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Old Oct-23-2002, 3:17 PM
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CHAT transcript - October 23rd, 2002

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use the Printable feature, click the icon at the bottom of the page!

CHAT transcript - October 23rd, 2002

David: Enters Chat

David: Hi everyone...

John H: Enters Chat

John H: Hi david

David: Hey John, how you doing?

John H: Im doing good

John H: I enjoyed hanging out last Wed

John H: and of course the GH show

Shirean: Enters Chat

Shirean: Hello

John H: Hi Shirean

Shirean: Greetings John

David: It was a blast for sure!

John H: Ko keeps saying GH

John H: his voice

John H: wasn't that great

John H: but I thought it was fine

John H: and I would have noticed

John H: He hit that full voice high B

John H: on You Keep On Moving

John H: so It couldnt have been that bad

David: perhaps he meant Glenn was restraining a bit....you know avoiding the "rock god" yelps etc

John H: I mean the note

Curly (Shirley): Enters Chat

John H: Far Awaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy

David: Welcome Shirl

Shirean: Hi Shirley

John H: Hi Shirl

Curly (Shirley): Welcome you lot - God it's sooooo good to be in touch with you again

David: not quite face-to-face....but the next best thing !!

Pete S.: Enters Chat

Shirean: I thought Glenn sounded fantastic on the new material !! Almost fainted when he did that ballad: Grace!

David: Hi Pete

Pete S.: howdy all

Shirean: Hi Pete!!

Curly (Shirley): Hi John - you think Glenn's voice was not too good???

Pete S.: htp tell all about it!!!!!

John H: No it was Ko that mentioned that

John H: I think it was fine

Shirean: If anything I think Papa was a bit tired from the 3 hour sound check..

Pete S.: thanks for the email shirl

Curly (Shirley): I wish you lucky few who saw him last week would stop making me so jealous - must be strange to hear him on the HTP set then such a change for Shape68

Pete S.: well not fists.....haha

David: yeah, but you get Legends Of Rock [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

John H: SHEESH I cant believe a soundcheck could take that long

David: at least we'll see the DVD sometime next year [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif[/img]

John H: I've done tons of them lately

Curly (Shirley): You're welcome Pete - now I've found you again, as it were, we can keep in touch a bit easier.

Shirean: Shirl, a friend of mine is going to Legends of Rock gig in Nottingham which gig are you going to?

John H: on bigger stages and huge systems

John H: It shouldn'

John H: shouldnt take that long

Curly (Shirley): Got tickets (or brother has) for Nottingham and Bradford but tomorrow trying for more - salary and all that!

Curly (Shirley): Shirean - you will have to keep in touch and I can catch up with your friend somewhere

Shirean: Sure thing he's in row 3

Curly (Shirley): Row 3??? No friend of mine! LOL

John H: Im wondering on LOR

John H: if each performer has their own band or are they

John H: using the same drummer

John H: or whatever

John H: I went to see the Cult

John H: on Saturday

John H: have become an Ian Astbury fan

Shirean: How have you been Pete?

John H: after watching him up close and personal

John H: with the Doors

Curly (Shirley): Why you wondering on LoR - the distance or the cash, or both? Oh to be a leg hair on Glenn!!! Ha ha. Sorry, getting carried away.

David: Good question....probably sharing the same....

John H: He hits all the notes like the recordings

John H: Obviously not on GH's level

John H: but Ian is a good singer

John H: who doesn't sound like anyone

Pete S.: not too bad...gettin' over missin' the htp gig-shirean......how are you?

Shirean: Yes we missed seeing ya!

John H: I was sad to miss HTP as well

Pete S.: now waiting for LOR in MANCH.

David: We had such fun in Dudley....but I think London had a better sound due to larger size of the venue...

John H: but not so sad anymore after Shape 68

Pete S.: was it too loud dave?

David: word of advice - don't stay in the Station Hotel!! Good bar....that's about it!!

