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Old Feb-17-2007, 3:47 PM
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Icon20 CHAT with GLENN transcript - February 17th, 2007

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Thread Tools/Show Printable Version from the Toolbar above.

CHAT with GLENN transcript - February 17th, 2007

David: Hi everyone

Dani California: HI DAVID

David: Glenn will be here shortly - hopefully everyone else too

Dani California: great

David: Shirean will be signing on momentarily as well

Dani California: HI GLENN

Glenn Hughes: hi dani. good to see you here

David: Hi - more will arrive shortly Still have a couple of minutes to go!



kenny: hello everyone

Dani California: HI KENNY

Glenn Hughes: hi dani, it is gabi . i am here. i am the typist for today!

Dani California: HI GABI


Glenn Hughes: well, big D need someone to type while he talks. and i type faster than he does. and i wouldn't miss it anyway.

kenny: hello to the "Keeper of the Dream"

Dani California: YOURE WELCOME

Glenn Hughes: dani, can you tell us if the video has been on the Bulgarian TV any more times?

David: An email question from Mark Jordan in Australia - I saw you in Melbourne, Australia and it was great. I'm really looking forward to you returning with an electric band, can you say when that will be?

Glenn Hughes: i hope to come to australia at the end of the year but as yet there is nothing booked.

David: Ok, everyone GLENN is here - so feel free to ask your questions

theo stix: what is a typical day in the life of glenn

Shirean: Hi Wolfy

wolfy smith: Hello from Cannock!

Inmaculada: HI all! Hi Glenn!!

kenny: glenn you are so busy this year, but when do you think the follow up to M4TD will begin

Glenn Hughes: i get up, i take the dogs and cats out, make some oatmeal, go on the computer to check email and my sites and then i walk or go to the gym. i have lunch meetings with my friends, come home, do some writing and then Gab comes home and we have dinner.

Glenn Hughes: the song writing has already started-i have 7 songs.

kenny: cool, hope Jeff will be going into the studio with you

Ritchie (Buddy): Hello all

wolfy smith: Glenn, who will be playing on the album and did you cowrite with anyone?

Glenn Hughes: possibly kenny.

Inmaculada: that sounds great!

Glenn Hughes: chad will be on the album. i really can't say who else at the moment. i am sure there will be a surprise.

kenny: surprises are fun

Ritchie (Buddy): Hey Glenn .. how are ya mate

Inmaculada: he will be in the production too?

Glenn Hughes: chad will be involved in the production-absolutely. right now we plan on doing the recording at his house in Malibu. We are shooting for Oct/Nov if possible.

wolfy smith: Glenn, since the Rockline interview there has been a lot of discussion about what you said about Mark 3 Purple on the DP sites. Anything you can clarify about that.

Glenn Hughes: hi buddy - thank you so much for the other Maton. Cool that they are going to engrave my name.

Strat335/TexasSusan: If you ever slow down (I know, not likely) would you ever consider producing other artists albums? Unknowns, but people with talent? Oh, good luck with the tour, hopefully we will get to see you this Summer, I haven't seen you since oh...'76 I think. LOL ....Roger

Ritchie (Buddy): they ?? ya mean me !! LOL

David: A question from Michael in Germany - how did you hook-up with The Bobaloos - what do you think of the resulting album?

Glenn Hughes: wolfy: i just want to make this clear, i have spoken to everyone except Ritchie and one of my partners has spoken to him, and the general consensus is, that it may be possible. but it won't be this year.

wolfy smith: thanks for that Glenn. u know if Blackmore agreed it would be BIG news and an instant sellout.

Bluz4Hughes: Good Mornin

Glenn Hughes: hi strat 335: this is you Roger?

Strat335/TexasSusan: Yes, it's me, Roger...and my wife, Susan

Bluz4Hughes: can i jump right in and ask a q?

Glenn Hughes: i would be interested in producing if i could find the time.

kenny: Glenn how many US tour dates do you think will happen this year?

Bluz4Hughes: actually a comment and a q

Bluz4Hughes: i read an article where you gave high regards to Paul Rodgers as one of rocks greatest voices...we all know that you have been given the same praise...have you two ever worked together? and would you consider it? Both of you are my hands down favorite vocalists along with the departed Steve Marriott.

Glenn Hughes: i dont' remember The Bobaloos. I think i got paid in chicken wings.

Ritchie (Buddy): yummm

Glenn Hughes: never heard The Bobaloos album. Simply becuz i was loaded when i did it. and i have no desire to hear it. it would give me the creeps.

Harry le chat: Hi Glenn, hi all !!! France speaking...

Ritchie (Buddy): heya Harry

theo stix: hi glenn aka mister hughes song writer here. how often do you listen to the music you've recorded

Glenn Hughes: once again everyone, as i stated earlier, it is my strongest desire to play America. There has been interest in promoters for me to play but until we have the contracts i can't announce it. i would hope to do as many as possible.

Grace: Hello everybody

Ritchie (Buddy): brb i NEED coffee

Shirean: Hi Grace

Glenn Hughes: i listen to the music while i am making it and mixing it and post mix. non-stop. then i never listen to it again unless i hear it on the radio or at a club. i move to the next project right away.

wolfy smith: when do you fly to Russia for the start of the tour?


Glenn Hughes: i would think that Paul and I would work together one day. We have great respect for one another.

Glenn Hughes: great news dani.


Glenn Hughes: i love the Bulgrian people dani. They have taken me as their own child.


