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Old Sep-24-2006, 8:28 PM
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Icon20 CHAT transcript - September 24th, 2006

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Thread Tools/Show Printable Version from the Toolbar above.

CHAT transcript - September 24th, 2006

Shirean: Hello everyone

schreinermusic: hello, Shirean

Inmaculada: hi!!!

TexasSusan: Hello, Achim

TexasSusan: Hello!

Inmaculada: hi all!

Shirean: David will be here in a short while

Inmaculada: I just get into too

Shirean: Inmaculada are you new to the CHAT?

Inmaculada: almost, I was in the last one

Inmaculada: so this is my second! lol

Shirean: oh.. where are you located?

schreinermusic: back...hi all again...sorry...was just making a coffee

Inmaculada: Madrid, Spain

schreinermusic: Hell, Germany

Inmaculada: Hi sister!

Conchita67: wow...we're here earlier than expected! Hello first of all to the lady of the house,

Shirean: Hi Conchita67

Conchita67: hello all my other friends! Hi sister!

TexasSusan: Roger is with me, too.

TexasSusan: a/k/a Strat335

Inmaculada: oh Hi Roger!

TexasSusan: Roger says, hello!

Conchita67: hello Roger, happy belated birthday!

TexasSusan: Thank you.

Shirean: TexasSusan, Inmaculada and Conchita67 - go and get your "GH" faces..

Shirean: Hi Pete S.

schreinermusic: Hey Roger, mate

Inmaculada: I tried but it said wrong password!!!

Pete S.: hi Shirean you ok?

TexasSusan: Roger says hi to Achim, too

Shirean: I'm doing good. How about you?

Conchita67: how do we go about getting the GH faces?

Conchita67: it happened to me too - wrong password

Pete S.: yeah ok...strange..haven't been here for ages...and i see you decorated the place..loooool

schreinermusic: yeah, Conchi...same here

Inmaculada: yes sister that's what I wanna know too, I mean if it can be get in another way than login as member

Inmaculada: hi! Shirl!!!

Shirean: Are you all members of the chat?

TexasSusan: Hi, Shirl. (Roger and Susan)

Conchita67: hello Shirl!

Shirl: Hi Inma

schreinermusic: Hello Shirl!!!

Pete S.: hey Shirl

Shirean: Hello Shirl

Conchita67: no I'm not, so that's probably it...just of the forum

schreinermusic: So sorry...that i couldnt come back to you earlier but will do ASAP!!

Shirl: Hi Conchita ... Shirean ... Achim ... Susan/ Roger ... Pete

Inmaculada: mmm of the chat? we are members of the forum, how is done the chat membership Shirean?

Shirean: Send an email from the main CHAT page requesting an ID - they're separate username's from the Fan Forum...

Shirl: No problem Achim

Conchita67: ok

Shirl: Nice change to have you here Shirean

Pete S.: hey susan/Roger....got your email mate..give a couple of weeks buddy

Inmaculada: ah ok thanks Shirean!

TexasSusan: ok - Thanks, Pete

Shirean: Yes I haven't been here in awhile. I was in California most of August.

Pete S.: no prob.

schreinermusic: great

schreinermusic: chris will join later on too

Shirl: so what do we all think of JJ's album???

schreinermusic: singing Demis Roussos..LOL

Shirean: Hello ROB!

Conchita67: hello rob

Shirl: Hi Rob - you made it then

schreinermusic: its a great one, really

englishrob: hello all

schreinermusic: hey, mate

Inmaculada: LOL

Inmaculada: HI Chris!!!

schreinermusic: Hey Chris, Rob

englishrob: hi Shirean, Shirl

Pete S.: greetings Chris

chrisloeb: Hi all!

Inmaculada: oops hi Rob!

TexasSusan: I love the songs on JJ's album...he sings great...just wish the vocals were louder - sometimes he is hard to hear

schreinermusic: exactly...the vox are to low in the mix...defintitely

englishrob: how is everyone?

chrisloeb: What's goin' on here

schreinermusic: doing exceedingly fine

englishrob: good

Inmaculada: do you like that expresion, dont you Achim?

Inmaculada: lol

schreinermusic: oh i love it ...hahaha

Shirl: I hear a bit of Symphonic Slam in there ...

TexasSusan: Hi, Kat

Inmaculada: yeah!

Kat: howdy

Pete S.: hey Kat

chrisloeb: Hi Shirl, didn't see you there

Inmaculada: hi Kat!

Shirl: Hi Kat - saw your message about the dogs ... difficult time for you then

schreinermusic: hi Kat

Shirean: So how many of you will be attending the upcoming GH Tour?

Kat: yep, been rough

Kat: I wish I could see a show

Inmaculada: I lost one of mine not long ago

TexasSusan: Me, too!

englishrob: well you know i'll be there Shirean

Pete S.: me twice prob. bradford and maybe cannock

Shirl: the UK ones for me Shirean though no CONFIRMED date for Dublin ... relying on 24th.

Inmaculada: hehe in 6 days I'll be seeing Glenn!!! lol

chrisloeb: more dates yet?

Conchita67: I've bought a few tracks from iTunes and am ordering the CD this week...I love Electric Women

Conchita67: Hello chris roussous!

Shirean: Hey Inmaculada let me know how Doro's set was?

englishrob: i think that there will be only 3 UK dates to start with and maybe more at the end

chrisloeb: Hey Conchita, I heven't started singing yet, I mean, for tonight....

Pete S.: hi rob

englishrob: Dudley, Northampton and London

Shirean: Rob - David will be at those shows!

Inmaculada: oh sure and I'll try to take some pics too!

Shirean: Thanks!

englishrob: cool, we're going to madrid at the w/end too

Pete S.: cool he owes me a lager...lol

Shirean: Hi Paul

wolfysmith: Hi everyone

chrisloeb: Hi Paul

englishrob: hi wolfy

Shirl: okay ... who kicked me out??

schreinermusic: Hi Paul, mate

schreinermusic: not me, my dear

englishrob: not me Shirl, i pulled you back in lol

wolfysmith: Hey Achim, you coming over for the weekend then?

