my voice to sing without them.

wolfysmith: Glenn, the Mark King solo i posted looks more recent. no date is given on Youtube. the bit from 3:45 onwards in amazing!

Grace: As I posted on the web sites a while back, I think that "Fused" totally tied up the loose ends that we all know were bothering you since 1986. You really came through. I really thought that a Fused tour would happen. Too bad that Tony didn't agree with me. But that album is unbelievable. Yep, the multi-faceted Mr. Hughes.

Glenn Hughes: I know nothing about the technical part of how CD's are released. I hand them to the record company & it is out of my hands.

englishrob: Glenn, a personal question and please don't feel obligated to answer it. In your dark days what was it that made you feel as though you had reached rock bottom and what gave you the strength to pull yourself through your personal hell? You have been on an amazing journey and feel that it could be an inspiration to others.

Steve: Would you give insight as to how you write songs...Do you have lyrics written first and then jam with people or do you jam first and then figure out lyrics....also do you play much guitar when your writing?

Glenn Hughes: Something happened bad on Dec 26 1991 that caused me to enter the hospital. 22 days later i was at the Betty Ford Center. A life changing experience, a divine intervention from my higher power.

ken: Glenn, One thing for sure, we know its always coming from the Soul. Just the way we like it.

davy ogilvie: The Voodoo Hill cds are totally amazing and The Golden One is an epic song. Is it a fave of yours?

Glenn Hughes: I write every day. in my studio there are numerous guitars and i do play guitar first. in the living room there is a '56 Martin and in the bedroom a Gibson dove. in each room there is a dictaphone and i record my ideas immediately.

wolfysmith: I love the "I dont want to live that way again" lyrics. sums it all up in one song Glenn.

Glenn Hughes: I write 365 days a year. Lyrics normally come 2nd.

Kat: Is it difficult to read a bad review after you pour your heart and soul into a recording? or do you not read bad ones (David says hi)?

Steve: So the music you write inspires the lyrics?

Ad: considering you got sober in 1992 you really started working immediately. where did you start first?????

Glenn Hughes: My songs are my children. I love the process of writing from the moment i think of the idea to the mastering that goes in at the end. It is very personal to me.

schreinermusic: do you still play some keyboards at home every now and then?

englishrob: You should feel very proud with yourself and we're happy to have still around

Inmaculada: Glenn this is a personal question and I would like to know your opinion about it, now you have talked about sould and higher power, do you think you have to be a believer to be spiritual or that has nothing to do with believe in a higher power or not?

Pedro S.: when would be the cut off point when writing a song and thinking thats it no more...there's always a temptation to keep adding stuff to it.

Glenn Hughes: "Golden One" was written about my lovely wife. i wrote this song to her when we first started dating. when i sent her a rough mix from Italy to her office she called me to tell me she loved that part - that i do well.

Glenn Hughes: Hi Kat, i read them and i don't like it. gabi will tell you.

Glenn Hughes: I play more piano now. i like the acoustic instruments the best.

wolfysmith: Any idea if the drum clinic in Norwich with Chad (and me ) is gonna come out on DVD?

Glenn Hughes: The music i write inspires the lyrics, that is true. i have a wide vocabulary of chords. i like to be challenged. and to take risks.

ken: Is the Hughes Thrall thing done?

Glenn Hughes: i write 100% of my lyrics. 100% of melodies and 80% of all music that i release.

Glenn Hughes: wolfy: no DVD.

ArthurShapoval: What's the story about Steve Vai's appearance on HTP2?

Glenn Hughes: pedro: i have unfinished material that may fit into another piece that i write next year.

Moderator (David): Another email question - this time from a fan in Portugal...."when do you think you will be playing in Portugal again?"