Bluz4Hughes: am currently listening to Voohoo Hill and I have to say that Golden One[Gabi's Song] is one of the most beautiful songs I think you have written

kenny: have you ever thought of recording "Middle of a Dream" ?

Harry le chat: Glenn, you told us in Dudley you were thinking about coming to play in France (Paris and Lyon), any confirmation yet?

Glenn Hughes: I leave for Russia at midnight tomorrow. I fly to Seoul, Korea and then on to Vladivostok. Kollman will be with me.

Glenn Hughes: I wrote the Golden One for my wife and i just wanted her to know what she was getting into.

Bluz4Hughes: it is beautiful

Bluz4Hughes: When can we expect the Live at The Basement DVD for release in the US and was Jimmy Barnes a guest?

Grace: Hello Glenn, I hope that you have a great tour this month and next, in Europe, and also that you'll have enough time between shows that you can actually get to see the countries that you are visiting. Maybe if you take some photographs, and post them here.....David & Shirean MIGHT upgrade you from your lowly "GHCP trainee" status. Ha, ha.

Inmaculada: truly! it is indeed!

Pete: fantastic vocals

wolfy smith: will there be more tour dates in April or are you taking a breather before Italy.

Glenn Hughes: I will headline a French festival on Sept 2nd. You will hear on the website as soon as it is confirmed.

Harry le chat: Cool...Thanks for that, Glenn !

Ritchie (Buddy): Is Oz out of the question this year Glenn ?

Glenn Hughes: i would imagine the DVD of Live at the Basement could come out this Summer. i am going to change the title. Jimmy is on the DVD. Also look out for a "Monkey Man" video clip with me and Jimmy for Australia.

Inmaculada: Is Spain still in the spring tour coming dates?

Glenn Hughes: April will be a few shows in Norway. then i will take a break as the rest of the year is going to be full.

Conchita67: Good evening Glenn, good evening everyone!

Dani California: HI CONCHITA

Bluz4Hughes: Jimmy Barnes another amazing vocalist

wolfy smith: Craig Erickson has just asked for a Myspace add! Now on top friends list.

Inmaculada: hi sister

Glenn Hughes: Spain will now be in Sept.

Ritchie (Buddy): cool .. i'm sure Drew will send a copy to me

theo stix: did you ever take any kind of music lessons???

Glenn Hughes: and there will be more shows in the UK in September as well.

kenny: Craig Erickson... So much love to give

Harry le chat: Any tour plans for Belgium and Switzerland?

Glenn Hughes: i took lessons on the trombone and the rest is history.

Inmaculada: oh well, better later than never!!! I'll have to try some earlier European dates! Sept. looks too far!!

Glenn Hughes: i will play Spirit of '66 in Belgium as a warm up for a festival in Holland this Summer. That is all i know right now.


Bluz4Hughes: off the top of your head...who is someone out there that you would like to perform with that you havent?

Glenn Hughes: i would love to play in Switzerland, esp. Lucerne.

Ritchie (Buddy): Glenn please tell 'em about the MI gig and the reception you got

Glenn Hughes: dani, that is great news. we look forward to seeing you. are you bringing a friend?

wolfy smith: Is Jeff Kollman playing the whole tour with you and who else is in the band?

Harry le chat: Dani, see you in London too

Red Deer: Hi Glenn. Although I got into GH via Purple, I love your ballads. Have any been covered by other artistes? Jolayne is superb! Cheers from UK.


Glenn Hughes: I did the MI gig on Thursday and it was great. it was primarily young students from all over the world. i really enjoyed it from the moment i walked on stage. i think my message was heard loud and clear. i love performing alone with the acoustic guitar.

theo stix: trombone...ha,ha,ha

kenny: Anything coming from Pink Cloud?

Glenn Hughes: It was really inspiring to see so many young people so dedicated to music and their craft.

wolfy smith: Dani, you will have lots of GHPG friends to keep you company

David: An email question from Christian in Austria - Are you considering revamping Pink Cloud Records for good and putting out releases on a more regular basis with distribution via selected Internet outlets like CDBaby?


Ritchie (Buddy): and a standing ovation no less !!

Bluz4Hughes: ahhh any thoughts of releasing an acoustic set of music?

Glenn Hughes: bluz 4: Prince and of course my old friend Jeff Beck.


Bluz4Hughes: Prince is amazing song writer and not too shabby on guitar

Glenn Hughes: This Time Around was recorded by Ava Cherry, one of Bowie's backup singers from the Station to Station period. Great jazzy version. Alot of people have been covering Coast To Coast.

kenny: Glenn @ the Super Bowl next year!

Ritchie (Buddy): nah .. Glenn at the F.A cup

Red Deer: Cheers, Glenn. All best!

Glenn Hughes: pink cloud: right now i have so much going on i don't want to flood the market. i love the pink cloud thing i am just too busy. i have been offered by other distibutors to take pink cloud on. that will probably happen one day.

Glenn Hughes: dani, we love you too.

Bluz4Hughes: what are your thoughts on releasing more Blues influenced recordings?

Glenn Hughes: The Basement is a start (to answer the question about acoustic sets) but you will problably see me doing acoustic sets in the coming years.

Bluz4Hughes: fantastic!

Harry le chat: Glenn, we plan to make the trip from Nice to Torino to come and see you play with Moonstone. Can you give me clues about the set list you intend to play?

Ritchie (Buddy): awesome

Glenn Hughes: at the MI they told me i was the first artist to get a standing ovation and they have had some amazing artists there.

