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Old Jun-19-2002, 1:30 PM
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CHAT transcript - June 19th, 2002

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use the Printable feature, click the icon at the bottom of the page!

CHAT transcript - Wednesday, June 19th, 2002

David: Enters Chat

David: Anyone in yet?

Shirean: Enters Chat

David: All on our tod at the moment!

James: Enters Chat

James: Hello!

David: Welcome James....you're the first to arrive!

Shirean: Hi James

James: I only found you were chatting by accident. I was seeing what new stuff had been added to the board and I've never attended chat yet, so i thought I'd check it out.

David: Are you a long time Glenn fan or more Deep Purple/Trapeze?

David: Cool - don't be shy!

James: I'm a bit of all three really. I heard Whitesnake first, worked my way back to Purple, then Glenn solo and finally Trapeze. What about you guys?

David: Trapeze, Purple and then of course the solo work

David: He's better than ever these days...

James: You're not wrong! I must say, this is a quality website. How long have you had it up and running?

David: In this format - 2 years - but in various forms about 6 years....

James: It's great....I love the way almost all the important Glenn regulars have come over here too.

James: How many times have you met Glenn?

David: It's nice to see everyone too....definitely a family affair, eh :-)

David: Ummm.....roughly around 10 times...

James: Wow...I've yet to see him in the flesh, although I live in hope for HTP touring!

David: Ah, so you're in Europe? We hope to make the Astoria, London show if & when it's confirmed....

James: Yeah, I live in the UK, but I don't have my own transport so London is a bit of a task to get to. I prefer Manchester, Sheffield, Birmingham or Nottingham really.

David: We hear you - we'd prefer to travel around a bit - London can get boring :-)

David: We saw him at Rock City, Nottingham in '96 during the "Addiction" tour...a great night!

James: Lucky swines! I have my fingers crossed for Nottingham Rock City....it'd be just right for HTP. I saw Dio there on the Magica tour. There's a guy with an awesome voice too!

David: Yeah, hopefully HTP will be able to do the usual clubs around the country....I guess we'll have to wait and see...

Shirean: Enters Chat

James: I was thrilled about HTP. I've been a JLT fan for years and it annoyed me that nobody seemed to listen to anything after Slaves And Masters which I personally adored.

David: Dio - yes, he still has his voice which is great....just not so keen on his new material.....

Shirean: David he's playing the Astoria on Oct 4th

David: Slam is very good....must admit it's only GH's involvement that revitalized our interest in JLT....but it's certainly good material....

David: Oh yeah, Dio is playing London on Oct.4th - but you probably knew that right??

James: I did know about Dio yeah. I really liked Magica, but Angry Machines and Strange Highways were weak, and I didn't like Sabbaths Dehumanizer either. I've only listened to Killing The Dragon once but that seems to be back on track.

David: I read that he was playing some Sabbath material live....that would certainly be worth the price of admission :-)

James: He usually sticks in Mob Rules and sometimes Neon Knights. Ronnie is an example to us all! Back to JLT, I've got all of Joes (solo) work and I personally I think "Hurry Up And Wait" is his best solo album, but Holy Man and Nothings Changed are challangers. Slams the weakest in my opinion but still good. Have either of you heard any of Joe's Mothers Army project?

David: Heard of it....but no, haven't actually heard it....

James: Their third album, "Fire On The Moon" is amazing.....It is a side project featuring Joe, Aynsly Dunbar, Bob Daisley and Jeff Watson, and that album is just SO good it blows me away every time I hear it. It's quite heavy for Joe, kind of a modern sounding Cream in places. Excellent stuff!

David: Hmmm sounds interesting....I'll have to look out for that one...thanks for the tip!

James: If it's not to "off topic" I'll make some mp3 snippets and bang them on the site seeing as Joe has a few more admirers on here now.

David: Just be sure and put them in the Media Center forum.....

David: Members only place ;-)

James: Will do, no problem. I'll get on it tomorrow at some point. For fans only...idiots need not apply!

David: I hope when HTP tour, they stick to the album and don't go off on tangents to include Purple stuff.....'cuz the reality is, the audience is their to see HTP......solo material is ok, but not the oldies - what do you think - or is it just me?!?!

