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Old Jul-14-2013, 7:28 PM
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Confessor Rocks the Saint Louis Cardinals

Listening to the Cardinal vs. Cubs game tonight on radio. At the return from the 9:00pm station break, Confessor's first few bars were played for the bumper music... Great intro BCC rocked St. Louis.
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Old Jul-17-2013, 12:02 PM
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i'm just listening to "Afterglow" again in my car and i'm euphoric again hearing this stuff, but not very surprising 'cause it's my normal reaction to Glenn's music.
I also watched the "making of days of avalon" and was blown away.
Although i'm totally into this Glenn solo songs i'll never get tired enjoying it.
Did this man wrote one low number, i think he didn't.
What is the magical reason?
Superb singing, writing , bass playing, ok we all know.
But than there is another reason, he's always feelin' what he sings, it's always ALWAYS authentic, he won't be never his own covermusician.
No Way and that's so rare in these days (of avalon).

Ok why always stay offline when thoughts gettin' more evil,ha ha, what is the rockscene today but a perfectly summary of rockn' roll stereotype, of course with perfect dramaturgy, screamin' guitarsounds and virtuosly unisonoparts.
But it looks like a constructed thing like "now we do this riff to shock them, than this hotline, than this killersolo, than this killerunisono part, ecetera...

And in the early seventies? Although i know Glenn is allergic to the "last concert in Japan" DP lifealbum, cause Bolin couldn't play 100 percent, there is so much more creative energy on stage, of course Ian Paice and Jon Lord were terrific, much more better than any perfect highpolish production of today.

Why not improvise a half concert, with sceneapplause like in the good ole jazz days.
Of course it won't be perfect every night, so what, there is a lil adventure to capture a hightime concert.
I think so it was when Beethoven and the other guys were doing their premiers on the stages.

And of course i'm hearing the cold smiling "Don't agree" of the music industry, it doesn't work today and ecetera.
But why should people buy cd's/dvd's from coverbands, and from lifeevents that sounds so perfectly boring like a studioproduct.
In the classic scene it is extremly, fearing one wrong score more than a blink of a creative moment, boring and dry!

Yesterday i saw a tv special about "soultrain" soulmusic in US tv.
So much magic in the moments.
First it made me happy, than sad, than angry!

so keep on groovin'
greets Sigurd
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Old Jul-10-2016, 5:03 AM
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I've given this one a rest for three years but I just put this back on my iPod ( WAV files - no MP3 crap for me) . I think when this came out it was way too soon after the incredible second album and too much negativity going on with BCC at the time. Ruined it for me , didn't like it, as well as Shirley's horrible production , which is still awful. But with fresh ears I now love it!!! This absolutely made a late night first leg of a 300 mile desert trip home last night fabulous ! Really dig it now ! So glad I gave it another chance , Afterglow is really stellar. Still don't like the production , the album would be the equal of the first two if it was mixed and had the same sound as those.
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