Inmaculada: Hi wolfy!!

schreinermusic: sure thing, my friend!!! Im looking forward to it!

Shirl: Fave track from PM is 'Play That Game' - played it repeatedly this week

schreinermusic: Is that show already confirmed, Paul?

wolfysmith: Which one?

schreinermusic: I thought THE CHANGE is the most creative one of all

schreinermusic: i meant for the show that we will attend then

Shirean: The tour dates are slowly being confirmed...

schreinermusic: but i guess no..

wolfysmith: But which one are you coming to Achim?

wolfysmith: Dudley, London?

schreinermusic: If possible, Dudley then

schreinermusic: if not Cannock

schreinermusic: lol

wolfysmith: Thats ON. Tickets available now.

schreinermusic: great news, mate...havent seen it yet

Shirl: a friend's wedding in Manchester on 28 October - been booked since last year - but will have to disappear after the actual wedding. Can't sit at a reception knowing that Glenn and my GH buddies are only a few miles away!


wolfysmith: Rick Wakeman and Jon Anderson from Yes play on the Wednesday before

Inmaculada: sure of it! Shirl! I couldnt either!

schreinermusic: I will get Pete with me, if possible for him, to join the Dudley show..

chrisloeb: I thought the Anderson Wakeman Tour was cancelled?

schreinermusic: Pete, what do you think?

wolfysmith: So i'll see you too at JB's Shirl.

englishrob: i saw joe bonamassa a few days ago...if you get the chance to see him...you won't be disappointed

Shirean: Have a few pints for me. I won't be making it over for the tour this time
David's turn as I did my touring with HEART earlier in the year!

wolfysmith: I got an email last week Chris from The Robin. I'll double check.

Conchita67: phew! just put in my request for a nickname!

Shirl: Sure will Paul - my fave venue

Inmaculada: me too sister!

David: Afternoon/evening all - better late than never

wolfysmith: Hi David.

Conchita67: David's in the hooooouse.......!

Inmaculada: Hi David!!

Conchita67: hello David!

chrisloeb: Hi David

englishrob: Shirean...did you see that the Italian "celebrity" put glenn and chads interview on his site?

englishrob: hi David

Conchita67: oh no Rob don't call him a celebrity....trust me, no one knows who he is here!

schreinermusic: Hi David!! Great to see u in here

Shirl: Rob - that interview was a killer!!!

englishrob: but it was soooo funny

David: Got your CHAT membership requests Conchita67 and Inmaculada - you will get an email later on with the info - membership allows you to "keep" your avatars in the CHAT "sticky" - meaning next time you login - they will automatically appear.

Inmaculada: haha sister dont get offended! lol

Pete S.: hey David..long time...

Shirean: Yes I did -- that was just too funny! Is that guy for real or what

Inmaculada: thanks a lot David!

Conchita67: oh sister I'm not offended....he's just a twat!

David: Hey Pete S - hope to see you again soon.

englishrob: i was expecting a hidden camera crew to appear from nowhere lol

chrisloeb: How do I post a nickname request?

David: From the main CHAT page chris....send an email request...

Conchita67: that interview was sooooooo embarassing!

Pete S.: yes David...do you owe me a lager?

David: probably Pete

danielb: hello

Inmaculada: but bloody funny sister!

Shirean: Hello bodieonbass, daniel

Pete S.: ok...i'll see then..lol

englishrob: you should have been there conchita...we were pissing ourselves lol

Inmaculada: Hi danielb!


Conchita67: maybe I've got used to people trying to speak English like that - but for crissake control yourself!

danielb: if you're talking about richard benson, that was the funniest thing i've ever seen!


schreinermusic: hi daniel and bodieonbass

Conchita67: I would have crawled under a rock!

bodieonbass: Hello everyone, Good to be with you

Conchita67: hello bodie & Daniel

Inmaculada: lol but I still wonder why he said it was an interview to Glenn, it was more interviewing himself! lol

danielb: the David Coverdale thing he had going! so good!

chrisloeb: That guy somehow reminded me of the Type O Negative singer

englishrob: yes, and critisising the album lol

David: Welcome Ritchie

Ritchie: hey all

Pete S.: hey Ritchie how goes it

Conchita67: yep, his "technical critique" of the album

englishrob: lol

Ritchie: i'm good thanks and you ?

schreinermusic: hey Ritchie

Inmaculada: hi Ritchie!

Shirl: Hi Ritchie

Ritchie: hiya

schreinermusic: David...did we ever see that much ppl in a regular chat??? I can hardly remember! LOL

Ritchie: hello Shirl

David: last time GLENN was on

Ritchie: Maverick says hello aswell !!

Shirl: I think the last CHAT was one of the best ever, and I think we all agree.

schreinermusic: yeah it was funny as hell

Shirl: ... Ritchie

Inmaculada: it was my first so I cannot have a reference! lol but it was great! indeed

Conchita67: yep...at least for me as a newbie it was

Ritchie: i'm gonna take some photos today

TexasSusan: This is only my second, too. I figured they were all just fun!

chrisloeb: first impressions are always lasting, Inma/Conchita...

englishrob: oh thanks Shirl, just cos i missed it lol

Shirl: Finally downloaded Google Earth last week and even though I know us GHCPs are all over the world, somehow 'flying' to where you all live blew me away!!

David: hope to have more info on the USA release of M4TD soon - it's supposed to be out next month.

David: no bonus track though, was supposed to be a video of "This House", but someone buggered something up and so it won't be on there - will most likely appear first on the Australian release, which I think is also due in October or maybe November.

Inmaculada: sure Chris!!!