Glenn Hughes: bluz4: Blues is something that isn't my thing. i think it is more for Paul and David.

Glenn Hughes: mooonstone: it will be primarily 70's ghsongbook.

David: An email from Frank in the USA - Glenn, have you ever worked with or thought of working with Russ Ballard?? He is a brilliant songwriter and I have been enjoying his new disc alternately with M4TD and Soulmover on my daily commute, and just could see you two clicking perfectly. Any thoughts??

wolfy smith: an acoustic song in the middle of the set would be a great idea for this tour. or a Hughes Thrall song

Bluz4Hughes: loved the Moonstone release

Inmaculada: how many concerts you will make with Matt Filippini in the Italian tour?

Glenn Hughes: I haven't heard anything from Russ in 25 years. i knew Russ back in the old Argent days. he is a lovely fellow. good looking bloke.

Grace: ...and you're SURPRISED that you got a standing ovation? Why? Obviously, these kids know great talent when they hear it. Details on a CD or video of this "appearance" would be appreciated........

David: they're coming + hopefully some pix.... Grace

Grace: HOORAY!

chutsler: Glenn, just want to say it's an honour to be on this chat with you.....I've been a fan since the first Trapeze album!

Glenn Hughes: the Matt concerts are posted on the website.

kenny: Looking forward to the songs with Ken Hensley coming up!

Glenn Hughes: it was fun working with Kken. i have known him since 1970. he is a good guy.

Dani California:

Bluz4Hughes: thank you for takin the time outta your day to answer some questions for us..god bless

theo stix: glenn the two highest notes i've heard you hit was mistreated at california jam and kings and queens. how do you do it?? i know, lots of sleep ,lots of love and lots of honeylemon. right?

Glenn Hughes: thank you bluz 4. for your questions!

Ritchie (Buddy): pity about Lee Kerslake having to call it quits , for his health


wolfy smith: Glenn, did you enjoy reading the stories Mel told when he did the last chat? i hope they brought back some good memories especially the Joe Walsh one.

Glenn Hughes: high notes are hit with no cigarettes and alcohol. you won't be hearing many singers who smoke hit those notes.

Glenn Hughes: now, Lee i have known since 1969. i only want to wish Lee the very best as he probably lives out his retirement in Spain.

Harry le chat: Thanks a lot for your time Glenn. See you in London on March 25th and in May in Torino.

Glenn Hughes: Mel is a very funny guy and the thing about the Joe Walsh thing is entirely correct. Joe is a good mate of mine and trust me, he remembers it!

David: An email question from Kevin in the UK - Amongst other artistes, I like what Anastacia does and I like her strong, passionate and powerful voice. I can't help noticing how similar her vocal style, approach and material (at times) is to Glenn's and how well matched they would be if ever they collaborated or worked together. If he was approached to sing a duet with her would he ever consider it?

Glenn Hughes: dani, what day do you arrive in london?

Grace: Gazillions of people have no cigarettes or alcohol in their life and they don't sound like you do. I think that somewhere you have to fit in the phrase.....a gift from God.

Dani California: ON MARCH 24

David: cool - same here

kenny: Glenn and Al Green crooning over a Jeff Beck rythym section.........what do you think?

Glenn Hughes: i have never worked with Anastacia.

Glenn Hughes: Grace: it is a gift that has been freely given to me by my higher power.

Shirean: You mentioned in a TV interview that every rock star has had a Spinal Tap moment at some point in their career - what was your most memorable Spinal Tap moment?

David: That was Shirean's ROCKLINE question - but she didn't get through on the night

Glenn Hughes: My most Spinal Tap moment: being frozen on the ramp on the 7th Star set with Tony looking up at me saying "JUMP!"


Ritchie (Buddy): hahahaha

Glenn Hughes: Damn Shirean, that would have been a great question on Rockline-gab

Shirean: Yeah, but got the busy signal all night

Grace: And I'm still trying to figure out how you sang the end of "The Innocence"

wolfy smith: Kenny, Jeff Beck did a secret gig with Robert Plant this week at The Robin2 in Bilston


kenny: wow, maybe with Glenn next.

Glenn Hughes: the end of the innocence was too good not to be used on fused. the record co thought it was too much of a glenn hughes solo performance to be on an album with tony.

wolfy smith: The record company was crazy!

David: Heaven and who?

Glenn Hughes: most record companies are. i don't have alot of good words for people who arent creative.

chutsler: Glenn, Of the two versions of Coast To Coast (Trapeze and Hughes/Thrall) which do you personally prefer?

Glenn Hughes: I prefer the original. always the original (Trapeze)

chutsler: Same here!!!

theo stix: glenn can you give us the real story on what happened on the Black Sabbath tour. as far as why it was cut short.

Ritchie (Buddy): Glenn , did i mention to you that i was invited to one of Jimmy's gigs a couple of months ago and he played the tune you wrote for him ?

Grace: totally, totally incredible, Glenn........Gregorian chant meets rock (how to sing the letter "O" for 30 or 40 seconds) I don't know how you do it, Glenn, and I'm really sorry that it wasn't on the album

Harry le chat: Bye Glenn, bye all. Talk to you soon.Cheers from the Frenchies !!!

Glenn Hughes: buddy-did he play it onstage?

Glenn Hughes: Was it crawl away and die?

Ritchie (Buddy): yes ! it went very well

Glenn Hughes: i mean time to say goodbye

Ritchie (Buddy): yep thats the one

Glenn Hughes: did he annouce it from the stage-that i had written it?