Ad: Glenn, it really was an honour & pleasure to be talking to you. Might see you on tour in Zaandam take care

Glenn Hughes: ken: why don't you all contact Pat Thrall on the release date of Hughes/Thrall II? i have been trying to complete this for the last 5 yrs. it is now in his hands. i am getting a little tired of explaining and making excuses when i have 100% when i have been trying to complete this.

schreinermusic: i always found "The Way It Is" is one of the best composed albums i've heard...would love to hear a song from tht live on stage one day

Glenn Hughes: I met Steve Vai 20 yrs ago he is a very nice man. i wanted to have a guest artist on losing my head and i thought he was the appropriate guitar player for it. i owe him one.

schreinermusic: ok

Moderator (David): 15 minutes everyone...

Glenn Hughes: the way it is : if you all remember when it came out i said this is my finest work to date. people are still talking about that record. i think it is a truly brilliant record but everyone has their own favorite GH album .

Glenn Hughes: I hope i play in Portugal again. I am going to Spain in the Spring and i would like to incorporate that as well.

jhackney: Hi G, hope U R well!

Glenn Hughes: I am great thank you.

davy ogilvie: Glenn why do you do so many recordings with so many other artists, Iommi.Turner, Voodoo Hill etc ?

jhackney: Still OK for Wolves?

wolfysmith: any idea when a new studio release is likely to appear. or wont you be recording till next Spring?

Glenn Hughes: John i am still on for Wolves.

Glenn Hughes: can you email me details please?

jhackney: Sure, no problem

jhackney: See u in a couple of weeks. God bless

Glenn Hughes: thank you john. i will be at my mom's on the 26th

adam_hungary: Will you make HTP again?

Moderator (David): A transcript will be made available later today...in case you've asked a question that has been already answered...

Glenn Hughes: adam: see asnwers above.

Glenn Hughes: I do other recordings because it keeps me in shape.

Glenn Hughes: Although i am backing off a bit now as i am very busy writing for others and producing.

Glenn Hughes: I will be recording at the end of 2007. so release won't be til 2008.

ken: Glenn, America is calling. take care brother.

Moderator (David): Final questions everyone.....now is the time to ask them....

Glenn Hughes: any more questions?

ArthurShapoval: Will the Archive series continue?

davy ogilvie: Time to go Glenn, but just like to wish you all the best and don't forget Scotland in the Spring! We will give you a mega gig! God bless.

wolfysmith: That will be strange! A year with no GH release!

Kat: I may have missed it, who are you producing?

Grace: are you kidding? We got a million of 'em.

Glenn Hughes: I have been approached by a few people to produce - nothing confirmed yet.

englishrob: Glenn, got to go now, see you in a couple of weeks....and maybe for another curry? All the best...love to Gabi

wolfysmith: YES! do you want me to give you some Neal Casal/Hazy Malaze stuff at JB's?

Kat: should be cool to hear that side of it

Glenn Hughes: wolfy, that is sweet of you and only if it is NO PROBLEM.

wolfysmith: No problem for another Cannock boy!

Steve: Can't thank you enough for all the great recordings...your music is truly insipiring!

schreinermusic: thanks glenn for talking to us again, you are still great and we love you...keep it up

Moderator (David): Any news on the Videos that you worked on here and Bulgaria?

Glenn Hughes: The videos are being edited as we speak. "THIS HOUSE" will come out in January perhaps on the USA release.

Moderator (David): cool

Glenn Hughes: Jimmy Barnes is on the "Monkey Man" version CD and video for Australia due next year.

Inmaculada: yes Glenn! thanks so much for taking the time to talk with us! and thanks thanks so much for the incredible concert in Madrid, I still get goose pimples when I remember it!!! lol for the next concert I'll bring more tissue packs!!

Glenn Hughes: Thank you.

Julie: This 'chat' is a great idea - really good to read the questions and your answers - thanks so much for making so many people so happy

Glenn Hughes: Thank you Julie. are you the gal i met in Bradford? or Stuttgart down the front?

Grace: Ok, we're running out of time here.....so let me fit this in before time is up: The next time that you talk to your 'ole pal, the OTHER "Purple Boy", please let him know that there's an ax murderer hoping that you two will find yourselves in a recording studio someday soon....the two composes of....you guessed it "You Keep On Moving". (I'll still keep drinking my morning coffee from my GH/DC coffe mug. [tea beaker]) And hoping for the best! PS........I'd also like to mail a manila envelope to your Post Office box address.