James: I think much the same....leave the Purple out and do that with VOCR. However, they did only do two Mark two songs on the Jap tour which I found refreshing, and King Of Dreams only gets played by Joe so that doesn't really count. I'd rather Glenn do another solo tune than Stormbringer or Mistreated though.

David: Yeah, I was pleased to see he included the BTM tracks he did in Japan....that's a good start....just don't need Burn or Stormbringer again :-) Having said that, at a place like Rock City where it's "in yer face" - it doesn't really matter that much!!

James: No, true. I suppose there will be some people there simply because both of them were in Purple once. I'd like to see them pull some rare Purple stuff out of the hat if they must play that material. Between them they could do anything!

David: Should be interesting to see how the success of HTP effects the release of any new solo albums....they're both pretty busy this year...

James: They are, but that's a god thing. Sorry to dash off, but a couple of friends have arrived. Hopefully I'll talk to you later. A pleasure chatting to you!

David: Ok, nice chatting with you...maybe later...

David: Enters Chat

Pete S.: Enters Chat

Pete S.: hi folks

David: Hi Pete

Pete S.: hi David ,hows thing?

Pete S.: s

David: Going good thanx - a bit of quiet session today...

Pete S.: yeah just a bit,any UK dates yet?

Pete S.: sorry i keep hounding on about it

David: All the dates you've seen are still unconfirmed....only UK one mentioned is The Astoria, London - October 2nd (Wednesday)...again to be confirmed ;-)

Pete S.: so we're looking around October 'ish

David: If they come off - yes, it appears that way - we know as much as you at this point.....only thing we've been asked to stress - is that all dates are unconfirmed, despite what you see around the web.

David: Hope they're able to do more than London in the UK leg....

Pete S.: Yeah,Manchester would be nice

Pete S.: i suppose London would be test the water kind of thing

David: if it's a 5-week tour...then hopefully that leaves room for some more UK dates in October...

Pete S.: ticket sales etc

David: yeah, they've just got to publicize the thing to hell :-)

David: and you know they can't rely on the Press to help :-)

Pete S.: indeed,i think thats why the Purple thing

Pete S.: yeah,the press don't give Glenn a fair deal

Pete S.: I remember the Sabbath/Gary Moore reviews

Pete S.: i don't know what it is

David: yeah, even recently they're nice to his face, but slam him in reviews...

Pete S.: In the Sabbath days Kerrang kept goin' on about Glenn's Mars bar eating!!!!

David: jealously....that's all it is....

Pete S.: do you think some of it is about his beliefs ?

Pete S.: beliefs that saved his life

David: I don't think so...these people are the same that were around in the 80's and they just hark back to those times as far as their behaviour towards Glenn - he's moved on and they're still stuck in their timewarp....that's my 2 cents on the matter :-)

Pete S.: yep you're right

Pete S.: Glenns been very busy this year,he's doin' loads

David: Amazing isn't it...the second half of the year has him in a different city nearly every week up to Christmas :-)

David: Lucky sod :-)

John H: Enters Chat

John H: Hi everyone

Pete S.: hi John

Shirean: Hi John and Pete

John H: How's it going

David: Hi John

David: A bit of a quiet session today...so nice to see ya!

Pete S.: how did Satan get on in Bradford,anbody know

John H: Thanks and good to see you

John H: Ive been cranking Face the Truth lately

David: Haven't heard from him but the reviews over at MelodicRock.com were very complimentary....

John H: I can't believe GH has never done any of those songs live

Pete S.: hi Shirean,good b'day?

John H: Yeah they were

David: before I forget....click or cut'n'paste this link....shows SATAN at The Godz festival....

David: http://perso.wanadoo.fr/stagememorie...20Contact1.jpg

Jon L: Enters Chat

Shirean: Yes indeed - had a great birthday

Shirean: Hello Jon

John H: Yes Shirean belated BDay greetings

Pete S.: nice one

Pete S.: hi Jon

Jon L: hi, guys

David: Thank goodness. Norum quit Dokken - they sound awful thse days :-)

John H: Ah man I need my HTP fix

David: Hi Jon

John H: Its been a few days

John H: Has anyone heard the New Dokken with Norum

John H: I was very surprised it was so mellow

John H: The new songs they played live in Feb seemed pretty lame

Jon L: i loaned out HTP to a friend last month and have not gotten it back yet.