Ritchie (Buddy): yes ! he said something along those lines

Glenn Hughes: that is very nice.

wolfy smith: Have you seen Nathalie Lorichs version of Coast To Coast on Youtube? I like it.

Glenn Hughes: Yes, I have seen Nathalie's version. I told her i loved it.

Pete: Glenn there's a thread on the forum...What is your perfect all-star band ?......has any of the line-ups that have stood out which you thought hey !that would interesting

Ritchie (Buddy): brb

Glenn Hughes: pete: I haven't gone to that thread. but MY power trio would be: Me, Beck and Smithy.

David: An email question from Simon in the UK - If there is any hope of some UK Hughes/Thrall dates once the new CD finally sees the light of day? And whether he'd consider playing this year's Monsters Of Rock festival, if he was asked?

Glenn Hughes: I would play Monsters of Rock if i was asked and the bill was right.

kenny: Beck/Hughes/Smith has a nice ring to it!

Glenn Hughes: there's nothing going on with H/T

wolfy smith: will you pay some HT songs this tour?

Glenn Hughes: PLEASE I LOVE ALL OF YOU, IF YOU WANT ANYTHING TO HAPPEN WITH H/T, BOMBARD PAT. If i was producing this record alone, it would have been finished and out last year.

Strat335/TexasSusan: I know you're a great acoustic player, and can't wait to see and hear the OZ DVD, but was just wondering if you ever have played lead or like to play electric guitar?

Glenn Hughes: My manager, Carl has been trying to get me to do that-it may happen. he says i play guitar like Stevie Wonder plays piano.

theo stix: glenn with knowing tony iommi so well were you ever asked to do ozzfest as a solo act?

Glenn Hughes: never. i wouldnt' fit the format.

David: An email question from Gary in the UK - I'm contacting you on behalf of the many Ghostbusters fans on my website and we were wondering if you still had any recordings of your Ghostbusters themes - we fans have been searching for any info on it for a long time now.

Glenn Hughes: that is another Pat Thrall question. H/T did a song for Ghostbusters and it was between ours and Ray Parker Jr. and he won.

Glenn Hughes: I don't know where that song is now. I might have snorted it.


wolfy smith:


kenny: How about a Funk Fest with Stevie, Al Green, the RHCP, and George Clinton

Voisin: Hello Glenn , i'm Jean Marie from France....Long time that you did'nt came in France, Why ? Some promoter problem?

Glenn Hughes: that would be wonderful.

Glenn Hughes: France like the States, is important to me. i did not want to come there and be under promoted. the last gig i did there was at 2 in the morning on a Monday. Not good.

Glenn Hughes: i have been waiting for the right show to come up and now i will headline a festival Sept. 2 not far from Paris

Conchita67: Glenn, someone you know quite well recently yelled, "we need more rock bands!" Do you still think there is still the "heart" into making good rock music nowadays as there was when you started?

Grace: YES.....another fine example of the possibility of GH dropping the music, and becoming a stand up comedian, or a cartoon voice-over artist. Unless, of course Glenn's mother hears his impersonation of her, and she ax murders him first

Ritchie (Buddy): how's JJ , do you still keep in contact ?

Glenn Hughes: conchita: it is just different now. but i had hope on Thurs at MI seeing youngsters who love their art.

Glenn Hughes: I have to say, I haven't heard a peep out of JJ.

theo stix: glenn what do you think of the van halen reunion?

Ritchie (Buddy): awww .. that's no good

Glenn Hughes: car crash waiting to happen.

theo stix: haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Ritchie (Buddy): well Wolfgang will be the designated driver

kenny: A DVD of the London show would be nice.

Glenn Hughes: Sammy is a good mate. i think David Lee Roth is just plain crackers.

Grace: boy, Glenn's not sitting on the VH fence with that statement, huh?

chutsler: Glenn, not so much a question as a statement....I've always wondered what the Hot Wire album would've sounded like with you providing the vocals (not that Mel didn't do a valiant job). Is that ever a possibility?

Glenn Hughes: No. I love the original.

theo stix: glenn, being there in L.A. have you ever heard of teresa russell/lead guitarist

Voisin: I love the 2 CD with Manfred Ehlert . did you have projet for a new record with him

Glenn Hughes: i actually know theresa russel (this is gab) from my commercial music days and have heard her sing many times.

wolfy smith: Glenn, How pleased have you been with the response to the various Myspace sites? they have given people he chance to discover your music and the Trapeze page is getting fans saying they have just discovered them!

Glenn Hughes: glenn doesn't know of her.

theo stix: she's awesome

Glenn Hughes: manfred is now on the executive side of things. he is a close friend but i am doing my own thing right now.

Glenn Hughes: I think MySpace is wonderful. I am just trying to get to as many people as possible. David & Shirean are doing a great job.

Ritchie (Buddy): yes , they are

Glenn Hughes: theo stix: she is also very nice. (gab again)


Strat335/TexasSusan: Susan says, when we call in to request songs of M4TD, should we only request "This House" for now, or just tell them to play anything off the album?

Glenn Hughes: I think you should request "This House". Radio stations don't play long songs and that is the way it is.

kenny: Would you ever consider taking an opening slot on a major US tour for more US exposure?.

Glenn Hughes: kenny: if the bill was right, of course.

Strat335/TexasSusan: Who would want to follow him?

theo stix: hey glenn i planted the seed at the knac interview. HART & HUGHES baby... any chance

chutsler: Glenn, who would you consider opening for?

