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Old May-22-2002, 12:23 PM
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CHAT transcript - May 22nd, 2002

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use the Printable feature, click the icon at the bottom of the page!

CHAT transcript - Wednesday, May 22nd, 2002

David: Enters Chat

David: REMINDER: The next CHAT session is on Wednesday, May 22nd @ 11:00am-1:00pm PST

David: Topic: General Session - All things GLENN HUGHES - CHAT with you then!!

David: Transcripts of previous sessions are available in the CHAT Logs forum on the FAN FORUM...

Shirean: Enters Chat

Vinnis: Enters Chat

Vinnis: hello?

schreinermusic: Enters Chat

schreinermusic: Hello everyone:-)

schreinermusic: Enters Chat

Shirean: Enters Chat

Shirean: Hello there!

schreinermusic: Hi Shirean!

schreinermusic: Great to meet you again, everything's fine?

Shirean: David will be a bit late he's in a meeting

schreinermusic: That's okay

Shirean: That's great that the HTP Euro dates are slowly being announced - David and I are planning on coming over for a few shows!

Shirean: Hi Vinnis

schreinermusic: Sounds great! Do you already know for which shows?

Vinnis: hi guys

schreinermusic: Hi Vinnis

Shirean: Were gonna wait till the UK dates are announced then decide its a good excuse for David to go home

Shirean: He's from the UK

Shirean: Vinnis where are you from

Vinnis: NY I met you at the voodoo lounge

Shirean: Oh yeah sorry about that I met tons of people that night

Shirean: How are thing in NY today

Vinnis: lol im sure ya did but i was proilly first as it was right before the soundcheck and hardly anyone was there

Shirean: Yes I remember!

Vinnis: really???

Vinnis: was a great show saws the birch hill shoo too

Shirean: Your lucky missed that one!

Vinnis: i have a copy of it

Shirean: I got it sounds like the best show out of the 3

Vinnis: well i think his voice was slightly better at voodoo

Vinnis: maybe cause he had some old friends there??

Shirean: Yes indeed he did have alot of friends there that night!

David: Enters Chat

Vinnis: hi david

Vinnis: wish i could see those shows

Vinnis: i saw JLT 1x and that was w purple in 91

schreinermusic: Hello David

David: Hello all, nice to "see" you again...

Shirean: Me too!!

David: We saw JLT with VCR this past January, and were pleasantly surprised....

Vinnis: he didnt impress me w purple specially after they opened w burn and he forgot the words

David: lol

Shirean: too funny!

Vinnis: yeah after the fist verse he was lost

Vinnis: adlibbed and repeated things from the first verse

Vinnis: i had firsty row center felt like grabbin the mic lol

David: Luckily, he seems back to form these days...

David: Did any of you manage to hear the "Monthly Pick" in the Jukebox?

Vinnis: ya he hasnt lost his voice but it was always too comercial for me but thats my own opinion im not trying to start a flame war just an opinion

Shirean: I am still amazed how big he is in Japan

schreinermusic: It is "U keep on Moving" from the "FRom Now On" recordings, right?

David: "You Keep On Moving" - sounds like a studio rendition, yet also sounds like the BJL rendition inter-twined - awesome, but trying to figure out where it comes from!?!?

Vinnis: i havent heard it

David: That's what I suspect.....alot better than "Holy Man" which ended up as the "Bonus" on the Japanese release....

schreinermusic: I have that track on the official release "Best of GH" . It is on that one.

David: Really....is that the same one....I have that too, I'll have to take a listen later!

Vinnis: is it acoustic??

David: No, not at all, a very heavy version....

Vinnis: hmm gotta check that out then

schreinermusic: the acoustic version is another one, Vinnis

Vinnis: one of my favs to play on guitar

Vinnis: i have the jap htp the bonus track is on the ledge???

schreinermusic: Tne bonus track is "Against The Wall"

Vinnis: ahhh ok nice solo in that 1

Vinnis: right on the edge but still melodic

Carolyn: Enters Chat

David: I'm surprised no "guest" appearances showed up for the Japan shows....maybe they'll wait for the Euro gigs to have them...

David: Welcome Carolyn....

Vinnis: like who david??

Vinnis: hi carolyn

schreinermusic: Hi Carolyn, great to see ya here:-)

Carolyn: Hi - just popped in to see what this is all about!

David: Sykes, Paul Gilbert.....