John H: but I always think that

John H: I mean I heard 7th Heaven by DP

John H: before it came out live

John H: at the House of Blues

John H: and it turned out to be pretty awesome once I got the album

John H: Abandon

Pete S.: bad move Jon

John H: It just took awhile

David: Jon L: - that'll teach you!

Pete S.: i don't let anyone even look at my htp!!!!

Jon L: yeah, i need to get it back. my buddy didn't even like it.

John H: I thought Norum played

Jon L: abandon is a great cd - listened to it last week.

John H: all the Reb Beach songs perfect and all the George Lynch songs perfect

John H: so I don't know what Don Dokken's problem was

David: his voice is shot the few times we've heard him recently....

Pete S.: they played the Uk i think

Pete S.: recently

John H: I mean this light man missed a cue

John H: or something

John H: when I saw them in Feb

John H: and Don just berated the guy

John H: and called him an amatuer

John H: who didnt care about his job

John H: but Don came off the worse

John H: I can't imagine oour GH

John H: being that way

Shirean: Enters Chat

John H: Ok David thanks

John H: So the light guy for revenge

John H: cranked all the white and other lights up full blast

John H: turning the stage into a sauna for ten minutes

John H: ha ha take that Don!!!!!!

Pete S.: back in a minute,gonna try it

John H: Well I had fun yesterday

John H: sliding my car sldeways like I was on a dirt track

John H: some idiot almost hit me

John H: decided he wanted back into my lane

Lennart: Enters Chat

John H: Hes just lucky he almost hit me

Lennart: yo people

John H: because if I was some soccer mom in a Ford Explorer

Shirean: Hey Lennart

John H: it would have been one big accident

David: Hi Lennart - good to see you here...

John H: Hey Lennart

John H: Great to see you

Shirean: How's your summer going

Lennart: great to see all of you guys

Lennart: summer's coming along nicely over here, how's it over there?

John H: Jag Alskar Sverigel

Lennart: heheh good one John

Lennart: I picked up a HTP interview promo CD today, you guys heard of that?

John H: So how are things on the Northern Light Thin Lizzy Board

John H: LOL

David: the one with interview & radio snippets on it...?

John H: I checked their recently and was surprised there were actually some non Lizzy posts

David: it's in the Media Center :-)

Lennart: the NL www board is in a football crazed up mood right now

John H: Man I have to get into that band

Pete S: Enters Chat

Lennart: btw, good luck too people with the team still in there

John H: I havent heard the HTP promo stuff

David: LOL....Brazil is a tough one!

Lennart: ah ok, I should know better Dave, you are always on top of everything! [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

David: it's funny to hear GH & JLT talking to themselves :-)

Pete S: it's a case of defence(Eng) v attack(Braz) Shirean

Pete S: sorry David

Shirean: Lennart - Any word from Damien,Bill, Lewis


John H: Man I cant believe we won

Lennart: yeah, I am in contact with the guys all the time

Lennart: they're doing great

John H: Honestly I wish Mexico had won because they have so many problems it would have been nice for the country

John H: Plus it means alot more over there

Pete S: also Argentina

John H: We miss Damien and Bill and Lewis

Lennart: did you hear about the president of the club perugia in italy?

John H: and you too also Lennart

John H: I guess you just burn out on working on these websites

Shirean: I was looking at the picture of all of us at T Bolin 97 the other day seems so long ago now

John H: So David and Shirean don't leave us too

Lennart: thanks john

Lennart: anyway, the pres of perugia has fired that guy AHn from S Korea who scored against Italy! Nice, huh?! [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

Shirean: Don't worry we will never leave!!

John H: Ah good

Shirean: Your stuck with us!!

Lennart: I am checking the ghpg board almost daily, you have a great site here D&S

John H: Well what is up with that officiating in that game

Pete S: indeed

John H: with Korea and Italy

John H: was there some kind of wierd stuff going on

Shirean: Thanks Lennart!

John H: I didnt watch it

Lennart: the only weird thing was that S Korea kicked Italy of of the WC

Lennart: "out of"

Pete S: yeah the ref was a bit biased towards Italy

Pete S: Totty should'nt have got sent off

Pete S: sorry biased towards SK

David: it's been tough to catch the games over here....4:30am most of the good ones plus the Commentary is in Spanish! Luckily the Eng.v.Brzl game starts at 11:30pm Friday night....so looking forward to that....