Conchita67: Hey David...any news in the M4TD iTunes release?

wolfysmith: Google Earth is amazing isnt it Shirl

David: probably when the Oz release is done, so maybe October/November.

schreinermusic: or any news about a videoshoot for a track of M4TD?

David: see above Achim...

Shirl: Paul - mind-blowing

Ritchie: hey Achim !!

Conchita67: Google Earth was fundamental in booking my hotel for the Rome gig...I wanted to be within walking distance of the venue

schreinermusic: Hey Ritchie!! Great 2 see u here too, mate

Shirl: Just going to make a cuppa - anyone want one?

Ritchie: thanks mate

englishrob: crawling distance inma? lol

Ritchie: yes plz

Shirl: ... and a cigarette

Ritchie: Mmmm Hmmm

danielb: big question... what is up with the delay with the tourdates?

Pete S.: yeah love one two sugars

Pete S.: please

Shirl: Conchita - not used it that way yet though getting used to it. Wish I'd downloaded it a long time ago.

David: unsure on that daniel - but they'll be coming.

chrisloeb: That's probably not coffee... so I'm getting one myself now

David: but know what you mean.

wolfysmith: Chris, the Wakeman Anderson UK tour is definately on. but tickets arent cheap. ?45 for the show here.

Conchita67: coffee ok - no cigarettes allowed!

schreinermusic: its useful...i saw on Google Earth that Pete left his window open ...

Shirl: no coffee Chris - I'm hyper enough!

Inmaculada: sorry Rob, I went for a drink

englishrob: daniel...the latest is 3 dates in england to start..maybe more to be added at the end

schreinermusic: Shirl...will sent you an email tomorrow!

Pete S.: looooolll achim

danielb: but what is the explanation to the delay in booking the tour?

Shirl: Yes ... saw Pete S headbanging to his own tunes!!

Inmaculada: mmm sorry Rob dont know what you asked me..sorry

wolfysmith: Glenn only did 6 english shows for the Soulmover tour.

Conchita67: daniel - the messenger boy got a flat tire!

David: don't know daniel - but GLENN said if he has time, he'll join us all for a CHAT in a couple of weeks time - will keep you posted should it happen So you could ask him directly then!

englishrob: no worries inma

Inmaculada: oh David that would be amazing!!

Ritchie: Hey Shirl , Mav stayed with me the whole nite !! cool eh

Shirean: Rob, make sure and tell your girlfriend I said Hello..

Shirl: as long as you didn't munch on his ears ...

Shirl: Same from me Rob

Ritchie: LOL .. they're soooo huge ...

englishrob: will do Shirean, in fact we have some very exciting news

englishrob: you'd need to be withing crawling distance inma, if you'd had a drink or 2

Shirean: What your getting married?

englishrob: not quite...good guess

Shirl: or a patter of .....

Inmaculada: ok lol Rob

Shirl: tiny feet ... ???

englishrob: yep!

englishrob: didn't think i had it in me lol

Shirl: YEEHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wonderful news. Congratulations Ainhoa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW ... and congratulations to you too Rob xx

englishrob: thanks

Shirl: Think you should rephrase that last comment Rob

englishrob: lol

Conchita67: wedding bells?

Shirean: Rob that's wonderful news - Congrats to you both!

Inmaculada: it seems so!

englishrob: maybe...but there's no rush...or so i'm told lol

schreinermusic: from me too, mate

Inmaculada: lol Congratulations Rob!!!

Pete S.: congrats..

Conchita67: Congrats!

englishrob: cheers

Shirl: DON'T rush in getting wed ... but a baby ... WOW!!!!!

chrisloeb: Congratulations from here too, Rob!

wolfysmith: Congratulations. My daughter has just started "the terrible two's" LOL

englishrob: anyway...back to the music....

schreinermusic: chris...btw...i got skype now...tried to add you

danielb: congrats rob

Shirl: Yes Paul but she can say 'Glenn Hooooooos' with precision!!!

Shirean: Our son will be 8 next month, YIKES!!

chrisloeb: I haven't been online at skype for an eternity, Achim

wolfysmith: she's also a big Steve Perry fan Shirl!

TexasSusan: They grow way too fast!! My baby is 5 now...just the other day he was singing Coffee & Vanilla in the bath tub! LOL...bringing him up right.

englishrob: told glenn last time he was over and he said "glennis" a good name! lol

danielb: gotta run

Shirl: She's DEFINITELY the best in my book then! Mwwahh!

David: bye 4 now daniel

englishrob: bye daniel

Shirl: bye Daniel - catch you soon x

David: Hi Grace

Inmaculada: bye Daniel

TexasSusan: Hi, Grace

schreinermusic: Hi Grace!!!

Shirean: Hello Grace

Inmaculada: hi Grace!

Conchita67: hi

Ritchie: hey Grace .. welcome

Conchita67: Hi Grace!

chrisloeb: Bon soir madame!

wolfysmith: Hey Grace, where you been? sharpening something. LOL

Shirl: For all you 'newbies' on the CHAT - did you know you can get a pic of Glenn at the side of your name whilst you're on here?

Grace: Hi everyone. Yeah, no US Tour, BOO HOO....so what else are we talking about?

Shirl: Grace!!! Wondered where you were girlfriend

Conchita67: can I borrow one of your axes? I have to use it on a few people....none here present, fortunately!

Ritchie: brb

Shirl: Yeah no US tour - it rears its ugly head every once in a while ...

Grace: Hello everyone....be quiet, Shirl. We....the majority, are part of the famous blue bowling pin society.

Kat: always


chrisloeb: And Achim's booked on the one with the hat

wolfysmith: Attention Tommy Bolin fans. the new release is out in the UK tomorrow

Grace: Hey Conchita67....you know some people "them what needs killin" huh?

schreinermusic: always, Chris...the hat man

David: it's good wolfy - but i prefer the last one.

