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Old Aug-20-2006, 9:49 PM
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Icon20 CHAT transcript - August 20th, 2006

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Thread Tools/Show Printable Version from the Toolbar above.

CHAT transcript - August 20th, 2006

Chip: Hey....where's everyone at?

Inmaculada: Hi there!

Chip: Hi Tony and Inmaculada

tony g: hello

tony g: what time is it in spain?

Inmaculada: mmm first of all please excuse me if my English is not very good

David: Afternoon all

Chip: No worries.

Chip: Hi David

David: Nice to see some of you beat me to it

Inmaculada: good evening here

tony g: i know almost no spanish so its oki

David: Hi Paul

Chip: Yeah, for once I'm on time.

Chip: Hi Paul

wolfysmith: Hi everyone.

wolfysmith: Chip had a reminder earlier

Inmaculada: my sister Conchita is trying to eneter but having some probs, hope she gets it

Chip: A reminder from all the across the pond

tony g: cool

Chip: ...all the WAY...that is.

David: Hope to have the Euro dates this week

wolfysmith: i was just about to ask.

Chip: Good to see that Glenn is heading out again to spread the word.

Inmaculada: well I'm gonna see him in Sept but wouldn't mind if Glenn adds more dates nearby!

David: Hi Conchita67

Chip: Hi Conchita

tony g: is the one venue mentioned a real step up for glenn you guys?

Inmaculada: Sister!!!!!!!!!! hi

Conchita67: Hello from a very very HOT Sicily!

wolfysmith: Hola Conchita

Conchita67: hello everyone!

tony g: hi

wolfysmith: so where's Grace this month? got an axe to sharpen!

Conchita67: If you are talking about Shepherd's Bush Empire...I can assure you yes, it's awesome!

Todd: Hello all...

David: tony - if it's confirmed to be the one - yeah, it holds around 2500 i think, whereas the place he usually plays is around 1000 or so. Hope the promoter gets his finger out and fills the place.

Chip: Who are you?

David: Hi Todd

Inmaculada: Hi

wolfysmith: Hi Todd

tony g: cool good to hear it

Conchita67: heelo Todd

wolfysmith: Looking forward to seeing JSS front Journey?

Chip: Ask him how many times so far Wolfy

wolfysmith: Well Todd?

Todd: Ok, I hate to do this, but I am literally walking out the door. I just want to say I had a great time with Chip in Tucson yesterday, seeing a couple of Glenn's old friends - Joe Lynn Turner and Pat Travers, on a bill with BOC and Alice Cooper! PT was - are you sitting down for this? - ASTOUNDINGLY good. MVP for the whole fest, without a doubt. I'll be headed back to Phoenix on the 22nd for Journey featuring JEFF SCOTT SOTO - yes, AGAIN! LOL

David: no problem Todd - thanks for the report - sounds like you had a great day and a couple more to come!!

wolfysmith: short but sweet!

Todd: Oh, and if Bill "Captain Midnight" is reading, we saw Michael Bruce walk past us during Alice's set. LOL

Chip: Hi Shirl

wolfysmith: Hi Shirl, how ya doing?

Todd: Howdy, Shirl

Conchita67: hello Shirl!

David: Hi Shirl

David: Anyone going to the gig in Bulgaria tomorrow night

David: Hi Grace

wolfysmith: Hi Grammy Grace

Shirl: Hi everyone - I was panicking for a while. Attempting to sign in but getting nowhere. Perhaps if I'd PERMIT instead of DENY myself I'd have been here sooner. Doh! Idiot!

Todd: Chip and I will be going to Bulgaria...NOT. LOL

Chip: We got us a chat going now!! Hi Grace.

Inmaculada: hi

Grace: hello, everyone

Conchita67: hello Grace!

wolfysmith: last month it was me, Achim and David!

Conchita67: Tomorrow will be one hell of a party....in every sense!

Shirl: Hi Conchita - lovely to see you here.

Chip: That should be great-grammy Grace, Wolfy

Shirl: Anyone listened to Achim's new stuff yet?

Grace: hey, Charlton..........NO LAUGHING at Grammy Grace

David: Very soothing stuff this time around, like it alot.

tony g: your going to bulgaria conchita?

Conchita67: I wish!

Shirl: Don't mess with my favourite lady ... Chip!!

Grace: ...........ou. I just got that .

Chip: ..laughing WITH you, not AT you...


Grace: Great-grammy.

Grace: NOT.......great, Grammy Grace.

Todd: Well, sorry to leave you reeling from a drive-by posting, but I have to run.

Chip:, see you when the show hits the road again in...hell, mere hours! Journey w/ JSS is going to be great! And anyone else here Stateside who gets a chance to see Journey with Jeff Scott Soto - GO! Later, fellow GHCP's!

David: Thanks for stopping by Todd - have fun and no doubt see you soon

Chip: Later, Todd. See you in a couple of days.

tony g: see ya

Conchita67: ciao Todd!

Grace: Take care Todd. (Was he here?)

Inmaculada: Bye

Todd: yepper!

David: well wolfy - if you get it in tomorrow, it won't be too late.

Grace: So are we busy talking about Glenn's birthday tomorrow on tour, or what?

David: otherwise he can wait until the next edition, probably towards the end of September.

Chip: Big Daddy's b-day is tomorrow, isn't it?

Conchita67: another Leo.....

David: 21st

David: date not age

Inmaculada: fire


Shirl: Just thinking the same thing David

Shirl: If he was 21 I'd be very young and very slim

Chip: Wouldn't we all, Shirl

Shirl: Fire ... Immaculada?

Conchita67: he is slim, from what I saw....not too many men his age can say the same!

Inmaculada: age is not written in the ID card but in the heart so he could be 21 perfectly!

Inmaculada: Fire sign

Grace: well we GHCPs don't have to "Chip" in to buy Glenn a walker; just reading about the travelling that our boy does makes me tired

David: Hi Achim

schreinermusic: hello everyone, nice to see ya all

Chip: Hi Achim

wolfysmith: Hi Achim

Chip: I agree Grace. I don't know how he does it.

Inmaculada: hi!

Conchita67: hello!

Shirl: Hi Achim

tony g: thank you for the video achim


schreinermusic: a special hello to all the ladies in here

schreinermusic: you're welcome, mate

Shirl: You smooth talker you ...

tony g: you too David i loved every minute of them

Conchita67: hello!

Grace: .......and nobody told GH about jet lag. He goes to some country, does the show, remembers the lyrics to 10-15 songs, flys home.....and can still walk and chew gum at the same time. Amazing!


Grace: thanks for the message, Achim.....

Shirl: I had a good look at all the photos on Glenn's site this morning - he looks at his absolute best at the moment, dontchathink?

schreinermusic: Hey David, the room is fuller than lately Hi, Conchita my pleasure, Grace

Inmaculada: the Rome pics are awesome

Conchita67: that's awesome when I go to or come back from NY I need 2 days to sleep it off!

David: the new songs come alive, huh. Both he and JJ are on a real roll at the moment, just a pity Chad can't join them more often - he brings just that little extra funk to everything - not to be missed for sure.

schreinermusic: David, thanks again for editing the video clips, great work, my friend

David: no problem Achim - thank you too and yes, nice to see the bar is full

Grace: the videos that you posted are almost enough for a complete video or DVD

Conchita67: yep!

schreinermusic: lol...we'll see what we can do...hahaha

Inmaculada: oh yes they are absolutely great

David: ...in Rome, Drew Thompson and team were filming everything - on & off stage - hopefully we'll see some of that someday soon.