Pete S: the best ref is the one from Italy

Lennart: yeah, I am gonna catch that game as well

Pete S: David, the pubs are open 6am on Friday

John H: Yeah I actually watched the Us vs Mexico in Spanish

John H: but unless you speak it its a pain in the neck

Lennart: I think the Swedish ref is ok as well (Frisk), he's the one who gave Ireland a second (!) penalty kick in the 89th (!!) minute [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

Pete S: i'll be in one thats for sure....liquid breakfast!!!

John H: Hey Lennart so have you heard anything new about why Norum is out of Dokken

Pete S: the one for shirt pulling?

Shirean: Pubs opening at 6:00am you got to be kidding me

John H: He should get back together with Glenn

John H: I was listening to Face the Truth last weekend

Pete S: nope,great eh?

John H: ah man that is so awesome

John H: Time will find the ANNNNNswer

John H: Distant Vooooooiiicess

Lennart: no I haven't heard the inside as to why Norum and Dokken parted ways

Lennart: I saw Norum w/Dokken last year

David: Yeah, I heard Blair was going to declare a Public Holiday if England win the Cup!!

Shirean: Saw some recent footage of them at a S.F.bay area club - Norum just didn't fit in well with the Dokken material

John H: Yeahj

Lennart: oh, is the election coming up? [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

Pete S: that's right David

Pete S: what day is the final?

Lennart: personally I don't really care for Dokken

Lennart: Don was very uninspired during the show I saw

David: 30th I think....4am over here :-(

James: Hello everybody!

Pete S: ok guys i'm gonna go and bid you all farewell

John H: I was just glad to see Norum

John H: But would have rather seen him with Glenn or doing a solo show

John H: Ok Pete cheers

David: ok Pete...talk to you next time....July 24th is the next CHAT session....

Pete S: nice talkin',catch you all again

Lennart: bye pete

Pete S: i'll be there

John H: Ok so how does the GH Blues album rate with you guys

John H: I finally ordered it used from Amazon

John H: It should get here this week sometime

David: Welcome back James....a little busier now :-)

John H: Its the only major GH album I don't have going back to Trapeze in the 70s

John H: Not counting all this one offs

David: one of his best....different...but still good...

John H: all those one song appearances

John H: I do have a boot with a collection of his one offs

John H: guest stuff

John H: like KLF

John H: I'm looking forward to it

Jon L: sorry guys, having computer problems. gotta run. next time, i hope!

John H: I should have bought it at Tower Records it was available there a couple of years ago

Lennart: it was so kewl when it came out since it was such a long time since there was a full album with GH's vocals on it

David: next time Jon...

John H: I went to Hollywood Sat

John H: saw Ray Bradburry being driven around in the oncoming lane

John H: that was cool

John H: and then I went to Amoeba records

John H: and tried to find any GH or JLT

John H: or Ring of Fire

John H: any of that Buccaneer type of stuff

John H: and there was nothing

John H: It was so frustrating

John H: I left pissed off

John H: And then when I went to the store later

John H: and told the girl at the checkout counter

John H: she said well there's this great record store in Hollywood

John H: and I said it was the one Id just been at

James: I like Glenn's Blues album...I'm really fond of Have You Read The Book on it. Great vocals from Glenn too!

David: can't remember the last time Shirean and I went to an actual record store!!

John H: Does anyone have JLT's SLAM

David: maybe 2 years ago!!

James: Yeah, i do

John H: I saw a bad review on Mauzon

John H: It's pretty useless going to those places

John H: Is Slam any good compared to Holy Man

John H: obviously nothing compares to HTP

John H: Holy Man had some good stuff

James: It's very good, but I think Hurry Up And Wait is a more honest JLT release.

Lennart: I have only heard HTP once

David: The Mothers Army stuff sounds interesting....have yet to get it...

John H: I'll have to check out Hurry Up some time as well

James: Hello Lennart! Where have you been lately?

John H: Ah you didnt like HTP

John H: Ah man I can not reccomend Planet Earth

Lennart: bye John

John H: That album is awful

John H: boring by Mother's Army

John H: but everyone has different tastes

John H: I would try to download it before buying

John H: When I heard it

Lennart: as I have only heard it once I can't say if I like it or not

John H: I thought JLT

John H: had lost it as a singer

Shirean: John H - you sure type FAST!

