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Old Jan-30-2005, 4:30 PM
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Icon20 CHAT with GLENN transcript - January 30th, 2005

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Thread Tools/Show Printable Version from the Toolbar above.

CHAT transcript - January 30th, 2005

David (Moderator): Hi everyone, thanks for coming, things will start shortly.

Rocksan: Hi David

Rocksan: Say hi to Shirean

Rocksan: you guys RAWK for doin this!!

HughTheMan: whats up

HughTheMan: Thanks for setting up the chat

Rocksan: It's ALL Happening!!

HughTheMan: So do I submit a question to you

Rocksan: lol no!

HughTheMan: I got into Hughes backwards...

Rocksan: i'm waiting too

HughTheMan: Ohhh

HughTheMan: I didnt even listen to deep purple

HughTheMan: Someone told me to get

Rocksan: whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

HughTheMan: Building the machine

HughTheMan: Yea isnt that crazy?

Rocksan: o wow

Rocksan: yes excellent

Rocksan: makes me KNOW there is hope for the future!!

HughTheMan: Yea because you got to understand something about classic rock and growing up. When someone forces it to you on the radio

HughTheMan: ou steer away from it

HughTheMan: you

Rocksan: now you have sooooo much to go back and listen too

HughTheMan: Yea...

HughTheMan: I did listen to the Deep Purple stuff..

Rocksan: have you had the pleasure of hearing any Trapeze??

HughTheMan: I havent heard any of the records without Glen though lol

HughTheMan: Oh I love that stuff

Rocksan: HI SHIREAN!!!

HughTheMan: Ive seen this name before lol

Shirean (Moderator): Hi everyone - Glenn will be here in a few minutes.

Rocksan: o god goooooooody!!

Rocksan: Shirean you rule for doing this

HughTheMan: So Glenn is releasing something with Iommi

HughTheMan: in May or fall?

HughTheMan: So how much better is the rerecorded drums on DEP sessions than the bootleg?

HughTheMan: can someone comment on that

Rocksan: Shirean, I have like a 3 part question/comment!!??

PeaceWithin: Hello everyone

PeaceWithin: did I miss the time?

HughTheMan: How does this work...

HughTheMan: you forgot the ",stupid" after your name Keepitsimple. You are supposed to capitalize on catch phrases ha

Rocksan: lol

KeepItSimple: That's implied. LOL

Rocksan: MAAY

David (Moderator): Hi everyone - Glenn is starting up his computer, has been watching the English football

Rocksan: kewl

HughTheMan: See I capitalized on a good t shirt name "HUGHdaman" That would be good for the U.S. market

Lost In The Zone: I am very excited for this.

PeaceWithin: Well lets party begin

HughTheMan: wow everybody is coming in

roberto: hi guys

BillyRowe: hey everyone


ken: hello everybody

David (Moderator): hi roberto - and everyone else too

David (Moderator): any second now - Shirean is yapping with Gabi

Rocksan: lol


Rocksan: funny

HughTheMan: Ive only been into Glenn since Building the machine I thought all classic rock/metal vocalists sounded like Steve Perry or Ronnie James Dio or Rob Halford etc lol I guess Hughes proved me wrong in a good way

BillyRowe: i discovered Glenn on the highlander 2 soundtrack. 'haunted'. excellent song

HughTheMan: really? See thats new to me...Glenn has so many sessions its like collecting baseball cards

HughTheMan: its never ending

BillyRowe: lol. tell me about it

HughTheMan: So is Hughes almost done the Iommi record?

HughTheMan: thats amazing how a boot can change things positively

BillyRowe: heard they were mixing it now

roberto: almost

tony g: hi tony g glad to talk with you all

HughTheMan: thats really cool. Why dont rock stations play him who are into Chris Cornell/Chris Robinson etc... that sort of thing. I dont understand... why Dj's avoid Glenn

Rocksan: Glenn - I really want you to sign this for me

HughTheMan: Dont they realize women will fall under a spell with his voice?

Chip: Hello, everyone.

Shirean (Moderator): Hi Chip

Kat: hey chip

BillyRowe: hey, chip

HughTheMan: Glenn doesnt autotune anything?I can see why he is a threat

Shirean (Moderator): Glad you got on Rockline the other night

HughTheMan: to many singers/musicians

HughTheMan: What did Glenn say on Rockline

Kat: they sure didn't take many calls

HughTheMan: So shirean do we go in order down the room name to answer questions

Chip: Yeah, I was surprised I got on. Good to hear you and Kat also.

PeaceWithin: Hello!!!

roberto: hi brother

BillyRowe: hey, Glenn

Lost In The Zone: Yes!

David (Moderator): Alright everyone - try and keep your questions one at a time, otherwise it gets chaotic

David (Moderator): OK, here we go!

Glenn Hughes: Hi Everyone

ken: Glenn, I can listen to Let It Go on repeat forever. It is the heaviest yet most beautiful song in your catalog. My request is now in to hear it live in may, hopefully on the eastcoast.

Rocksan: YES!!

Glenn Hughes: i can tell you that we are rehearsing half the soul mover album in the UK

HughTheMan: Glenn, I remember you said in a interview you wanted to work with Princes ex band NPG members. I know a dj friend who knows Michael B. I'd like to help you with this wish and I am sure Michael B/and the guys would leap at the chance. Where can I contact you to help bridge this collaboration sometime in the possible future?

Glenn Hughes: give your info to david and shirean and then when i get back from the tour i can deal with it.

HughTheMan: alright cool

Rocksan: Glenn

BillyRowe: hey Glenn, was just wondering if the infamous 'robin george sessions' were really coming out? heard a rumor that they might be your next 'from the archives' release. Thanks for 'soul mover' too. the album is awesome

roberto: what's about the black sabbath tour next summer?

tony g: hello Glenn i hope you come to chicago would be great

Glenn Hughes: black sabbath i really don't have detail on as yet.

PeaceWithin: How long you are planning to do this great work and with this tempo, are you tired after a very productive year that is behind us???

ken: I'm sitting in with my two cats here in ohio. They say Soulmover is the Ultimate Glenn! i agree, It has it all.

roberto: mmmm........

Glenn Hughes: i hope to get to chicago too. we are working on a small usa tour for may if at all possible.

b00tyfunk: i can hit da chitown sho

Rocksan: Hi Glenn!! Trapeze has fed my soul!!!! HOW HOW HOW, did you write "what is a woman's role"??!

b00tyfunk: ima wear my dep purple hat

tony g: thank you sir hope to see you

Glenn Hughes: i miss pookie and lamont

roberto: Glenn...

b00tyfunk: but now u got b00ty

Glenn Hughes: i had broken up with my first american girlfriend so it is autobiographical

Rocksan: i thot so

roberto: we will speak in switzerland about our business...

Rocksan: and the groove to "way back" O MY GAWD MAN!!

Glenn Hughes: give my love to daniela

roberto: yes...daniela is here on my behalf

Glenn Hughes: way back: my first attempt at hard funk. i think it paid dividends.spiritually if not financially!

roberto: she says hello to you and Gabi...and the cats of course

Rocksan: spiritually was a better PAY OFF!!

Rocksan: Well, I saw you here in Vegas last year at The Palms, remember!!??

b00tyfunk: yo, Glenn, any desire to work with Mike Slammer? i think it would be a good pairing

Rocksan: And, i got a couple of great pics of me and you

ken: Soul Mover covers every element of Glenn Hughes.

Glenn Hughes: i am stopping all outside projects except solo and iommi hughes at this time. i have to stay focused.

Rocksan: I really wanted signed by you to me, (personalized) not 4 ebay

Rocksan: can I mail it anywhere, for you to sign and mail back??

BillyRowe: totally agree with that comment ken

David (Moderator): An email question from Gustavo and many others in Brazil - Do you have plans for playing in Brazil in 2005?

b00tyfunk: what if NPG calls?

Glenn Hughes: soul mover is without a doubt the strongest record i hav emade in my sobriety years.

Glenn Hughes: it has already outsold any other record i have done in just 1 week.

Kat: cool

Glenn Hughes: we went top 20 in sweden this week

BillyRowe: awesome

roberto: good !!!!!

tony g: because it is great

Glenn Hughes: i love brazil. i hope to make it there.