David: Drew is the promoter in Australia FYI

tony g: cool info

tony g: i hope your right David

schreinermusic: thanks Gabi was standing nearly right behind me most of the time...hahaha...that?s why they are so shaky

Grace: .....and I always enjoy the between the songs conversation.....I guess that you almost MUST be a comedian, to put up with a musician's life, huh?

David: Hi Christian

Chip: That nervous, huh Achim?

schreinermusic: hey...chris is in da house Hallo, mein Freund

chrisloeb: Hi all! wow, busy here

Inmaculada: the other day I almost die laughing when I told my brother-in-law I invited him for the Glenn concert here and he came to me with all the reocords collection thinking I would like to listen to them! lol ... I just said..late

Chip: Hi Christain

wolfysmith: Hi Chris

schreinermusic: indeed, Chip...lol

Conchita67: hello chris!

Inmaculada: Hi Chris

tony g: hi chris

David: Shirean says "Hi everyone" - she's in San Francisco this weekend

David: Hi Capt'n

chrisloeb: ey Captain!

captmidnite1962: Greetings everyone!

wolfysmith: At a Heart show by any chance?

schreinermusic: Hey Captain...welcome aboard

Chip: Hi Capt.

Grace: OK, enough with saying hello to Chris. Let's move ONWARD......

wolfysmith: Hi Capt

Inmaculada: Hi Capt

David: No, not this time Just a flying family visit.

chrisloeb: and I thought I'd have to say HI 9 times...

David: did I say "Hi" yet?

captmidnite1962: Hello all my fans in Cyberland!!

schreinermusic: hahaha


schreinermusic: lol

wolfysmith: David, will FFF be available on the tour?

Conchita67: I'd give an arm and a leg to see those rockin' Wilson sisters! Doubt they'll ever tour Europe

David: They played there a couple of years ago Conchita67, Shirean and I caught them at th Hammersmith Odeon. They did some festivals in Sweden and Holland too.

chrisloeb: That "Hi" audio file is you, David?

David: Yep chris! Guilty as charged

captmidnite1962: we have a good crowd today...

David: We should have the Podcast ready to go this week - what with vacation and everything we put it on the back burner a bit - but think you'll be happy with it. This time we feature an exclusive interview with JJ Marsh.

Conchita67: will do!

Inmaculada: you can bet

schreinermusic: Thats great news, David

schreinermusic: i hope some of you all did some phone calls to say "Hello" on the podcast

wolfysmith: sorry i missed calling the pod David. my Talk Talk free calls to the USA got put back - but i called Chip earlier on his cell phone FOR FREE!

Shirl: Who'd have thought Wolfy ... ringing USA for free.

captmidnite1962: Oh man...I need to get high speed somehow!

tony g: does he give a release date for his cd?

Chip: If you had neighbors in the sticks Capt. you could steal it from them

David: sprint & verizon have high speed wireless Capt'n - bit pricey i think, but you might want to check it out for your area.

Grace: 6 pictures of Glenn....but the blue bowling ball contingent is neck and neck, at 6, too....Hooray!

chrisloeb: Achim, you're twisting the dagger - still haven't called

captmidnite1962: I already have David....all that is available here is dialup and satelite...

David: Not enought Hotline calls Achim - we're 'kinda disappointed - especially since Glenn's manager is willing to answer questions - can't get more of a direct line into Glenn Hughes!

schreinermusic: But I did ...lol

David: hopefully it'll pick up steam

schreinermusic: yeah

wolfysmith: whats the GMT cut off time for calling David?

tony g: ill call next time

Grace: where are you living now, captain? Have you found a good place?

wolfysmith: i havent heard the previous pods so dont know what has been asked

David: anytime tomorrow is fine wolfy, so midnight GMT I guess

chrisloeb: that means I can still call?

schreinermusic: yes, mate....its as easy as putting on a GH record..

chrisloeb: record or CD, Achim?

David: yes chris

wolfysmith: i WILL call. just making a note of the number in the forum

schreinermusic: anything you'd like...lol

David: you have up to 3 minutes per message - so if you have a bunch of questions - just call a couple of times - everything gets edited into a single message, so no worries if you think it won't sound right.

Grace: who has lots of practice putting on a Gh record ? We usually glue the latest one into our CD player, and leave it there for weeks....non-stop playing.

tony g: right on Grace

Conchita67: is it melt-proof?

captmidnite1962: I was listening to some Deep Purple...had to change gears to the Average White Band

schreinermusic: the one who gets the most spins here is SITKOR, no doubt about it....

Chip: Cool band, AWB is.

Conchita67: Love AWB!

captmidnite1962: That they are..doing a little "Soul Searching"

schreinermusic: great band that is...

Grace: I don't know about anyone else, but I recently went on a two-hour drive, with the same GH Cd in the player.....and yeah, the music AND THE CD got hot

wolfysmith: actually Grace, i have taken M4TD out of the car this week. but put FFF on instead

chrisloeb: Liked the cover of their first album ...and we're playing Pick Up The Pieces with the soul band

Conchita67: should come equipped with a cooling device!

schreinermusic: really? interesting, Chris...

captmidnite1962: I need a CD player for the car as much as i drive..

chrisloeb: yeah, but there's not much to sing on this one...

Conchita67: Does anyone remember the US soccer team the NY Cosmos? AWB composed their theme song/anthem


Grace: one way......music for the divine

schreinermusic: the main riff is a bit tricky at first..but u get used to it...

Chip: Someone asked about FFF being sold on this tour. Did I miss the answer? Didn't it get sold out earlier?

Grace: the easy ride back home......Fused

wolfysmith: i asked Chip. so i could get YOU a copy!

schreinermusic: Fused is phenomenal...just an awesome record..

wolfysmith: "official" copy that is

Chip: You better Wolfy !!

David: I'm sure it'll be available - they had it on some of the recent Euro dates - but sold out pretty quick. JJ is also supposed to have his solo CD available by then too.

chrisloeb: Maybe FFF is a complete hoax at all. And everybody who says he/she has a copy has signed a contract.... Robert Anton Wilson says hi!

schreinermusic: hahaha

schreinermusic: they sold FFF on the 2005 SM tour in Germany....i saw them

Chip: Yeah, right. Official

captmidnite1962: Conchita..I had no idea you were a "Brooklyn girl" when you mentioned remembering Korvettes

Conchita67: born and bred!

wolfysmith: Chris, i was the only buyer of it at Chad's drum show with Glenn. i coulda bought a stack load

chrisloeb: yes Paul, and could have sold them on eBay $$$$$$$$$$$

captmidnite1962: That is too cool!

schreinermusic: JJ is about to sell his own CD via his website, by the way, he told me in his email which I got on my birthday. It made my day...lol

captmidnite1962: I can't wait to get a copy!

Inmaculada: great!

tony g: me too

David: yeah, very soon plus he plans on selling it during the upcoming Euro tour and possibly through iTunes too

wolfysmith: i cant wait for Planet Marsh. lets hope it really is on sale on the UK shows

David: Hi TexasSusan

Chip: Hi Susan.