Julie: yeah - that's me

schreinermusic: im 36 now and making music for 23 years now, when i heard you doing BURN in the age of 5, i was infected by your music, mate...just to let you know this.

Glenn Hughes: Julie: Which city? Bradford?

Grace: Not to worry, Glenn, it's NOT a lovely photo of me.

Glenn Hughes: Julie: you were at Both cities right?

Pedro S.: Glenn are you gonna try and watch Wolves play when you're over here?

Glenn Hughes: Did i meet you in the hotel in Bradford?

Julie: I'm from London - but travel as much as I can to get to your gigs

Glenn Hughes: i always go to the wolves games when i am there.

Kat: glenn, did you get the photo of you and Gabi I mailed out a while ago?

wolfysmith: Lets hope your room isnt double booked in Northampton this time Glenn!

Glenn Hughes: thanks for the love Julie i will see you in Dudley.

Glenn Hughes: Kat: the Florida one? yes. it is in the living room.

Kat: cool, I saw the frame and it made me think of Gabi, so I had to send it

Moderator (David): Last second questions everyone - you snooze, you lose

Grace: Hey, everybody....we forgot to thank THE TYPIST:

Moderator (David): Hurry everyone - 2 minutes left....

Julie: Yes, Ive stayed in the same hotel in Bradford for the last couple of tours- wonder if you got a "thank you" card from me that I handed to someone at the drum clinic in Norwich?

roccia: Hello Glenn!!

Glenn Hughes: Hi everyone, I want to thank you all for those who are "live" right now. And the people who will read the transcript. I am about to embark on a tour which will be going into Summer 2007. Please let's embrace this time as a time of positivity and let's all keep it funky. And remember, I get inspired by the love of my audience.

Grace: THANKS, GABI for putting up with all of us, we really appreciate it. And take good care of yourself and the 2 "chocolate" pooches!

chutsler: Glenn, I'm really late for the chat....any idea when your show at "The Basement" will be broadcast on Australian TV?

Glenn Hughes: No problem. The typist needs a cheese sandwich though.


Keith T: yes seconded Gabi. Put the kettle on now

Pedro S.: Thanks Glenn, Gabi and David...great chat

Glenn Hughes: It should air b4 xmas if all goes to plan.

Glenn Hughes: Glenn has new shoes.

wolfysmith: I'll be in Dudley and Northampton

schreinermusic: me too!

Glenn Hughes: see you there wolfy

Glenn Hughes: schreiner thanks for making the journey.

wolfysmith: You ARE the music - we're just the Fans!

Pedro S.: the 3 musketteers

chutsler: Hope you can make to the USA sometime (tic).....

schreinermusic: my pleasure, my good friend

wolfysmith: Schreiner is staying with me glenn

Glenn Hughes: To all my fans in the USA, my dream is to see you in 2007.

roccia: See you soon in Italy

Pedro S.: and me

Kat: we always hope

Glenn Hughes: roccia - see you in Italy.

chutsler: Glenn, I haven't seen you since '72....hope '07 happens!!!

Moderator (David): Well everyone, time has come to end unforutnately. Thank you GLENN & GABI for taking the time once again to answer all our questions. Look forward to seeing you both during the UK leg of the upcoming tour.

Glenn Hughes: Bye thank you. See you on the road!

Glenn Hughes: Glenn

wolfysmith: I want to thank David too for hosting this chat. See you soon David

Moderator (David): Thanks everyone for joining in this afternoon - the next regular scheduled Monthly CHAT will be on Sunday, November 19th at the usual time. See you all then.

Keith T: thanks David

Inmaculada: thanks David and thanks again to Glenn and Gabi!!! you rock

Grace: gonna go play MORE GH music, now.