Shirean: I agree David - sound was much better in London

Curly (Shirley): For John H and Pete - I jest ye not - I am STILL bowled over by Glenn's voice - it gets better with age. There was a lot of talk about the volume - but the whole two gigs were astounding.

Pete S.: did you go to Preston?

David: Well, we were right up front, parked next to Glenn and the PA system in our ear, so we're probably bias on that one!

John H: London Elizabeth near Hyde Park is good

John H: 88 pounds a night 2 years ago

David: Pete - no we didn't...in the end.

Curly (Shirley): The Station Hotel was known as Fawlty Towers but the staff were very friendly. The jacket potato was called black coal in its other life!

Pete S.: glad to hear it shirl

David: only cool thing about it...was we could hear the soundcheck through the window of our room

David: No double-glazing

Pete S.: you're not tempted to fly here again for LOR

Curly (Shirley): We stayed at the Blakemore in Westminster - never go off good looks first. The staff were rude, the room was basic so we wanted to go back to Fawlty ... oops Station Hotel PLUS our room was immediately facing the club and the band's bus so it was worth the 25 we paid

John H: Enters Chat

Curly (Shirley): Blakemore was also 25 can you believe

Shirean: we lost ya John

Pete S.: Shirean....you gonna have to buy a tent!!!!


Curly (Shirley): but due to someone ... else, we were five minutes overdue for the parking meter so now have to pay 80 fine. Meter was 1 for 25 minutes. London stinks.


Shirean: Nope we won't be over for the LOR gigs..


John H: I had my car towed because I parked at SAvon at the Cult show

Curly (Shirley): What, what?

Pete S.: ooooouuuuccchhhhh....shirl

John H: 215 bucks including the cab

John H: It was worth it

Curly (Shirley): This country sucks don't you think?

Pete S.: john....was that in the U.S.

John H: That is correctr

John H: right here in LA

casper: Enters Chat

Pete S.: the cult still goin' again

casper: evening all

Shirean: Hi Casper

David: Welcome Casper....

John H: Yes I think they want to keep it going

John H: and Ian will still be in the Doors

Curly (Shirley): Anyway John and Pete - no word of a lie, my life's changed since the first glimpse/decibel of him on Monday 30 September. His voice just grabbed my soul

John H: There is at least one more Doors gig Dec 8

casper: hi david and shirean

John H: Then we are headed to England and Europe next year

John H: Well seeing GH

Pete S.: thats good...last album i bought was ceremony......hi casper

John H: is well worth it Shirl

John H: and I was very inspired

John H: after Wed

John H: and also after last Decembers

John H: VOCR show

John H: before I could see him in concert

casper: hey david and shirean were you in the Station Hotel in dudley ? we were there too

John H: I would have dreams where I was walking into a club and he was singing

Curly (Shirley): Hello Casper - where you from?

John H: pretty wierd

Shirean: haha - everyone was at that hotel - how funny!

casper: hi pete.. Curly i'm in Leeds in the UK

David: Yes - our room door looked like the earthquake (the week before) epicentered right there!!!

David: We changed rooms twice....and all the door frames looked the same!!

casper: yeah too right. still it was near the club

David: in the end we just had to laugh

David: the only PLUS!! We heard the soundcheck from the room...which was cool!

Curly (Shirley): You're lucky Dave - we had to ring reception to get in the room, and ring to get out!!

casper: i thought it was you two, sat at the bar

Shirean: Why didn't you come up say HELLO?

Curly (Shirley): I never did ask - did you eat your jacket potato?? Mine had been certified dead by the time it made its way to my plate

casper: Very shy lol wasnt 100% till we left !!!!

David: Sat!! That must of been at the end of the night....we were yapping and mingling all night [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

Curly (Shirley): Casper - same as Shirean. Why didn't you say hello. I was there too

David: We were enjoying Trapeze on the PA system...when the "disco" started!!

casper: whoops sorry all !!. did you see the girl who walked into the glass door?

Shirean: Shirl - My potato was fine

Curly (Shirley): Did any of you see the girl who walked straight into the glass window?