John H: I hear that maybe the earlier Mother's Army albums are better

John H: this one was out in 98

David: Before I forget - here's that web site Shirean mentioned.....features Dio/Dokken etc....

David: http://www.ccrock.tv/video.html

John H: The musician all turned in uninspired performances

James: I was talking earlier to David about JLT's side project Mothers Army. If you like HTP, I feel certain you'd like "Fire On The Moon". I will be posting some clips on here from their "Fire On The Moon" album tomorrow hopefully, because even those who didn't like Planet Earth love this.

John H: Well I get a lot of practice on the net

John H: plus Im a sometime freelance writer

John H: plus

John H: I took a typing class in High School

John H: 17 years ago

John H: and the knowledge always stayed with me

John H: Well Lennart

John H: I hope you give HTP some more spin time

John H: It's definitely been a very special experience for me

John H: I'm still playing it several times a week

John H: I've bought a lot of cds since getting into CDS seven years ago

John H: and this one has stayed on my playlist the longest

David: Sounds like you need to take a vacation in Europe in the Fall....once things are firmed up :-)

John H: Going on four months and its still getting played every week

John H: But not everyone thinks that

John H: Actually Ive been thinking about how Im going to do that

John H: And as I menitioned before I have a free tour guide

John H: that lives in Bolton

John H: so I hang out with my friends who drive me everywhere in England

John H: But this time I want to take it easy

David: We'll have to hook up if you decide to go....

John H: Sheesh last time we went from the South all the way to Duns in Scottland then to Bolton

John H: It was way too much

John H: My friend is so nice

John H: He'd drive me anywhere I want to go

John H: For sure

John H: I think it only ran me about 1500 bucks to do my trip two years ago

John H: so Its not too expensive

John H: I'd love to play over there in the North

John H: A year ago on my ship we had tons of mostly Northerners

John H: I ended up sequencing Pariessienne Walkways

John H: Becuase they kept asking for it

John H: It was just a thrill to do that song on guitar live

John H: I sequenced it from the live version

John H: I mean did a backing track because there was no bass or drummer in my band

rmaestrali: Enters Chat

John H: Those Brits saved us

John H: because that 7 day Cruise from Puerto Rico was the worst experience of my whole life

John H: It was Evil

John H: My bandleader got fired two weeks into the run

John H: so it just started bad from the beginning

John H: then Se1

John H: ah well

John H: we did go to nice beaches and had some good friends

Shirean: Welcome rmaestrali

John H: and the girlls at the mall in Puerto Rico

John H: oh man ooh la la

rmaestrali: hello to all

Shirean: Hey easy . a lady is present!

rmaestrali: Im just browsing to see if its OK, but I have a meeting in 5 minutes

John H: Sorry

James: Shirean, you spoilsport!

Shirean: That's okay I forgot where are you from

John H: Hey you posted those Menikietti pics

John H: David and Shirean

John H: I have that 98 reunion Yand T album

John H: there is some really good songs on there

David: yes...

John H: Some are classic and as good as their old stuff

rmaestrali: Im sorry guys, I have to go, catch you guys later in the next chat

Shirean: Dave Meniketti SMOKED

Shirean: Bye

David: July 24th....same time

David: Jeez, is that the time....I'm going to have to be a bad Host....have to head out to a meeting (I'm at work), but will come back upon my return in case you guys are still here.

David: Shirean will keep you company :-)

David: The transcript of the CHAT session will be in the Forum later this evening...

David: The next session is on Wednesday, July 24th - same time, 11:00am PST...

James: What time is it over there for you guys now?

Shirean: 1:55pm pst

John H: I mean the first reunion album ok by David

John H: Bye David

John H: Cheers

Shirean: Dave Meniketti's new cd is out in july John H - check it out

James: I've never heard any of his stuff...what does

Shirean: Anyone going to see any concert this summer

John H: I'll have to yeah How is the Blues cd he did

Shirean: "Concerts"

James: it sound like?

John H: I probably will to the Purple with Dio show

John H: I hear Dio is awesome still

John H: I cant believe he can still sing that way

James: I saw Dio on the Magica tour and he hit every note and threw in some ones he din't do on the album, along with some screams. He's amazing.

