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The Dead Daisies “UNSPOKEN” Lyric Video OUT NOW!

UNSPOKEN is the first powerhouse single to hit the digital airwaves from THE DEAD DAISIES highly anticipated finished album featuring GLENN HUGHES on lead vocals and bass guitar.

Haunting and mysterious, written during the bands first studio session last Summer, Glenn recalls:

I wrote the chorus while driving into Hollywood. I pulled over, turned on my iPhone and recorded the chorus, I transported myself back to 1972, just for a moment. The intro, is the theme of the song, It’s bombastic, primeval and haunting. This song is about letting go, getting past the fear, and to breathe again.

The song sets the atmosphere for the first taste of the forthcoming album, HOLY GROUND, which we can tell you ROCKS like never before! Glenn, Doug, David and Deen bring the Daisies signature sound, set with a retro style approach to the new music.

UNSPOKEN - The Dead Daisies

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