[May 27, 2000]

Glenn and company filmed a video for the R.O.C.K. track "Days Of Avalon" last weekend at various locations in Los Angeles. Thanks to Andy Grow, as always, for the pictures. Some of them are clickable for larger versions.

The band for this video shoot consisted of Hans Zermuehlen (keyboards), Matt Sorum (drums), Mike Scott (guitar), and Glenn (bass & vocals). Also featured in the pictures are, among others, Ken Ciancimino and his wife Michelle.

Here is Glenn's report...

"Hi everyone!

As you can see from the photographs, I just completed two very long days of shooting the video "Days of Avalon." A film crew of 30 people and a great director, Jim LaRocca of Riccochet Films, made this a great working experience for me. In addition to the actual video, there was a camera running constantly to capture all the behind-the-scenes action. In the photographs, you can see the band, crew, actresses, and my girlfriend Gabrielle.

For those of you who buy CDs at Amazon.com, feel free to review some of my work on their website! I would love to know what my real fans think about my music.

On June 5th, Pat Travers will be visiting me at my home for a 4-day writing session. I am pleased to announce that the 3rd member of the power trio is Matt Sorum. Recording will take place over the summer, with my co-producer and engineer Michael Scott.

The Crystal Karma tour will commence in October, starting in Europe, to be followed by South America. Hopefully there will be some North American dates as well.

Thanks again to all my wonderful fans who take the time to write on the Fan Forum. Long Live Rock!

Stay fun(ky),


Days Of Avalon

Days Of Avalon - 2000

(Click to Play video)

Hans, Matt, GH & Mike - GH

the band in action during the video shoot

a bunch of guitars - Tony Franklin stops by

Gabrielle, GH & Bill - GH & Ken - GH & Mike

Matt & Glenn x 2 - Gabrielle & Glenn

GH, Michelle & Matt - Michelle & Ken

Matt - GH, director Rico and Barry

Michelle - Lonni & cello - Glenn riding a bike

the director, GH and Gabrielle - GH in his car

GH, Gabrielle, Lol & Cindy - GH & Gabrielle

Lol, GH and Cindy - Lol, Gabrielle, GH & Cindy


Be sure and go here to view the final video release details.

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