Glenn Hughes: someone with big balls. (gabi)

Kat: lol

Ritchie (Buddy): hahahaha


Dani California:

Grace: A question for "the typist" (HELLO GABI)...will you be going on all/part of the tour as an assistant/tourist?

Glenn Hughes: who is HART?

theo stix: beth hart.

Ritchie (Buddy): corey hart ? lol

Shirean: There's only one Heart

Kat: knew that was coming lol

Ritchie (Buddy): Barracuda

wolfy smith: i thought you meant Heart! i know Shirean would like that

Glenn Hughes: Grace: i will go to the London show. i also plan on going to Bulgaria, Serbia and at least one show in Italy this year.

Glenn Hughes: i don't know cory hart, sorry.


chutsler: chutsler bursts into song....I wear my sunglasses at night...

Glenn Hughes: i would open for the Black Crowes or something like that.

theo stix: your bustin my balls arent you.

Glenn Hughes: cory hart: another good looking bloke.

Strat335/TexasSusan: Gabi, you should make him bring you to Texas, Cut & Shoot is lovely this time of year. LOL

kenny: Glenn would blow the Crowes off the Stage

Glenn Hughes: thank you dani. tell the mayor mrs tsonev i send my regards.

theo stix: glenn what was it like besides deafening working with my favorite drummer cozy powell

Grace: fantastic.........we expect lots of photographs from The Travelling Hughes have a great time, be safe.....and sell lots of GH merchandise to the fans!

chutsler: Kenny, Chris Robinson is no match for Mr. Hughes....


kenny: You Know IT!

Pete: yep...they should back you up!!!

wolfy smith: Kenny, Glenn would blow any band off stage.

Glenn Hughes: theo: i was never actually in the stdio with Cozy. I sang after he did his parts.

kenny: Right On!!!

Glenn Hughes: dani: i think i have a typo there. i don't even know if Mr Tsonev is married- i meant to say i look forward to seeing Mr Tsonev and tell him i say hello. gab


Glenn Hughes: dani, i did not know that and that is very nice. i hope his wife will come to the show so i can meet her. gabi



Glenn Hughes: great dani. i look forward to meeting her.

Dani California: SHE TOO GAB

theo stix: so your ears were speared

David: The band for the upcoming dates is the same as last Winter? Mark, Anders & Jeff....?

Glenn Hughes: david: Yes.


David: You guys will be smokin' by the time you get back to Holland and the UK

wolfy smith: Mark was a revelation last tour. Jeff i already knew was great - and he proved it big time.

Ritchie (Buddy): i'm looking fwd to more acoustic shows , it keeps me in a job !! LOL

Glenn Hughes: anybody that plays on stage w/me from this point is going to be great. that is a promise.

Grace: yes, David, when Glenn finishes the "Rehearsal Tour" in Europe, he will be ready for the REAL TOUR in the US

kenny: They must great to be to play with the Dean Of FUNK

theo stix: gab, if you remember do you display at your house the picture and frame of you and glenn i sent glenn and you. it was taken at the last bolin festival

Glenn Hughes: yes i have that. i also have a photo out that kat sent that she took in orlando.

Kat: yay me lol

theo stix: sweeeeeet. thats awesome. i'm so happy

Glenn Hughes: they are next to the family portrait of glenn & i and lily that we took our first xmas with lily our child and the photo of glenn singing at chad and nancy's wedding.

wolfy smith: David, did u get my Competition entry email?

David: yes along with the 500 or so others!! Will need a big hat or something tomorrow when we pick the 3 winners!!

David: Do you know when the FYE ad will be aired over here in the USA on VH-1 Classic or is it running right now?

wolfy smith: gotta leave early tonight. have a great tour Glenn and best wishes to all my friends on here. goodnight from Cannock.

Inmaculada: good nite Paul!

Glenn Hughes: the fye ad is running on VH1 classic.

Ritchie (Buddy): Glenn i was sooo happy to hear that you knew Randy Rhoads ... that is awesome man !

theo stix: wowwwww

David: cool - will have to tune-in then

Glenn Hughes: Randy was a very sweet boy. i first met him at a party in malibu in 1979.

Grace: take care, Paul, love to your family......and that neighbor, what's his name, Mel something or other?

Ritchie (Buddy): was he with KD ?

Glenn Hughes: he was not with KD.

Ritchie (Buddy): ok

Glenn Hughes: I first met Kevin at long beach arena at a Judas Priest gig backstage in 1982.

Strat335/TexasSusan: I'm sorry, what does FYE stand for?

Glenn Hughes: "for your entertaiment".

Glenn Hughes: buy stuff from them.

David: Strat335/TexasSusan....They have 650 mall based stores all around the country and a lot GH stuff on their online store too

Glenn Hughes: fye carries a lot of gh stuff-

Kat: fye is also good for local artists too

Kat: the singer I work for did in-store performances and they sell his CDs as well

Strat335/TexasSusan: I will have to check them out, since I'm a local artist.

kenny: Did you lay any vocal tracks down for the Gary Moore G-Force sessions in the late 70 s?

Strat335/TexasSusan: I will if I ever get cable. LOL

Glenn Hughes: kenny: in demo form, yes.

chutsler: Glenn, do you have any kind of relationship with Gary Moore these days?

Glenn Hughes: i have no relationship with gary moore but i know we wish each other well. we are over our problems.

Ritchie (Buddy): here's Q , why duz DC keep on goin on about the sunset on Cal jam .. interupting you when you were anouncing the next song ??