Conchita67: oh yes.....especially if they are lawyers!

chrisloeb: Whips and Roses 2, with the incredibly innovative artwork?

Pete S.: hey Grace here's your hug...o

Inmaculada: hats hats and more hats...

wolfysmith: thats the one Chris.

chrisloeb: almost forgot to put that on my wantlist...

David: don't have a date for Hughes/Thrall remaster - but it's October sometime

David: was supposed to be September 25th, but got pushed back.

Shirl: Shirean's not coming over to the UK 'this time around' David ... you?

Shirl: I'd love to do the Holland gigs but not sure where to start as I've never been there

chrisloeb: wolfy, just read your Anderson/Wakeman reply - missed it when I went to get the coffee. seems the Tour is still on, or maybe on again.

Ritchie: Shirl, last night was the first time ever i was woken up by a rabbit licking my face !! LOL

Shirl: ... and don't say start at the airport

David: No, unfortunately not Shirl - that's why we did the Summer Euro dates together. Our son's in school, so both couldn't make it. She had HEART gigs earlier in the year, so now it's my turn to travel alone

englishrob: see you about then David

David: yes indeed Rob

David: hopefully more than 2 - but I'll take what I can get!!

Grace: hey folks....talking about Tommy Bolin, I just bought a new CD of the TB band....I think it's from a show in Albany, New York, September, 1976....(I don't have it right in front of me) what an incredible talent he was.....brilliant

schreinermusic: Albany one is awesome...really good

chrisloeb: You should get Ebbets Field 1976 too Grace, an excellent show!

englishrob: yeah, me too, it falls in the middle of my working week

Grace: you bought it too? it just came out from the TB archives, right?

schreinermusic: thats the one i like the most, Chris

Grace: got Ebbet's field already, Chris

wolfysmith: I love Tommys acoustic stuff.

schreinermusic: the other from Ebbetts Field is great too, the one from 1974

chrisloeb: oh, how could I, Grace...? (red face, peace flag)

Grace: first you think....how many versions of "X" are there? but they're always so innovative, that it's almost not the same song

wolfysmith: The Dudley show being on a Saturday actually is bad for me. It means no other weekend show i can get to. dont think i'll make the London one

englishrob: but you have to wolfy!

wolfysmith: Grace, i could listen to every Wild Dogs version all night.

Conchita67: no Italy dates in the works for now?

David: with any luck they'll be a Friday show too, but things change pretty rapidly - we'll just have to wait and see what the final list is......

schreinermusic: the demo WILD DOGS versions are far better than the regular studio version...

Grace: I've got a bootleg called "Jazz City" that's unbelievable

Inmaculada: dont be so selfish sister! you saw him in July!

David: yes Italy is in the mix....at least it was last time we heard.....

englishrob: lol

wolfysmith: Still waiting for the other UK shows to appear Rob before i make up my mind. i have to be back home Monday pretty sharpish for something.

schreinermusic: Paul..I love the Wild Dogs version on "LAST Concert in Japan" very much (now called "This Time Around" in the re-release)

Conchita67: oh that's rich coming from you - you're seeing him next week!

Inmaculada: hahaha

englishrob: now now girls..no fighting in here lol

wolfysmith: Yeah Achim. the Teaser album demos seem better than the actual release.

Grace: but I think that "Snapshot" is the best (not to be confused with the Roger Glover album.....except that there's one jazz song that totally terrible.....everyone doing their own thing

David: that's a good line-up for a festival - Shirean would of liked to see Doro!! Oh well!!

Conchita67: ok though...I did see him with Chad Smith....

Conchita67: so I can brag, hee hee!

Inmaculada: you see? you cannot complain! I can! lol

Pete S.: Doro....mmm

David: it's great Glenn is headlining

Pete S.: good singer

schreinermusic: Doro?? She played near my place a couple of weeks ago..spoke to her briefly...very nice

Pete S.: yes Achim

Pete S.: lol


wolfysmith: When does the Chilis tour end? no chance of Chad doing more shows with Glenn?

schreinermusic: i mean she is kind, geezer

Pete S.: did she pass on my message

englishrob: although, the silly thing is that glenn won't be the last act on stage

schreinermusic: she did, Pete...she said she is not interested...LOOOOL

David: doesn't end until middle of next year wolfy - just breaks in between continents

Pete S.: looooooooooooooooooooool

Conchita67: Inma and I are seeing them on Nov 29, and then they are doing some dates in December...so don't know really

Shirl: Hi Bill

David: Hi Captn'

captmidnite1962: Oh man..a full house tonight!!

wolfysmith: Hi Captain. its busy tonight.

Pete S.: hey Bill

captmidnite1962: Hi Shirl!

schreinermusic: Hello Bill, mate

englishrob: hi capt

Inmaculada: hi capt

captmidnite1962: Hello everyone!

Conchita67: hi Capt! Which way to korvettes?

chrisloeb: Hi Bill - Thanks for your excellent post in the Boz thread.

Shirl: Ditto (Chris)

schreinermusic: yeah

captmidnite1962: bodieonbass....you wouldn't happen to be a Free fan would you?

Grace: I hope that there's enough time for Glenn to relax between shows during this 2 month time frame for the European tour

captmidnite1962: Thanks Chris!

chrisloeb: very sad news

Ritchie: Shirl, i'll send you off that Eric Bibb song on Mp3 today ..

Pete S.: who mention Free?

captmidnite1962: I was bummed to hear of his death

captmidnite1962: I did!

Pete S.: cool band

schreinermusic: extremly cool

captmidnite1962: Oh yeah...has anyone got the Free BBC disc yet?

Shirl: Thanx - downloaded some of his other stuff today

Pete S.: great band.....and Andy Fraser is still alive!

englishrob: not out here yet

chrisloeb: Or the DVD?

englishrob: got the dvd, but not had time

Ritchie: you goin to work tomorrow Shirl?

captmidnite1962: I was looking at Amazon UK..the DVD is PAL...doesn't do me much good!