PeaceWithin: I dont want to touch sensitive and painfull things Glenn, but,If Tommy is still with us, what do you think in wich direction his career would go with time and on wich level it would be???

roberto: also for the first time you will play in italy 4 times.

HughTheMan: Glenn, I just want to say the guy who got me into your music is sitting in this room:Bootyfunk. He said to buy Building the Machine and I listened to him and I said "Wheres my Ricky Martin" Haha. No, I really loved your record and I discovered you backwards. I had never heard Deep purple record with you before. So for me to hear these things you do musically I am not biased of a classic rock past. I do support your soul/funk endeavors. Thats what I wanted to just pay respect to your art with that antecdote of a friend who promoted you word of the mouth.

Glenn Hughes: tommy would have been playing some form of south american instrument. he was into fusion.

BillyRowe: hey Glenn, was wondering if you listen to any of richie kotzen's stuff?

Glenn Hughes: hi hugh, thank you for promoting the solo Glenn it means so much to me as i am embarking on a soul mover tour.

Glenn Hughes: i love richie kotzen. a very underestimated singer/songwriter.

b00tyfunk: maybe u sjhoulda called it solo mover

HughTheMan: solo mover groans:::

PeaceWithin: How much faith or "higher power" helped you to get out of hell taht you were in?

b00tyfunk: hey hugh, it was a funny

Glenn Hughes: 100% i had to completey surrender and let go all of my old behavior.

Glenn Hughes: which took me to the gates of insanity

PeaceWithin: so you are completely different person than DP Glenn?

tony g: Glenn i know what you mean on that one

Rocksan: Glenn, how many years you been sober?

roberto: 14

Glenn Hughes: i dont remember much about the 80's.

Rocksan: my mom celebrates 30 years next month!

Glenn Hughes: my time in dp was fast and furious.


David (Moderator): An email question from Maria in Russia - Does Glenn remember who came up with the band name "Trapeze" and what, if any, symbolic meaning was attached to it?


PeaceWithin: I understand that

Glenn Hughes: terry rowley the original keyboard player came up with the name trapeze.

Rocksan: great question

Scott: What do you think of Stevie Wonder finally releasing a new studio album after all these years?

Glenn Hughes: stevie wonder is my mentor. if it wasn't for him there probably wouldn't have been papa.

Chip: Hi Glenn - Why all the photos of Dave Navarro in the CD booklet and only one of JJ, and none of Ed? I'm assuming you had no control in that? JJ really deserves better. Otherwise, an almost perfect album. My favorite so far.

Chip: Hi Capt.

b00tyfunk: papa?

Glenn Hughes: jj wasn't here for the photo shoot.

captmidnite1962: good afternoon all!

Glenn Hughes: same with ed

BillyRowe: is the new phenomena album coming out by tom galley again, Glenn? and how many tracks did you sing on?

Kat: hi capt

Rocksan: Glenn, I would LOVE to see you cover "Hey Love"!!!

Glenn Hughes: otherwise it would have beendifferent.

Glenn Hughes: i have no idea when or if the new phenomena album will ever come out

captmidnite1962: Hello Glenn....just got Soul Mover...and it is a stunner..Thank you so much for all the new flavors!

ken: Children, get out on the High Road. Don't you wanna ride with me.... that's clever Funk

Glenn Hughes: i sang 3 songson phenomena. it sounds liek the first one.

PeaceWithin: How was it to do a record with Iommi again and isit going to be very different from 1996 DEP...

Chip: Speaking of covers....I'm still waiting for Sly Stone's 'If You Want Me To Stay'

BillyRowe: cool

roberto: i spoke with tony martin some time ago

Glenn Hughes: i love high road. it is one of the first songs i wrote on the record. giving me the power and permission to put the funk back in my music.

roberto: he played in italy...gallarate...eh eh

b00tyfunk: is iommi cool with your spirituality, if i may ask

Glenn Hughes: the new iommi hughes is a big huge spectacle rock extravaganza.

roberto: tony sang three songs too, in new phenomena

Glenn Hughes: it is a mind blower


Brad: From Now On, Blues, 7th Star and Burning Japan Live dont feature you playing bass. Well on Blues, you play half of the bass..What were the reasons you didnt play bass on these records and tours?

Glenn Hughes: and working with tony is always great.

Glenn Hughes: iommi is in the same place as i am spiritually

Glenn Hughes: we feed off each other.

PeaceWithin: REALLY

b00tyfunk: wow

KeepItSimple: Will there be a Stateside tour at all with Iommi?

roberto: tony told maybe just two songs will be on new phenomena...

Glenn Hughes: i must have been barking mad.

PeaceWithin: it s a very good news for me!

Glenn Hughes: and what was all that blonde.

Glenn Hughes: that was back when iwas letting other people tell me what to do and where

tony g: great cant wait for the album to come out

ken: I am so Glad you are playing Soulmover on this tour. it is all so fresh and new, and i am ready for it all.

BillyRowe: is the new iommi/hughes album similar to the dep sessions, or is it a completely new direction?

captmidnite1962: Sure..you said you were getting pulled in numerous directions at the time

Glenn Hughes: we will tour the usa. but i can't give you details until it is appropriate.

b00tyfunk: i think its time to see hughes in concert!!!

Rocksan: small intimate venues again??? PLEASE!!

Chip: Wolfy...is my room ready?

Glenn Hughes: billy, i just answered that question above. check it out.

HughTheMan: Glenn, do you think Classic Rock radio in general fails to recognize its soul roots in vocals because it would open the gates toward things like Isley Bros,Mandrill,Funkadelic and others that were just as forward thinking and as rockin and funky as Deep Purple and James Gang? Do you think there is segregation in this way?

tony g: i will be waiting Glenn hope it works out

BillyRowe: oops, sorry

wolfysmith: chip, i built the chest of drawers this afternoon!

David (Moderator): An email question from Tero in Finland - Glenn, have you heard about possibility to headline 2005 Tuska Open Air Festival here in Helsinki with Iommi/Hughes? If yes - will you do it and who would be in the live band?

ken: Your new bass guitar is beautiful. did you use it throughout on Soul Mover

Glenn Hughes: classic rock fits the format of white toast safe predictable for middle america. there is nothing wrong with that, but i am not a classic rock artist.

b00tyfunk: cues DEP

roberto: Glenn,do you know already the set list of soul mover tour?

Glenn Hughes: tero, i have no idea. all the iommi hughes business is handled by ralph baker at equator music.

Glenn Hughes: yes i know the set list but i won't tell you . hahahaha.

b00tyfunk: Glenn, why isnt your name on the DEP rekid? u belong there mon


wolfysmith: Glenn, i live in CANNOCK. any chance of you doing a signing/promo at the Rock Cafe or Bar Sport?

Glenn Hughes: the new bass is by manne guitars and it is amazing. it signifies the gh sound.

captmidnite1962: I think the "Classic rock" moniker is referring to artists with a track record...but artists who don't have anything current to offer..

Glenn Hughes: hi wolfy smith.

Glenn Hughes: i read your mail as you are my homeboy.i am too busy to do any signings on this tour as i am doing press or travelling on a daily basis.

PeaceWithin: Do you still own that Precision Bass that you playd on California Jam, and what do you think about those kind of basses in this era of active electronics basses

Glenn Hughes: no that bass got stolen on the way to tommy's funeral in chicago ohare aiport.

PeaceWithin: sorry to hear

wolfysmith: too bad. The Chase Post did a big spread on you for the SITKOR tour.

tony g: wow

Brad: That's terrible

Glenn Hughes: i love my old p and jazz basses . i am a collector. i have a '62 jazz w/the price tag still on it and the original strings. it is priceless


captmidnite1962: OMG..that must be a breathtaking instrument!

b00tyfunk: id like an answer once in awhile >

Glenn Hughes: i have just done an interview with the express and star

b00tyfunk: (sits in corna)

Rocksan: Glenn, I would love to hear you sing with Carole King

Glenn Hughes: it is on the DEP record.

Glenn Hughes: it was tony's session. but my name and photo are on it.

wolfysmith: Any idea when it will appear? i never buy it. i could get a copy scanned and put up on the site

Glenn Hughes: i love carole king.