Glenn Hughes: i thin kDC was slightly nervous. i thought he did a good job.

chutsler: Glenn, thanks for this opportunity to chat and answer my questions....cheers!!

Glenn Hughes: thanks for being here chutsler.

theo stix: glenn someone gave me a awesome recording of jeff beck and beth hart from the last tour. interested in a copy??

Ritchie (Buddy): he did .. i just found it odd .. out of 250, 000 he was the only one who cared about the bloody sunset ! LOL

Glenn Hughes: theo: yes.

theo stix: you got it

David: well you don't get them up in the North of England that much Ritchie

Ritchie (Buddy): true dat

Glenn Hughes: yes, the sunsets in so cal are pretty awesome.

Pete: tee hee David...very true

David: especially in April - it's usually raining most of the time in the UK about that (same month as CalJam took place)

David: remember...just a few months earlier he was working in a shoe shop...

Ritchie (Buddy): and it never rains in California ..

Glenn Hughes: The Robin where Robert and Jeff played last week in the UK is probably where i will play again when i come to the Wolverhampton area. I am a bit disappointed with the lack of promo at JB's.

Glenn Hughes: and i have had complaints about the sound from some of you fans,

David: oh yes....

Glenn Hughes: I want to play a Manchester or Liverpool date and something in the SouthEast or SouthWest.

Glenn Hughes: and a headlining festival show -all in Sept. This is my goal.

Pete: Manchester please Glenn

Grace: talking about Cal Jam....I always figured that it was a Led Zep "spy in the sky" flying around watching to see how Deep Purple was doing. (Masquerading as a Goodyear blimp!)

kenny: A US House of Blues tour would be cool!

David: although no cameras allowed at HOB Aside from that a good venue....

Glenn Hughes: i was saying the sound at JB's i have had complaints about from the fans.

Ritchie (Buddy): ohhhh ok

David: yes....it's like you're in a shoebox...muffled...

Ritchie (Buddy): and smelling of leather

kenny: very nice venues those HOB's

David: Roadmender is the best place from all the venues I've seen you at....

David: even that place in Cambridge a few years ago.

Glenn Hughes: and the SMOKE oh god. i have to dry clean everything the next day. (this is gabi of course) i think it is the smokiest place ever. i can barely breath in there.

Glenn Hughes: love playing the Roadmender.

David: have your visited the water closets in JB's

Glenn Hughes: i want to play venues that fans like to go to as well.

Pete: the roof at JB's...would that effect the sound Glenn?

Glenn Hughes: I LOVE the people at JB's -been playng there for 37 years but i gotta move on.

Glenn Hughes: David, i did not go to the toilet when i was there. i was having to go outside every 5 minutes to stave off an asthma attack. crikey. gab

David: ha ha - my advice is don't go in there - it smells better inside!!

Ritchie (Buddy): it's all NON-SMOKING at the venues here in Oz now

theo stix: and the winner for the best rock,blues,soul

Glenn Hughes: i dont' know what affects the sound at JB's. the sound on stage is good but the last couple times i have had problems. the audience has been fantastic.

kenny: American clubs are almost smoke free now

Glenn Hughes: buddy: THANK GOD.

Glenn Hughes: in LA you can not smoke in side any restaurant either. or bar.

David: I think the UK switches over this year sometime - July perhaps?

Glenn Hughes: Yes David, i believe so.

Glenn Hughes: Personally, i can not be around people who smoke.

theo stix: what a great law

kenny: Glenn will SMOKE the Stage


Strat335/TexasSusan: Houston is pushing that through, or trying to, also.

Grace: The winner, theo, given the state of music today would probably be Kevin Federline

Pete: The plain clothes Police are gonna be looking for the smokers in bars

Kat: lol Grace

Glenn Hughes: roger, thanks for you msgs.

Kat: the sad thing is you are right

Pete: and video recording them

Glenn Hughes: i am glad you love Trapeze. if you are my age from Houston or Dallas or Austin or San Antonio you would know the music of Trapeze.

David: 1/2 an hour left everyone....

kenny: Is Dry ice prohibited?

theo stix: Sorry i hit enter before i finished. But the answer in a perfect world would be BIG DADDY

Strat335/TexasSusan: Your welcome. Your music has meant a lot to me, more than you know. Yea, I grew up listening to you, and saw you a long time ago. Best concert I've ever seen, and I would love to see you again.

Glenn Hughes: It depends on what the dry ice is made from - I have always found it to be very Spinal Tap! I don't allow it.

Ritchie (Buddy): Glenn , will there be any bonus stuff on the upcomming Oz dvd .. behind the scenes , interviews etc ?

theo stix: glenn heres a everyday question. what movies and TV shows do you like?

Glenn Hughes: bonus will be the Bulgarian clip perhaps of "The Divine" - the Jimmy Barnes duet of "Monkey Man".

Ritchie (Buddy): nice

Glenn Hughes: i watch Fox Sports World every day. i watch BBC America on Monday nights-the mystery movie and 24. i also watch the Bravo Channel to see the Real Housewives of Orange County go at it.

Ritchie (Buddy): hahaha

kenny: GH music in movies.......................

Glenn Hughes: i watch the real estate shows like Million Dollar Listing the realro Scottie Brown is a friend of mine..

Glenn Hughes: i watch American Idol and i watched Rockstar with Dave Navarro. Randy Jackson said if i was an unknown 20 year old i could win American Idol hands down.

Strat335/TexasSusan: No doubt.

Shirean: Yes indeed

theo stix: how about Reno 911 or mxc. funny stuff

Glenn Hughes: i like Deal or No Deal. The english version and my mother in law send us tapes of Coronation Street.

