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LARRY BRIGGS Mar-24-2005 7:50 PM

FOGHAT'S Rod Price dead at 57
New York, NY (March 23, 2005) -- Legendary guitarist Rod Price, founding member of the blues boogie band Foghat passed away on March 22,2005 at the age of 57 in Wilton, New Hanpshire. Price sustained a massive head trauma in an accidental stairway fall.

Born November 22, 1947 in London, England Price gained notoriety for his signature slide and blues based playing earning him the reputation as “the magician of slide.”

His instantly recognizable solos drove Foghat to 3 platinum and 8 gold records during their quarter century career.

In addition to his playing with Foghat, Price has worked with Champion Jack Dupree, Duster Bennett, Eddie Kirkland, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Willie Dixon and Honey Boy Edwards.

Price’s two solo cd’s “Open” and “West Four” allowed Rod to expand his quite capable songwriting abilities and showcase not only his incomparable slide work but his lead vocals and heartbreakingly beautiful acoustic abilities.

Rod Price is survived by his wife Jackie and children Rory, Jessie,David,Robin and Sarah.

There will be an open memorial service at Nelson Funeral Home in Wilton, NH on Saturday, March 26th at 2PM :(

LARRY BRIGGS Mar-24-2005 7:55 PM

They are now saying it was a massive heart attack.

Rod, maybe lonesome Dave won't be so lonesome with you to keep him company and do a little jammin'.

Thanks for all the music !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:bow:

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