Rocksan: yes she is your female counterpart

Glenn Hughes: i assume the article will appear closer to the day of the show.

roberto: ciao matteo

Matteo: ciao Glenn & Gabi

Matteo: ciao rob

BillyRowe: i noticed you wrote more songs on 'soul mover' by yourself this time. was kinda wondering what prompted that as i think you write most of your best material that way. 'change yourself' really meant a lot to

ken: I loved Return of Chrystal Karma. especially, Its Alright. I hear some of that same groove on Soul Mover.

tony g: wolfy smith posts some of the best info on ghpg

wolfysmith: Glenn, Express and Star has its own website so i will check it each day till the show at JB's.

Glenn Hughes: an old friend of mine 10 yrs ago told me that one day i would write more of my own songs and this will signify to your fans who you are as an artist.

Scott: I agree with Ken

Glenn Hughes: and this it.

wolfysmith: Thanks tony

Chip: Glenn, looking forward to seeing you in Dudley and London in a few days. Take care.

BillyRowe: excellent

b00tyfunk: any chance of a supergroup after the super duo of iommi/

Glenn Hughes: change yourself is one of the best songs i have written ever. i beg you to please read the lyric.it might concern you ro someone you know.

BillyRowe: i totally agree, Glenn

David (Moderator): An email question from Angel in Spain - will we see you again in Spain during the "Soul Mover Tour 2005"?

Glenn Hughes: regarding the ROCK comment: thank you. i love the soul rock section of the album. i refuse to hide thefunk any longer.

ken: Nothing lasts forever but the Song.

Glenn Hughes: i will come to spain in 2005. i just don't have exact dates yet. keep checking the website for news.

PeaceWithin: Glen you are one of the most positive artists I have ever seen i my life, also very dedicated to the people who likes your music, this is just one of the proofs, thanx for all that positivity, many times some of your songs helped me to get over things easier, together with my higher power!

tony g: play it the way you want Glenn

Matteo: you've not to hide the funk, you're the funk master;-)

Glenn Hughes: regarding supergroup question: never say never.

roberto: what do you think about queen with paul rodgers ?

Glenn Hughes: brian roger and paul are friends of mine.

Glenn Hughes: i wish them all the best.

wolfysmith: Glenn, any chance of seeing you in The Padma before the first show?

Rocksan: Glenn - I really want you to sign this for me

Glenn Hughes: wolfy, i am crazy about the padma but every time i go in there i get a bit of a commotion so it is better to take away.

roberto: yes, i know...also i think paul rodgers is a great vocalist, but i think you are the best vocalist for the queen songs....

Glenn Hughes: it is better not to eat indian food before i sing.

Rocksan: lol

PeaceWithin: hahaha

HughTheMan: Glenn, what became of the Don Dokken sessions do you think that will be finalized as a archive release? Just wondering


b00tyfunk: birani anyone

Rocksan: Rodgers and Queen......Oil and Water?

Glenn Hughes: thoseare some mighty big platforms to fill.

Glenn Hughes: i don't remember the dokken sessions.

Brad: I have a question regarding the Soulfully Live DVD, it's great but in some parts the sound and picture quality is just terrible. I have the 2 disc album as well and I enjoy that very much, but I am dissapointed when I watch the DVD because I beleive it could have been much better. Have you seen the DVD and what do you think about certain parts of the quality?

Glenn Hughes: somehow in production they screwed up. that is the truth. i did not see it until it was all done.

Glenn Hughes: they are going to make sure in the next run that everything is perfect. but rest assured i was pissed off.


b00tyfunk: prince's ONA dvd was a messto, such a shame when that happens

Glenn Hughes: in hindsight i should have waited a year to do the dvd.

BillyRowe: does that mean you're thinking of doing another dvd fairly soon? soul mover tour perhaps

Anthony Tyler: Yeah...Chad's kick drum on the DVD nearly threw my sub-woofer into coniptions!

ken: Another DVD down the road?

wolfysmith: Glenn, what happened to the shows filmed on the SITKOR tour?

Glenn Hughes: i am not planning to do another dvd this year. i hope to do one someday.

Glenn Hughes: they were recorded and that cd will be sold on this tour.

Anthony Tyler: All in all, any opportunity to finally have documented live footage is great. Especially here in Rockville, Maryland.

Glenn Hughes: any film that was shot was for personal use only.

captmidnite1962: Rockville?? I am not far from there!

Shirean (Moderator): hi tom

Glenn Hughes: the album is called Freak Flag Flyin-live in the UK

PeaceWithin: Is it going to be HTP 3 maybe?

brothertom: hi everybody. hi Glenn!

Anthony Tyler: Another Marylander?

Glenn Hughes: there will not be an HTP3. i am done.

captmidnite1962: I am in Virginia..

Glenn Hughes: hi brother tom.

Brad: Did you and Joe Lynn have differences or do you feel that it is just time to move on past that?

b00tyfunk: i vote to try new things

Glenn Hughes: joe lynn and i are the best of friends. we did not have differences.

captmidnite1962: I will always be grateful for the 2 HTP studio CD's....

brothertom: so has everybody got their Soul Mover already?

b00tyfunk: i am in the USA is it out here?

captmidnite1962: I got mine friday

tony g: yes Glenn i have to say that i loved htp but if you say it is done ok

Glenn Hughes: i did not want to confuse you and myself any longer withthe music i was writing for HTP. it was becoming generic.

BillyRowe: yep

ken: The demo with Cantrell, will it make the big Screen?

captmidnite1962: I ordered ii as an import from NEH Records

Anthony Tyler: Glenn, will there ever be a tour of clubs or theaters or arenas in the states? I know you've probably been asked a million times already...

brothertom: mine is supposed to be en route

Glenn Hughes: there are moments on both records such as on the ledge and talk about it later and fade away and better man burnign the skythat i love

Scott: Last I looked Soul Mover is not going to be realeased until Feb. 22. Sure would like to hear it.

BillyRowe: gotta fly. be cool Glenn

Glenn Hughes: the problem is, that i didn't get to perform the songs that i wanted to live, with the band i wanted.

Matteo: lost dreams is a great song

Anthony Tyler: Speaking of bands...Glenn what would your dream line up be?

Glenn Hughes: the demo with chad and jerry has to get to sony studios as soon as we approve the mix and then keep your fingers crossed. the director asked us to do this song himself so that is good.

Rocksan: divine intervention how you and Chad hooked up??!!

roberto: lost dreams........mmmmmhhhhhhh fantastic

Glenn Hughes: the album is not coming out feb 22nd.

Glenn Hughes: early march now.

brothertom: i missed the info on the demo. what is that?

Glenn Hughes: i have my dream band line up right now


Anthony Tyler: I like that answer. Great.

Matteo: ;-)

PeaceWithin: did you have any invitations from Croatia maybe, cause I see you coming to Slovenia?

Glenn Hughes: there are no mistakes in gods world. chad smith is really my wife.

b00tyfunk: ahem

Anthony Tyler: You know...now that you mention that...

Rocksan: lol, yes i certainly agree after seeing yous

captmidnite1962: JJ is just fabulous on Soul Mover.....

David (Moderator): Tom - you'll find it in the transcript later

b00tyfunk: wait wait lol your wife? lol

David (Moderator): An email question from Richard in the UK - will Chad Smith make it over for any of the UK gigs?

Glenn Hughes: jj is a fantastic guitar player and my little brother.

Anthony Tyler: There is definitely chemistry between you and Chad Glenn. It's written all over your latest.

Rocksan: Glenn I see you have studied rule #62!!

Glenn Hughes: chad is busy recording with the peppers right now and his wife is due to have a baby around feb 25th. but he wants you al lto know that he & i will tour the uk

Rocksan: AND THE US??

Glenn Hughes: we are hoping to do something in may

b00tyfunk: tour sheds in the summa

Rocksan: excellent

Matteo: jj is perfect guit player for Glenn 'cause he can follow every new direction of big daddy....in sitkor he was so 70s, now his guitar is so modern, crazy...great jj

KeepItSimple: Will Freak Flag Flyin be available at the shows only? Or will it be available elsewhere (online)?

Anthony Tyler: You now have five new fans in Syracuse, New York. My sister, My two Aunts, and my Nephew who is fifteen. He absolutely loves your music. From Play Me Out to Soul Mover...

tony g: great hope you come this way

Glenn Hughes: freak flag will be available on tour only right now.

brothertom: fantastic! will that be bi-coastal, or will we see you in the midwest, too? (i hope)

Anthony Tyler: oh and my Uncle...that would be five.