David: it sounds like Vince di Cola is going with them to Europe, so thats a bonus right there....

schreinermusic: Vince is the man!!!

Vinnis: cool so there will be new musicians for this leg?

David: they're certainly going to be travelling around a bit at the end of the summer....!!

David: nothing's confirmed as of yet, but JJ and Di Cola have been mentioned for Europe....

Vinnis: USA hasnt been mentioned tho not even as a rumer only VCR :/

Carolyn: Achim has done a good job spreading the word about this chat

Shirean: Welcom Carolyn

David: Yes - we thank Achim everytime.....can't wait to see his German site.....eh, Achim :-)

Carolyn: Hi Shirean, nice to "meet" you!

schreinermusic: Thanx, I just put a small message on the DC board :-)

Shirean: Likewise..

David: Wouldn't expect to see HTP in USA anytime soon....as you say, VCR is about it unfortunately....

schreinermusic: David ..I'm blushing:-) ..The site is still under construction. I was ill for a short time, unfortunately. The second reason is that I want it to be as good prepared as possible, you know

Tony: Enters Chat

David: oh yes indeed - my advice is to take your time.....it's ready when it's ready....

schreinermusic: Tony Takano?

David: Welcome Tony....

Vinnis: hi tony

schreinermusic: Hi Tony

Carolyn: Hello!

Tony: Hello there!! Yes

schreinermusic: Genki desu ka??

Shirean: Nice you could join us..

Tony: It is the fisrt time fo me to joiun chatting

Tony: Genki desu!!

David: Tony - thanks for all your efforts in translating the HTP reports....very enjoyable reading....

schreinermusic: Great to hear that, Tony:-):-)

Carolyn: Sorry to be brief folks, gotta dash - have fun, may pop back later. Give my love to Glenn! xx

David: Thx for stopping by....talk to you later....

Shirean: Will do

Tony: By Carolyn !! I am embarassed but wished to share with all of you about what was happening.

schreinermusic: Talk to ya later, Carolyn, will send you en email later today! Have agreat time

Tony: schreinermusic, do you speak japanes as well ?

schreinermusic: Not much, Tony..unfortunatly ...I once had a jap. girlfriend for quite some time and I've been there twice. That's all.

David: Have any of your received your copy of "The Alchemist" yet?

schreinermusic: You can call me "Achim", Tony:-)

schreinermusic: It's easier to type ..haha

Tony: Oh is it you ! Achim.

schreinermusic: YES! The very same one:-):-)

David: I've been enjoying all the Purple memorabilia that's been going up on the Fan Forum recently....

Vinnis: yeah i noticed that david i made my contribution lol

schreinermusic: Indeed great stuff! Great pictures!

David: Will have to track down that video that was mention about the '75 Japan tour...

Tony: 75 japan tour !! I've been there!!

schreinermusic: That video was once shown on german television about 15 years ago and it blew me away!!! Great performance!!!

Vinnis: ya know what i could never figure out? where the clip from heaavy metal pioneers of MKIV playing stormbringer

David: How do you mean?

Vinnis: looks like they are in the studio and a dif version of the song was overdubbed

schreinermusic: Good question, Vinnis. That clip was overdubbed by the studio version of "Stormbringer"

Tony: My baby needs to go to toilet. My wife is yelling. If I am lucky, I will be back. I will get better in typing nex time.

Vinnis: yes yes so you know what i mean

schreinermusic: It was just a fake, maybe they haven't got the legal rights for the audio for that video clip, I dont know

schreinermusic: Yeah, I know what ya mean, Vinnis

Vinnis: well if i remember correctly tommy is wearing the same shirt as the demo tapes booklet maybe they had video as well as still pics rolling??

Tony: Hate to go but see you soon again !! Kaoru sent the Tokyo show review to Fedor. Hope it will be posted soon.

schreinermusic: We are speaking about that Video with that blue cover from 1992, called "Deep Purple -Heavy Metal Pioneers", a kind of compilation, Best of ...whatever

David: Thanks again Tony.....

Shirean: Bye Tony

schreinermusic: Have a great day, Tony! Hope to catch up with ya soon again!

Vinnis: yeah thats it think it was 91 right after slaves and masters came out

schreinermusic: Exactly

SATAN: Enters Chat

schreinermusic: I'm not quite sure, but it's also possible that this clip is from the "last concert in japan" show, which had been filmed....just a guess

Shirean: Hi Satan

David: Welcome SATAN....