Shirl: Hi Susan - great to see you here

captmidnite1962: Hello Susan

Inmaculada: Hi Susan

chrisloeb: Is there any news on the Euro dates btw.?

schreinermusic: Hi Susan! Tell Roger to join in as well!

TexasSusan: Hi, would have been here earlier but had to install JAVA. LOL

David: hopefully we'll have them this week

wolfysmith: i was so "starstruck" backstage i didnt even ask Glenn to sign it!

chrisloeb: Hi Susan

Inmaculada: David, do you think he's gonna sell it by 30th Sept?

wolfysmith: Hi Susan. always good to see a newcomer.

David: You mean JJ - yeah, I think so.

Inmaculada: yep I meant JJ

Grace: I don't remember a chat with so many people "on" as now.....maybe we should all take a 2 minute breather and go back to read "catch up"

Shirl: I just did that Grace

schreinermusic: exactly, Grace! Especially with so many ladies...almost like "ladies night" here...hahaha

chrisloeb: I remember the pics wolfy - and the silent clips. One had two folks in the background saying something to each other. That would have been cool for a caption contest!

TexasSusan: Grace, did you get my PM?

Chip: Yeah, this is great. All of us here

wolfysmith: I gotta go at 10pm GMT Grace so it'll drop one

David: guess everyone is back from their holidays now

schreinermusic: Todd is missing...

Grace: hello Shirl....things are so busy here, so fast, it's hard to know who's answering what

captmidnite1962: This is cool....I feel connected here to the rest of the world!

Shirl: There you go David - told you it was competition time (see Chris)

schreinermusic: you are, Capt?n

David: Todd was here earlier, just a flying visit.

Inmaculada: dunno I guess I'm still old school and like to buy cd I'm holding in my hands tho thanks to Internet I can get a lot of stuff is not release here

tony g: your right capt

Shirl: Todd's been and gone Achim

captmidnite1962: Hey Chip....where's "Robin"?

David: not too worry Shirl - we'll have something for you soon.

captmidnite1962: Oh, OK..

Grace: I haven't read it yet, Susan, but I'll get to it....thanks. and welcome to the gang.

TexasSusan: Thanks.

schreinermusic: okay...but now we have you

captmidnite1962: And Shirl..THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! Once again!!

schreinermusic: Susan, say "Hi" to Roger, please Great he joined this board as well

Chip: Sorry Capt, but you're Robin reference went over my head.

Shirl: Batman and Robin

TexasSusan: Roger is here with me. He says "Hello"

captmidnite1962: *laughing* Thanks Shirl!

Shirl: Right, Bill?

Chip: Hi Roger

schreinermusic: Oh...awesome! Cheers!

chrisloeb: Oh, since the Captain is thanking Shirl, I have to say Thank you to Shirl as well for that wonderful line in your last post in the "What you're listening to" thread!

TexasSusan: Achim, we are having soundcard probs and could not listen to your song...but we have saved it until we fix the problem...Roger wanted you to know.

Shirl: Bless you x

wolfysmith: anybody heard Cheap Trick's new cd Rockford?

schreinermusic: Yes...it's great to see Shirl back in here I knew we are missing someone

TexasSusan: Roger says: "Hi" back to you Chip. Are you from AZ?

schreinermusic: No prob, mate...take your time and thanks anyway

Chip: Yes. Have been in AZ the past 8 years.

Grace: Shirl always adds a certain....SPARKLE

chrisloeb: Achim, Inner Light is wonderful!

Shirl: Hi Roger - are you having problems keeping up here? I certainly am. From Batman and Robin to Speedy Gonzalez!!!

schreinermusic: thanks, my friend: Im very glad you like it

TexasSusan: Roger's wife is keeping him up to speed. LOL

Grace: You musician-types might enjoy this:

Chip: This is what my dream GH Fest is all about. Get as many as of us in one spot for the weekend and get to know each other.

Grace: I saw a t-shirt for sale that said:

Grace: I have no house.

schreinermusic: thats it, Chip!

Grace: I have no car.

Grace: I have no money.

Grace: I am in a band.

Shirl: (Susan)

David: Try Vegas Chip next time

David: Glenn would probably show up for that!

Inmaculada: lol I thought you were going to put all the Hair lyrics!

wolfysmith: David, out of interest did you sell many alternate colour GH tshirts

captmidnite1962: Ouch....what do you call a drummer that just broke up with his girl friend???

Chip: I'll try anything. Send me ideas on getting something like this together.

chrisloeb: true, Grace Talking musicians.... I have a new power trio, we're starting rehearsals by the end of the month - 3 originals and 3 covers for the beginning

TexasSusan: Homeless

captmidnite1962: Homeless!!! *drum roll cymbal crash*

schreinermusic: Thats what I always said...when we start to get a large number of ppl to such a party, im pretty sure Glenn would be interested to attend as well

David: black & red mainly wolfy

David: but they look good in all the available colours

David: you should all be getting your orders this week.

schreinermusic: my t-shirt has not arrived yet...

David: this week Achim, not too worry.

wolfysmith: yeah, hoping to get ours this week.

Grace: don't know.....what?

Grace: homeless.....ha, ha......that's good.

tony g: sounds cool chris

TexasSusan: Chris, all original?

Chip: That's probably the key right there. Getting Glenn to participate would be a big plus.

wolfysmith: would Glenn let you sell them at shows. i hope so. after all its all good publicity

David: haven't asked wolfy, maybe if more people ask us about them, we'll approach him on it.

chrisloeb: 3 originals for now, Susan and 3 covers, one is GH related

schreinermusic: maybe the postman grabbed it for himself...lol

Chip: I still need to place an order for some stuff.

TexasSusan: Cool - keep us apprised

David: location, location, location Chip

chrisloeb: certainly!

Grace: I love the way that we all get along....professional musicians who know equipment, down to mindless dummies who just stumbled onto this web site........of course we have only the best taste in music

Inmaculada: Chris they can be listen to somewhere?

TexasSusan: Make it happen Chip -(Roger)

chrisloeb: not yet Immaculada, we're only starting! Nothing recorded yet.

Chip: You're right David. Don't want to send our GHCP home broke though. Will have to set some rules and limits

captmidnite1962: While we are on the drummer jokes...When DP did the Concerto in 1999, Ian Paice allegedly told the conductor; "You're amazing...you keep 80 people together with one stick and I can barely keep these four f&*%$ers together with two!!"

schreinermusic: everybody puts in his bits, Grace...that's the magic of it

Inmaculada: pity sounded interesting

wolfysmith: David, his "official" tour T-shirts are a bit hit and miss. the 76 shirts always seem popular tho.

Grace: yeah, Achim, plus a little something extra....we all seem to care passionately about music, and we've recognized that quality coming from GH

captmidnite1962: DJ Tees has some killer shirts

David: we find a lot of people ask about shirts and stuff and then don't actually bother ordering - we do ok with them and plough it all back into the site upkeep - but expectations never meet what is actually ordered. Maybe GH finds the same thing, which is why things aren't refreshed as often as everyone would like?

TexasSusan: We got Fused last week. I loved it instantly...it took Roger a few listens to warm up to it.

TexasSusan: I personally love Face Your Fear the best on it.

