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The Dead Daisies “BUSTLE AND FLOW” New Single OUT NOW!

BUSTLE AND FLOW is the second powerhouse single to hit the digital airwaves from THE DEAD DAISIES highly anticipated finished album, “Holy Ground“, featuring Glenn Hughes on lead vocals and bass guitar, which is planned for release in January 2021 on the Steamhammer/SPV label.

With a ferocious guitar riff created by Doug Aldrich, this pulsating track is underpinned by Deen Castronovo‘s massive drum sound, David Lowy‘s thunderous rhythm guitar and has a pumping bass sound along with a majestic vocal weaving its way through from Glenn Hughes.

Filled with energy and vigor, ‘Bustle And Flow‘ emerged as one of the last tracks to make the cut. It builds and builds and has great movement. It’s about walking through the fear.” – Glenn Hughes

The song sets the atmosphere for the forthcoming album which we can tell you ROCKS like never before! Glenn, Doug, David and Deen bring the Daisies signature sound, set with a retro style approach to the new music.

BUSTLE AND FLOW - The Dead Daisies
Limited Edition 12“ Vinyl

For more artist information, visit:

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