Shirl: Sure thing (R) wild horses won't stop me

Ritchie: cool

bodieonbass: most certainly!!

Shirl: Ritchie - did you read the post from strat 335 about Maton?

Ritchie: errr no

David: you should pick-up an all region DVD player Captn' - you can get them for under $100....

Ritchie: i'll go take a look , brb

Shirl: said he would check out your site. He's done some good songs ...

Shirl: in fact - I think everyone on here apart from me is a talented muso

englishrob: and me!

Ritchie: i'm not

Pete S.: you can sing Shirl can't you?

TexasSusan: Thanks, Shirl

Shirl: yep - suppose that counts

bodieonbass: i actually still perform all right now from time to time

Conchita67: I'm not!

Conchita67: Capt went to korvettes

Shirl: Susan!! Thought you'd left the building sorry x

TexasSusan: Just lurkin' around. Roger is walking our Neo pup

Pete S.: yeah Conchi but you can smash guitars...lolllaaa

Conchita67: ha ha ha!

Inmaculada: true! better than nobody!

englishrob: i've sung backing vocals in front of 10,000 in japan...does that count?

schreinermusic: forse...

Conchita67: excellent, Achim!

Shirl: err .... YES (Rob)

schreinermusic: lol

englishrob: cool lol

Ritchie: yes Shirl , i did see that post by strat335

wolfysmith: i gotta cut this one short. Maybe i'll see you next time

englishrob: see ya wolfy

wolfysmith: bye folks.

Inmaculada: bye wolfy!

schreinermusic: bye, Paul...see ya at Dudleys

Shirl: See you in a few weeks Paul - will ring you before then. Love to your ladies xxx

chrisloeb: Bye wolfy!

Grace: susan - what's the latest up-date on your evil plan to get GH on PBS TV?

Conchita67: folks...I'm working on another translation...this time it's an interview w/Dario Mollo, even if it's from an interview from 6 years ago.....

Conchita67: bye bye xoxoxoxoxox

Conchita67: lots of Glenn talk in it....

TexasSusan: I harrass them once in a while with a few different e-mail addresses, Grace

Inmaculada: great sister!

schreinermusic: very interesting, Conchi!

Grace: take care of yourself, wolfy....and kiss that sweetie pie for me....uuuuhhhh, also your wife

bodieonbass: Anyone here a Flower Kings fan? i'm going to see them on oct.6th.

Shirl: oh yeah - forgot about that Susan

Ritchie: i love the FK's !!

David: like Tomas Bodin..

englishrob: one of my fave clips of glenn on dario's site singing golden one ...brilliant!!

TexasSusan: I check their sites each day, they have still not posted the artists for the new season. It would be awesome to see GH on one or both!!

chrisloeb: FK: Like them a lot, saw them here in Vienna in April.

Grace: how such stupid people get top TV music jobs, beats me ....doesn't anybody LISTEN?

David: looking forward to his next solo album.....will feature JJ again.....probably out next year.

chrisloeb: and Tomas is of course on JJ's album

David: yep

bodieonbass: and visa versa

Conchita67: a part of that interview that surprised me was that Dario Mollo mentions that there was an agreement made between Glenn and Jimmy Page not to cover each other's songs...again, this dates back to six years ago, so I don't know how much has changed since them

Ritchie: folks , i NEED more sleep .. so i'll catch you all later

Conchita67: ok nite nite

Grace: each time that I watch that GH video of "Golden One" I expect Glenn to fall over backwards

Ritchie: cya ..

Inmaculada: nite Ritchie!

David: thanks for stopping by Ritchie.

Ritchie: nite

schreinermusic: bye Ritchie, mate

Shirl: night Ritchie

schreinermusic: greets to Candice!

englishrob: lol Grace

chrisloeb: bye Ritchie

Grace: bye to Ritchie...take care

TexasSusan: Bye

Ritchie: no problem David .. my pleasure .. take care

Grace: hey, was that Mr. Blackmore?

bodieonbass: FK's new dvd Instant Delivery hits the streets this tuesday

schreinermusic: hahahhaha

Shirl: I fall over backwards each time I hear it

Grace: - it's AWESOME!!!!!!

englishrob: lol

englishrob: if it was, i should have asked him if i could have my job back lol

Ritchie: no Grace .. not mr B

Ritchie: lol

Shirl: ... rob

Ritchie: cya

schreinermusic: lol...he?s still the man...at least for me

chrisloeb: yes, that DVD is an essential purchase, bodieonbass

Shirl: Keep your eyes on Mav ...

Grace: OK....just as long as you are in favor of a DP re-union, though

Ritchie: yeah .. i'll send ya some pix of Mav today

schreinermusic: not at all, Grace

bodieonbass: I'll pick up mine at the show

Shirl: okly dokly

englishrob: although i wouldn't want it back while the mother in law is there lol

Grace: by the way..........thanks Susan for posting your message to mine over at GH.com for Fast Joey's recovery from surgery...he's a great guy and I hope that he'll soon be back to full airport patrol duty

bodieonbass: gotta go. take care everyone

TexasSusan: I hope he recovers soon!!

David: bye bodieonbass

Inmaculada: bye bodie! take care you too

Conchita67: bye bye!

Grace: yeah, scary when something like that hits a friend

chrisloeb: bye bodieonbass

Conchita67: dont' know him, but all the best coming form me as well - here's to a speedy recovery

Shirl: I read your post about FJ Grace sorry I didn't reply. Has he been waiting a long time for this??