Grace: right captain, you mean that guy from England? But he only has GH in the 1970's section....and Glenn looks 15 in that print

schreinermusic: At Rock of Ages...i was standing right behind a guy with a huge WHITESNAKE t-shirt all the time..lol

chrisloeb: Love Hunter artwork, Achim?

schreinermusic: no...more like the new logo..

wolfysmith: im afraid i gotta go now. shame cos its a busy one this month but the Football Season has started and Man Utd and Chelsea games are on in a minute

Chip: Susan and Roger...do you have kids and or pets? If you do, I feel sorry for them. I'm sure they're being neglected whlle you're spending all your time catching up on all things GH

TexasSusan: Our son - is 5 - and he loves Glenn.

wolfysmith: bet youre pleased about Martin O'Neill tho David

David: Yeah wolfy - about time! Looks like he's going to have some money to buy new players, so hopefully they can begin concentrating on winning something this year! It's been a while!!

David: ok, wolfy, thanks for stopping by. Look out for your shirts this week in the post.

chrisloeb: a friend of mine has a vintage Love Hunter T-Shirt - and he's not allowed to wear it at work...

Grace: take good care of yourself Paul, and all our love to your family

TexasSusan: Collin loves Glenn and Robin Tower. Roger corrected his accent the other day, and our son informed him that he was from England. LOL

wolfysmith: gotta go

schreinermusic: bye, Paul...was great talking to you as always

TexasSusan: Collin is our son by the way...lol

chrisloeb: Bye, wolfy!

wolfysmith: bye

TexasSusan: Adios Wolfy

Chip: That's the way to do it Susan. Start him out ealry on some good music.

Chip: Later, Wolfy.

Inmaculada: bye!

captmidnite1962: I am the youngest of 7...so i got started on the Beatles

Chip: That's not a bad start.

Grace: Too bad that Glenn didn't take our hints a while back, and do a GH album of baby lullabyes.

schreinermusic: lol

TexasSusan: Pets..yes - we have a partnership kennel. www.steel-trap.com

Shirl: Grace - a friend of mine owns that site. We can have any pic of Glenn if you want it

David: back in moment, someone at the door.

chrisloeb: the earliest I can remember are the Beatles cassettes my father had in the car, and tapes with 25 years of Chart Hits. Carpenters, Adriano Celentano and and and...

captmidnite1962: Oh yeah..I heard "Walk Away" from the James Gang when I was 9 and thought it was the coolest thing I ever heard...

schreinermusic: could have been the cassettes of my mother as well, Chris...lol

TexasSusan: Roger says he can remember hearing Hard Days Night and I wanna Hold Your Hand on the radio..(he is old). LOL

captmidnite1962: My first memories are of the Four Seasons...Motown...

Grace: GULP. Anybody here (besides me) old enough to remember do-wop?

Chip: do-what?

captmidnite1962: Not quite Grace!!

schreinermusic: Captn...I posted a live version of "Walk Away" by the James Gang from a reunion concert in 2002 a few months ago, mate

Grace: some great harmonies.

captmidnite1962: Frankie Valli is as close as i got!

chrisloeb: which century, we're talking?

captmidnite1962: Did you really?? They are touring here in the US now

Grace: OK, all you evil people. Your names are now on........the "List".

TexasSusan: I saw a special on PBS not long ago of some doo-wop bands, and was surprised at how many of the songs I could sing along with...as Susan said, I'm old......she's tending to my son now.

schreinermusic: yes..i did. I will later take a look where i did post it an send you a PM wher u can find it

TexasSusan: Grace, how did you run into Glenn's music?

Conchita67: Adriano Celentano? OMG!

captmidnite1962: I know it is tough Grace...when you went to high school they didn't HAVE history right??

schreinermusic: my mother loved to hear Demis Roussos in the car...thats why Im such crazy today...lol

chrisloeb: You don't like him, Conchita?

Grace: well they played Earth Angel (originally from the Middle Ages) so many times on golden oldie stations, that everybody who saw Back to the Future could already sing along to that one.

Chip: Whoa...not that was bad, Capt.

Inmaculada: Oh Demis Roussos! lol

schreinermusic: YES

Inmaculada: Oh God that makes me feel old! lol

chrisloeb: Goodbye my love godbye, unbelievable and the same guy sang The Three Horsemen on Aphordite's Child's 666 album

Conchita67: He's the quintessntial Italian singer! I only liked his duet album with Mina

schreinermusic: stop it or I will leave, Chris...hahaha

Inmaculada: of Course Mina is awesome

captmidnite1962: Hey Chuck...you know that sound you were trying to get...Listen to this!

chrisloeb: oh.... typos, sorry - and I honestly wasn't singing it now, Achim!

captmidnite1962: A bit of Back To The Future

Grace: flowers may be sent to the Captain Midnight memorial fund.

schreinermusic: you were...i could hear ya



chrisloeb: Earth Angel, Earth Angel.... now I was singing!

Grace: It's me your cousin Marvin Berry......

schreinermusic: its getting worse....

Conchita67: Demis Roussous!I remember spending summers in 70's listening to my aunt's album, Ever and Ever, I think it was called

chrisloeb: poor Captain!

Conchita67: My aunt was hooked on DM

Inmaculada: lol and what about Giorgi Dan!! lol lol lol

Chip: I think Capt went straight to the top of "the list"

captmidnite1962: My mom loved opera....every Saturday it was the Texaco Network

schreinermusic: Is Roussos still alive? I think he is...

chrisloeb: that leaves the Lebkuchen gang a close 2nd place!

captmidnite1962: Hey Mom..I'm gonna walk the dog for four hours, OK??

schreinermusic: lol

Inmaculada: oh well I think opera and classic music is a good background I've grown up listening to it and that made apreciate better the music, all kind of

Conchita67: oussous used to do diet pill ads a few years ago here in Italy...it's not a joke.

captmidnite1962: I could never get past opera because of that...

Chip: Jeez....how did you survive those Saturdays Capt?

schreinermusic: 50 minutes left to Glenn's birthday (european time)....

David: Should be quite a party tomorrow night in Kavarna!

Conchita67: break out the Spumante

captmidnite1962: it was tough Chip..especially if it was raining!


TexasSusan: (Roger) How old will Glenn be?

chrisloeb: Phil Lynott would have been 57 today - spare a thought, or a minute's silence....

schreinermusic: Yeah...I wish I would be on the guest list....but i dont look bulgarian enough...

schreinermusic: 32, Roger


captmidnite1962: here's one for Philo...

Chip: Right on. The great Phil Lynott.

David: 55

Conchita67: The Boy is back in town, always

schreinermusic: Yeah...rest in peace, Phil

captmidnite1962: My sister will be 55 in October

schreinermusic: mine will be 43 in October....

TexasSusan: (Roger) 55, that's fantastic, I can't tell you what kind of hope and good feelings that gives me, that and seeing Robin Trower at 60 still giving it up!

chrisloeb: okay, ..... I don't have a sister

captmidnite1962: oh yeah...Doyou have his DVD??

Shirl: and a certain lady on here will have a birthday next week too

schreinermusic: exactly...look at Ritchie...still doing great...just watched his latest DVD yesterday evening

David: yeah, the music is as fresh and exciting than ever, it's pretty amazing.

schreinermusic: I know, Shirl

Grace: Yep, opera from Texaco. They sponsored the live broadcasts from the Metropolitan Opera in New York. Opera , and Enrico Caruso records of my dad's.

David: he seems out do himself each and every year, can't say that about a lot of musicians these days.