Glenn Hughes: jj was sent from god to me.

captmidnite1962: What a find JJ is...

captmidnite1962: Ansd such a humble, funny gentleman too..

ken: Bring us more video. Soul mover in the desert was cool

Glenn Hughes: i am jj's biggest supporter.

b00tyfunk: Glenn what is your take on religious differences and what do u consider to be divine truth?

wolfysmith: JJ is recordind a solo album, have you had any invlolvment?

Rocksan: lol

Glenn Hughes: it is a spiritual path that i walk.

Glenn Hughes: i will hear jj's album next week.

from the hill of voodoo: any plans to do any recordings with coverdale or john sykes

Glenn Hughes: chad told jj that he hopes it is not a hair and teeth album.

Rocksan: lol

HughTheMan: Glenn, you seem to have in the past had your darkness with addiction now it seems D'angelo is caught with controlled substance and smokin marijuana while in a vehicle. What words of advice do you have for D'angelo since he seems to have hit the wall this time being arrested a second time . Thank U and I will pass it to D on his message board and I am sure you will pray for him

Glenn Hughes: i have no plans to record with coverdale or sykes at this time.

Anthony Tyler: Glenn was the Soul Mover video produced for MTV and the like? Or was it done for other reasons?

Glenn Hughes: i pray that he finds his higher power. i pray now he must surrender that he must turn his life and will over

wolfysmith: The video is fantastic Glenn.

b00tyfunk: whats strange is dangelos father is a bishop

PeaceWithin: are you in good relations with coverdale?

Glenn Hughes: we have sent it out to all the MTV stations.

Glenn Hughes: and music stations in every country

captmidnite1962: I am glad that frontier put the video on the disc!

Glenn Hughes: i am in good relations with coverdale, yes.

roberto: i'm waiting for to see it on mtv italy

Rocksan: frontier is a great label

David (Moderator): One last tour stop question via email from Marianne in Holland - are you not coming to Holland for this tour - why not?

Glenn Hughes: roberto i look forward to coming to my sacred home, italy.

Matteo: a videao and a song like that can do la lot....fantastic...

b00tyfunk: Glenn outside your own players, who is your alltime favorite guitar player?

roberto: we are waiting for you and Gabi...

Glenn Hughes: i am not coming to holland because no one wants to pay for me to come.

Matteo: we waiting for you big daddy

roberto: it's a shame

Glenn Hughes: i want to lpay either paradiso or milk veg but i dont' have an agent in holland.

Matteo: we neeeeeeed you

tony g: how about your favorite bass player Glenn?

Glenn Hughes: jeff beck. always has been

b00tyfunk: stop the big daddy talk pls u know who u r

b00tyfunk: woa i love beck

roberto: here in italy, some venues, announced fake dates about you

Glenn Hughes: andy fraser from free for bass

from the hill of voodoo: will we hear all the 18 tracks that you have recorded with tony iommi and are you confident we will see you tour with him

Glenn Hughes: sorry about the fake date in bergamo

tony g: cool

wolfysmith: Any chance of appearing on a bill as the support for the Chilli Peppers? They had some massive outdoor shows here last year

PeaceWithin: how do you keep your head straight and your spirit clean in the world of showbusiness?

roberto: bergamo and rome in different days

Glenn Hughes: 18 songs written, 1 4 songs recorded with tony.

Matteo: no matter we'll be in milan, rome, bologna, switzerland,etc...;-))

b00tyfunk: whos the drummer?

Glenn Hughes: it is up to the agents and managers of the chili peppers who would appear.

Glenn Hughes: i insist on loads of laughter to keep my spirit clean in show business.l have been given a life beyond my wildest dreams

PeaceWithin: i belive you

ken: Hope some US dates do come about in May.I will See you there. God Bless!

wolfysmith: very diplomatic!

b00tyfunk: how do u like being called big daddy by one of your fans, if i may ask

Rocksan: Glenn, your humbleness and gratitude is overflowing....Really. It shows onstage and I want to THANK YOU for that.

Glenn Hughes: i call myself big daddy in the 3rd person. so i don't mind if anyone calls me that. although the term comes from a time when i was twice the size i am now.

Matteo: yes Glenn is my big dad

PeaceWithin: haha



Glenn Hughes: thank you rocksan.

b00tyfunk: i lvoe it when they call me big papa

PeaceWithin: is it true that you called yourself a God during a DP era?

wolfysmith: Glenn, What did you think of the Wolves performance against Arsenal?

Glenn Hughes: i used to call myself god but that used to piss him off.

b00tyfunk: Glenn what do u think of larry graham crediting production of his albums to God?

Glenn Hughes: this is a JOKE

from the hill of voodoo: will we ever hear any voodoo hill numbers live ..your last VH cd was excellent

brothertom: like you said, ya gotta have laughter!!

Glenn Hughes: none of my business what larry does.

Glenn Hughes: i will never play voo doo hill live

Anthony Tyler: Glenn, if given the opportunity, would you consider recording with Stevie Wonder (or have you already)?

wolfysmith: And do you think Glenn Hoddle is the man for the job?

Glenn Hughes: i sat in on a session with stevie. in the 70;s. in songs in the key of live. of course i would record with him.

Rocksan: WOW

Rocksan: we need that


Rocksan: big time, you and Stevie

Glenn Hughes: hoddle: 100% i met him at the milwall game on his first day

b00tyfunk: stevie has been working on his rekid for yrs

HughTheMan: Glenn, do you agree american Mtv is like a mafia and unless you kiss the godfathers rings they wont let you on these days no matter who you associate with or how amazing you are?

tony g: are you on that album Glenn?

Matteo: it would be fantastic!!!

Glenn Hughes: i sat in the directors box.

Anthony Tyler: To be honest Glenn, I pray for that to happen...may sound silly, but I've often wondered what that collaboration would produce...I get chills...

Glenn Hughes: guys my ageeven chad's and dave's age barely make it to mtv.

b00tyfunk: prince made it at 46

PeaceWithin: are you familiar with blackmore's present work and what do you think about it?

b00tyfunk: on mtv

Esther: Hi all!!! Hi Glenn!!!

HughTheMan: But there is hope Dylan......

wolfysmith: Hey, where was my invite? I'm taking Chip to Molineux while he's over with me

ken: How about a duet with Al Green. That would be wild

Glenn Hughes: you gotta be some handmade ****e that can't sing tht is 18 yearsold and cna't put a sentence together.

Glenn Hughes: it is all about money

Glenn Hughes: hi esther.

Anthony Tyler: You never know though Glenn. MTV may pull their heads out of the REAL WORLD...ah...who am I kidding?

Esther: hi!! Nice to see you again... virtually

annbur: Hey All. this is Ann & Christian from Canada

Glenn Hughes: i love al green.

annbur: how are you all?

from the hill of voodoo: do you plan any more studio work with voodoo hill

Glenn Hughes: hi ann and christian.

b00tyfunk: mtv isnt even a music channel, so who cares,

annbur: HI

Glenn Hughes: i have no voo doo hill plans at this time. i am so busy with my own stuff.

annbur: hope all is well with u and Gabi

PeaceWithin: i agre with bootyfunk

Glenn Hughes: things are great with us.


Rocksan: Glenn, it would be a shame to put your music in with all the "Tosser Knob" Sh@t on MTV!

Glenn Hughes: the dogs are going mad right now.

annbur: groovy

annbur: lol



annbur: our dogs are snuggling with us

Glenn Hughes: LOVE the tosser knob ****e comment!!

annbur: we're watching BLues Bros.

b00tyfunk: waht kind of dogs u got, i ha
ve a bullmastiff

Rocksan: lol, i got that from ROGER EARL!

Glenn Hughes: the drummer in foghat.

annbur: soul mover is excellent Glenn!

Glenn Hughes: thanks ann

Glenn Hughes: i thought you might like it.

Anthony Tyler: Boogie Motel...great record

b00tyfunk: slooooo ride!!!

annbur: thank-you!!

Rocksan: yes Glenn, my fav

Matteo: so deep album

HughTheMan: Rocksan, but if a ambitious VJ did take a turn ......Im sure Glenn would feel it. Glenn, Im gonna send your stuff to Air America radio so you can be profiled on their station. Kyle Jason has 40 affiliates with his show and satellite radio. Groovy huh?

Glenn Hughes: great rocksan.

annbur: Can I send you my new cd Glenn?