Grace: folks...................I love you all, (uh, with a few annoying exceptions) but I've gotta' run.............take care everyone

Shirl: Bye Bodie - enjoy your FK gig

David: bye Grace

schreinermusic: bye Grace

Conchita67: bye Grace, take care

chrisloeb: bye Grace

TexasSusan: Bye Grace!

englishrob: bye Grace

Shirl: the annoying exceptions are usually us English folks

Shirl: Love you too girlfriend

Inmaculada: bye Grace!

chrisloeb: can't be the Lebkuchen Gang

englishrob: jealosy gets you nowhere lol

chrisloeb: Anyone listening to any music right now?

David: Sunstorm with JLT - very 80's, but surprisingly very good.

schreinermusic: yes...102200...awesome, mate

Shirl: Goodnight all you beautiful people ... lovely to catch up with you all again ... and Rob ... WOW!!

David: Bye Shirl

schreinermusic: by Shirl

Conchita67: bye Shirl!

chrisloeb: Bye Shirl

TexasSusan: Got to go to the store, great talking to y'all again!

chrisloeb: Thanks, Achim

Conchita67: bye Susan, see you soon!

englishrob: bye susan

chrisloeb: Bye Susan, say hello to Roger - gotta PM him

David: the new Talisman also - but not liking it as much as they're previous one.

Inmaculada: hey bye Shirl! take care hun

Conchita67: Ok Achim....what covers will you delight us with?

Inmaculada: bye Susan!

Conchita67: Chris don't be jealous!

Inmaculada: oh yes Chris I'm listening to The Doors

chrisloeb: I have JJ's on (Is it real, right now), and an album called Acqua Fragile from 1976 before that. Italina group.

schreinermusic: bye susan and roger

Inmaculada: I do love Is it Real

chrisloeb: The guitar solo at 3:50 with the e-bowish thing in the background is great

englishrob: ok, my time to go.....hope to see you soon

englishrob: take care

Inmaculada: bye Rob take care!

Conchita67: ok Rob take care

chrisloeb: see you on the Tour, Rob!

schreinermusic: Actually Im listening to "On Stage: right now...Rainbow 77...

schreinermusic: bye rob, mate

englishrob: tata

David: also been listening to some demos from a band called "Juke Kartel" - features the Australian singer from that "Rockstar Supernova" show - a bit too alternative rock for my usual tastes - but still very good considering they're just demos - some touches of melodic rock in there, so overall, not too bad!

David: bye englishrob - see you soon

Conchita67: I'm into oldies at the moment....Neil Sedaka, Connie Francis, Dion & The Belmonts....

chrisloeb: Maybe you can all help me, while we're here: we're planning to cover a Free song with the new band. The guitar player wants to do Fire and Water, my premium choice is Mr. Big or Wishing Well. What do you think?

David: The Stealer

schreinermusic: wishing well, mate...no doubt

Inmaculada: I've been very 70s today, listening to Taste, Janis, Led Zeppelin, The Doors...

schreinermusic: yeah, Inma...i noticed on MSN...lol


Pete S.: yep the stealer...good call

chrisloeb: yeah, haven't thought of Stealer, yet will put that in! Thanks

Inmaculada: remembering my young days! lol

chrisloeb: Conchita, do you know Neil Sedaka's version of Solitaire ?

Conchita67: no actually I've never heard it

Conchita67: will look for it

chrisloeb: also try and find the version by the Carpenters - or I can send them to you. For me, this is one of the most beutiful songs of all time!

captmidnite1962: The woes of dial up...

captmidnite1962: I wish I had gone to Korvettes!!!...Took a shower instead!

Conchita67: thanks Chris, if you could send them to me you'd do me a big favor! Do you have my email address?

Conchita67: You mean you didn't chase Mr. Softee?

chrisloeb: just a quick question for you too, Bill: Fire and Water, Stealer or Wishing Well?

Inmaculada: ok Chris won't you delight us with some cover tonite?

chrisloeb: No Conchita, will PM you in a minute.

captmidnite1962: No..I am a Good Humor kid!!

Conchita67: ok

captmidnite1962: Fire And Water

Conchita67: Never was a fan of Good Humor...they didn't sell Bomb Pops and Sno Cones!

captmidnite1962: Wilson Pickett did a great cover of it in 1971

chrisloeb: Thanks, Bill. Now that decision is becoming complicated for me....

captmidnite1962: That is true..they didn't..but I was out on the island!

chrisloeb: Wilson Pickett - a cover of what?

captmidnite1962: What decision is that?

captmidnite1962: A lot of folks have covered The Stealer..Bob seger...Moody Marsden Band....

Inmaculada: Chris write down on 3 papers the titles and ask an innocent had to pick up one! lol

captmidnite1962: Blackfoot and Gary Moore did Wishing Well

Conchita67: oh that's true too....those trucks weren't on Long Island

captmidnite1962: I can't believe Frank Cinella ran a Woolworths...in Hempstead no less!

Conchita67: He didn't show up tonite!

Conchita67: I venture out to LI to go to Costco

captmidnite1962: Too bad..I would have asked him about Wetsons!!

chrisloeb: Does anyone know a Mr.Big cover, except for the one on Influences and Connections, which is more tribute?

captmidnite1962: Govt Mule did Mr Big on their 1st CD

Conchita67: Hey Capt, do you remember a band from the '70s called The Stories? THey had a hit called Louie Louie...I loved that song, but cannot find any info about them on thenet

chrisloeb: Bill, we're having trouble deciding which Free song we should cover with the new band. It's 2/3 original and 1/3 covers so the decisions are hard.

Inmaculada: yes sister I know them, at least the song

chrisloeb: Gov't Mule - I have their first album, wait a minute...

Inmaculada: it was covered for a Spanish band too

captmidnite1962: Stories were founded by Michael Brown who was the keyboard player for the Left Banke of "Walk Away Renee" fame

captmidnite1962: Ian Lloyd was the singer.

chrisloeb: .... you're absolutely right, Bill.