Glenn Hughes: of course i Tivo all my English Soccer games.

theo stix: who's your favorite superhero


Glenn Hughes: Kavarna was a beautiful place to shoot. Kaliakra is amazing. so much history. i stood on the same spot as the 40 virgin girls who jumped to their own death instead of being taken captive by the Turks.

kenny: Were you able to hit higher notes at 20?

Glenn Hughes: my favorite superhero would be the Green Goblin. (joke)

Ritchie (Buddy): are you a Monty Python fan ?

Glenn Hughes: i can probably sing higher now.

Grace: What? No re-runs of "Keeping Up Appearances" with Hyiacinth Buck-et?

theo stix:

David: You mentioned the MI appearance was similar to the "Actors Studio" format....so my question is....what is your favourite swear word

Grace: Answer: Blackmore

Ritchie (Buddy): lol

Glenn Hughes: My favorite swear word is '****'.

Glenn Hughes: i am not a Monty Python fan.

theo stix: glenn what is your favorite food??

Glenn Hughes: Curry is my favorite food.

Glenn Hughes: and David, 'twat' is a close second.

David: That's mine too! Shirean cracks up everytime I use it

Ritchie (Buddy): and what was the working title for "Lay Down Stay Down"? LOL

Strat335/TexasSusan: Just wanted to say that the first letter my 5 year old son (a natural born singer) ever wrote was not to Santa, but to Glenn Hughes. Susan didn't mail it yet, she can't let go of his first letter..yet . LOL

kenny: Favourite automobile?

Glenn Hughes: Buddy: working title was "**** **** **** Wank"

Glenn Hughes: Jaguar R type

Ritchie (Buddy): heheheheheh I LOVE IT

theo stix: you guys are crazy

kenny: R type. cool

David: GHCP baby

Glenn Hughes: 'twat' said with a British accent is a much better sounding word than in an American accent.

Ritchie (Buddy): awww were a classy bunch .......

theo stix: glenn my son wants to know what your favorite color is. thanks

David: 'Bollocks' is a close third for me

Glenn Hughes: oh i love 'bollocks' david - this is gabi. i tell glenn to use it whenever he can.

Ritchie (Buddy): so are you a Derek & Clive fan Glenn ?

kenny: what is the phone call on the last song on Peaches and Cream about?

Glenn Hughes: my favorite color is Emerald Green.

theo stix: thats his also.

Glenn Hughes: i used to be a Derek and Clive fan in the Purple period.

Ritchie (Buddy): cool

David: What was that comment from Bob Coburn about the font/type on M4TD - that's the first I've heard anyone having trouble with it

David: wierd!

Pete: Glenn....how do you know when to stop adding backing vocals tracks in the studio?

Glenn Hughes: The font is called Simian. I think it is cool. Darwin Foye would have brought this up if it was a problem. It is not a big deal.

Glenn Hughes: sometimes less is more.

Grace: so Gabi, can we assume that Glenn's favorite place to shop in LA is Bullock's Department store?

Glenn Hughes: Grace: hahahaha

David: That's like "Ralphs" - when I first moved to the USA - like it's a food store called Ralphs?!?!

Glenn Hughes: david- i never thought of that. funny.

Kat: lol david

theo stix: gabi how did you and glenn meet? did you ever hear of him before you met?

Glenn Hughes: glenn and i met on a blind date. gary ferguson set us up.

Glenn Hughes: glenn says: now i can't get rid of her.

Kat: lol

Glenn Hughes: gabi: ferg said to me he was a singer from DP and did i want to see his photo? i said no because i didn't want top judge him b4 i met him.

Glenn Hughes: glenn: i just wanted to know if she had a small ass and how old she was.

Ritchie (Buddy): LOL .... hahahaha

Kat: priorities lol

Strat335/TexasSusan: Glenn, I love the way the end of "This Is How I Feel" reminds me of really ....fine 70s really spacy cool vibe. It's very nice.

Inmaculada: I gotta go, Thanks so much to Glenn and Gabi for your time (and to David and Shirean for making it possible again!)

Inmaculada: Hope to meet you in a cocert soon!

Inmaculada: Bye all!!!

Glenn Hughes: gabi: so on the 2nd date he said "can i ask you a personal question?" and i said sure. and he said "what year were you born?"

Glenn Hughes: and i said "1963". and he said "NO ****!"

Glenn Hughes: apparently Ferg had sold me to him as being in my 20's or he wouldn't have gone out w/me.

Ritchie (Buddy): like it was good or bad ?

David: 29 3/4 right

theo stix: i would have believed your in your 20's

Kat: yeah those darn anniversaries of that 29th birthday keep arriving

Glenn Hughes: hi Susan you are the first person to totally feel that part of the end. i rave about it to people such as Bob Coburn. to me that end of the song featuring Smith and Frusciante and Hughes is the greatest ending of any song i have ever done. that was live on the 1st take

Strat335/TexasSusan: That was me...Roger, but we're pretty interchangeable at this point. LOL accept I play guitar.

Glenn Hughes: theo: you are the best.

David: amazing - next time you've 'gotta capture those moments on film.

Pete: Ok thanks to Glenn, Gabi, David & Shirean. Gotta go..bye everyone.

Grace: too bad Gabi, if you were a lot younger you might have been lucky enough to have dated someone from "New Kids on the Block" or even "Menudo" WOW!

kenny: Gabi, you should open a hat store.