Chip: .......Shirl. Since she doesn't make it known publicly on this site

captmidnite1962: That's the one Grace>!

Grace: plus my dad was color blind, Thank God.

Grace: Nat "King" Cole, the Mills Brothers and the Ink Spots.

Shirl: Exactly Chip ...

Shirl: Nat King Cole - FAB!!!

Conchita67: Platters still rule for my parents

schreinermusic: omg...

captmidnite1962: My dad love Billie Holliday...Ella Fitzgerald

TexasSusan: (Roger) It's strange to hear someone and love their music 35 years ago...listening to the same two recordings for all that time, and then re-connect with them and get to be blown away all over.....awesome. We have to break this conspiracy that the radio moguls have against elder statesmen getting airplay....I'm sure they're afraid that the competition will wither.

chrisloeb: oh u ye 'es, I'm the Great Pretender.... uh uh uh uh

schreinermusic: I have to confess....I like Johnny Cash (the late) a lot...great stuff

TexasSusan: (Roger) I love Brook Benson stuff. Sarah Vaughn.

Shirl: Ella Fitzgerald and Jennifer Halliday - blow my sox off!

Chip: My Dad used to have a bunch of old Nat King Cole records.

Inmaculada: You are right Susan

captmidnite1962: When he passed away we played their music at his service

TexasSusan: (Roger) Well, that was me, (Roger.) LOL

Shirl: Glad you owned up to it Chris

Conchita67: I'd rather hear all the stuff from 30/40 years ago than Justin Timberlake or any of the current ilk !

Grace: God....we GHCPs have SO MUCH in common.

Inmaculada: I also like Johny cash


schreinermusic: indeed

TexasSusan: (Roger) I used to watch his show every Wednesday night (Johnny Cash)...I was a Cash freak.

schreinermusic: its a pity that we live so far away from each other...it really is..

captmidnite1962: My parents liked newer things too..with 7 kids they were exposed to all matter of music

Shirl: ... but I love Justin Timberlake - and could watch him dance forever...

chrisloeb: ad Johnny Cash: If You Could Read My Mind on A Hundred Highways made me cry...

schreinermusic: "Hurt" was such a great tune by him too

captmidnite1962: I made a tape for them...My mom loved Don't Stand So Close To Me by The Police

Inmaculada: My parents had a lot of Gerswing stuff too (oh I think I'm misspelling it)

Shirl: Think she was tryin' to tell you something Bill?

Conchita67: JT doesn't do it for me....I do like Pharell and Snoop Dogg tho

Grace: I usually can find small radio stations that play never heard music....there's was just a recent one on (and it wasn't country music) and the title was: How come MAH DAWG doesn't bark when....YOU....come around? I laughed my brains out at the lyrics.

captmidnite1962: And my dad thought Peaches And Regalia by Frank Zappa was cool

TexasSusan: The Dawg song was my first recording. You didn't like it? LOL

TexasSusan: Just kiddin!

David: well we're certainly touching on all flavours of music this week, huh

captmidnite1962: Yes we are...

chrisloeb: but Peaches En Regalia IS cool, Captain

schreinermusic: I think (seriously) Beyoncee is one of the most talented young female voices nowadays, even i don?t like most of her songs...but some I do

Shirl: Eminem and Dr Dre for me Conchita

chrisloeb: I thought Laurynn Hill had a fabulous voice

TexasSusan: (Roger) Anyone ever hear Kennedy/Rose? Mary Kennedy and Pam Rose?

schreinermusic: yes, you?re right, Chris

chrisloeb: But in the Fugees she never really sang!

Inmaculada: nope

schreinermusic: my problem is: I hate RAP...sorry cant help myself....

schreinermusic: lol

captmidnite1962: but nothing beats the look on my mom's face when "Lady Marmalade" was on WABC radio in the car....she heard the chorus and nearly hit a telephone pole

schreinermusic: hahaha

Inmaculada: lol

TexasSusan: (Roger) Anyone like Etta James?


captmidnite1962: She remembered her high school French!

Grace: no need to "confess" to liking Johnny Cash. The ORIGINAL man in black went way beyond country music. Definitely pure class. Just like Patsy Cline singing "Crazy" You listen to that gentle piano background accompaniment to that song.....timeless.


tony g: she was too b a refugee chris

TexasSusan: (Roger) Achim, Rap is our command word for the dogs to attack.

schreinermusic: Glenn was on a RAP record too...once

Inmaculada: she's damn good

tony g: busy

schreinermusic: oops

captmidnite1962: Patsy's voice...so bell like!

chrisloeb: Dragnet?

schreinermusic: KLF

Shirl: There's a lot of (c) rap out there Achim but always loved Marshall Mathers - his lyrics are wicked - and you have to understand where he's coming from

chrisloeb: KLF, Rap? wouldn't say so

captmidnite1962: The video for What Time Is Love is so over the top...great stuff!!

tony g: detroit?

schreinermusic: the verses? i think it is

TexasSusan: (Roger) I know it may be hard for some, but if you ever want to be shocked by greatness, go see Merle Haggard some time. Man is unreal.

TexasSusan: Susan says we are probably banned now! LOL


Grace: your mom understood that French question, n'est pas?

schreinermusic: No prob, Roger...I love Country too

chrisloeb: they were using elements from all kinds of musical styles, rap included, but they weren't Rap.

schreinermusic: I like the new kind of Martina McBride or Chely Wright stuff a lot

Shirl: My son's got some Scooter dance stuff ... sure it's the guy from KLF

schreinermusic: i surrender, Chris...lol

TexasSusan: (Roger) I m not much on country at all. Merle, Keith Whitly, Lefty Frizell....Susan likes Martina McBride....that's about it. Merle is in a class by himself. Oh Vince Gill is good and can pick....so can Brad Paisley.

Shirl: Bill - vid was over the top yeah - Glenn should have been given an umbrella!!

chrisloeb: Get a copy of Bill Drummonds book "The Manual" (der schnelle Weg zum Nr.1 Hit), that's a great read!

schreinermusic: glaube, ich hab das mal geshen...hahaha

schreinermusic: great stuff...lol

chrisloeb: The Manual has nothing to do with voulez vous couchez avec moi, btw.

Grace: Anybody want to listen to heartbreak, go directly to the source: Ethel Waters singing Suppertime from some 1930s or 1940s Irving Berlin Broadway musical.

Grace: ....and by the way, the Lebchuchen gang is a "very close" number 2 on ....the list.

captmidnite1962: Got the boot..sorry!

schreinermusic: Lebkuchen gang...lol

chrisloeb: duck, Achim!

schreinermusic: thats what we are called, Chris....das haben wir davon

chrisloeb: (holding up the peace flag)

Shirl: Ethel Waters - a real woman

Grace: captain, I asked way back on this chat.....but we're going too fast.....are you living in the right place now? Or are you still looking to move again someplace else?

schreinermusic: its also funny for chris and me to talk to each other in english, although we have the same mother tongue...lol...but funny

Shirl: Sweet mama stringbean

Conchita67: I do that with many English friends, I wind up chatting in Italian for some reason

chrisloeb: I know, Achim! very funny indeed - sehr am? ja!

Shirl: Hey David - must say a massive thanks for the upgrading on the site. Started to go through the intro but didn't get the chance to watch the whole ten minutes

David: thanks Shirl - that video isn't the greatest quality, but at least gives you the idea of some of the new features.