Conchita67: thanks big brother...I knew you'd come up with the goods!

captmidnite1962: He sang backing vocals on the first few Foreigner albums

Conchita67: That song sums up being a kid in the 70s - at least to me

chrisloeb: And now I'm totally stunned that the Left Banke is mentioned!!!!

captmidnite1962: Kenny Aaronson was the bassist..he played with Rick Derringer for a long time and HSAS too

captmidnite1962: As far as the Free song..i think Wishing Well is the best known

Conchita67: what a network.....thanks!

chrisloeb: and Dust, of course

Conchita67: hello tony!

chrisloeb: Hi Tony

Inmaculada: hi Tony!

David: hi tony

tony g: hi glenn hughes people

captmidnite1962: Oh yeah..with Mark Bell...later Marky Ramone!

captmidnite1962: Hello Tony!

schreinermusic: hi tony

tony g: how are things today

chrisloeb: was a pretty busy chat, up to 15 people here a while ago

captmidnite1962: And Brother Louie was a Hot Chocolate tune

Inmaculada: TRUE

tony g: who has tickets to the shows?

Inmaculada: which show?

Conchita67: somtimes it's called brother Loue by mistake

chrisloeb: still waiting for more Tour dates.....

tony g: any

Inmaculada: me!!! 6 days from now! lol, sorry I had to show off! hahaha

captmidnite1962: Go ahead..rub it in!!

tony g: its cool

Inmaculada: it's gonna be the longest week ever!

tony g: good for you Inmaculada please send pics and video if you can

Inmaculada: no video I'm afraid but pics for sure! I have a reflex camera

tony g: cool

captmidnite1962: I have been enjoying a few new DVD's....UFO and Robin Trower

chrisloeb: Listening to "Need A Friend" on JJ's CD now - did anyone catch the first verse - "Don't know where I'm goin' today... but I sure know where I've been" - ring any bells?

tony g: what ufo?

captmidnite1962: A little vintage DC?

captmidnite1962: Showtime..filmed in Germany

captmidnite1962: Here I Go Again

chrisloeb: Yep

chrisloeb: I love those little tributes

tony g: i still dont have mine chris i hope i dont suffer again like waiting for moonstone

tony g: showtime ufo?

tony g: with michael schenker?

tony g: any announcements from David?

captmidnite1962: Speaking of tributes..when Free did Fire And Water..the intro is a nod to the Stones..

David: only announcement tony - is that GLENN may join us in a couple of weeks for a CHAT - will know for sure in the next few days - depends on his schedule.

captmidnite1962: No Tony..this is with Vinnie Moore of guitar..and it is dynamite

tony g: thats great David i still remember the last time

David: just waiting for The Lizards and Quiet Riot albums to reach iTunes - so we can get the appropriate tracks

tony g: i know

tony g: cool capt ill look for it

chrisloeb: I ordered the Lizards CD at CD-Baby. Should arrive any day now.

captmidnite1962: I found it at Circuit City

tony g: ill look there

captmidnite1962: I need to get JJ's CD!!

tony g: i hope the mail doesnt screw me again with jj cd

chrisloeb: I already gave my scond copy to a friend...

Conchita67: I'm ordering JJ's cd this week

Inmaculada: oh please dont remember me about mail thing...I'm so angry!

tony g: you too huh?

Inmaculada: yes!!!

chrisloeb: How long did you wait for the Moonstone CD in the end, tony?

tony g: how is your new band going chris?

captmidnite1962: I have had good luck with CD's in the mail...*knocking wood*

tony g: 1 month at least it went back to NEH

Inmaculada: maybe I should have knocked some wood before!

Conchita67: At least Moonstone is available here in shops

Conchita67: oh sister i hope it didn't get lost!

chrisloeb: the new band is going fantastic, tony, thanks. I am writing the lyrics for a new tune at the moment and I'm also re-arranging a couple of old ideas into songs....

Inmaculada: me neither sister, I could die if it has been lost...or kill someone!!!

captmidnite1962: I want to get the Free BBC CD when it is available...

chrisloeb: that should be very shortly, Bill.

Inmaculada: Chris, when are your band going to upload some songs? I'm impatient to listen to them

tony g: cool chris

schreinermusic: yes, mate...that would be a great idea

Conchita67: yes mr Loeb...we're waiting!

captmidnite1962: I know a lot of the tracks were sprinkled on the remasters...but this promises to be a killer package

chrisloeb: We haven't recorded anything yet. Still rehearsing. We're eager to get it exactly as we want it, before we put anything on the web. And we're getting very close.

tony g: cool

schreinermusic: im you?re doing a great job, Chris...macht mal Dampf! LOL

chrisloeb: We will also be booking a photo session very soon and get those vintage clothes out...

Inmaculada: hope so!!!

captmidnite1962: The flared pants??

chrisloeb: wir machen m?tig Dampf, Achim, glaube mir!

Conchita67: Chris...promise me you'll never cover C'est L'ouate!

schreinermusic: lolol....hab dich auf Skype geaddet, nebenbei erw?t..

chrisloeb: flared pants, sorry don't know it

captmidnite1962: LOL!!

Conchita67: it was a one hit wonder by.....Caroline Loeb!

tony g: conchita what is the weather like in palermo now? i envy you

chrisloeb: but I have bellbottoms (is that the correct word?) that are actually larger than my feet - and I have size 10 (or 44 in Europe)!

captmidnite1962: That's it Chris

Conchita67: hate to rub it in.....but we had beach weather today....it was 82 and sunny

tony g: damm

captmidnite1962: It was grey here..had to stop cutting the grass when it rained

chrisloeb: Caroline Loeb, Conchita - I have never heard of her!? But she certainly has a cool name. Lisa Loeb I have heard of...

schreinermusic: Lisa Loeb...yes.....a few years ago

Conchita67: and will be like this well into October...tho nights are chilly...but I'm not complaining!

schreinermusic: had a nice song...dont remember the title now

chrisloeb: what was her big hit called...?

captmidnite1962: Stay..from Reality Bites

Conchita67: Lisa Loeb was cool....

schreinermusic: nice glasses, yes

chrisloeb: just a sec, I'm checking, I have it somewhere...