John H: Purple should put an album out its killing off the band

Shirean: I'm going to see those Wilson sisters

John H: Morse is getting fed up with the long tours

John H: to Timbuktu and Bombay

John H: and Lord's already quit

John H: What a waste

John H: I just got the new Morse CD

John H: It seems like the mellow songs are really full fledged tunes

John H: and the riffy heavy stuff

John H: lacks melody and is very unmemorable

John H: Usually his heavy stuff is melodic also

John H: so it s disappointing

John H: I'm still listening to it so maybe I will understand it better later

James: The Wilson sisters Shirean? Is that Heart? I heard they'd gone a bit folky if I'm thinking of the right group.

Shirean: Is Ian Paice the only original member now

John H: Im back on bass guitar tonight

John H: for the first time since July 28 1996

John H: Yes that is correct

John H: Ian is

John H: Just doing off nights as a sub with a band

John H: Plus my regular keyboards

Shirean: YES James they are going out as HEART this summer all new band Mike Inez from Alice N Chains touring with them this summer

John H: Now I feel more like GH LOL

John H: Im going to try and get the band to learn Burn later

Shirean: I mean playing with them for the summer tour

John H: and we tune a half step down so that should make it easier

John H: Ok see you guys

Shirean: By John H - till next time

James: Oh right. They used to have Denny Carmassi didn't they? The dark haired one is a great singer....my brother has her duetting "Kashmir" with Roger Daltrey and it's very good. Bye John!

Shirean: Yes Denny is drumming for Foreigner this summer - Go figure!

Shirean: ANN Wilson is amazing

James: It's about time Foreigner finished the new album. It's taking longer than Guns n Roses new effort!

Shirean: Lennart what have you been up to..

James: Give him a nudge someone!

Shirean: Guess he's left the building

James: Just me and you then. What are you doing (apart from chatting obviously)?

Shirean: Heart are working on a studio album right now they are going on a world tour early next year - check them out if you get a chance

Shirean: I'm sure they will tour the UK

James: I've not listened to any Heart albums before...they were'nt that big in this country. Had a few hits but I'll look out for them.

Shirean: Drinking a glass of water and you

James: Well I'm sat chatting and listening to the stunning "Mr Big In Japan" farewell live album. Jeez, what a great band. One of my all time faves.

Shirean: So have you been a fan of Glenn's long

James: Yeah, for several years now. I found him via Stormbringer (I started the Purple journey as a huge Coverdale fan)

Shirean: Yep Eric Martin can sure sing

Shirean: oh I got on the bandwagon late 1987 Hughes Thrall

James: Eric is my soul brother. I relate to his stuff so much it's uncanny. His new solo album kicks ass....really powerful effort from the lad. As for glenn, Fell was what turned me on to him for life.

Shirean: you mean FEEL hehe

James: Please excuse my appalling spelling. Yes, I meant Feel!

Shirean: I agree I think that CD is GREAT has a little bit of everything inside..

Shirean: funk,rock,ballads

James: I got Feel and Play Me Out on the same day after finally decided to get Glenns solo work against the advice of "critics". Feel blew me away and I get goosebumps everytime I hear "Big time"

James: The Way It Is and Addiction are the other two Glenn releases that I play most. What about you?

Shirean: I really thought Addiction was a make or break project for Glenn

James: I thought it was a very brave soul bearing effort and it deservedly got reasonable reviews over here from a rather lukewarm press.

Shirean: Talk About It would have been huge in america if it had gotton some airplay

James: I don't know who controls the media in the States, but if it's anything like over here, rock has been driven underground unless your one of the "in" bands. So many potential hits have been confined to forgotten albums, and Talk About It is just one of those.

Shirean: Just my humble opinion

Shirean: BTW: Rock is dead here in America at the moment

James: No, I agree totally. Robbie Williams is classed as rock here. How bad is that (presuming you even know who he is?)

Shirean: I know who he is.. Its all about Britney Spears here

Shirean: Hey James I got to get going its 2:30pm here - Nice talking to you come back on July 24! Take Care

Shirean: Lennart if your still out there - goodbye

James: Okay then, it's 10:30 here. See you later Shirean.Nice talking. Bye!

James: See you later Lennart.

Lennart: I am back, was away

Lennart: oh everyone's gone?! [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

Lennart: bye then

Shirean: Enters Chat

Shirean: Just checking to see if everyone's done today :-) Sorry we missed you at the end their Lennart - be sure and drop by next time - July 24th, same time, same place!
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