PeaceWithin: what do you think about Jorn Lande?

Matteo: i cannot rexist to listen to it to discover something new

Glenn Hughes: sure.

annbur: cool

Glenn Hughes: i like jorn's hair.

annbur: where 2?

PeaceWithin: hahahaha

Matteo: it a long jurney cd

Glenn Hughes: P O Box 2207, Redondo Beach, CA 90278 USA

annbur: thanks

Rocksan: Yes Hugh, I would LOVE for the VOCAL MASTER to get the money, but my gawd the osmosis would be smelly!

from the hill of voodoo: i remember you were due to tour with michael schenker a few years back ..what happened ..i have still got my ticket!

Glenn Hughes: micheal went barking mad.

b00tyfunk: lol

from the hill of voodoo: oh dear not again!

Glenn Hughes: he broke his arm in a bar fracas in mexico

b00tyfunk: shank the schenker

tony g: Glenn thank you for the great singing great songs and great bass lines hope tro see you soon

Glenn Hughes: that is the story anyway.

wolfysmith: He still is mad by all accounts

ken: Have you heard Jeff Kollman's CD?

Glenn Hughes: he is one sandwich short of a picnic.

Rocksan: Glenn I grew up in manhattan beach

annbur: LOL

Glenn Hughes: i love jeff. he is a s mad as a hatter. i have not heard his cd

Matteo: i'm proud to be a gh with an album like soul mover!

Rocksan: is that Redondo address where i can send this pic of me and you for you to sign for me?

Glenn Hughes: yes

b00tyfunk: what kinda dogs u got mon

Rocksan: right on, thank you


Glenn Hughes: 2 long haird chihuahuas.

Glenn Hughes: that would be "haired"

b00tyfunk: u need a bullmastiff

Glenn Hughes: lily and wolfie

Rocksan: and what about singing Stevie's, "HEY LOVE" when you get back here in Vegas??!! K?

brothertom: so, the cats rule the roost?

David (Moderator): If you missed the address as it scrolled by, it'll be in the transcript, plus it's in the back of the Soul Mover CD booklet

roberto: lily, i remember lily

Glenn Hughes: i don't think i need a mastiff

PeaceWithin: When you look on it now, what do you think about last concert in japan and this time..live releases?Andd may I also send you pic to sign?

roberto: i have some pics...

annbur: why not a Mastiff?!!

annbur: the dogs could ride on it's back

annbur: the cats too!

Glenn Hughes: we have 2 cats now

b00tyfunk: calm down ann

Esther: Somebody would probably asked you this before - sorry, I was late but... when will we see you in Spain again? and why we're not included in the Soul Mover tour yet??

annbur: ok. so i lov big dogs!

wolfysmith: Glenn, how much does it annoy you when every one spells your name Glen on tickets etc

b00tyfunk: me too

annbur: cool

b00tyfunk: bullmastiff, names shaka, after the warlard shaka zulu

Glenn Hughes: we are working on spain as mentioned earlier.

Scott: Glenn, your talent continues to progress and blossom over time, as it does with other seasoned musicians. It is a crying shame the American music industry does not want to acknowledge this.

annbur: what about Canada?


ken: Jeff K is singing now too, and quite well. He has learned from the Best.

Anthony Tyler: The American Music Industry is afraid to ackowledge Glenn. The older the rulers get, the shorter the skirts get...

b00tyfunk: i hate it when my name is mispelled and its not in marquee

Glenn Hughes: i have not toured usa solo and now that i have a great record label and the right record i am doing everything i can to change that

PeaceWithin: Aerican Industri have Fred freakin Durst

HughTheMan: Glenn Im thinking Bootsy collins and you would be good photo at NAMM and plus I think Bootsy on a Hughes project would be the bizzomb. Did you almost call Bootsy ever?

b00tyfunk: fred is a bonified goon

Glenn Hughes: no plans for canada yet but never say never. soul mover will released there of course.

Matteo: i'm sure in america soul mover can do a lot with sanctuary, isn't it Glenn??

Anthony Tyler: The bizzomb?

annbur: ok.

Glenn Hughes: yes.

annbur: we'll just have to come there again!

annbur: we loved L.A.

Esther: I hope to see you soon, in spite of I haven't written too much in forum recently (too much busy these days)

Kat: cool ann

HughTheMan: Anthony it means "Cool" basically. Its Slanguage

b00tyfunk: lets not forget who runs sanctuary, a dynamo

annbur: thanks again so much for having us Glenn

Glenn Hughes: bootsy collins: i like him.

Anthony Tyler: No...I got it. It just scared me that's all.

annbur: hi Kat

Glenn Hughes: i love his effects.

b00tyfunk: don b skurred

wolfysmith: I have Bootsy on video from old BBC Rock School series

Kat: mine was over quick LOL

annbur: no singing for awhile

annbur: good!

b00tyfunk: ask god for strength my sista

Kat: that sucks ann, but it will be better after

annbur: will do bro!

from the hill of voodoo: Glenn,what were the main differences to the way you recorded SOUL MOVER material from your other solo stuff

Matteo: Glenn, my wife valentina wants to know what do u think of your new manne bass?

PeaceWithin: an what do you think about digital recording compared to analog?

annbur: the bass looks gorgeous!

Glenn Hughes: i did soul mover live in the studio at chad's request. best thing we could have done

Anthony Tyler: ...and will the new signature series be available in the states?

Glenn Hughes: analog is better

annbur: live is always great. best vibe!

b00tyfunk: glen any chance of cutting your mane off?

Rocksan: wow Chad's request

Rocksan: kewl

Glenn Hughes: manne is available in the states. i am sure all the info is on their website.

annbur: don't cut it!!

Anthony Tyler: Thank you.

HughTheMan: I can see Glenn remaking the Neptunes Frontin. Jamie Cullum is a short pudgy kid Making a loud version of that would be the jon blaze.

b00tyfunk: i think u should shave ya head, the chix will like it

Glenn Hughes: regarding my mane: i have moments when i wan to cut it off and then my wife stops me.

Kat: lol

Rocksan: GOOD GIRL

annbur: thanks Gabi!!

annbur: lol

Matteo: eh eh eh ;-)))

from the hill of voodoo: it has got a real VIBE ABOUT IT ..NEVER STOPPED PLAYING IT SINCE LAST WEEK

b00tyfunk: i cut my mane off and now i shave it, i love it

Rocksan: Yep YOU GO Gabi!!

roberto: beam

Kat: my son saw your pic with the short hair and said that's not Glenn LOL

annbur: lol

annbur: he looks great either way

annbur: but the long is rockin

Glenn Hughes: thanks ann

Rocksan: uhm

b00tyfunk: i mispelled ya name on purpose i wantd to see if u would flip out sorry u didnt

annbur: you're welcome!

PeaceWithin: Glenn what amps and bass "effects"
you prefer

Matteo: valentina says thanks and send love to you and Gabi

Rocksan: boys with short hair suck

brothertom: i got a pic of GH w/short hair hanging on the wall

Glenn Hughes: i use many amps.

brothertom: been a little while, i guess

Glenn Hughes: on this tour i will use ampeg and lany

wolfysmith: at least you got rid of the dodgy moustache LOL

Glenn Hughes: laney

Rocksan: lol wolfy

Glenn Hughes: i also like hughes and kettner

annbur: Glenn, I have some stuff for JJ. can i send it to the same address?

Matteo: laney are great amps with a warm feel-love them

Rocksan: Glenn, do you know Lanny Cordola??

Rocksan: guitar player

Glenn Hughes: i use exclusively effects by DIGITECH. the FUNK wah thing you hear is an effect i call the green goblin.

Glenn Hughes: you can order it

Kat: hi shirl

annbur: Hi Shirl! Ann here.

Matteo: really? where?

Esther: Hi Shirl!! Nice to see you here

Glenn Hughes: it is called the bass synth envelope pedal

roberto: hi shirl

Shirl: Hi girls - have I missed much

from the hill of voodoo: Glenn, HOW MUCH NEW STUFF ARE YOU GOING TO PLAY ON NEW TOUR

ken: The Green Goblin on Soulfully Live was Awesome

annbur: lots!

b00tyfunk: i like lanny cordola, hes back with house of lords

PeaceWithin: Thanx, also do you use Digitech compressor, bass squezze?

wolfysmith: Glenn, Mel Galley always comes to your JB's shows. Cant you persuade him to come on for the encore at least?