SATAN: hello

schreinermusic: Hi Satan! Great to meet ya again.

Vinnis: noway they arent in an arena in that they are def in a room

SATAN: hows it going?

SATAN: hows it going?

SATAN: Enters Chat

schreinermusic: Not too bad, thanx! And you?

SATAN: ok...I got the final mix of the Hughes/ Soto song

schreinermusic: WOW!!!

David: Cool...look forward to hearing that.....44 d/l's for your clip!!

SATAN: is 44 alot ?

David: not too bad considering.....

schreinermusic: That's actually not bad

SATAN: hahaha ...considering what?

David: that's twice a day :-)

schreinermusic: that there are not thousands of registered members ..hahaha

SATAN: hahaha

David: not yet :-)

David: no if only some of 'em would bloody post something!!!

David: that's why we turned on the "Lurker" alert on!!

SATAN: aha

schreinermusic: I didn't wanna sound negative ...hahaha, of course not!!!

SATAN: i love when people are negative

David: lol

schreinermusic: JJ=NO FEEL ...remember that? ...hahaha

schreinermusic: LMAO

schreinermusic: What is everyone thinking of the current setlist for the jap. shows?

David: Would like to see more HTP songs...and less of the "greatest hits".....

David: but it is the Japanse audience....maybe Europe will get a more of full set...

David: although GH did play some BTM songs which was a pleasant surprise....

schreinermusic: Me too!!! What's about that "Highway Star"?? Who needs that? I would LOVE to see (or hear) "On the Ledge", "No Room 4 Love" and some others ....

schreinermusic: Indeed, David! I agree

David: if they can get more of a "full" band on the road, maybe we'll hear something new....

David: not just a 3 piece :-)

schreinermusic: Sure...would really like to see Vince doing some dates in europe ...he's such an amazing musician ...just listened to a tune called "Attack", played on the piano from one of his records, really AWESOME

schreinermusic: speaking of Vince diCola ..of course ..:-)

David: expecting "The Alchemist" this week....am about ready for a new shot of GH :-)

SATAN: anyone know where I can get a decent deal on the ALCHEMIST cd ?

Vinnis: well im off great chatting talk to ya soon

Pete S.: Enters Chat

schreinermusic: Hi Pete!

Pete S.: Hi all

David: Welcome Pete S.

SATAN: hey

David: maybe Amazon in a couple of weeks...

schreinermusic: I only listened to those clips so far but what I have heard is really interesting

David: Yeah, I love the diversity of the stuff he lands up on....

David: it's really refreshing...

SATAN: hey Pete S.,,,I forget..where you live again?

Pete S.: UK near the Lake District

Pete S.: Barrow-where the Trident subs were built1

schreinermusic: Pete, is it you? The Pete from DC?

SATAN: are you going to the GODS festival in Bradford?

Pete S.: no afraid not schu

Pete S.: no,goin' to Ozzfest at Donnington

schreinermusic: Oh ..okay, sorry:-)

Pete S.: waitin' for HTP ha ha

David: still?

Pete S.: no David,i mean the gig--sorry

SATAN: Harem Scarem, Hardline, Jeff Scott Soto, Eric Martin, Tony Martin (from Sabbath) all at GODS and you wont go to that??? wow

David: ah, good to hear...well, probably only a couple more months to wait then :-)

Pete S.: uhhhm,tempting

David: SATAN, I took up your recommendation re Harem Scarem, bought their first one - very good - but the latest, was quite disappointing....

David: it sounds like they'd be great "Live", pity I'll miss 'em....

David: and U of course :-)

schreinermusic: Speaking about Tony Martin. The new record of Dario Mollo (The Cage II) sounds really awesome, listened so the clips to each song at Mollo's website. Martin did a great job, just like Mollo. Please dont misunderstand this, I really like Voodoo Hill, but I think "The Cage II" sounds more ..what is the right word .."well-rounded"..fro me. Just MY opinion, of course

Pete S.: SATAN when is the GODS fest?

SATAN: Sunday June 2

SATAN: Harem Scarem best is Mood Swings...their 2nd cd

David: yeah, that's the one....thought it was their first.....

David: kinda sounds like early Pretty Maids....anyway, good stuff!

Pete S.: ah..we have the Mon and Tues off...holidays...lookin' good

David: hook him up with a ticket SATAN....lol :-)

David: or least buy him a pint :-)

Pete S.: no you're talkin' ha ha

SATAN: I dont know if I get any guests..or of course I would...I 'd hate to say yes now and then have it be no when I get there

SATAN: but if you want me to try...maybe I can

schreinermusic: sorry ..I'll be back in 10 minutes or so ...just got a phone call ..