Shirl: Looks damned professional from this end David - think this has to be the best site ever ... followed by Glenn's own of course.

David: thanks

Inmaculada: and I do with my Spanish friends I always say something in English till they look at me oddly

chrisloeb: (singing) Robert DeNiro's waiting, talking Italian, Talking Italian....

schreinermusic: once..i was about to write him an email in english...then i thought "what hell am I doing here???" ...hahaha


schreinermusic: thats true...lol

Conchita67: De Niro can't speak Italian - shame on him!

Shirl: Chris, Achim

Inmaculada: lol yep the same here

TexasSusan: Roger) Achim, I was going to write to you in Japanese, but that was really weird. LOL


Inmaculada: even there are may words I cannot say in Spanish they only come to my mind in English!

schreinermusic: thank God, he did not. Roger, my japanese is very poor

TexasSusan: (Roger) Mine too!! LOL I could have said something very basic, and then asked you to repeat yourself no matter what you said back. LOL Probably.

schreinermusic: i always tell ppl, that Glenn does have 2 official sites

chrisloeb: minasan, konban wa! eh is that right???

schreinermusic: it is...well done, mate

TexasSusan: (Roger) Sorry, Chris, the German accent threw me. LOL

Grace: looks like we are getting a bonus message from Japan

schreinermusic: its austrian accent...hahaha

Conchita67: domo arigato!

chrisloeb: ah, no, I knew it.... My Japanese is extremely rusty!

chrisloeb: gozaimasu

Shirl: Me too Achim ...

TexasSusan: (Roger) Kon bon wa. Nihongo de hana shi te kudasai.

Grace: yes, I could hear the Austrian accent in the Japanese

schreinermusic: watashi wa Achim desu.

TexasSusan: (Roger) Watashi wa, Williams desu.

Conchita67: I hope it doesn't sound like a line form a Schwarzenergger flik

Grace: Hey.....when should we all start singing "Happy Birthday" to Glenn? Is it August 21st yet?

Shirl: You're all showing off now I can speak English ... and about ten words of Latin ... sigh

TexasSusan: (Roger) You should hear it with a Texas accent!

Conchita67: 20 minutes to go

schreinermusic: yes....Chris sings like Demis Roussos...

chrisloeb: oh no. Arnie has a Styrian accent, mine is (if at all) more Viennese!

Shirl: 80 minutes left from this end

Conchita67: Ever and ever forever and ever....can't get it out of my mind now!

Grace: Eveybody....make sure that in honor of the big day, we should all play the Borlange, Sweden bootleg, when GH leads the audience in singing "H B" in honor

schreinermusic: yes...thats and my singing isnt that good as well, thats why i only write instrumentals from now on...hahaha

Grace: of his crazy Swedish drummer

chrisloeb: oh don't get mad Conchita, I have like 3 or 4 different earworm songs per day. Mostly pretty bad ones.

schreinermusic: Glenn did an amazing Mistreat outro at Seebronn...just stunning

Conchita67: don't get me wrong...I liked it back in 1974! What wonderful childhood memories!

schreinermusic: Mistreated

chrisloeb: Like Goodbye My Love Goodybe , which I have now.... and most of you too!

Conchita67: Oh that one, too!

schreinermusic: I should not have mentioned Roussos in the beginning...lol

Conchita67: A sirtaki in big daddy's honor!

Shirl: Mistreated (bows down in worship)

Inmaculada: sister, truly

schreinermusic: David, just a suggestion: We GHCP's should be able to order our unique CTC t-shirt with our member name on it. That would be very cool!

Grace: don't worry....NOBODY is going to win the Glenn Hughes "thread" for this chat. We've been all over the musical map for this month, huh?

David: will add that to the to-do list Achim

chrisloeb: did I mention that one of the covers we do in the new 3 piece is Mistreated?

schreinermusic: no, you didnt

Inmaculada: nope

schreinermusic: but now you did

TexasSusan: (roger) What do you play, Chris?

chrisloeb: Bass, Bass Pedals and singing

Shirl: Yeah Grace ... but so far no-one's owned up to liking the 'Agadoo' song - and God forbid, if someone does ... I'm off!

chrisloeb: in this band...

schreinermusic: Bass is not enough for him...he needs to glance with some extra bass pedals too...hahaha

Conchita67: reminiscing over the version of Mistreated I heard in Rome *gets goose bumps*

Shirl: It kills me every time Conchita

schreinermusic: I love the version of VOCR, which Glenn did a few years ago the most

Shirl: ... if you know what I mean

chrisloeb: I hear you, Shirl

Grace: no chance of a contest competition question for this one. What's the worst version of Mistreated by Glenn? Answer: no answers to that question.

Shirl: Tony - you still here?

tony g: yes

David: as much as i love that stuff - it's definitely time to clear the closet out and bring new songs to the setlist. He did a great job with it on the Euro dates, with only a couple of "classics" thrown in.

Shirl: I agree wholeheartedly David

TexasSusan: (roger) Does "if you know what I mean" mean the same thing as my wife saying that a certain scream in "Land of the Living" seals the deal ? LOL

schreinermusic: okay, thanks mate

Grace: tony g, Chip, and the Captain have been practising a doo-wop version of "Happy Birthday" for Glenn.

Conchita67: Anyone like Moonstone Project? I'm translating a review of the long awaited first album....Glenn is mentioned as well...

David: next month we should all be talking about the remaster of Hughes/Thrall, as it should be finally released about the same time.

chrisloeb: I'm holding an early lecture tomorrow, so I won't be very much longer than midnight - the birthday

Chip: ...and the opera version

schreinermusic: I have to say, I like it more and more I play it. It's really not that bad at all

TexasSusan: (Roger) I have been waiting for the re-mastered version...I haven't heard the original, though I would wait.

tony g: yes conchita good one Grace

Shirl: not heard anything on MP yet

David: you haven't heard the original - oh boy, you're in for a real treat Roger

Chip: That album will never get old.

schreinermusic: will send you a PM about it, Shirl

David: exactly Chip - it sounds as fresh today as it did back in 1982. Can't wait to hear how it sounds all cleaned up though.

TexasSusan: (Roger) That's what I hear, and also heard it has a great verions of Coast to Coast, one of my all time favorite songs. Although I am starting to add to that list from Soul Mover and M4TD.

Chip: Should be fantastic. Can't wait to get it.

Conchita67: same magazine also gave M4TD and Whips and Roses1 rave reviews....will post all very soon

Grace: meanwhile.....I've got to run. Picking up my photographs tonight of the Chihuly (glass) exhibit from the New York Botanical Gardens....I hope that they all come out....and wishing a very happy birthday to our boy........take care everyone.....be safe, and love you lots!

chrisloeb: I listened to H/T a lot recently, and can't wait to hear the remastered version! plus the extra tracks, of course

schreinermusic: Roger, u have to get SITKOR too, mate. It's a MUST have

David: Ok Grace, bye for now.

Conchita67: bye Grace!

Chip: Bye Grace. Will be in touch later.

TexasSusan: Bye Grace!!

chrisloeb: Bye Grace!

schreinermusic: bye Grace...maybe she just got booted and comes in again

TexasSusan: (Roger) Excuse my ignorance. Which is SITKOR?