Conchita67: C'est L'Ouate, or something to that effevt

captmidnite1962: I got it

schreinermusic: me too...but dont look for it now

schreinermusic: no

chrisloeb: "Stay"

schreinermusic: yes

captmidnite1962: That's the one

Inmaculada: hahah capt said it before

chrisloeb: ohhhh, the archive.......

chrisloeb: oh, I see

chrisloeb: Reality Bites, yeah

captmidnite1962: I got you covered Chris!!

schreinermusic: yes

chrisloeb: (singing) hu, hu, hu

chrisloeb: (singing) you really got me covered

schreinermusic: so all of you move your body on myspace to Chris myspace site and spend some tribute in writing some nice comments

schreinermusic: you deserve it, mein freund

chrisloeb: (singing) coveeeeeeeeeeeered!!!!!!!!

David: .....so what songs are you hoping to hear live from GLENN on the upcoming tour?

captmidnite1962: The sets he did in NJ were great!!

David: will be great to have him include some acoustic numbers

chrisloeb: Well, anything from "Play Me Out" would be cool.

David: it's been a while since he's done that live

David: welcome back Ritchie

captmidnite1962: Is that the guitar man??

Conchita67: any hope for Camel Toe Stomp live?

tony g: it seems like glenn is leaning that way David

schreinermusic: i was in shock when i heard "Its About Time" at the private bash..totally awesome

Ritchie: thanks mate , i could'nt sleep soooo.......

Inmaculada: I did Achim! I'm just waiting to listen to some of their music to flood them with tons of comments! lol

David: unlikely Conchita67, but you never know!

Conchita67: true David...who would have expected all those songs at the Jersey bash?

Ritchie: ask me a Q

tony g: he can pull that off easy David

schreinermusic: including Ann

captmidnite1962: Oh yeah....what a killer set!

Inmaculada: I would love Glenn did I'm the Man!!!

schreinermusic: he is the man ...

David: so tell us about that guitar Ritchie, that you made for Glenn?

chrisloeb: including the Fretless bass solo, Inma?

Inmaculada: oh Ritchie that was a little sleep! welcome back

Inmaculada: oh Chris of cooooooourse

Ritchie: i could'nt sleep

chrisloeb: Listening to Gov't Mule's version of Mr. Big just now, Bill - Thanks for reminding me of it.

captmidnite1962: Tony Franklin was killer on that track

Inmaculada: then you did right Ritchie!


David: FYI - 15 minutes left everyone....

schreinermusic: Gov't Mule is so great...love them to bits...especially Warren Haynes

captmidnite1962: Govt. Mule are an incredible live band too

chrisloeb: Tony Franklin is a killer musician and a very nice chap!

schreinermusic: indeed

Ritchie: there's not that much to say David .. apparently JJ is getting one also

captmidnite1962: I saw the Mule in Indianapolis...what a show..

chrisloeb: Mule are unfortunately not playing these shores...

Ritchie: and Kevin Dubrow wants one also

schreinermusic: yes...saw Haynes once with Allman Brothers...stunning

David: ok, will check the website for the specs...is it custom or one that is listed there....?

tony g: glenn and jj playing that guitar in concert would be great

Ritchie: it's not custom .. just a regular one .. i've built almost 2000 of 'em in a year and a half !!

David: is it the "Special Edition" model?

chrisloeb: Got a website where we can see them, Ritchie?

Inmaculada: yep I was wondering the same Chris

Ritchie: no .. not special edition .. but it is the most expensive one available, all solid woods

Ritchie: yes .. www.maton.com.au

Conchita67: capt....now what? TSS?

captmidnite1962: Just want to say goodnight...before I get booted again!!

Ritchie: also when at the website , take a look at the custom shop pics .... awesome stuff

David: Ok, thanks Ritchie, will take a good look around...

captmidnite1962: Times Square Stores..what memories!!

Conchita67: I still remember the ads on TV....

schreinermusic: i will leave the chat as well....take care and good night all...to the gang...we'll speak later on MSN...will get some cigarettes before

captmidnite1962: I will check out the site Ritchie

David: Ok Captn' thanks for stopping by - hope you have better 'modem' luck next time!

Conchita67: though nothing could ever beat the Crazy Eddie ads....

David: bye for now Achim

captmidnite1962: So do I....till then....all my best!!

tony g: see you later guys

captmidnite1962: His prices are IINNSSSAAAAAAAAANNNEE!!

David: The next Monthly CHAT might not be until November - depending on whether GLENN joins us for one in a couple of weeks - keep an eye on the Fan Forum....

Conchita67: take care, my Long Island brother!

Ritchie: ok guys .. i'll catch you all some other time ... cheers

chrisloeb: Bye Achim, bis dann mal.

Conchita67: those ads were the BEST!

chrisloeb: Bye, Captain

Inmaculada: Bye capt!

Ritchie: cya's

Conchita67: Achim, no serenade!

Conchita67: nite nite!

Inmaculada: Bye Ritchie awesome guitars

David: ok folks, thanks for stopping by - will talk to you again soon and you never know, might see one or two of you before the next CHAT

Conchita67: now it's time to say goodbye, to all our company....

Inmaculada: hey Achim, how rude!!! lol

Inmaculada: ok

chrisloeb: Bye all - talk to you soon! Thanks, David for the extra time Bye now...

Inmaculada: bye all and thanks for the chat

Conchita67: see ya real soon, why? because we like you!

David: Oh and look out for www.hughesthrall.com- coming soon

Inmaculada: and we love you!!!

Conchita67: good night David, and everyone else....regards to Shirean!

Conchita67: xoxoxoxoxoxooxo

Inmaculada: bye bye

David: Bye for now!
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