Dani California: BYE PETE

Conchita67: gotta run now...thanks for chatting with us Glenn and Gabi, see you at the gig in Cremona w/ moonstone! Good night all and thanks once again to David and Shirean xoxoxoxoxxo

Ritchie (Buddy): cya

Glenn Hughes: glenn would like to wear me like a hat.

Dani California: BYE CONCHITA

Kat: lol gabi

Ritchie (Buddy): Hmmmm

Glenn Hughes: Kat we are laughing at how funny we think we are, believe me.

Kat: I know

theo stix: the prettiest hat in town. i know stop it.

Grace: Yeah, me too....have to go, but take good care of yourself on tour, knock 'em dead Glenn....

Ritchie (Buddy): I'm still laughing at the title for 'Lay Down Stay Down'

Glenn Hughes: thank you all.


kenny: See you @ the House of Blues in Cleveland Glenn!! Bring Gabi!!

Dani California: I MISS YOU SOO MUCH

Ritchie (Buddy): thanks mate .. i'll be in touch ok

Strat335/TexasSusan: thanks for being here, Glenn...

theo stix: glenn and gabi you guys are awesome to do this. chat at ya next time. love ya glenn


David: Recently you mentioned you'd like to put a box set together of the Trapeze albums - last year in Japan such a set was released - remastered - they sound awesome - I take it you weren't contacted. It was thru Universal/Threshold.

Glenn Hughes: i was not contacted at all david.

Glenn Hughes: dani if you get any sweeter we won't know what to do with you.

David: Wow - how is that possible! Anyway, they did a good job.

Glenn Hughes: i have not heard it david.

Glenn Hughes: they didn't even send me a copy.

Glenn Hughes: get me an address. i will get carl onto them.

David: Will shoot you a copy...

kenny: Have a Great Trip

Strat335/TexasSusan: Got to go walk the dogs, if you get a chance, listen to my guitar, Glenn....thanks again, we'll see you on the road.

Glenn Hughes: thanks. my dogs are the next in line for a walk.

Ritchie (Buddy): cya folks , i'm off to bed .. it's 10 to 7 in the morning here ... take care all .. all the best for Europe Glenn and i'll keep ya posted about the 12 string ... bye

theo stix: glenn - the jeff beck and beth hart cd will be in the mail this week

Glenn Hughes: thank you theo.

kenny: I must shovel more snow now...See Ya

David: Well folks get your final questions in, less than 5 minutes left.....

Dani California:

Dani California:

Glenn Hughes: dani, is there anything from California i can bring you?

Kat: I don't have a question - I'm just here for the comedy lol

kenny: Bring the Soul

Glenn Hughes: Kat, i knew i could count on you.


Glenn Hughes: dani, now YOU are cracking me up. i will look for a nice guy for you.

Dani California:

Glenn Hughes: A little big to fit in my suitcase though.

Dani California:

David: ...and we wouldn't want it getting lost

Glenn Hughes: can you imagine? the poor bloke ends up in Wichita on the tarmac?

Kat: lol

Kat: brrrr


theo stix: hope to see you soon glenn. lets crack that U.S. tour whip.

kenny: Till next time, You Got Soul!

Glenn Hughes: Thank you David and Shirean and everyone for chatting today. Will see you on the road. Glenn.

David: OK everyone, thanks for all your questions - and HUGE thanks to both Glenn and Gabi for taking the timeout to join us....

Kat: hope to see you soon!

kenny: Bye........................

theo stix: ROCK ON

Glenn Hughes: Kat, call the Hard Rock and tell 'em you want Big D back!

Kat: you got it

David: bye 4 now - see you in London

Glenn Hughes: see you there david.


David: Thanks Glenn - looking forward to it.

Glenn Hughes: pray for glenn a safe trip in russia. i worry about all that snow combined with travel. gabi

Glenn Hughes: i will try dani. i don't know if i will see him b/4 then.

David: Don't fly in any helicopters while in Russia! They have a nasty reputation!

Glenn Hughes: it worries me i tell ya.

Dani California: OR RHCP T-SHIRT?

Glenn Hughes: Okay, dogs gotta be walked and food must be bought, so we will see you out there!

Kat: bye!

David: OK, thanks again for joining us - bye 4 now.

theo stix: BYE



theo stix: thanks david and shirean. you guys are awesome

Shirean: No problem, we enjoy this as much as you do.

theo stix: bye

David: bye 4 now.

Dani California: BYE

David: Bye - see you in London.


David: Cool, look forward to meeting you too.

David: Well, 'gotta go now, thanks for coming - the next regular scheduled Monthly CHAT will be on Sunday, March 18th at the usual time. Meantime, see you on the Fan Forum.

Dani California: BYE

Dani California: BYE SHIREAN

Shirean: Bye Dani, see you here next time.

David: Bye 4 now
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What a great chat session, Glenn and Gabi seemed to have a lot of fun with some excellent questions.

Thanks everyone, just sorry I couldn't make it.
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interesting choice of favourite car.
back in the Trapeze days Glenn drove a Rolls Royce with the registration plate GH 999.

As for changing from JB's to The Robin2 for a local gig, that would be an excellent choice.
the sound is so much better. Saw Robin Trower there last year and his guitar was crystal clear.
M3 always play there too. Car park is smaller but thats about it. It holds 700 people and had a £500,000 redevelopment in 2005.

And its even closer to my house!

Roadmender in Northampton has to be on the UK dates. best sound quality for a small venue i have heard in the last few years. escpecially now its been revamped too.

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