David: That was hilarious!!! EVERYONE saw it happen!!!

casper: deja vu on the messagges LOL

Curly (Shirley): You've lost me now Dave - Trapeze on which PA system?

Shirean: YES - We saw it!! I almost fell off my chair.

David: She was ok....so it was ok to laugh (out loud) !!

casper: going to the Legends of Rock in 2 weeks !!!!!! Can't wait

David: After the gig....JB's was playing music until 2am....amongst others Trapeze and MKIII Purple stuff....

Pete S.: where casper?

Curly (Shirley): I didn't dare look at her until she was out of sight - then every fibre of my being roared with laughter.

casper: Bradford in the UK about 10 miles from me

Pete S.: nice one,i'm at manchester about 90miles away

Curly (Shirley): Oh right - I was more interested in saying hi to Glenn, and then of course met him properly in the interview in London

Pete S.: from me

David: It was after Glenn "left the building"....we were in no rush to get back to the Station...if you know what I mean!!!

Pete S.: what questions shirl?

Shirean: Shirl - Make sure Sue gets a copy of that interview - ok

Curly (Shirley): Hey Pete - know if there are tickets left for Manchester - actually the closest gig to home but wanted to go elsewhere - Nottingham is a fine place (the venue) I am told

casper: where is it in Nottingham?

Curly (Shirley): Don't see Sue, Shirean but will get a copy to you very soon, not forgotten.

Pete S.: ticket web had a lot a month ago....we got row d

Shirean: Great - Thanks

casper: anyof you heard of a song called Alexis ? just downloading from Kazza at the moment. Never heard of it !!

Curly (Shirley): Royal Concert Hall, Casper - never been but will take my little (ahem) butt there. Pity I always seem to be travelling alone - apart from the Notts gig

Pete S.: midlands...casper

Curly (Shirley): Will give them a ring tomorrow, thanks

David: Alexis -Tommy Bolin number....is on the live CD from Denver...

casper: ahh only been to rock city there

David: If you listen carefully, you can hear Shirean shouting out on that one!!

casper: from 97 ?

Shirean: YES

Pete S.: rock city....the mecca of rock

casper: Bugger (He says quickly looking at the CD )

David: LOL

Curly (Shirley): Amazing that so many of you know so much of Glenn'sd works - mention Glenn in these parts and it's 'who?'

Pete S.: sorry casper i misread your question earlier...

casper: same here Shirley. Went to see a Deep purple tribute band on Thursday..So funny

Pete S.: i've had three pints and htp on headphones!!!!

David: only 3 !!

Pete S.: David...how come no...run run run and on the ledge

Curly (Shirley): That's the sad tihng - after two Uk gigs EVERYTHING else pales into insignificance

John H: Which tribute band and were they good and did they do MK3/4 stuff

Curly (Shirley): Your headphones will get wet

casper: all had wigs on. Bass player tried to look like Glover then changed shirts and thought he was Glenn !!

casper: Deepest Purple

Pete S.: shirl....i've missed me mouth twice already...

John H: ha ha!!!!!!

David: yeah, that was the only disappointment that there weren't many HTP songs....but at least we knew ahead of time....so we just enjoyed what we got...Glenn pulled out all the stops as usual [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

Curly (Shirley): Went back to Birmingham two days after London gig to watch/meet with Company of Snakes - anyone seen the guys?

Pete S.: what were the other bands like david...anygood?

John H: That seems to be the common problem when glenn plays live

John H: not enough current material but at least with Shape 68 we got five new ones

Curly (Shirley): And if so, what did you think?

Pete S.: or were you all at the bar!!!!

David: Last week he did "Funk On The Water" which was amazing....just imagine a super-funked up version of SOTW.....very cool.

Shirean: I wanted to see a COS gig while I was there but they never played London boohoo

David: Pete....zzzzzzzzzzzz somes them up for me!!

Pete S.: ha aha

David: german band sounded so dated...the Japanese band weren't so bad....good guitarist....they were better than the German one....