Shirl: Hi Roberto, love to Daniela x

Anthony Tyler: Glenn, I want to take the opportunity to thank you for sharing your gifts with all of us. I've been listening to since the Gary Moore - Out In The Fields days and I must say I look forward to many more years of great music. Thank you Glenn.

wolfysmith: Hi Shirl. Keep meaning to mail you!

roberto: daniela sayd hello

Glenn Hughes: i knew lanny when he housesat for me in the 80's

Shirl: I have had to come to a friend's house to come on here - problems with home PC - so can't stay on long.

Rocksan: Yeah, frontier released a flop by them....without gregg guiffria

HughdaMan: Glenn, please tell Vince Neil when you see him that I never got to see that boxing match wit him and Axl

brothertom: Glenn, will you have ongoing involvement with Bolin-fest?

Glenn Hughes: i use all the digitech stuff in my home studio.

annbur: i have all the Angel Albums- records! scary!

Rocksan: No Way Glenn, when his band BB$ was kickin??!

annbur: how old am I anyway?!! yikes!

Rocksan: BB4 i mean

Rocksan: at the marquee in seal beach

Shirl: Is Gabi here?

b00tyfunk: age is nuttin but a numba

HughdaMan: Ann Bur:Answer this question Do you know who Lita Ford is?

Shirean (Moderator): yes Shirl - I'm talking to her

annbur: hope you all know that was Guiffria's old band

annbur: oh yes

Glenn Hughes: if i do bolilnfest again it will have to be more organised. i won't work with the tommy bolin foundation again.

HughdaMan: Well join the old club we are all waiting to meet you

b00tyfunk: Glenn what did u think of
princes guitar solo on the hall of fame show?

wolfysmith: Shirl, which shows are you coming to?

annbur: Glenn, can i send the stuff for JJ to the Redondo address?

HughdaMan: Glenn, name one woman currently out who you would wish to do a duet with? Michelle Branch is forever excluded from this list.... Thank U

Shirl: Dudley, Sheffield, Bradford, Northants

Glenn Hughes: never saw it. i love prince. it isn't about princes solos.he has a spiritual connection. my wife saw him last year and said he was great.

Kat: I'm jealous Shirl LOL

annbur: saw Prince in Toronto. good show

Glenn Hughes: yess to send jj stuff to me

b00tyfunk: i saw his show to, i gotta agree

annbur: thanks Glenn

Shirl: Yes Kat - would be awesome if you could be there with me!

Glenn Hughes: i am not up on the current bird singers

PeaceWithin: what do you think about latest DP record if you are familiar with it, and do you like steve morse style?

annbur: what about me?!! LOL

Shirl: Of course Ann - you too! LOL

annbur: lol

Glenn Hughes: i like steve morse.

roberto: i got your number eh eh eh

Glenn Hughes: i don't know anything about the cd i haven't listened to it.

roberto: i will give you Glenn.

PeaceWithin: steve is totally opposite vibe than blackmore

HughdaMan: I like Yngwie Malmsteen because anyone who plays really fast is the BEST in the world ROCK ON RISING FORCE!!

Glenn Hughes: i saw them at the greek theatre -i went with chad. they played some new songs.they werent' memorable

wolfysmith: JJ is a far better guitarist than Morse in my opinion.

Glenn Hughes: jj rules.

annbur: yup!


David (Moderator): An email question from Barry in Texas - I saw you in Houston a few years ago - you sounded like you were running through an echo chamber system, and just wondered if you did shows without that. I felt it took away from the vocals.

Matteo: wolfysmith you're right!!!!!!

wolfysmith: Morse has run out of ideas for riffs & solos

HughdaMan: JJ is cool but I think Fred Durst can rip the axe with his red hat in tow and JJ will be wowed out so much he will join Limp Bizkit

Glenn Hughes: some prat must have been behind the board in

from the hill of voodoo: THANKS Glenn FOR YOUR TAKING TIME OUT WITH US ..C U ON TOUR

Glenn Hughes: houston

annbur: i think "prat" is my new favorite word. lol

wolfysmith: Bananas was their worst album - EVER

Matteo: i've got a lot of jj's solos to sing on...they're like small songs in a song....but....can you really remember a solo by steve???

Glenn Hughes: to be honest with you, DP was such a long time ago. i have nothing in common with their music now.

annbur: true!!

roberto: right

Shirl: Anyhow - I didn't have a question as such Glenn, just a quick hi to you and Gabi and to let you know that I'm really REALLY pleased and proud that you're at this point in your career - you've worked so hard over the last few years - your time is most definitely now. I look forward to catching up with you in two weeks' time. To hear SM live will be awesome! Love to you and Gabi. Is she coming over this time? xx

annbur: your's is better!

ken: When you mentioned soppy prat, it recalled Steve Marriott. Did you know him?

Matteo: tratratratratratratratratratra...they sound all the same way

HughdaMan: Glenn did you ever run into the Oasis brothers and did Liam ever try to have a go with you? I think Classic Rock needs more scuffles like in the rap world. I am endorsing Glenn to knock Liam the duck out

captmidnite1962: "You Soppy Prat"?

wolfysmith: DP are getting worse every year, whereas Glenn just gets better and better

Brad: You recently saw Deep Purple didnt you? I remember seeing a picture of you and Roger and Don Airey together. What did you think of them then?

annbur: yup!!

PeaceWithin: I agree

Matteo: deep purple, for me, it's STORMBRINGER!

Glenn Hughes: i knew steve marriott. i loved him

Matteo: roberto, isn't it?

PeaceWithin: BURN for me

roberto: yes....stormbringer

Glenn Hughes: i knew his alter ego called melvin. he was a bad assl cockney singing fool. and ilove that little bastard.

roberto: mk3 and mk4

b00tyfunk: why r fans still stuck on deep purple? purple as a color has bad spiitual connotatio

wolfysmith: Glenn, is there anyone from the seventies you DIDNT know? LOL

annbur: lol

brothertom: but the music was good

captmidnite1962: A room would get trashed..and Steve would blame it on Melvin...

ken: What the hell is a Prat?

Matteo: deep purple for me it's....seeing Glenn with a white dress & big platform boots...on the ontario motor speedway stage....

annbur: LOL!

HughdaMan: Talkin about deep purple all the time reminds me why Prince disbanded the revolution. Cuz afta while its a dead horse. Please dont beat the dead horse

PeaceWithin: hehehehe


David (Moderator): UK-US translation....Prat=Idiot - similar to 'twat'

captmidnite1962: I think it is derived from pratfall...

Glenn Hughes: when i came out of the bathroom he and buddy miles were rolling around my living room fighting

captmidnite1962: You know..taking a pratfall..

HughdaMan: Glenn continue on with your path and I pray you will have a album with Tower of Power horns

annbur: that would be cool!

Glenn Hughes: love those skanksters.

wolfysmith: Glenn, what do you think of tribute bands. they are all the rage over here

PeaceWithin: tha bass youbplayed on soulfully live...is it newreissue of fender 70's jazz model?

captmidnite1962: Tower Of Power are great!

annbur: the name says it all

Glenn Hughes: it is a 75 reissue hand picked for me by the custom shop.

ken: If a prat=idiot what is a soopy prat?

annbur: a big time idiot!

roberto: in italy was born the first Glenn hughes tribute band

captmidnite1962: *laughing

brothertom: a GH tribute band? bout time!!

Matteo: they're brilliant!

b00tyfunk: i hate tribute bands

ken: Oops soppy not soopy

HughdaMan: Glenn since you are in LA do you keep it GANGSTAH? You know you were dying to hear that question

annbur: we know!

brothertom: any place to hear samples of that?

wolfysmith: i saw Deepest Purple and the bass player was wearing your flared white suit!

roberto: italy,...is full of tribute bands

Matteo: too much tribute bands

Shirl: Sorry gang - must be off - see you soon Shirean and David - and a few others! Love to you Glenn, and to Gabi xx

Glenn Hughes: maybe he got the suit out of my dad's attic

psychokatkiller: pardon me, but i saw houston just a moment ago as i joined...Glenn does that you will be visiting us down here in Texas?


annbur: LOL

annbur: how are your parents?