Shirean: Enters Chat

Pete S.: hey no probs SATAN...if i'm there i'll waving an England flag---just throw me a pick!!!

David: it's thirsty work standing in line....:-)

Pete S.: hi Shirean

SATAN: you dont want a pick w/ my sweat all over it

SATAN: disgusting !

Pete S.: ha aha

Shirean: Hi guys

Pete S.: SATAN..how long is your set gonna be?

SATAN: I gotta get out now...someone send me some free bootlegs if you get a chance

SATAN: oh...I have a minute to answer that

SATAN: we have a 75 minute set and were recording and filming for a live cd/dvd release

SATAN: so man , I better not suck

Pete S.: nice one!

David: a word of advice - don't have any Scrumpy Jack before you go on stage....

SATAN: If I get some time...I will UL a mixed clip of the Sly tune w/ Soto and GH and maybe make the clip a little longer

Pete S.: Bradford has got a large rock fan base

SATAN: Scrumpy Jack???...what the hell is that?

David: you'll be all fingers & thumbs :-)

SATAN: I ve been to Europe 6 times ...but never the UK

Shirean: Say Hi to Andrew from Melodicrock.com for me and break a leg!

David: a tasty Cider....

Pete S.: it's a strong cider


Pete S.: with bits in

David: wait 'til after the show....you have been warned :-)

SATAN: I wont have any before we play ..but when were done.....I actually just got another suitcase so I can bring my spare liver

David: be sure and get your 'turkey in duty free ahead of time, it's mucho $$$ in the UK....

Pete S.: good advice David

Pete S.: like a lot of things hre

Pete S.: here

David: if you have time...look forward to the finished clip....

David: Depending on what the final Euro HTP tour dates look like, we might be heading home ourselves....

David: it'll be a blast for sure :-)

Pete S.: SATAN.. do you record the guitar with a lot of compression?

SATAN: gotta go guys

SATAN: yes- compression is a great tool

Pete S.: see you in Bradford

Pete S.: cheers mate

SATAN: cya all soon . look for a clip from me here soon

Shirean: Bradford who would have thought..

David: it's at Rock City in Nottingham next year....

David: last time we were there was for the "Addiction" tour '96

Pete S.: yeah it's a good place for us(UK)

schreinermusic: I'm back ...

David: funny....when Shirean and I lived in the UK, absolutely no gigs worth talking about, and now we here in the US, the same thing (more or less)....we find ourselves travelling alot :-)

Pete S.: when did you move?

schreinermusic: It's often like that..David:-)

David: 1989

Pete S.: late 70's was good for gigs

David: yeah, many a time down Hammersmith way :-)

Pete S.: Birmingham capital of rock !!!

David: hoping HTP will play out of the way places in Europe, feel like a trek this year!

schreinermusic: Or the early 80's were also not bad ..at that time the NWBHM took place ...lots of cool gigs

schreinermusic: to explain "new wave of british heavy metal" ..LOL

David: hey, it's not a Britney Spears CHAT :-)

David: lol

Pete S.: sorry Hammy is in London i was thinking too fast

David: yeah, I'm London lad I'm afraid !! Although I travelled up to Villa Park at least once a month.....

Pete S.: oh yeah Sch. hate to be in my prime now

Pete S.: nu metal etc...yuk

schreinermusic: I saw Motorhead in the early 80's, Yes, King Crimson ..loved that bands and I still do now

Pete S.: Another perfect day tour?

schreinermusic: Exactly!

Pete S.: same here

PurpleRainbow: Enters Chat

schreinermusic: There are SO many interesting bands and different music, you can't listen to it all or even go to all the concerts you would like to ..hahaha. I've always been a BIG Yes fan ...

Shirean: welcome purplerainbow

schreinermusic: Hi Purple

Pete S.: hi PR

PurpleRainbow: Hey all!

Pete S.: rick wakeman has re-joined

PurpleRainbow: A bit slow room, don't you think?

David: Occupants or the room :-)

Pete S.: gives me time to type ha ha

schreinermusic: Yes indeed! Wakeman is still awesome

David: We've been going for a couple of hours now....people came and went.....

David: What's your favourite GH moment.....or are you more a Turner fan?