Curly (Shirley): Thank the Lord you said that David - thought it was me. They're all good musicians sure, but more like five musicians jamming than a band. Stefan is a nice guy but more Cult material than Coverdale 'copy'

casper: hey i've got some pix from 94 or 95 from Bradford Rio's. Would it be ok if i uploaded them to the site at some point

David: Go for it Casper!! You don't have to ask....that's what the Forum is for....

Curly (Shirley): Getting ahead of myself again - Shirean you didn't miss much. The support band wer four 14 year olds - very good but ... things have certainly changed over the years, eh?

casper: excellent. will do tomorrow then

David: simply post your message and then attach the file...

David: or you can use "Submit Pics" from the front page of the site....put them in a Zip file or one at a time...whatever is easiest for you...

casper: ok thanks

Pete S.: how did classic rock welcome the gig?

David: by not showing up!!

David: well, don't know that for sure....but have you seen a review yet?!?!

Snakeman: Enters Chat

Shirean: Hi Snakeman

Pete S.: indeed....nice one dave

David: they were probably too busy reviewing Alison Moyet who was playing next door.....

Snakeman: Hi everyone

David: classic something, eh!

Pete S.: no david ...is it in forum?......hi snakeman

David: No, I was being sarcastic!

David: Welcome Snakeman...

casper: hi snake

Curly (Shirley): Hi Snakeman

Pete S.: well they might do LOR....maybe

casper: talking of snakes what old DC up to these days

David: having a drink, smoking a fag

Pete S.: then again.....

casper: :-)

Snakeman: evidently DC is announcing new whitesnake on Xmas Day

Curly (Shirley): There's a rumour that DC and Glenn may just get together for a duet

David: I can't see DC wanting to do that....would you!!

casper: out and class spring to mind

Pete S.: blackmore,galley.........only kiddin'

John H: Since DCs voice is shot

John H: how is he going to sing all the high notes on those old Snake tunes

John H: Seems to be as about as appealing as the Led Zep reunion

Curly (Shirley): Everyone gone to the loo??

Curly (Shirley): Toilet to the posh people

casper: no fridge for tinny !!! lol

Pete S.: snakeman....any idea what the line is?

Shirean: John I read about that - they hope to make 64 mil

Snakeman: I wouldn't say shot just more "limited" in Range

Curly (Shirley): A friend has commented that Gillan's voice is shot on the latest DVD - er ... what's it called? Anyway, it's not as good as it used to be - always love the guy but he just screamed, whereas Glenn .. ah well ... aren't we the lucky ones

Pete S.: sorry guys got cut off

casper: gillan is backed up by Steve Morse especially on Child In Time

casper: dvd is called Perhelion i think

Curly (Shirley): When the giants of rock have a reunion, I always think - 'must need a new house or swimming pool' cos they tend to take the (easy) money and run, until they need another new house but Glenn really and truly respects his brothers and sisters

Pete S.: does anybody think that the reason Glenn's voice is still good today compred to the others because of less lengthy tours in the 70's 80's

Curly (Shirley): Really, Casper?

casper: hmm think so

David: Yeah exactly - I think Glenn spoke to every person in the club last week...he was most gracious as always.

Curly (Shirley): Painful, Pete - getting cut off?

Snakeman: His voice is probably better because of no abuse of any kind

Curly (Shirley): I just think 'God blessed him' with his voice - his words, not mine

David: 10 years of clean living has something to do with it...

Curly (Shirley): Painful, Pete - getting cut off?

Curly (Shirley): DVD should be called 'bloody hellion'

Curly (Shirley): Painful, Pete - getting cut off?

Pete S.: more beer for pain to go away...shirl

Shirean: Casper - where were you sitting in the Station hotel bar?

Pete S.: yeah you're right david

Curly (Shirley): As I said on the forum recently - I couldn't care less if he was sat in a mud hut with an acoustic guitar, the fact that I could share his voice and air space would be worth any downside - but he ain't got any! Damn, Gabi's a lucky lady

casper: we were at the back having some food, think you both came and sat near us when you ate

Shirean: You were with your wife or girlfriend right? I remember ..