Shirl: I know you've left the building Grace but just want to remind you of how special you are and how much you mean to me

David: Songs In The Key Of Rock

schreinermusic: yes

tony g: yes matteo will like that conchita

TexasSusan: (Roger) DUH!

chrisloeb: She went to sharpen the axes, Achim...

David: we like the acronyms around here

schreinermusic: i guessed that, Chris...


Shirl: Roger, Susan - anything you can't get hold of, someone will always come to the rescue

TexasSusan: (rOGER) I'll catch up soon! LOL

schreinermusic: UM3R

schreinermusic: upcoming Mark III reunion ...LOL

TexasSusan: Susan wants the Christmas album, and can't find it. We've been ripped off twice on ebay now.

Conchita67: SM is easy enough to decipher, at least

Inmaculada: yeah but not all are so easy

chrisloeb: eh, what d'you mean, Conchita?

Shirl: I can get a copy to you


Inmaculada: sorry sister

David: last year Glenn allowed us to broadcast here live the whole Xmas album, during the month of December - maybe do that again this year for those who don't have it. Not sure yet, but maybe.

schreinermusic: SM w? leichter zu entziffern, meint sie, Chris

Conchita67: at least it's not that hard to realize that SM means Soul Mover

Shirl: of course David - forgot about that

TexasSusan: How much and where do we send it? And thanks a LOT. That means I (Roger) don't have to listen to regular Christmas music again. LOL . .. steeltrapab@earthlink.net

chrisloeb: ooops got that wrong

schreinermusic: dont worry, mate

Shirl: No money should change hands Roger - will sort it.

chrisloeb: 6 minutes left till the fireworks

Inmaculada: clearing your throats everybody?

TexasSusan: That's very cool, Shirl.

schreinermusic: Fireworks?...lol...still I hear BURN

schreinermusic: lol

Conchita67: he's telling him that it's not hard to decipher in German

Shirl: Ain't it wonderful that so many of us are here to share Glenn's birthday?

chrisloeb: I still "hear" Goodbye My Love Goodybe....

Conchita67: is it right?

TexasSusan: (Roger) I haven't heard Burn or Stormbringer since about '74. I have a lot of stuff to buy. LOL

chrisloeb: right, Conchita

Shirl: There's A LOT of love and reiki coming your way Glenn

Conchita67: ah, I can still read it....

schreinermusic: BURN is my favourite of all time, Roger

Inmaculada: c'mon sister you rock in German!

Conchita67: ah, good old Demis....

schreinermusic: you do REIKI?????

David: The remaster of Burn sounds awesome. Glenn is going to be working on the Stormbringer remaster in the coming weeks for a release probably next year or perhaps towards the end of this year.


schreinermusic: Me too...its so funny

Conchita67: no, they rocked me first!

Conchita67: they THREW rocks at me!

Inmaculada: they are... well you know


TexasSusan: (Roger) I still remember a lot of the words to the song Burn, I very much loved it and the whole album. I've waited a long time, it will be great. I still have the album, just no turntable. LOL

chrisloeb: 2 minutes

Inmaculada: Oh please I don't wanna go to work tomorrow

schreinermusic: take a needle, mate...anything works to get a sound from a vinyl record...hahaha

Conchita67: two minutes to go here.....

Shirl: I do Immaculada - got a new job!!!

chrisloeb: what do you do, Immaculada?

chrisloeb: 1 minute

Shirl: been looking at turntables in my dad's hi-fi books

Inmaculada: I work in the Spanish Canoe Federation, and this weekend thigs werent go very well in the World Championships so tomorrow is gonna be a hard day

schreinermusic: after kissing gabi, Glenn should come in here to say HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TexasSusan: (Roger) Teac makes one we are looking at too.

Shirl: not had one for YEARS - only this time around I have REAL speakers, not wiring up to a transistor radio!

chrisloeb: August 21st, here we go!

Shirl: Wow!!!! Immaculada

schreinermusic: happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Glenn, HB to you!!!!

Inmaculada: HAAPPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

chrisloeb: (singing) Happy Birthday

Conchita67: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Inmaculada: i LOVE THE OLE OLE!

David: Happy Birthday Big Daddy

schreinermusic: We love ya too, Glenn

schreinermusic: lol

David: Shame the soundbytes don't show up in the transcript

Inmaculada: wow I can imagine his face if he hears this! lol

tony g: yes happy birthday glenn

Chip: Happy Birthday Glenn !! CHEERS !!

Shirl: ... and I love you too Glenn

schreinermusic: God bless Glenn Hughes!

TexasSusan: Happy Birthday from Texas, Glenn. THANKS for being.

David: Haha, it's like New Years Eve - who has the champagne

Shirl: Knock 'em dead yet again tomorrow Glenn

Inmaculada: cava is ok?

Shirl: God has always blessed Glenn Hughes

chrisloeb: Happy Birthday, Thanks for everything! Love & respect!

schreinermusic: drinking some orange juice here...hahaha

Inmaculada: lol here too

schreinermusic: Keep on blessing....lol

Shirl: Cup of tea here

chrisloeb: tap water here, Vienna's is the best!

schreinermusic: This was the most funny chat I had here in ages...lol

Inmaculada: we are the blessed ones... Thanks Glenn for sharing your amazing talent

TexasSusan: (Diet Dr. Pepper)

Conchita67: I started liking his music way too late.....but it's a gift that he's in this world

Chip: Yeah, this was a wild chat. Hope it keeps up.

Conchita67: Ferrarelle here....good source of calcium!

Shirl: Forgot Glenn's favourite tipple

Shirl: Sprite and ...

TexasSusan: (Roger) We really enjoyed it, also!!

schreinermusic: we need a weekly chat, David...lol

TexasSusan: (Roger) Didn't he mention Diet Sprite or something

Inmaculada: well it's my first time here, in this chat I mean, and I'm really enjoying it

Conchita67: this was fun!

David: We tried that Achim, but not many people showed up each week and so after a Poll here, Monthly was decided upon.

Conchita67: I wonder what all this would be like at a post Glenn gig?

TexasSusan: Have a great (tour Texas) birthday and good luck next (tour Texas) year. LOL

Shirl: We'd have to type MUCH faster Conchita

Chip: Let's find out someday, Conchita

chrisloeb: like an after show party!

Inmaculada: true!

Conchita67: or gesticulate faster!

schreinermusic: Glenn should be invited for another chat, David. It's about time. Last one was a while ago

Shirl: Is this the bit where we turn into Cinderella again?

TexasSusan: (Roger) I think we should have a party once a year somewhere central.

Conchita67: I vote London

Inmaculada: me too!

David: yeah, maybe soon or after the Euro tour.

Shirl: Chip and Todd had their recent Funk Fest

schreinermusic: would be great

TexasSusan: (Roger) Some place where he is playing, I want to see him again.

David: Vegas baby!

Chip: I hear ya, David

schreinermusic: i will go to the gig in Cannock on the upcoming tour. Looking forward to meet a bunch of you guys

Inmaculada: come to Madrid then! only a month a half to it!

David: see u there Achim

schreinermusic: thats awesome, David>!

schreinermusic: Chris, pack schom mal deine Koffer

chrisloeb: I'm still waiting for the dates - have to hand in my holiday notice by August 28th!

Conchita67: Hope he comes my way during the European gig....Ian Paice sold out overnight when he played here last December

David: the dates mentioned sound about right, so go with those chris But will know for sure before the 28th I hope.