PurpleRainbow: Room mate! Not occumants whatsoever! :-) BTW, I'm so new around I can't be newest, so forgive... :-)

PurpleRainbow: David: are you asking me?

David: Yes....

PurpleRainbow: I fancy Glenn, think he's been the best bassist DP ever had...absolutely dislike Turner though.

PurpleRainbow: My all time fav Glenn track is live performance of The Liar on BJL. That's ferocious!!

Pete S.: I'LL BE BACK IN 10Mins.

David: He's mentioned interviews recenty that he might bring back some of the From Now On...stuff into his live set....

David: hope so...

schreinermusic: That's interesting, Purple. Most people are talking bout Glenn as "the singer" but he has such an energetic groove playing the bass. I've always liked his bass playing exactly the same way I love his vocal abilities. It's really a "funky rock" bass.

schreinermusic: That would be nice, David. He could choose "Only One" or "Why dont you stay", which a really remarkable songs.

PurpleRainbow: Agreed, his bass is much louder than Glover's anyway. No one plays as tasteful as Hughes I'd say

schreinermusic: I absolutely agree. The other bass player I really admire is Neil Murray

PurpleRainbow: Yep, Murray, Squire, Geddy Lee are just some to mention.

schreinermusic: Geddy Lee is from "Rush", right?

Pete S.: Enters Chat

Pete S.: Billy Sheehan?

PurpleRainbow: Yeah, Rush...nice band as well

schreinermusic: Billy is too technical for me...

Pete S.: what about john entwhistle...not bad from his era

Pete S.: first to do a bass solo

Pete S.: i think

schreinermusic: You're right, Pete. I'm not sure, is he still active?

PurpleRainbow: I also like Pink Floyd, but don't think of Roger Waters as a mindblowing bassist...Does anyone here?

Pete S.: yeah, the who played the se1 gig for the services

David: Yeah, he toured with Ann Wilson (HEART), Todd Rundgren and bunch of others last year...Shirean could tell more on that...

Pete S.: for the se1 gig...sorry

Shooting Shark: Enters Chat

Shirean: I saw John entwhistle last summer with the Beatles tribute "A walk down abbey road" he was great!

David: Welcome Shooting Shark...

Shooting Shark: hello all

Pete S.: hi SS

schreinermusic: Hi shooting shark

David: Where do you hail from Shooting Shark...

Shooting Shark: great to be here

Shooting Shark: madison, wi

Shooting Shark: I suppose I missed most of the chat?

David: Not to worry the transcript will be posted in the Fan Forum later today....

David: we'll still going...

Shooting Shark: great!

Pete S.: David Shirean..what and how did you start all this?

schreinermusic: Take a seat, Shark and have a drink:-)

Pete S.: ghpg

PurpleRainbow: Have to go ppl, nice meeting y'all. C ya!

Shooting Shark: YES... I need one

David: Ummmm....1996 upon our return from the UK Addiction tour and re-meeting Glenn inspired us to get this thing rolling, plus a bunch of support from the original CTC guys....

Shooting Shark: goodbye purple

schreinermusic: Have the best of days, Purple!

Pete S.: bye

David: bye PR...

schreinermusic: so this website is on since 1966?

schreinermusic: sorry .. I mean 1996!!!!

David: we had (have) a bunch of memorabilia and wanted to share it with everyone, plus wanted to see what other folks had...

Pete S.: what a brilliant job to do..and done very well

David: yep - 96...we should post screenshots of the original sites....:-)

Shooting Shark: Glenn ever participate?

David: you can go to the Memorabilia section and read the "Bulletin Board" archives....they cover 1998 thru 2000...

schreinermusic: I agree, you're doing great work, David & Shirean! Everyone can see how MUCH time and lifeblood you both put into this everyday. Keep it up!

Shirean: That's a good idea David!!

David: SS - not directly....he provides support and often provides us info to include in CTC - he has the "official" site to post things regularly....

David: it is a job - but a good one :-)

Shooting Shark: which he hasn't done lately...more than likely due to the inconsiderate person posting

David: why I'm sitting here at work - getting paid for doing it :-)

Pete S.: i think i remember in the late 80's in Kerrang that a GH fan club had ceased,is that right?

David: 1999 if I remember correctly....Karen & Pete Allen were the founders and inspired us greatly - it's a pity there isn't a printed newsletter...we had toyed with the idea....but it really needs "exclusive" content to make it worth while...