Pete S.: shirl...singing in the bath

casper: yeah wife. dragged to to the gig.

Shirean: David - remember..

Pete S.: mine was ill....so no gig

Curly (Shirley): Casper I was sat in the window - well not literally - that was the window basher's job - can't belive we are all on here now, but didn't all get together properly. Would have loved to chat to D and S at length - now I know why I do things alone ...

Curly (Shirley): Did you get your lady a T-shirt Pete - the least you could do surely?

Pete S.: hey shirl i'll send you a photo of our gig last week

David: We were surprised they had all the merch available in Dudley....after earlier reports we weren't expecting to see much....

Shirean: I wanna see it Pete..

Pete S.: no i did'nt go.....got here a ghpg for the gig tho

Pete S.: ok ...no probs shirean

Pete S.: it might take a while to pick a good one...ha ha

Pete S.: ok got that...

David: but 15 for a poster was a bit of joke....

David: same price as the T-Shirt !!

Pete S.: pretty hard to carry around at a gig...david...especially 15 quids worth

Curly (Shirley): Thanks Pete - where do you want to send it to?

John H: Enters Chat

David: Welcome back John....

John H: Sorry folks all my windows shut down

Curly (Shirley): 15 for a poster? Eh?

John H: didnt mean to depart so rudely

Curly (Shirley): Sorry Pete - brain slowing down

Curly (Shirley): I know a good bassist - in a band called Three Mile Smile - know them Casper?

Pete S.: was it just htp stuff?

casper: hmm no where they from

Curly (Shirley): But you can't pin five pints on the wall!!

Pete S.: shirl....we played with a band called 5 mile smile recently.....weird.....

Pete S.: from barrow

Curly (Shirley): Penrith

David: Pete - it was the blue tour poster that you might have seen...with all bands listed on it...

Curly (Shirley): IN fact, Three Mile Smile were asked to support CoS when they played in Workington some time ago

casper: no never heard of them sorry

Pete S.: yes...david

David: Did you see our posting about the appearance with Dee Snider? I wonder if Glenn will be in costume! That would be funny to see, eh!

Curly (Shirley): Penrith

Curly (Shirley): Bassist bald head - Mike - a good mate of mine - newver seen his band though

Pete S.: seriously the band here is 5 mile smile....they'll be gutted

Curly (Shirley): What's your band called Pete?

Pete S.: penrith is not too far from here

Curly (Shirley): Shirean - thought Dee Snider would have settled down by now.

Pete S.: Dark Angel....i know there was another of that name but the band formed in 79 before i joined

casper: that name rings a bell

Shirean: Don't think so his radio show is very popular back east..

Curly (Shirley): Pete - coming your way in about a month - will chat to you on email sometime soon

Pete S.: i'll post when our track is on ram fm radio

Curly (Shirley): I have a friend who used to look like him - she thought it was a compliment. Have you any dealings with the Hallows Eve event, S?

Pete S.: that sounds great...shirl

John H: Yeah Glenn in costume

Pete S.: casper....name of a film,book etc

John H: As the Biker Glenn Hughes from the Village People!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David: that would be hilarious John!!!

casper: no name of someone who looks like a ghost after a night drinkin !!! LOLOL

Shirean: Nope - Just hoping to get some pics from the event to share with everyone.. Keep your fingers crossed.

Curly (Shirley): This is a gas - feels like we're all in the same room - pass me a can (tinny) someone ...

Pete S.: here you are

Pete S.: what is everyone listening to?

Shirean: TV

Curly (Shirley): Thanks - tastes great after a hard day's work

John H: I need some new CDs

John H: im burnt out on all the ones i have

casper: my son is listening to mtv bass :-((((((((

John H: Id better hit the stores before my Mexican trip Friday

Pete S.: track 4.....addiction....this is a quiz...anybody?

Curly (Shirley): Can't quite see Glenn singing YMCA - then again ...

John H: hmm track four is Madeleine?