Shirl: Well all you beautiful people ... I've work to do before bedtime. Absolutely loved it ... but been holding my bladder for two hours and gotta go. Love, light and peace to y'all. Susan, Roger - speak soon x

Conchita67: I couldn't get tickets anywhere...to add insult to injury, he played 6 blocks away from where I used to live

TexasSusan: Thanks Shirl, anytime

David: Thanks for stopping by Shirl, it's been a while.

schreinermusic: Bye, Shirl and thanks so much for stopping by

Chip: Bye Shirl.

Conchita67: nite shilr

Inmaculada: bye Shirl

chrisloeb: Bye Shirl, talk to you soon!

schreinermusic: I told her to come in an email today

David: ahhh, so that explains all the people


David: you should do that more often!

Chip: I need to head out also. It was a blast today on the chat. Take care everyone.

TexasSusan: Roger....See ya Chip!!

David: Thanks Chip, no doubt see you soon

chrisloeb: Achim, so it's your fault she's off to the urologist tomorrow!

Inmaculada: bye Chip

Conchita67: nite Chip!

schreinermusic: Bye Chip, mate

chrisloeb: Bye Chip!

schreinermusic: I need to download the transcript later on and save it ...lol

Inmaculada: OG I'm still laughing for the b-day thing it was like new year's eve!

schreinermusic: hahaha

Conchita67: only we couldn't see who got tipsy!

David: whoever has the most typos, right?!

TexasSusan: (Roger) Thanks for a fun evening, talk to you guys later!

schreinermusic: Inmaculada....your name sounds like ice cream

schreinermusic: Bye Roger and Susan!!

Inmaculada: lol that's funny I've been told many things for my name but never that

Conchita67: bye bye R&S

chrisloeb: Bye Susan, bye Roger, see you again soon!

Inmaculada: bye Roger and Susan

tony g: see you guys

schreinermusic: hahaha

David: Bye TexasSusan & (Roger), thanks for stopping by, hope to see you here again.

schreinermusic: Bye Tony...

David: Bye tony!

chrisloeb: see you tony, bye!

Inmaculada: I wonder why icecream

schreinermusic: we are thinning out...

Conchita67: ciao Tony@

Inmaculada: yep

Conchita67: everyone's going!

schreinermusic: there is a certain ice cream with a similar name

schreinermusic: pinacolada

Inmaculada: oh didnt know, oh yes I got that name before! lol what memories!

chrisloeb: Pina Colada is a drink, isn't it?

Inmaculada: yep it is a drink

schreinermusic: but also a sort of ice cream here

Conchita67: mmmmmmmmmmmm Pina Colada (thinks in Homer Simpson voice)

schreinermusic: lol

chrisloeb: not that I'm an expert in this field....

schreinermusic: austria....lol

Inmaculada: in a championsip everybody called me pi??lada cos they couldnt say my name right was funny

chrisloeb: but I'm hearing a new song now

David: isn't that a Barry Manilow song

chrisloeb: (singing) If you like Pina Colada...

Inmaculada: oh no please!

Conchita67: getting caught in the rain.....

schreinermusic: never heard of it...hahaha

schreinermusic: Chris is already dizzy....

chrisloeb: OMG

Inmaculada: thats not so funny!

Conchita67: Who was that by? Don't think it was Barry Manilow

David: god, don't cover every genre of music!! Dont' want to embarrass yourselves!!

Inmaculada: no Manilow sang Copacabana

schreinermusic: already done, David. Too late...lol

chrisloeb: as long as I'm in the boat, David.....


Inmaculada: it was something like Copa...Copacabana...

Conchita67: Rock the Boat, don't rock the boat baby....

chrisloeb: oh, it's getting better every minute!

Inmaculada: but you call me Inma, it's easier and shorter, but please.. no Irma, Inga or similar as I've been called! lol

chrisloeb: now I am dizzy

schreinermusic: Didn't know you are female....so sorry

chrisloeb: okay, La Douce, I won't call you Irma

Inmaculada: lol that's really funny!!!

schreinermusic: hahaha

Inmaculada: I mean the female thing!

schreinermusic: yeah...very hard to guess from the name...lol

Inmaculada: As I always say, hey it's not so hard, it didnt exist the adjective Immaculate? well here is also a name... female name

Conchita67: It beats all the Cheetah, where's Tarzan jokes anyday!

schreinermusic: Chris is male, in case someone?s not sure by now....hahahaha

Inmaculada: oh don't worry I guessed for the sound of your voice!

chrisloeb: Thanks for the flowers!

schreinermusic: i cant stop laughing here ...loooool

chrisloeb: both of you


Conchita67: you don't bring me flowers anymore...*anticipates being hit with tomatoes*

schreinermusic: i already talk like drunk....lol

chrisloeb: and I'm still dizzy (singing) I'm still dizzy, my head is...


Inmaculada: hey everybody ready! Chris is gonna faint!

Conchita67: ready

schreinermusic: stop it, stop it...i surrender ...LOOOL


schreinermusic: David already put his sunglasses on...hahaha

chrisloeb: no seriously - I can play that game for ages: Whenever you say something, find a song that fits the words or the moods of what you're saying... it's pretty crazy

David: ok guys, it's well past 6:00PM here, so am having to close things out - the next Monthly CHAT is on Sunday, September 24th at the usual time, 4:00PM EST

chrisloeb: okay, I'll stop then.....

David: nice to see you here Conchita67 and Inmaculada, hope to see you again sometime.

schreinermusic: thanks David, was an amazing chat today!!!

Inmaculada: ok

Conchita67: Bye David.....regards to Shirean

Inmaculada: same here

chrisloeb: Great chat, bye ladies! Bye David and bye Achim!

Inmaculada: have a good rest of day!

chrisloeb: good nite!

Inmaculada: oh god I have to wake up in 6 hours!

Conchita67: nite nite everyone!

schreinermusic: Bye too. Gotta leave. Bye Chris, David and all the ladies!!!

Inmaculada: nite everyone and thanks for the laughs

Conchita67: nite everyone....

schreinermusic: Good night, have a good sleep!

Inmaculada: nite

schreinermusic: Night, Pina

David: Bye for now!
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Old Aug-26-2006, 12:23 PM
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Possibly the best CHAT I've ever been part of ... apart from when Glenn comes along

I never laughed so much in ages.

You're all very special people.

Shirl's Sig:'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '
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Old Aug-27-2006, 6:13 AM
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It's been my first chat here but I laughed so much that I was stiff all over!!! and those B-day wishes were like a New Year celebration! pity the sounds cannot be transcripted! lol

Thanks to everybody! you rock!!!
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Old Aug-27-2006, 7:56 AM
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LOL....I´ve been to quite a few chats here before......but this one was indeed outstanding. LOL...when Chris and I meets...that´s mostly funny but with Grace, Shirl, Chip ect. ect. ect. this is nothing but a power package...hahahaha.
Thanks to the ladies for making our stay extremly comfortable...

cheers to everybody, Achim
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Old Aug-27-2006, 9:49 AM
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The funniest had to be towards the end of the time allotted for the chat...we were like obnoxious dinner guests that, even when the dishes have been washed, the floors swept and the host is in his pyjamas, we wouldn't take a hint about leaving!

It was great fun.....arrivederci in September!

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