Pete S.: no sorry in the 90's

Pete S.: that's the one

David: what with the Internet proliferating....I doubt they'd be too many people willing to "pay for" a newsletter like that...that's what caused the demise of the original - unfortunately.

schreinermusic: I doubt that either, David .....unfortunately

Pete S.: i see,does Glenn comment at all of the content of ghpg privately?

David: Often....

David: nothing but good things, thank goodness :-)

David: I tell you - you couldn't ask for a better couple - both Glenn & Gabrielle are so supportive...

schreinermusic: That's the good point at it. For a lot people Glenn's got 2 "official" websites and they are quite different, with different content.

Pete S.: yeh,it's more friendly than that classic rock rag

schreinermusic: So everyone can pick out the interesting stuffect.

David: Don't know if you saw that review from Record Buyer & Music Collector that was posted....at least some of the British press "get it"....

David: what the hell is a review of the latest "Goo-Goo Dolls" album doing in "Classic Rock" magazine - I dont' get it at all !!

Pete S.: thank god!!!!!!

John H: Enters Chat

David: Welcome John H

Shirean: John you made it..

John H: Hi guys

schreinermusic: David, are there any chances to see more pictures of Glenn & Gabrielle together? Would be nice ....

John H: thanks

Pete S.: i know re my follow up post on review

John H: Well its funny it's the same people as the last time

Pete S.: hi JH

schreinermusic: Hello John! Nice to see you!

John H: For the most part

David: Ahh, but you missed "Purple Rainbow" and "Shooting Shark" :-)

John H: Guten Tag Schreiner und danke

schreinermusic: hahaha

John H: I c

schreinermusic: You're perfect, John!!!

John H: Ill have to read them in the transcript

John H: Thanks

Pete S.: back in 5 mins

John H: I took German in high schiool but 20 years ago

David: Looking forward to seeing the HTP tour pix....surprised they haven't surfaced yet!

John H: And went there three years ago and studied it a bit again

John H: Yeah

John H: I want to see GH's new hair

John H: That's what's missing no tour pics yet

David: new hair - do you know something we don't :-)

David: lol

John H: Well I read somewhere he's almost back to his Burning Japan 1994 length

David: yeah...it sure did grow quick, in January it was shoulder length...maybe it's all thick and bushy - ha ha...

John H: Perhaps it's just a bit longer... four months it can grow alot

schreinermusic: Yeah ...maybe he already looks like at the Cal Jam ...hahaha

Shirean: John are you going to Vegas

John H: Maybe not to 1975 length but starting to get there

John H: LOL

David: now that would be cool - he's got the platforms....that and the icecream suit :-)

Pete S.: something about it coloured?(in a post)

John H: Probably not

John H: Ill be jet lagged

John H: Going to Korea in two days

John H: and get back Thursday

David: so you'll just miss the opening game of the World Cup....bummer...

John H: How bout you guys are you going to Vegas

schreinermusic: Have a safe trip, John!

John H: Yeah I will.....Im not a fan though just into Motor racing

John H: thanks Schreiner

John H: barely have time for that

Pete S.: do like F1?

David: we probably won't go to Vegas....VCR are bottom of the bill, along way to go for a short set...even if GH is going to be there :-(

John H: Yes very much watch F1 every race

schreinermusic: you call me Achim, John....it's easier and way shorter :-)

John H: What a joke in Austria though

schreinermusic: *can*

John H: Hopefully there will be huge penalties at the hearing in a month Achim

schreinermusic: I like F 1 very much, been to alot of races since 1994!

Pete S.: yeah,tragic i can still hear the booing! ha ha

John H: hmm just got an email Im giggin June 1st

John H: so definitely not going to VEgas

John H: Yeah bad for the sport

John H: I went to the Euro GP at the Nurburgring in 1999

John H: It was very good

Pete S.: heard an interview today with Rubens indicating that it could happen again this weekend!

John H: a lot of racing and different leaders

John H: Johnny Herbert winning and Stewart's first and last win

John H: Well Rubens is good around there

John H: second to Schuey at Stewart in 97

Pete S.: he failed to qualify for the indy

schreinermusic: That's right:-):-) Barrichello drove for Stewart before Ferrari ...

Pete S.: johnny herbert

John H: Yeah

John H: the weather messed that up

John H: but it was a small team

John H: that has never raced

John H: So not his fault

Pete S.: before jaguar spoilt it all! ha ha

schreinermusic: David, is Glenn interested in any kind of Sports beside the FC Wolverhampton???