Glenn Hughes: no plans for texas yet, but keep your eyes peeled.

brothertom: was there a few years back on the Texas tour

Glenn Hughes: the folks are great

annbur: good!

wolfysmith: Glenn, how often do you read the posts here on David & Shireans excellent site?

captmidnite1962: Hmm..just like I bet Lou Carrier tried on your platform shoes when no one was around!!

HughdaMan: Glenn, can fans write to venues to bring you to their town? Will this help? Or will it be pointless to do so? We'd like to help

Glenn Hughes: every day we read the site

annbur: really?

annbur: that's cool

Glenn Hughes: i think lou did try them on.

Kat: lol

Esther: Well, have to go (i've to do an exam tomorrow). I just wanted to say hello to all (David, Shirl, Shirean, Kat) and, of course, to Glenn, wishing you all the best and sending you my love, in spite of I'm vey ashamed of being missing a lot of time (I'm sorry, hope that you can forgive me). Kisses and Love. Cya

Glenn Hughes: he was probably wearing elvis' suit with them

annbur: lol

ken: How would you compare Chad to Ian Paice. they both are unreal.


captmidnite1962: Oh no..that is a frightening visual!

Kat: bye esther

Glenn Hughes: all typos are the fault of my wife.

Kat: lol

annbur: LOL!

David (Moderator): Just got an email from Krister in Norway - I don't see Norway in the tour dates - I need one more glimpse of you before I pass away!

annbur: oh my!

b00tyfunk: blame it on the boogie

Glenn Hughes: well ican't be everywhere but i am working on it.i am getting more requests to play than ever before, so don't count anything out.

wolfysmith: Glenn, Have you seen my baby photos on here. its thanks to "I found a woman" & the Works Tapes that i married my wife and now have daughter Lucy

brothertom: could that mean the music world is coming to its senses?

Glenn Hughes: great wolfy

brothertom: great news, Glenn. Hope to see continued progress

PeaceWithin: i m thinking and it is definitely amazing when you see how your life changed and took an U turn, now I think you are more creative than ever

Glenn Hughes: thanks

PeaceWithin: thank you!

David (Moderator): Another email question from Maria in Russia - Glenn said he liked reading fantasy in the vein of the works of JRRT (The Lord of the Rings) and JK Rowling (Harry Potter). I'd like to ask what his other favourite fantasy writers are and if he ever read books by Michael Moorcock or Samuel Delany?

Matteo: yes, THANK YOU!

Glenn Hughes: i want you all to know that i am so excited about what has happened to me in my personal life and career at the moment.

Glenn Hughes: it seems as if all the hard work is paying off

b00tyfunk: whats in ya personal life mon?

captmidnite1962: And we are all excited for you Glenn!

Kat: sounds wonderful Glenn

annbur: that's so good to hear Glenn

Glenn Hughes: haven't read these books. iu

wolfysmith: Glenn, which comes first in songwriting process. Words, melody, chorus, riff etc

HughDaman: Glenn everytime you release a record its all worth it to listeners always remember that cuz you never know who you inspire

HughDaman: Teach,teach,inspire thats what its about

annbur: well said

Glenn Hughes: i have ADD i can barely get thru a movie without writing a song

annbur: lol

annbur: that's a good thing!

ken: Will you record another solo cd this year or next?

Glenn Hughes: when i fly over on virgin to the uk i like to watch movies on the plane

Glenn Hughes: but i always take a dictaphone as i always write music on the way

Glenn Hughes: not this year

annbur: i can definitely see that

cbs2: Your friends in San Diego want to wish you good health while on the road Big G ;~) From your littlest audiophile, Kayleigh

brothertom: what is next on the GH agenda? after the SM tour

Glenn Hughes: what comes first in thesongwriting:

annbur: our cats are fighting

Glenn Hughes: it changes. normally it starts with a groove

annbur: very distracting!

Kat: sounds like my house ann LOL

annbur: LOL!

b00tyfunk: ima call Gabi

Brad: So, would you say the first half of 2005 will be all about Soul Mover and the last half will focus on the new Hughes/Iommi album?

captmidnite1962: The movie thing reminds me glen..there is a song on SITKOR..you had gone to the movies and the movie didn't hold your interest...the song came into your head at that moment..do you remember which song that was?

annbur: it's either the dogs or the cats or all of them at once!

Kat: exactly LOL

b00tyfunk: shiruiean goto a bar and get a gul

b00tyfunk: not the net

annbur: lots of entertainment!LOL

captmidnite1962: I have no one to blame my typos on!!

annbur: LOL

brothertom: blame Gabi. It's fun

Kat: yep the zoo can be very entertaining LOL

annbur: i'm blaming it on my dog

Glenn Hughes: the 2nd about i/h

b00tyfunk: is Gabi cute?

Kat: Gabi is very cute

annbur: she always tries to lay down on my laptop when i'm typing!

Kat: and a lovely person to boot LOL

b00tyfunk: shirean i was kidd

Glenn Hughes: with a2nd wave of Soul mover to top it off

Kat: lol ann

brothertom: yes. i loved meeting Gabi

annbur: Gabi is a DOLL!

b00tyfunk: soemone put her numba up

Glenn Hughes: Gabi is a doll: she is an empyt headed plaything.

roberto: beautiful doll

Glenn Hughes: hahahahaha

wolfysmith: is Gabi travelling with you for the tour?

annbur: i love how she takes care of Glenn- like at the DVD shoot. so sweet!


b00tyfunk: lol

ken: Love Gabi's hats!

Glenn Hughes: Gabi will be in helsinki finland.

annbur: love the glasses!

Kat: 9don't smack him too hard Gabi LOL!)

Glenn Hughes: thanks ann

annbur: you're welcome!

b00tyfunk: is the famous Gabi in hea now?

Glenn Hughes: he needs a good thrashing

annbur: lol

PeaceWithin: hahaha

Kat: I'm sure he does about now, all the ego stroking LOL

David (Moderator): Double 6, 55, 44


Glenn Hughes: i am going to do a special t shirt that will be at the Deep Purple Society meeting in Helsinki. Gabi is bringing that with her.

annbur: cool

PeaceWithin: hahaha

wolfysmith: i was too shy to introduce myself to Gabi last tour, but she has a lovely smile

ken: How about some Sou Mover t's

captmidnite1962: That does sound really cool!

b00tyfunk: Glenn whats yer take on tony carey, i hear he has a new rekid comin out

David (Moderator): 15 minutes left everyone!

Kat: no

annbur: hey Glenn, have you ever sung scat? that would be a hoot to hear!

b00tyfunk: boys dont cry


annbur: lol

annbur: they do now!

Glenn Hughes: you can hear me sing scat most nights.

b00tyfunk: i will never cry for anotha man

Matteo: Glenn i want to thank you for this exciting new cd & tour. See you in Switzerland & Italy. Love you mate!

PeaceWithin: is it true that once while you stayed in some castle with dp, blackmore installed some speakers under your bad and played some "ghosts sounds" tape just to scare you?

Matteo: ciao big daddy!

Matteo: ciao roberto!

b00tyfunk: omg with a lisp

Glenn Hughes: first night i was there it was just blackmore and myself and our assistants.

roberto: ciao matteo

Glenn Hughes: scared the bejeebas outta me.

Kat: lol

PeaceWithin: hahahahahaha

Glenn Hughes: but i got him back with a wicked seance.

b00tyfunk: woowee

annbur: LOL!!

PeaceWithin: how?

annbur: anything good happen at the seance?

HughDaman: Glenn, did you ever ask Bonham if Jimmy Page was too gaga over Crowley and did it scare John that Bonham was messing with the Black Arts?

Glenn Hughes: daisy made an appearance at the seance

annbur: daisy?

wolfysmith: the Indoor Pool did it! LOL

PeaceWithin: daisy?

Glenn Hughes: trust me blackmore shat himself.

PeaceWithin: hahah

David (Moderator):

PeaceWithin: hahahahahhaha

Matteo: ha ha ha

annbur: LOL

psychokatkiller: There is a large contingent of fans here in San Antonio specifically, if we don't see you sometime, the new record will suffice...at the very least I just want to let you know your music is a great inspiration and when I need a boost, Into the void or can't stop the flood does the trick and while i know there is a greater inspiration that gave his life for me, sometimes in this world you need a great song....

captmidnite1962: Ritchie got a taste of his own medicine...

annbur: we hear ya!