Curly (Shirley): Mexico, CA ... and here's we few, we happy few in wet and wonderful England (Wigan actually)

John H: HAvent pulled that one out lately

John H: Wigan???????????

John H: Land of the famous Wigan Pie and Sandwich museum

Pete S.: yes john....good track

casper: near the pier !!!!!

John H: Three Sisters Kart track

John H: Wigan Pies

John H: Right next to Bolton

Pete S.: coming up to the acoustic bit now

John H: I was just in Wigan 3 weeks ago

John H: Wigan Pier right

John H: Did you see Whitesnake there

John H: I saw tour dates that they played there was it in 97-98

John H: So I was right it is track 4

John H: I love that acoustic part how it changes the whole vibe of the song that is mind blowing

Pete S.: wigan kebab.....meat and potato pie in a bun

John H: Ha Ha

SATAN: Enters Chat

Shirean: Welcome Satan

John H: Hey Satan were you at Platinum Live last week

Pete S.: hi satan

SATAN: hey

John H: because JSSoto was there

spartacus: Enters Chat

SATAN: I was there with him yes

Shirean: Why didn't you say Hello we were there..

David: You should have said "Hi"....oh well, maybe next time, eh...

John H: I figured as much

SATAN: Enters Chat

Pete S.: hi satan spartacus

John H: so what'd you think of the gig

SATAN: I didnt recognize anyone !

SATAN: The drummer DiMaggio is a buddy of mine

David: Oh well....you've probably seen the pix by now....no excuses next time

SATAN: and the Goo Goo Dolls keyboardist is from my home town

SATAN: If you saw Jeff...you should have come up to him and said "hi"...then I would ve maybe known who everyone was

SATAN: anyway-

John H: Well I knew Chip and Todd from VOCR in Vegas and also David and Shirean from looking at photos on here

John H: but some of us have a life so

SATAN: I thought the band was good. Good songs ...good performance

John H: I can understand not recognizing them

David: I only saw him as he was walking out....

David: cool hat!

John H: I was going to

Pete S.: i'm gonna have to go....great chat....catch you later

John H: but he was kind of rushing out the door

John H: Sometimes I m shy also

SATAN: I can live without smoke on the water performed in ANY style

David: Take care Pete....have another beer for me

John H: See you Pete take care

John H: good rocking now

casper: cya pete

Shirean: Bye Pete

SATAN: cya Pete

John H: That version of Smoke was great

David: SOTW....I hear ya...but the intro was worth every penny!

John H: but yeah it wouldve been cool to here Sister Midnight or something off of BTM or Angela or anything solo

Pete S.: take care folks...cheers david

spartacus: Greetings good people I feel kind of a fake here as I am not really an avid Glenn fan I run the website for the Phenomena stuff that has a trapeze page etc but I find the dedication of the fans really enamours me to this site

David: Thanks Spartacus....we're lucky to attract such a good crowd [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

SATAN: It 'll be interesting to see where this SHAPE 68 thing goes

casper: this is true

John H: I would love to see it go somewhere

casper: so new phenomena cd soon ?

Curly (Shirley): Enters Chat

John H: But very difficult for old rock stars

John H: unless you are van halen or springsteen or something like that

SATAN: Van Halen is done unless they get sammy or dave back

Curly (Shirley): 56K - don't know why it went wrong - missed loads I bet

David: ahhh, yes....but the "Voice" we'll lure them in Let's hope so....

casper: shirl just got broadband. best thing i ever did

casper: well almost the best thing lol

John H: Enters Chat

John H: Well Shirl I was just in Wigan three weeks ago

John H: My friends are in Bolton

John H: just went to check it out

John H: but didnt do any karting as they were having a school day

David: Off topic....we're looking at replace this CHAT progam with something else - easy to use...but less of the flicker Just FYI....maybe next month, maybe the month after....

Curly (Shirley): Got a pretty broadband myself Casper - all those pies!! (not)

SATAN: www.digichat.com

casper: do you have this chat just once a month then David

SATAN: smoothest one out there

casper: lol shirl

David: funny you should mention that SATAN...either that or Chat Blazer!