John H: Yep

David: Not a sport so much, but running/jogging, working out....swimming....

schreinermusic: ..just trying to get us back to GH somehow ...for not making D & S upset ..hahaha

David: other than that, I don't know...

John H: I saw his gym last weekend

David: put the whip back Shirean.... :-)

John H: We played at a club across the street

John H: in Redondo

John H: nice town

schreinermusic: He looks really good for his age! If you remember his loook 10 or more years ago ...

David: if you ever spot him....don't be shy, go up and say "hello"...

John H: Sure I would

John H: He looks pretty amazing

John H: There are a lot of 49 year olds that look their age

John H: or older

John H: You should see Robby Krieger from the Doors

Pete S.: David i'm a little worried that htp live..will look a little like jlt band ,cause glenn is restricted in movement on the bass etc...hope i'm wrong

John H: Hes 56 but looks 80

John H: Hey Bad Co is on Rockline tonight

tofslot: Enters Chat

John H: Ill have to listen

schreinermusic: The funny things is: Everyone who listen to GH for the first time at my house says that this guy is approx. 30 years old or so. The people are falling off their chairs when I tell them how old Glenn Hughes actually is! It's really like that

Shirean: hi tofslot

John H: Those pics of GH and JL and IG in Switzerland were cool

John H: amazing

John H: It would have been cool to have been there

David: Enters Chat

Pete S.: hi tofslot

Pete S.: david see my question further down

schreinermusic: Hi Tofslot

John H: hi tofslot

David: Got knocked off for a moment! Unconfirmed reports say JJ and Vince di Cola will join GH/JLT on the road for the Euro HTP tour....

Shirean: Don't be shy tofslot

Pete S.: excellent

David: JLT is not "big" in Europe I don't think, so hopefully GH will get more of the spotlight, besides he'll blow the roof off anyway :-)

schreinermusic: That would be SO great!

Pete S.: David... yeah i agree

David: The HTP Euro Tour details will be posted soon....they're just waiting on confirming the venues....

Shirean: David you forget Shane on drums

schreinermusic: I saw that picture of Glenn & Jon Lord before, I think it was posted in that Yahoo Group/club which exists, called Glenn Hughes Fan Club or something like that. There are TONS of pix of Glenn in there

Pete S.: merchandise at gigs etc?

tofslot: Hello everybody, I saw the european dates for HTP tour, but like always, no french date, like always

David: T-shirts were in Japan....

David: there's lots more dates to come....you never know...

John H: hopefully in la

Pete S.: David Shirean..are waiting for the USA dates or are you coming home!!!

David: if only :-)

Pete S.: ha ha

David: We're hoping they'll play some out of the way places in the UK beside "the usual"...if so, we'll be heading home :-)

Pete S.: when are those dates?

David: UK dates haven't been announced yet....should be hearing about them and others soon...

Pete S.: Barrow? only joking

schreinermusic: Tofslot, there are more euro dates to come....the ones you read are not all that will be played. David, I hope I'm right?

David: You're right....

David: By the way - the next CHAT session will be on Wednesday, June 19th, same time, same place!

Pete S.: count me in...

Pete S.: i had better say farewell to you all...nice talking to ya and take care.

schreinermusic: My friends, it's time for me to say "Goodbye" ..have to get early tomorrow morning, its already late in Europe.

John H: ok pete

David: Nice to "see" you again Pete, talk to you next time...

schreinermusic: *get up*

David: and to you Achim...

schreinermusic: Bye Pete! David & Shirean, take care and see ya next time! Great hosts, by the way ..:-)

John H: ok guten nacht achim

schreinermusic: Gute Nacht, John!!

Pete S.: cheers...back to seeing your names on the online sections..

David: ha, ha

Shirean: great feature huh!

John H: Im speechless today

Shirean: That's okay me too been on since 11

John H: YEah

John H: I guess I should get going

John H: I have to practice

John H: go to the gym

Shirean: Gotta run, Have a great trip!

John H: Well all the best

John H: David and Shirean

John H: Perhaps I'll be more chatty in a month the next time we do this

Shirean: Take Care - until next time

David: Take care, let us know how Korea was...

John H: With stories about Korea

John H: Take care

John H: Thanks I will

David: See 'ya next time...

John H: Ill try to sing my best GH impressions on some of the funky tunes we are doing

John H: See ya

David: cool - tape it :-)

David: bye
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