Glenn Hughes: to above question: it scared all of led z

Kat: Glenn always has good stories LOL

PeaceWithin: is it true that birth of mistreated was in some pub while you and ritchie jammed

Glenn Hughes: thanks psychodude

annbur: that's for sure!

Glenn Hughes: the birth of mistreated was in blackmores house in surrey.

b00tyfunk: i think blackmore is on the dart
side o thangs

Glenn Hughes: just the 2 of us in the room.

b00tyfunk: dark*

Glenn Hughes: pre coverdale.

Matteo: yes, Glenn's music is a fantastic boost for everyday life....even in blue moments....

annbur: yup

brothertom: Glenn, thanks for taking the time to ge together with us like this. It's always fun to touch base with you, Gabi, and the rest of the GHCPs

annbur: one of my favorites is the duet with Bobby Kimball-

Glenn Hughes: thanks brother tom. we hope we see you in chicago.

HughDaman: Glenn, you should take Blackmore to a Michael W Smith concert he needs to feel the Worship!

cbs2: If heaven exists, what would you like to hear god say when you arrive at the pearly gates??

b00tyfunk: lol

wolfysmith: Glenn, as you have ADD, do you already have some new songs for your next album after SM

b00tyfunk: "well done"

ken: What was it like before you stepped on the stage at Cal jam?

KeepItSimple: Glenn, being in recovery myself (5 years next month), I just want to say you (and your songs) have been a big inspiration to me. Thanks.

Glenn Hughes: cbs2: i hope he says: you only hafve 10 minutes b4 you go back again.

HughDaman: im very worried about Blackmore he wears those gandalf hats. Jesus wasnot into Gandalf. I know cuz I read it on the net so its gotta be true

Kat: lol

Glenn Hughes: i remember b/4 cal jam i was high as a kite

annbur: Glenn, I can't recall the name of the song with Bobby

annbur: i think it was live on Rockline??

annbur: it was beautiful

PeaceWithin: how was the influence from blackmore's black arts messing on the rest of the dp?

Glenn Hughes: i write songs every day wolfy

David (Moderator): blame it on the sun, perhaps Ann?

annbur: yes!!!!

Glenn Hughes: blame it on the sun is the song i did with bobby

annbur: it was gorgeous

HughDaman: Glenn you must have thousands... thats pretty crazy

b00tyfunk: i love toto

HughDaman: you are blessed and we thank you for it

annbur: me too

annbur: have all their cd's

b00tyfunk: the band is pretty cool to

David (Moderator): 5 minutes to go

annbur: i adore ALL the singers

b00tyfunk: even singmia?

roberto: ok, guys

Glenn Hughes: i just saw bobby at namm at i just played with luke in vegas with brian and roger

roberto: see you on the road

HughDaman: i dont like when toto had the mullets. Word of advice...

annbur: i was always blown away by Jeff Porcaro

roberto: ciao Glenn and Gabi

HughDaman: no mo mullets for singers ever

HughDaman: Amen ...

roberto: and everyone

roberto: good night

annbur: i have a huge poster of him in my music room

Glenn Hughes: can't keep a good mullet down

b00tyfunk: woaa, luke rocks

HughDaman: haha

David (Moderator): ciao roberto

Matteo: good night & take care

Glenn Hughes: luke is funnier than ****

annbur: lol

wolfysmith: any more releases from Pink Cloud of old stuff. I love "take me with you" & "fools condition" on the special edition of Play Me Out

b00tyfunk: he igged me on aol

HughDaman: Glenn did you ever meet Sly stone yet?

Matteo: ciaooooooooooooooooo!!!

HughDaman: He is a hard one to geta hold of

wolfysmith: or would that distract from your new stuff?

Glenn Hughes: i met sly stone.

b00tyfunk: sly is sittin on the moon

HughDaman: Whoa...

b00tyfunk: recently?

David (Moderator): Ok, if you have any last minute questions, now is the time to ask!

HughDaman: Glenn while you are chatting do you have your bass strapped on and are you writing in between questions?

annbur: What would it cost to have Glenn play at my home in Toronto?? lol


ken: Don't forget Cleveland in May

b00tyfunk: i gotta go, god bless u all

Kat: any news yet Glenn on another signature item of yours coming out that you mentioned last we spoke?

theresa: ok, not a question, just a comment...I LOVE the new album...keep Chad with you...

b00tyfunk: matteo, get a gf

wolfysmith: Glenn, i will introduce myself at JB's if i get the chance. Look forward very much to the tour.

Shirean (Moderator): Thanks G&G - Glenn see you in a couple of weeks!

Glenn Hughes: Thanks. Talk to you soon again. And see you on the road.

brothertom: ggood luck with the tour, Glenn. Will be looking for ya if you pass through Chicagoland

KeepItSimple: Thanks again, Glenn.

annbur: thanks so much Glenn and Gabi. give the dogs and puddy tats hugs!!

PeaceWithin: well Glenn, thanx for your positivity and great songs, thanx for the songs that hava really good influence and thanx for your dedication to the people who likes your music, to me personaly you are the geat example of having a life back again

captmidnite1962: Thank you Glenn and Gabi..for everything!

Brad: when your planning your U.S. tour..Make sure to include Detroit!

HughDaman: May God Bless you Glenn with your further musical and life goals...

wolfysmith: Thx David & Shirean for organising tonight. see ya at Dudley.

Scott: Good luck on tour!

PeaceWithin: and God bless you and your family

annbur: thanks D & S!!!

David (Moderator): Thanks to you all for coming.

Brad: Thanks for setting this up! Thanks a lot!

annbur: take care!!

brothertom: thank you!!

wolfysmith: bye

PeaceWithin: thank you

Kat: ann let me know how it goes tomorrow

captmidnite1962: Thanks for putting this together David!

David (Moderator): You're all very welcome - a transcript will be online later this evening.

annbur: cheers

Shirean (Moderator): So did everyone enjoy the chat?

annbur: oh yeah!!

Kat: yes, it was nice

captmidnite1962: I certainly did!

annbur: i still have to send your dvd!!

annbur: of the cruise

David (Moderator): Yes, you do Ann

Brad: I really enjoyed the chat. I was very happy with the answers I got to my questions

captmidnite1962: I have been submerged for awhile..

PeaceWithin: ok, and yes, i definitely enjoyed

annbur: it's only been forever!!

Kat: oh? the cruise?

annbur: yup

annbur: do you want a copy?

Kat: can I get one?

Kat: yes please

annbur: yup

annbur: i have to go to the post office and mail out tons of stuff!!

annbur: k

captmidnite1962: I will have to listen to the Rockiline broadcast too, with dial up that can take awhile!

annbur: i'm off so all the best to you guys. that chat was great!! cheers!

Brad: Well I am gonna get out of here! Thanks again for arranging this. Bye everybody!

David (Moderator): Thanks for stopping by Brad

PeaceWithin: is this login and pass valid in the future chats???

captmidnite1962: OK..it is dinner time...see you all again soon!

Shirean (Moderator): Yes, PeaceWithin

PeaceWithin: ok Shirean, thanx

David (Moderator): We're going to close things out now - the regular Monthly CHAT will resume on Wednesday, February 23rd at the usual time of 1:00PM-3:00PM PST. The topic will be the Soul Mover Tour, so hope to see a lot of you there.

David (Moderator): Bye for now....

Shirean (Moderator): Cheers everyone....
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Old Jan-31-2005, 5:32 PM
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This was a great chat; sorry that I missed it.
The questions were so fast and frequent,
that I'm surprised that Glenn was able to answer
as many as he did.

(I'm getting really nervous here, about May 21st,
my youngest daughter's wedding date, with a
possible US tour at the same time...........)

Thanks Gabi (we love your typing errors) and Glenn,
and Shirean and David for organizing/posting this.

PS....Gabi, buy a bottle of BIO-SILK. It's like WD-40
for hair.........it will make it feel like.....well, silk.

Take care everyone,
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Old Feb-01-2005, 6:17 AM
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When you stop to think about it, Glenn has a pretty daunting task when he stops in to chat....imagine sitting in a chair blindfolded while a room full of people shotgun questions at you!

But Glenn and Gabi did a fabulous job and it is always enlightening! And knowing how busy he is, it is doubly cool that he took the time out to do this...You are the man Glenn!!

captmidnite1962's Sig:Yours In The Funk
Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


"Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins
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