Moderator (David): Shirean and I's pleasure everyone

chutsler: cheers, Glenn and Gabi

Grace: thanks to all Harrisons, we appreciate it

Moderator (David): Don't forget USA and Internet fans - Glenn is featured on a radio broadcast tonight (Oct.15th) at 7:30PM PST (10:30PM EST) - details are in the "Media Centre" on the Fan Forum....you can listen in via their stream - http://www.appalshop.org/wmmt/

wolfysmith: I meant to ask, has Glenn got broadband yet? he didnt last time he was on.

Moderator (David): Yes, wolfysmith and a brand new 20" iMac to play on as well

tony g: dammit i messed up the time

schreinermusic: loool

Moderator (David): You just missed him tony g - but think I had your question answered...

tony g: that just ruined my whole week

tony g: ok i'll see what you put on later David

schreinermusic: thanks David for the great chat

schreinermusic: catch ya soon, mate

Grace: PS......I was counting. We hit Glenn with 37,481 questions, the man is BRAVE

Inmaculada: bye bye and thank you! see you in the next chat!

Moderator (David): A transcript will be made available of today's CHAT later on this evening.....

roccia: Bye Bye and good night from Italy ciao

Moderator (David): Thanks for stopping by.....talk to you next month and perhaps see some of you on tour

Moderator (David): Bye for now...
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he is right

i messed up the time (even though shirean and david repeatedly put the time on) but as much as i want to see glenn i think he is right not to take one of the 80s packages he talked about -also my brothers mother inlaw loved the moody blues and talked about seeing them in the early 70s and about how good this kick ass singer from the opening band was -now i know it was glenn
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Hey Tony....I did the same thing.....didn't notice the different start time, I missed the whole thing
At least you got in at the very last second

As always, Glenn supplied us with lots of great info and answers to a lot of questions. Thanks Glenn and Gabi

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Great chat. Thanks for the transcript. However, I don't understand why Glenn said :-

Glenn Hughes: Please people everywhere - GHPG.net and glennhughes.com are the homes of Glenn Hughes.

Glenn Hughes: If you post anything negative about my songs it is rude and disrespectful. I would prefer you vent your abuse somewhere else. And also, remember, this is a new era for me as a recording artist and band leader.

I didn't see any negative comments before that?

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Old Oct-17-2006, 1:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Weissheim View Post
I didn't see any negative comments before that?

It wasn't so much here, but elsewhere.
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Old Oct-17-2006, 1:47 PM
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Aarrgh Missed it again

I should put this on my calender.

Anyway, while I was reading the transcript it was like actually being part of the chat only I didnt got a lot to say haha

Like Chip says Glenn answered a lot of questions and he was very open. Thanks you for that Glenn.

Again.. a great read and thank you David for making this possible.

Can't wait for the tour!
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Old Oct-18-2006, 12:08 AM
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Originally Posted by David View Post
It wasn't so much here, but elsewhere.

What other sites are there for all things Glenn!
We all know this is where his real fans hang out

I'm sure there'll be plenty of people at each each show thanking you (and Shirean of course) for all your hard work David.

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Old Oct-18-2006, 4:48 AM
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First off I absolutely love the last several GH records and play them constantly. My reviews have been very positive and I promote Glenn wherever I go. That said I'm a little surprised at what he said in the chat.

He doesn't want to read anything negative about his music??? What excatly does this mean? Does he want people to sugar coat things and tell him what he wants to hear? I recall some not liking M4TD and David saying that Glenn welcomes criticisim and wants reviews good or bad. That is clearly not what he said Sunday.

Look, I'm not by any means looking to get something negative going here. But there are concerns and it seems like we are to sweep them under the rug. The past couple of years Glenn has come across as secure and as strong as ever in every way. Hell, he's been an inspiration to me and for that I thank him. But now I see a different vibe creeping in here. A whole new band at a time when he was at the "best" point yet? I don't know what is up with JJ but surely we can all read between the lines. Glenn is not happy with him. When asked what he thought of JJ's album, he said I think it's good. Glenn can't heap enough praise on others even when it doesn't seem warrented and that's all he can say about JJ's album? To me there is clearly something to that.