Curly (Shirley): Hello Satan - hello Spartacus - welcome to the best site ever (apart from GH official site, that is)

spartacus: The new phenomena album is about ready to record some of the artists are a bit diverse with Peter Cox (Go West) up for some vocals with Mel Galley on the guitars and some Nu-Metal Guitarists (Pitchshifter) also up for some mayhem so it is a bit of a nightmare getting it all together but hopefully in the new year.

Curly (Shirley): In Wigan three weeks ago? You bragging or complaining? LOL

SATAN: I think digichat is expensive though

David: yeah....we'd probably have either one host it for us....but still that's $30-40 a month!!

John H: Ha ha not complaining

spartacus: Got to go speak again

Curly (Shirley): My son and daughter both work at Bolton's Royal Hospital - small world or what

David: Thanks for the update Spartacus...

John H: amazing eh????

John H: My friends are Linda and Robin Booth

John H: Used to own the Booth Foundry

John H: in Bolton

Curly (Shirley): Unfortunately Casper I have no PC at home at the moment - so I spend from 8 til 7 at work on my PC there and then to my daughter's house just to speak to people like you! AAhhh ...

casper: ok i see. feels like moulded to this thing sometimes

David: a true GHCP if ever there was one

Curly (Shirley): Certainly a variation for the Phenomena album, eh?

casper: hmm yeah .there are a couple of these new metal bands i do like

David: SATAN....read somewere JSS will possibly tour the US next year....can you shed any light?

casper: sorry NU

SATAN: nothing booked in US now...probably not enough interest here

Curly (Shirley): I'd just like to say a very special thank you to Dave and Shirean for this site. Fortunately I'd lurked many times on the CTC site before joining ... what took me so long? And thanks to you guys out there for making an old (LOL) woman happy, or is that a happy woman old ...

SATAN: working on a European thing...hopefully in 1st part of next year

David: oh well....hopefully our paths will cross eventually!

casper: hey shirley 41 here but still feel like a 39 year old LOLOL

David: Thanks Shirl....comments like that make all the work we do on the site....worth it.

SATAN: sorry guys- gotta run...CYA everybody...talk soon...

Curly (Shirley): Gonna have to go now boys and girls - thanks

David: Thanks for stopping by....keep in touch.

Shirean: Bye Shirl

casper: gotta go myself. been a pleasure chatting

David: Nice talkin' to ya....next time!

casper: cya all

Shirean: Goodnight UK

David: next CHAT will be November 27th....after Legends Of Rock is over...

Shirean: Gotta run John - Take care

David: they have left the building!!

John H: Take care folks I stepped out for aminute

John H: was good to meet you and had such a good time all the more with friends rather than if I had just gone by myself (like I always do)

John H: Ok all the best and thanks so much for the site

John H: see you later

John H: All the best Cheers

David: take care...."see" you next month!

David: bye

John H: see you
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Old Oct-24-2002, 11:31 AM
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I entered the chat sometime between 3:30 and 4:00 PM yesterday, and dropped a few lines. But, nobody seemed to be there. Was it too late?

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Old Oct-24-2002, 4:31 PM
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Just missed it!


So close, but yet so far!! You just missed it, we wrapped up about 3:15pm. It's scheduled for between 1:00pm-3:00pm each month....sometimes we go on a lot longer than planned, other times considerably shorter!! Really depends on how many show up on the day.

Next session is set for Wednesday, November 27th....a bit further out than usual, but only so we can hear all about the the Legends Of Rock shows (which wrap up that the night before) from our friends in the UK

Hope to catch you on the 27th!
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Old Oct-25-2002, 12:59 PM
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I see. Thanks David.
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Old Oct-25-2002, 9:00 PM
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You're welcome Ko.


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Old Oct-28-2002, 8:16 AM
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Great chat session which encouraged me to drink more!!!!

Bad head in the mornin' tho.


Pete S.
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