All that said, I sincerely hope that this new band is the best yet and that we get the best GH that we've ever gotten. That is what it's all about. We all have our falling outs with people to whom we've been close. And to be fair, the reasons may be very good for the parting of ways. JJ is a great palyer and we'll miss him for sure. He is a very big part of the great GH of late. I don't think he ever got the credit he deserves and I'm not sure why.
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Old Oct-19-2006, 8:07 PM
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I don't get it, I got in a big thing over on the other board about this very subject. (And I will preface what I'm about to say with the fact that you have not personally said anything negative about his music, which you made clear, so believe me, this isn't personal.) But here's my thoughts on your statement:

Why would Glenn Hughes want to hear someone come on a website devoted to him, to hear someone say negative things about his music? This isn't a democracy where he is going to take into account what anyone in the world smart enough to sign up for this forum has to say about how he runs his business. Would you tolerate it? Of course not. He's has 40 years experience creating and playing music, do you think he needs advice? LOL. I think that's ludicrous. Do you need advice from strangers on something you have devoted your life to for 40 years, crafting something that your peers think is God given and unbelieveably better than anyone else? He should take a bunch of negative criticism from people who profess to enjoy him on one hand, and on the other want to pick and choose what they like about him? It's crazy. I hope the people who are like that, some day find an artist that blows them away some time. When they do, they will not find ANYTHING bad about them...it will just be the right music and the right artist. Songs are like children to a songwriter. You don't talk about someone's children, their creation, not in their home you don't. An artist opens himself up and that's a vulnerable feeling. If someone wants to be a critic, I guess they could do it in some other place, but how anyone could say anything negative about this music is beyond me; and how they could do it and expect it to go over well on these websites is totally beyond me.....like I say, I don't get it. If I didn't think he was the best there is, I wouldn't be wasting my time here. I would be on the website of someone else that did it for me.
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Old Oct-19-2006, 8:38 PM
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Here, here strat335 - couldn't agree with you more.

Look folks - whether you agree or disagree with the recent changes, this site is about supporting and promoting GLENN's songs and music - always has and always will. Let's not lose sight of that.

If you want to argue the merits of one side or the other, please take it up privately between yourselves. With the upcoming tour I'm sure a lot of you will have the chance to do just that and face-to-face, which is always so much less convoluted than in this type of venue.

So let's turn the page and move on....thank you.
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Old Oct-20-2006, 5:13 AM
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I want to be crystal clear here. I come to this place because I do think that Glenn's music is amazing! And I would agree that it would be ludicrous or at the very least a complete waste of time and energy to visit any site about anything that is not to one's liking.

That said, one of the cool things about these message boards is discussing the "new album" or latest show. And I don't recall anyone here bashing M4TD. I do remember some expressing that it didn't click for them at first and I think most of them came around after a few more spins. One of the things I do like about this board is the fact that there aren't a bunch of trolls or the petty pissing matches that seem to dominate other boards. What I've found here are a bunch of good people. There is indeed a good positive atmosphere here. And I think that is a reflection of Glenn and his attitude. I mean point blank this is one of the best put together sites out there.

I just hope that we can always have an honest discussion about the music. Lets face it, music is like food and some flavors aren't for some people and some are an aquired taste. And I would think that Glenn would want to know what us true fans think of his work. If he meant that he just doesn't to come hear and read a post bashing him or his work, then I totally agree with him in that regard.

We're all here because we do love your music Glenn. Your last several albums are absolute gems and are classics as far as I'm concerned. Can't wait to see what comes next!!
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Old Oct-20-2006, 8:24 AM
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Great talking to you this morning, FY!!
You beat me by a couple of minutes PMing...LOL
Have a great weekend!
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Old Oct-20-2006, 8:58 AM
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Yeah well I'm younger and faster I guess!!

You have a great weekend too!
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Old Oct-23-2006, 11:46 AM
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I really enjoyed reading this transcript. Thank you Glenn and Gabi, and, of course, David and Shirean.

I can't wait for Hughes-Thrall II. The first album was my introduction to Glenn. I was a freshman in high school and just starting to get into heavy rock. When those two are together the results are magical.
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